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Chapter 319

“One point.” The general managers of several branch companies respected him, he had to drink.

He got closer, the heat of talking sprayed on her face, itchy and numb, Ana Lin turned his head slightly, Phillip Zong pinched her face, let her look at her, and asked, ” Does it smell bad?”

Ana Lin nodded, “It’s all alcoholic, what do you think?”

“Then I will wash it.” He smirked, “Would you like to wash it with me?”

Ana Lin flushed with embarrassment and pushed him a bit, “Don’t make trouble.”

Seeing her blush, he smiled deeper, got up from the bed and went to the bathroom.

Soon there was a splash of water in the bathroom.

Ana Lin wrapped the quilt tightly, inexplicably nervous.

After a while, a low voice came from the bathroom, “Help me get my clothes.”

Ana Lin raised her head and looked at the glass door of the bathroom, remembering that when she took a bath, she put on the only comment bathrobe, which was gone.

She held her forehead and forgot to take another set and put it in.

She got up and found a new set in the cabinet. When she moved in, she had prepared these daily necessities. She tore off the label, went to the bathroom door and knocked on the door, “Here you are.”

Soon, the bathroom door opened. As soon as she grasped her wrist, she had no time to react. She was pulled in, and she was pressed against the wall.

He had just taken a shower, and the whole bathroom was misty. His sturdy body was covered with dense crystal water drops.

“What are you doing… well…”

Before she could ask her words, she was k*ssed on her lips, and everything was drowned in his enthusiasm.

A pair of shadows dangled on the glass door of the bathroom.

Fiery and long.

Ana Lin didn’t know when he was having fun. In the end, she had no energy and she relied on him to hold her, otherwise she would just spread it out.

She was taken to the bed in a daze, wrapped in a quilt, she was very tired, but there was still someone making a mess on her mouth, she tried her best to bite, Phillip Zong frowned, quickly stretched her brows and asked in a dull voice, “Want to continue?”

“a**hole!” Ana Lin scolded angrily, but was so exhausted that he said something like a baby.

Her body was covered with traces of him. He knew that she was really tired and didn’t continue to toss her. He hugged her to sleep and gently patted her back to coax, “I’m a bastard, I’m a bastard…”

Ana Lin fell asleep very hard this time, and when he woke up there was no one around him.

She got up and took the phone on the table and looked at the time. It was almost 1 o’clock. Her eyes widened. Did she sleep all morning?

Here is not only Phillip Zong, but also Danna Cheng and Zong Qifeng. Why is she getting up?

What do people think of her?

She quickly opened the quilt and got out of bed. She didn’t know if she moved too fast, or because she was “abused” by Phillip Zong last night. Her legs softened and almost fell. Fortunately, his movements quickly supported the bedside table. She didn’t fall, she stood slowly before daring to take a step. She went to the bathroom to wash. Only then did she see the marks on her body and her brows were deeply frowned. How did she see people?

He scolded Phillip Zong thousands of times in his heart.

After washing, she found a black turtleneck sweater in the cabinet and put it on with a plaid skirt. After packing, she went downstairs.

She was a little relieved not seeing Danna Cheng and Zong Qifeng in the living room, otherwise she was really faceless.

“I’m getting up.” Today was New Year’s Eve, there was no one at the villa, so she called her over to celebrate the New Year together, and she was busy saying hello when she saw Ana Lin up.

Ana Lin grabbed a handful of hair to hide her discomfort. She didn’t look at Wanda’s eyes, and gave a faint hum.

Hearing Ana Lin’s voice, Phillip Zong closed the computer. He was reading the year-end report. He didn’t read it at this moment. Instead, he got up from the sofa and looked at her, “Should you be hungry?”

Ana Lin ignored him and got angry.

She walked down the stairs towards the restaurant.

Wanda smiled, “I’m warming you up in the kitchen, I’ll go and serve it for you.”

Ana Lin pulled the chair away and sat down, Wanda brought the hot meal up, and saw Phillip Zong coming in, she quit wittily, “It’s snowing outside, I’ll go to the yard to see the snow scene.”

Phillip Zong came up from her back, put his hands on her two, his lips were attached to her ears, “Are you angry?”

Ana Lin buried his head, held the bowl in both hands, and took a sip of hot soup.

Completely treat Phillip Zong as air.

Phillip Zong k*ssed her on the cheek, and the more Ana Lin ignored him, the more presumptuous he was, reaching out from the hem of her clothes to her sweater…

“Phillip Zong!” Ana Lin was annoyed, stood up and stared at him abruptly, “Are you shameless? If this is seen, you don’t plan to meet people, do you?”

Seeing her bulging face, he felt cute and smiled lightly, “No one at home.”

Danna Cheng and Zong Qifeng took their two children out early in the morning, saying they came back at night.

There is no one in the family.

“Why didn’t you call me in the morning? You are not the only one here. There are many children. Adults and children are all up. I am alone in sleeping. What do you let the elders think of me? Have you ever thought about me?”

“I think you are very sleepy.” It was already midnight when he came back last night, and he… She only slept almost in the morning, so she slept deeply, how could he bear to call her up.

Phillip Zong came up to her, Ana Lin slapped his hand away.

She had a shadow in Phillip Zong’s heart.

Regardless of her resistance, Phillip Zong forcefully held people in her arms. In order to prevent her from struggling, she folded her hands on her chest. The firm chest pressed against her slender back tightly, biting her ear to ask. “Last night, did it hurt you?”

Ana Lin lowered his eyes, and there were shallow water marks in his eyes. How many times she begged for mercy, he would not let her go.

She still has a fever.

Phillip Zong’s head was buried in her neck. The moment he wanted her, he lost all his control ability. He only wanted her and wished to rub her into his body.

Let her become part of his body.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I just can’t control it.” His voice came into her ears dullly.

He has lived for more than 30 years. He has been holding back for too long. Once released, it will be terrifying.

He lifted his face from her neck and rubbed his cheek against her, “I’ll be gentle from now on.”

Ana Lin twisted and rubbed, “Me, can I not?”

“No!” Everything can follow her, follow her, but this can’t.

He coaxed, not daring to scare her away, “I am a normal man, I will get sick after holding back for a long time, three times a day?”

For Phillip Zong, it was really a flowery night in the bridal chamber. It was the first time to experience her taste when he was sober, and for the first time to be a sober man.

Ana Lin, “…”

She couldn’t stand it, “One time.”

“No way.”

“That’s not going to talk about it.” Ana Lin said tough.

Phillip Zong blinked, his thick eyelashes scratched the corners of her eyes, a little itchy, she tilted her head, Phillip Zong thought she was angry, and sighed.

“Listen to you, once.” One time, one time is a big deal longer.

In fact, it is not very bad.

He kssed the corner of her eye, cheek, and kssed her neck little by little.

Ana Lin almost collapsed and said, “I haven’t eaten yet.”

Phillip Zong’s movements took a while, although she was reluctant to give up, she still let go of her, she was already so thin, and if she couldn’t eat enough, wouldn’t her waist break?

At this time, Phillip Zong’s phone rang on the sofa.

Ana Lin made an excuse to get rid of him, “Hurry up and answer the phone.”

Phillip Zong pulled her chair back, “You do it first.”

Ana Lin sat down obediently, she was so well-behaved, and Phillip Zong k*ssed her forehead, “Eat more, it’s too skinny.”

Ana Lin said nothing but stuffed his mouth.

Phillip Zong smiled and went to get the cell phone that was ringing on the sofa.

He picked it up, and Keller Shen’s voice came over there.

“Is it Phillip?” He was afraid that it was not Phillip Zong who answered the phone, so he made sure.

His voice sounded urgent.

Phillip Zong frowned, “It’s me.”

This time Keller Shen dared to say with confidence, “Randall Lin is dead.”

Chapter 320

Phillip Zong raised his eyes to look at the woman sitting at the table eating, his brows frowned deeply, not because Randall Lin was dead, but because he felt that this incident must have a direct relationship with Ida Zhuang.

Since she decided to remarry Randall Lin, he felt that something was strange, and as expected, Randall Lin died before the year was over.

He walked to the window and said when he was sure Ana Lin could not hear him, “Where did the person die?”

“At home, I’m on the scene now. When I heard the news, I was shocked. If I didn’t have any illness or disaster, I would die. Could it be retribution?” Keller Shen said.

Phillip Zong did not believe in ghosts and gods.

This is a real world.

“I’m past now.” If it had nothing to do with Ana Lin, he would never intervene in such a thing.

Even Randall Lin would not intervene, what he was afraid of was something to do with Ida Zhuang.

Ana Lin and Ida Zhuang have lived on each other for many years and have a deep relationship. Even though Ida Zhuang remarried Randall Lin despite her prevention this time, he could see that Ana Lin still cares about Ida Zhuang.

It’s okay, if there is…

He hung up the phone and walked into the restaurant. Ana Lin lowered his head and didn’t look at him.

A strand of hair slipped down, and Phillip Zong picked it up behind her ears, and whispered, “I have something to go out.”

Ana Lin gave a hum.

“There is no one at home today. After dinner, go upstairs and sleep for a while.” He explained gently.

Ana Lin nodded and asked, “Are you going to the company?”

Phillip Zong pondered for a moment and lied, “It’s the place of Alan Su and Keller Shen. Let me pass.”

“Oh, don’t drink, it’s bad for your health.” She cared.

Phillip Zong was taken aback for a moment, and soon, a smile and warmth burst into his eyes. He has many labels on his body, but he never cared about his body. He k*ssed her forehead. Obediently wait for me to come back.”

Ana Lin pushed him, “Go ahead, don’t let them wait long.”

Phillip Zong gave a hum, took off the coat from the hanger in the hallway, and walked out.

As soon as Phillip Zong left, Wanda walked in.

She took off the snow-stained coat at the entrance, walked in, and saw Ana Lin still sitting at the dining table, her sweater was rolled up without knowing when, and there was a trace of bruise on her waist.

Wanda thought she was dazzled, so she walked over and bent over to look at her waist.

When she took a closer look, it was really a trace of bruises, she opened her eyes wide, “Your waist…”

Ana Lin quickly pulled down his sweater, looking a little panicked.

“Is the young master violent? He hit you?” Wanda’s eyes widened unbelievably. If it weren’t for Phillip Zong’s beating, what hurt her body?

“No, I accidentally knocked it myself.” Ana Lin panicked.

Wanda still didn’t believe it, “How can you knock yourself down?”

Ana Lin lowered her head, her long hair blocking her hot cheeks, “I slipped and fell while taking a bath, and I knocked, that, my husband goes up.”

She got up and left the restaurant as if fleeing, for fear that Yu’s mother would ask anything more.

Seeing that the soup in the bowl hadn’t been finished, Wanda shouted, “Are you full? You haven’t finished it yet.”

“I’m stuffed.”

Ana Lin didn’t turn her head back. She ran across the room and closed the door. She took a breath, walked into the bathroom, opened her sweater, and looked at her waist in the mirror. Only then did she see the traces on her waist clearly. Being touched by Phillip Zong at the edge of the pool, no wonder she felt so painful.

She unzipped the skirt and tucked the sweater inside, fearing that she would accidentally roll it up again.

She felt tired, but couldn’t sleep when she lay on the bed.

She went downstairs and Yu’s mother was cleaning the table, because the New Year’s Eve dinner was booked in the restaurant and there was no need to make it at home, so she was free.

“Wanda, let’s go shopping together.” Thinking of the New Year, we always have to add something to the family and the two children.

Wanda nodded and said with a smile, “Okay. But you have to dress thicker, it’s snowing outside.”

Ana Lin said that she knew. She went upstairs and took her bag, took out her coat and put it on to go out with Wanda. There was no driver at home, Ana Lin drove by herself, Wanda sat behind, Ana Lin asked her to sit in front Come.

No matter how Phillip Zong praised her, she knew in her heart that she was a subordinate.

Ana Lin smiled, “We are a family, you are welcome.”

Wanda sat up, only feeling warm in her heart, even if it was icy and snowy, her heart was hot.

“The young master can marry you, it is his blessing.” It does not mean that Ana Lin is good-looking, but that she is kind, approachable, and never puts on the air of a young grandma in front of her.

The servants of many wealthy families are treated as slaves by their employers, sometimes they are guarded by thieves, and they will be scolded if they do not do well.

She felt that she was lucky and met good people like the Wen family and the Zong family. What she didn’t expect was that Ana Lin was also so easy to get along with.

Ana Lin doesn’t think she is so good, Wanda has been taking care of Phillip Zong, she should respect.

To put it bluntly, Wanda spends longer time than Danna Cheng and her, and Phillip Zong, who accompanies them to take care of them.

This is a kind and kind person.

Soon the car stopped at the mall.

Ana Lin and Wanda walked in together.

Gifford with red and golden mice is posted everywhere, because today is the Year of the Rat, and there are still many people in the mall today, and it seems that they are all here to buy new year goods.

They started walking around on the first floor. The first floor was a paradise for children, eating, drinking, playing, and clothes. Because the two children were not around, she wanted to buy something back for them.

She is familiar with the appetites of the two children.

After a short while, she bought a lot of food and clothes.

They went up to the second floor and passed by a men’s clothing store. Ana Lin saw a suit suitable for Phillip Zong in the window, and walked in.

Wanda followed, with a smile around her eyes. I think Ana Lin now looks like a young wife, buying a new wife for her children and her husband.

It’s like a picture of ordinary people’s home, very warm.

Phillip Zong’s suits are all calm and dark, black, gray, and dark blue. At the moment, she is looking at this set of dark grid styles. The color is dark. Under light, you can see light blue. It will be obvious that Phillip Zong is tall and she thinks it suits him well.

The waiter Kwa Ana Lin said with vision, “Our store specializes in high-end business men’s clothing. This set is a limited edition, suitable for all formal occasions, dark, serious and calm.”

Ana Lin looked at the tag tag and was taken aback for a while, asking for one hundred and eight thousand.

She herself had never bought such expensive clothes.

But she did catch her eye. She looked at the waiter, “Do you have any discounts?”

The waiter shook his head, “I’m sorry, no, if you think this set is expensive, here are 30,000 to 60,000, you can take a look.”

This is indeed a high-end men’s clothing store, and the cheap ones cost tens of thousands, but she sees Phillip Zong’s clothes compared with these, as if his clothes are better and more expensive.

But he is rich, and she is not as rich as him.

But it was so bad that he couldn’t get out. Thinking, Ana Lin gritted his teeth and asked the waiter to wrap it up.

Ana Lin felt pain when swiping the card.

Chapter 321

When they went out carrying their bags, they continued to stroll around. Ana Lin bought Danna Cheng a fur coat. She saw a cashmere coat. The black was not very long, which was very suitable for her mother. She asked the waiter to take it down and give it to Yu’s mother to try.

When Wanda heard it, she asked herself to try, and waved her hand quickly, “I don’t want it. I have my own clothes. Don’t take it. I won’t try.”

“Your daughter, it’s filial piety to buy you things. Let you try it. You can try it. The good clothes are also young.” The waiter sees Yu’s mother’s age. It should be Ana Lin’s mother’s age. The daughter-in-law buys clothes for her mother-in-law very few, and she does not meet a few in almost a year. Most of them are bought by her mother.

So the waiter said so.

Wanda’s face turned pale, and she scolded the waiter, “What do you say, this is my young grandmother, and I’m just an old lady who waits on people. Don’t you embarrass me by saying that?”

Ana Lin patted her mother on the shoulder, “Don’t get excited, it doesn’t matter, you are indeed about the same age as my mother.”

“Sorry.” The waiter was stunned for a moment before he quickly apologized. The first time she met, the employer bought such good clothes for her domestic servant.

I thought, how could there be such a kind and rich person in this world?

Today, she is an eye-opener.

“When you meet such a good family, you should accept it more. How many people have such good luck with you?” The waiter wanted to take the performance, and hoped that Wanda would try it and buy it.

“Try it.” Ana Lin smiled.


“Come and try in the fitting room.” The waiter directly pulled people into the fitting room.

Wanda is not very tall, the short style suits her very well.

“See how appropriate.” The waiter appreciated.

“That’s it.”

“I really have clothes to wear.” Wanda grabbed the waiter not to dress.

Ana Lin deliberately said, “I didn’t buy my clothes for nothing. From now on, Xiao Xi and Ruth will bother you to take care of them.”

“I should take care of them.” Wanda said, “Besides, I am not getting paid.”

Phillip Zong has never treated her wrongly, the cards in her hand are unlimited.

It can be seen that she is trusted much.

“Your luck is really good. I haven’t met such a good boss. I am really envious.” The waiter joked and laughed deliberately, “Should I take your job instead?”

Yu’s mother waved her hand quickly, “That won’t work.”

It’s not that she is reluctant to pay for money or such a good job, but that she is afraid that others will not take care of it.

Taking advantage of Wanda’s slack, the waiter wrapped up the clothes.

Now it was hard for Wanda to refuse, Ana Lin paid the money and went out carrying the bag.

After three hours, both of them were full of bags.

When going down, Ana Lin saw a down clothing store called AQ. She stopped. When she was in Country A, she was still young at that time and Ida Zhuang didn’t have much money. Every winter was special. It’s cold, at that time, she was most afraid of winter.

She remembers that when she was 12 years old, Ida Zhuang bought her a down jacket with broken codes with one month’s salary. It was this brand.

That is, she wore the warmest clothes.

She turned her head to look at Wanda, “You go back to the car and wait for me.”

Wanda nodded and left with her things.

Ana Lin walked into the store.

The waiter greeted us, “Here are all new styles, you can take a look.”

Ana Lin didn’t look at the area introduced by the waiter, but walked towards the other side.

She didn’t find that dress anymore, thinking that that style has been eliminated.

After all, so many years have passed.

The waiter came over and introduced, “This is suitable for middle-aged people. Do you wear it yourself or buy it as a gift?”

Ana Lin saw an over-knee, gray, long down jacket with mink fur at the neckline of the hat. She remembered that Ida Zhuang had old cold legs, all of them stayed in country A during those years, so she likes the long down jacket. Down jacket, said, wearing can protect the knees.

In addition, Ida Zhuang is 1.65 meters, which can also support it. It looks good in long styles.

Ana Lin stroked the delicate fabric of the down jacket, recalling many things he had done with Ida Zhuang, “Does this one have an M size?”

The waiter shook his head, “There are L, LX, LXX, if you want, I can transfer it to you from the headquarters, if you don’t want to come, we can deliver it to your door.”

Ana Lin thought for a while, “Help me adjust one.”

“Well, are you here to pick it up, or do we give it to you?”

“I’ll give you an address, and you can send it to me.” She was afraid that she would see Ida Zhuang and would be angry with her, so she decided to let the people in the clothing store send it.

“Well, you leave an address.” The waiter took the paper and pen to her. “You also leave your contact information. We will notify you after we deliver it.”

Ana Lin gave a hum, leaving Lin’s address, and finally his contact information, paid the money, and left the shop.

The Lin family at the moment.

After being under martial law, the servant and Ida Zhuang brought back to the police station for investigation. Randall Lin died on the bed, and now the forensic doctor is conducting an autopsy.

“There is no trace of fighting in the bedroom. According to the servant’s words, after Ida Zhuang moved in, he had a good relationship with Randall Lin. Ida Zhuang personally cooks food for Randall Lin every day. The two are almost inseparable. It should not be murder.”

At first, Keller Shen also doubted whether it was Ida Zhuang’s murder, after all, Randall Lin was scumbag before.

But after coming to the scene, there was no evidence of homicide.

Phillip Zong raised his eyelids and looked at Keller Shen, “If it were you, would you forgive someone who betrayed you and indirectly killed your child, and ignored you for many years?”

Keller Shen thought for a while, and shook his head, “No, I haven’t had any convulsions…”

Soon Keller Shen understood what he meant, “You doubt…”

“It’s not a doubt.” He was affirmative. At that time, Ida Zhuang was so determined to remarry Randall Lin. Soon after the remarriage, Randall Lin had an accident. He never thought this was a coincidence.

At this time the forensic staff came down from the upper floor.

Keller Shen walked over quickly, “Any clues?”

The forensic doctor nodded, “Yes.”

Keller Shen frowned, “What did you find?”

“I’m still not sure, the definite answer, I won’t tell you until I go back and have a test.” The forensic doctor said.

Keller Shen asked, “When will it be better?”

“At the latest, the day after tomorrow,” the forensic doctor replied.

“I see, take the person back.” Keller Shen told his subordinates.

He walked to Phillip Zong’s side, “This is really Ida Zhuang in case…”

The next sentence he didn’t say, if it was really Ida Zhuang, the murder is illegal and criminal responsibility, what about Ana Lin?

“You try to suppress it and don’t spread it.” It’s not the worst now, but fortunately, there is no evidence to prove that the person was killed by Ida Zhuang.

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