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Chapter 310

“Master, grandma, there are already small dumplings below. Madam will let you down.” Uncle Feng stood at the door.

Ana Lin swallowed the words hovering on the tip of his tongue, and said, “Go on.”

When Phillip Zong and Alan Su and Keller Shen were drinking, he drank a few drinks without eating, and he was a bit hungry now.

He whispered.

It’s not yet the end of the year, but Danna Cheng’s preparations are very generous. It is estimated that Ana Lin and Phillip Zong brought their two children over, so there are a lot of preparations. In addition to dumplings, a large table of dishes is prepared. She wants to please. Phillip Zong.

But he didn’t know what he liked, so he prepared more.

Ana Lin knew Danna Cheng’s thoughts and looked up at Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong pretended not to see, pulled the chair away and sat down.

Ana Lin entered the kitchen. Just when the servant of the dumplings in the pot turned off the fire, Ana Lin picked up the spoon and said, “I’ll serve it.”

In a pot, Danna Cheng, her and the children wrapped everything together, which seriously affected the appearance of this pot of dumplings.

Ana Lin put the two children’s in a big bowl.

The servant glanced at it and didn’t understand, “You don’t have any appetite to eat together like this, and if you have such a big bowl, who can finish it?”

Ana Lin smiled and said, “Someone can finish it.”

She did it on purpose.

Don’t you want to eat Danna Cheng’s bag? Then feed him both her and two children.

Let him die.

So oil and salt won’t get in.

Ruth had eaten dumplings, and didn’t want to eat it now, so Ana Lin filled three bowls of the remaining dumplings, one for Daniel, one for Danna Cheng, and one for herself.

The servant helped serve the table.

Ana Lin let the big bowl of’horrible’ in front of Phillip Zong, and said, “You won’t dislike it, do you? This is all made by me and your daughter.”

Phillip Zong looked at the big bowl of dumplings in front of him, his eyelashes trembled slightly, is this feeding pigs?

“Dad, you have to finish it, don’t let us down.” Daniel is so smart, he can see Ana Lin’s mind at a glance, so he agreed, and he still pulled his sister, “Sister, look at Dad eating your bag. Have dumplings, are you happy?”

“Happy, dad, do you like the dumplings I made?” the little girl asked hopefully, blinking.

Phillip Zong, “…”

Can he say he doesn’t like it?

He stirred it with a spoon, and it looked like a huge gnocchi. There was still a large gnocchi with vegetables on it, and it didn’t look like a dumpling.

“Daddy, why don’t you eat it?” Ruth didn’t have that much thought, but felt that her father had a sense of accomplishment after eating the dumplings she made.

Ana Lin said’kindly’ poured vinegar on him, “The dumplings are delicious with vinegar.”

“It’s a real dad, it’s delicious with vinegar.” Ruth said innocently.

Danna Cheng was a little distressed when she sat aside. With so many dishes, after eating that big bowl of noodle dumplings, what else can I eat?

She stomped, “Give me some.” She put an empty bowl in front of him.

Phillip Zong didn’t even lift his eyes. He scooped a dumpling and put it in his mouth. His wife and children made it. No matter how ugly, he could eat it.

Obviously Phillip Zong would rather eat it by himself than accept Danna Cheng’s kindness.

Danna Cheng felt a bit bitter in her heart. Ana Lin put her dumplings into two bowls and brought them to Danna Cheng. She didn’t want Danna Cheng to be embarrassed and sad, and tried not to embarrass her, “Mom, I can’t finish eating. You help me eat some.”

Danna Cheng smiled stiffly and said, “Okay.”

After eating such a big bowl of dumplings, I did not sleep well all night.

Tossing over and over, no matter how uncomfortable lying on the stomach.

In the morning, the hospital.

This night Alan Su called several times to drink water. The old lady woke up for a while at night, her consciousness was not very clear, and she fell asleep again after a short while.

Lena Qin didn’t close her eyes very much all night, and it was not until almost the morning that she squinted on the sofa for a while. At this squinting, she gradually fell asleep, and she didn’t feel the sun at all.

Alan Su was sore all over after a hangover. He rolled over and slowly opened his eyes. There was a strange hungry environment. Last night he remembered drinking with Keller Shen and Phillip Zong, and later it was the restaurant where Shen Pei took him away. Later, he couldn’t remember clearly.

He did it and saw the surrounding environment clearly. It turned out that Keller Shen had sent him to the hospital.

He looked around and saw Lena Qin. She had nothing to cover. Although the air conditioner was on in the ward, it was still a bit cold on the twelfth lunar month.

He picked up the thin quilt on the bed, walked to the sofa and gently covered her body, only when he lowered his head did he see a blue color under her eyes.

Obviously, I didn’t rest well.

Alan Su thought to herself, she must have not slept all night, otherwise she couldn’t be so tired.

Maybe Alan Su had just got up, and the quilt still had warmth. She felt warm under the covers, moved her body, found a comfortable posture, and continued to fall asleep.

Alan Su squatted on the side of the sofa, watching her asleep closely, she seemed to have lost weight and her face was not good.

He thought, it must be because of his and Liu Feifei’s affairs, which made me sad.

Alan Su sighed slightly. In fact, he never thought of hurting her, but he hurt her inadvertently.

The door of the ward was gently pushed open. Alan Su heard the noise and thought it was the doctor who came to round the ward. He stood up and looked at the door.

However, it was not the doctor, but Liu Feifei standing at the door carrying a fruit basket and holding a bunch of flowers.

“I heard that grandma is sick, so come and have a look.”

In fact, she did not leave Su’s house that day, but hid outside to see if Lena Qin had left. Later, she saw Lena Qin leaving, but she saw Alan Su running out holding the old lady.

She followed to the hospital and knew that the old lady was sick. She didn’t show up yesterday, just because she was afraid of appearing deliberately, she came here today.

Alan Su’s face sank, “What are you doing here?”

“Can I come to see grandma too?” Liu Feifei red eyes, “Anyway, you used to officially bring me home and meet grandma officially. I called her grandma, and now she is sick , I saw her all wrong?”

Lena Qin seemed to hear the noise, frowning, and looking impatient, as if she didn’t like the noise.

Alan Su covered her with the quilt, fearing that Feifei would wake her up, and glanced at Liu Feifei, “You come out with me.”

Liu Feifei looked at Alan Su’s hungry movement just now, and her heart ached. He used to do this for her, but now he is doing it for another woman.

Her hands clenched tightly, her face didn’t show much, “I put things down.”

She put the flowers and fruit basket on the table, then looked at Alan Su and said, “Okay.”

Alan Su didn’t speak, and walked outside the door, Liu Feifei followed him.

Chapter 311

Alan Su walked to the green area outside the inpatient department before stopping. Liu Feifei stood behind him, “What do you want to tell me?”

“Clarify with you.” Alan Su turned around, and he looked at this woman who was once familiar, but still has that face. He only felt strange.

I used to feel very familiar, but now I find that I don’t know her at all.

I always feel that I can’t see through her, as if I’m hiding something in my heart.

“You should understand that when you choose to go, the game between us is over. No matter what your reason was at the beginning, if you leave, it means you have given up the relationship, but you, now so entangled, will only make me look down on You, I think, it’s better to keep each other beautiful. You won’t use the hospital in the future. I also hope you can keep your promise and stop disturbing my life.”

Liu Feifei did not expect that Alan Su would be so decisive.

The heart is lost. The man who used to love her has changed, he no longer loves her, and will no longer be cautious because of her unhappiness, now he just wants to leave her alone.

Her hands were clenched into fists, and she chuckled, “Are you really so unfeeling, you don’t miss the old love at all?”

“You also said it was old love, the past has become history for me.” Alan Su calmly.

Is really letting go of the past.

He thought he hadn’t let go, but when he really saw her, he knew that he let it go.

No resentment, no complaints.

Liu Feifei bit her lip. She thought she would be able to easily save him when she came back this time, but she didn’t expect Lena Qin out of thin air to disrupt her plan.

The happiness of the rest of her life rests on Alan Su. She is not young anymore and has no time to waste. She understands very well that although she has never been married, her body has long lost the firmness of her youth. Go find a good family and rich man.

What’s more, she can’t give birth. This is what many men can’t accept, and she wants to find someone who is handsome and rich.

“I shouldn’t be back.” After saying that, Liu Feifei turned and left, and after two steps, she stopped, “I wish you happiness. From now on… I will not appear in front of you again.”

Liu Feifei knew very well that if she wanted to save Alan Su, only Lena Qin took the initiative to leave, and she had the chance. Now it was obvious that Alan Su would not leave Lena Qin.

It is better to leave a good impression on Alan Su first, and then consider the long-term plan.

Her mistress for so many years did not do it for nothing, but some means.

There was a cold smile on the corners of her lips.

She was so simple, Alan Su was still a bit uncomfortable.

But this is best.

After Liu Feifei left, Alan Su did not go back to the ward but walked outside the gate. There are many breakfast shops outside the hospital. He thought that Lena Qin would definitely be hungry when he woke up, and his grandma also needed to eat. He went to buy some breakfast before going back.

When he bought breakfast and went back, Lena Qin was still sleeping, but the old lady woke up, half-opening her eyes, as if consciously, Alan Su speeded up and walked in, “Grandma, are you awake?”

The old lady wanted to talk, but she could only make a ho-ho sound. She couldn’t speak clearly. The old lady became anxious and her voice became hoarse and unpleasant.

Alan Su put down the things in her hand and took her hand to comfort her, “Grandma, don’t worry, it’s okay, the doctor said, it will recover slowly, just keep calm.”

“Ho ho…” The old lady wanted to speak, but she said a ho ho sound with no syllables at all, making it hard to hear what she said?

Alan Su patted her hand soothingly. He saw the old lady’s mind and asked, “Do you want to ask Lena Qin?”

The old lady nodded.

Alan Su asked her to look at the sofa. The old lady looked up and saw Lena Qin lying on the sofa still sleeping. Fortunately, the old lady breathed a sigh of relief, but immediately became nervous again.

I am afraid that Alan Su will lose Lena Qin because of Liu Feifei.

“Ho ho…” She wanted to tell Alan Su and Liu Feifei that she might not be as simple as the surface, so he must not be fooled by her.

But at this moment she couldn’t tell, her face flushed.

“Don’t be excited.” Alan Su succumbed to her, “Don’t worry, I won’t let Lena Qin leave. You can’t be excited now.”

The old lady held Alan Su’s hand tightly, hoping that he would not be doing bastard things when he said.

In the morning, the doctor came to the ward round. The old lady has to treat her condition slowly. Now she can only do it slowly. After the operation, the current indicators are within the normal range.

Let Alan Su take good care of it.

After the doctor left, Alan Su brought out the breakfast he had bought, “Should you be hungry?”

The old lady nodded.

Alan Su raised the head of the bed, put a cushion behind the old lady, let her lean on comfortably, then picked up the bowl and fed her the porridge spoon by spoon.

After eating breakfast, the old lady was a little tired. She had just had an operation and was exhausted. Alan Su helped her lie down and said, “I’ll be guarding here. You can sleep peacefully.”

The old lady closed her eyes heavily, without a nod, and fell asleep before too much time.

Lena Qin showed no sign of waking up.

Alan Su asked the nurse to look at the situation in the room. He wanted to go back and change his clothes.

There was still a smell of alcohol on his body, his clothes were crumpled, and he felt the smell on his own body.

Seeing Lena Qin’s appearance, he couldn’t wake up for a while, he went quickly and returned, it won’t be long.

On the other side, Phillip Zong didn’t eat in the morning, and the “dumplings” he ate last night tossed him all night.

Ana Lin saw him dressed neatly and leaned against the door to look at him, “Are you going out today?”

The company is on holiday and does not use the company. Ana Lin thought he would wear casual clothes to rest at home.

It’s difficult to relax.

Phillip Zong stood in front of the full-length mirror, his delicate features were deep and quiet. His buttoned hands stopped and slowly raised his eyes, looking at Ana Lin who was standing by the door from the mirror, “Wait, I Take you to meet someone.”

Ana Lin stood up straight, “See who?”

She had a vague guess in her heart.

There is Phillip Zong’s cousin. Although Wenxian has passed away for many years and Zong Qifeng remarried, but now it’s Chinese New Year, he will definitely move around.

“You will know when you go.” Phillip Zong smiled and turned around to look at her, “How do you think you are nervous?”

Ana Lin pretended to be relaxed, “Where am I nervous?”

Phillip Zong came, his eyes stayed on her face for a minute, his dark eyes were deep, he reached out and pinched her chin, rubbed her fingers, “I was very sad last night, you know?”

Ana Lin was taken aback, and then quickly understood what he was referring to. She filled Danna Cheng with that big bowl of dumplings because she’vented her breath’.

In order not to disappoint the two children, he just finished eating.

Ana Lin bit her lip, “If you are willing to give in, I won’t…”

“You don’t care about our affairs in the future.” Phillip Zong pecked on her lips, “the next time…”

He smiled lightly, “I will punish you.”

Chapter 312

Ana Lin heard something charming inexplicably, her cheeks blushed, she deliberately changed the subject, “Are you going to take the two of them over?”


“Then I will change clothes for them.” Ana Lin turned and went downstairs, as if to avoid him.

After changing the clothes for the two children, Ana Lin tied Ruth’s hair. The little girl’s hair was a little curled up. If it was not tied up, it would look a little frizzy. The ponytail was tied up, revealing a full forehead, which is even more beautiful. The small face is very delicate, now it’s long open, it looks more and more like Phillip Zong, a little bit bigger, and the outline of the small cheeks is very clear.

Tie her daughter’s hair, Ana Lin puts on her a small Chinese padded jacket, which was prepared by Danna Cheng for her Chinese New Year. The red color is very festive. The modern craftsmanship blends with Chinese style. It is very unique. A jade pendant, creamy white, flawless, round in shape, with a Chinese knot in the middle and tassels hanging on it, it is very delicate.

Ruth put it on, like a doll, with porcelain skin, big eyes, bright and energetic.

Daniel’s clothes were also prepared by Danna Cheng, but it happened to be the opposite of Ruth’s. His clothes were very popular elements, gentleman style.

A beige woolen sweater with a white shirt, a small suit, small trousers, and a dark coat on the outside, like a western gentleman.

“Mummy, where are we going?” Daniel stood in front of the mirror, seeing what was wrong with him.

“It should be to meet someone.” Because Phillip Zong didn’t say it, Ana Lin wasn’t sure that it was Foster Wen that he took himself to meet.

Daniel blinked at Ana Lin, “Mummy.”


Ana Lin took her daughter out of bed, put on her leggings, and just put on her shoes.

“Will grandma come over to spend the New Year with us this year?” Daniel asked.

He grew up in an environment where Ida Zhuang and Ana Lin were the only ones at home. After a long time, he would miss Ida Zhuang a little.

“Yeah, Mommy, where’s grandma?” Ruth stood by Ana Lin’s legs, pulling her clothes.

Ana Lin felt uncomfortable thinking of Ida Zhuang, and she still couldn’t understand Ida Zhuang’s approach.

“I’m afraid she won’t have time to spend the New Year with us.” Ana Lin took the hands of the two children and said deliberately, “Go, go put on shoes.”

She didn’t know how to tell the two children about Ida Zhuang, she simply avoided it, and was unwilling to face it.

Phillip Zong walked out of the study. He was wearing a suit with a coat over his arm. It seemed that he was talking to Zong Qifeng.

“Are you leaving now?” Ana Lin asked.

Phillip Zong lowered his head and glanced at the time, then let out a soft hmm.

“Then I will wear shoes for them.” Ana Lin took the two children to the hallway and put on shoes for them.

Phillip Zong put on the coat, picked up Ana Lin’s down jacket from the hanger, and waited until she put on the child’s shoes and stood up to show her to put it on.

Ana Lin reached into her sleeve, Phillip Zong zipped her up, closed her neckline, saw the jade bracelet on her wrist, and confessed to her, “Don’t show it when you take off your clothes.”

Foster Wen was also very unfriendly to Danna Cheng, who was not protected by Zong Qifeng, and Foster Wen didn’t know how to embarrass her.

Although he didn’t know whether Foster Wen knew this belonged to Danna Cheng, he couldn’t let Foster Wen see it, lest he had a bad first impression of Ana Lin.

Although Cong Wenxian’s death had little contact between the two families, he was treated well there after all.

He didn’t want to make Ana Lin and the other side unhappy because of Danna Cheng’s affairs.

Ana Lin pulled his sleeves, pretending to ask casually, “Does he have a bad relationship with this side?”

Phillip Zong was silent for a while, and finally said nothing.

But Ana Lin saw it, it should not be very good, otherwise, Phillip Zong would not remind her of such a small thing.

She took a deep breath, feeling a little sad.

There was wind outside, Phillip Zong held Ruth and pressed her head inside the coat to prevent the cold wind from blowing to her face.

The driver pulled the car door and Phillip Zong put the little girl in the car. Daniel refused to hug it and climbed in by herself. The car was spacious and they would not appear crowded.

The driver steadily dumped the car out of the garage and drove onto the road.

There was a whistling wind blowing outside, and the sun in the winter could not resist the lingering northwest wind.

After about forty minutes, the car finally stopped in front of an old-fashioned house.

The driver got down and opened the door. Phillip Zong got out of the car and picked up his daughter. Ana Lin and Daniel followed.

Standing in front of the house, you could see the whole picture of the whole house clearly. Although it was corrected, you could still feel that the house was a few years old, but when she just came in, she found that the entrance and exit were guarded by soldiers.

Although the house here is old, the people who can live in it are very identifiable people.

According to Wen Jin’s level, he is not eligible to live here. This is the house that Wen Jin was allocated at that time. Later, he died and Foster Wen took over. Although the level is not as high as Wen Jin, his current rank is not Low, plus it is the old house of the father’s generation, the upper part is not allowed to move.

Although it is not as prosperous as high-rise buildings, the people who can live in it are very identifiable.

The driver stepped forward to ring the doorbell, and soon someone came to open the door.

A woman who did not look young, her hair tied behind her head and her apron still worn, saw Phillip Zong and the people around him, she looked up and down, smiled and said, “Hurry up Come in, it’s cold outside.”

Phillip Zong nodded slightly in response. He held his daughter in one hand and Ana Lin’s hand in the other, fearing that she would be restrained and uncomfortable when she came here.

Ana Lin turned his head and glanced at him, then silently retracted his gaze.

The woman smiled and said, “Your uncle asked me to go shopping for groceries early in the morning, saying that you will come, and I’ve been sitting in the living room waiting early.”

Phillip Zong politely said that it was troublesome.

He has such a temperament. In fact, he has a good relationship with here, but he is not very enthusiastic.

The woman was also used to it, and her enthusiasm continued, “These are the two children, right?”

Phillip Zong gave a hum.

The woman looked at Daniel, and then at Phillip Zong, she felt like it was carved out of a mold, too similar.

In fact, it didn’t look like this before, but now it looks more like it grows longer, and even Ruth is more and more similar.

“It’s so handsome, it’s rare to find someone.” The woman smiled, “Hey, look at you now that you have children. Xiao Jing still only knows to play all day, which makes your uncle sad.”

“Don’t you come back during the New Year?” Phillip Zong asked lightly.

Wen Xiaoji’s only son, Foster has been rebellious since he was a child. Foster asked him to beat the dog, he would definitely go to catch the chicken, let him go south, he would definitely go north, and he was very rebellious.

At the beginning, Foster Wen wanted him to take over from his class and serve as a soldier, but he quit, and went to foreign universities and left them. Later, his specialization didn’t come in handy and became an idol star.

Foster Wen looked down on being a star, and felt that it was similar to the previous actor, but his son wanted to sing the opposite of him. The less he liked what, the more he wanted to do.

Now Hun’s is still wrong, and his reputation is quite high. Because of the change of stage name and the addition of people who Foster Wen is not allowed to know, almost no one outside knows that his son is a star.

Entering the house, the woman closed the door to isolate the cold wind from the door, making the house much warmer.

Ana Lin looked inside and saw a person sitting on the sofa with a newspaper in his hand, blocking all vision.

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