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Chapter 31

Almost everyone in the company knows the relationship between Bai Zhuwei and Phillip Zong.

Bai Zhuwei deliberately promoted it, but Phillip Zong did not stop or deny it, so he acquiesced in the relationship between the two.

Now, Bai Zhuwei is not only a secretary, but also a person who may become the youngest grandmother of the Zong family. Naturally, there are many people who flatter her, and she usually has a bit of face in the company.

When Phillip Zong went to the office, someone came and got close to her, “My sister, what good food did you and Zong Zong eat outside? We are very envious.”

Bai Zhu glanced at Ana Lin in the corner slightly, and said with a smile, “It’s nothing, it’s all common dishes, crispy pigeon, white chicken, crystal river shrimp——”

“Wow, these are all your favorites.” Qiu Yi flattered, “Zong Zong is very kind to you.”

Bai Zhu smiled slightly, fiddled with the delicate fingernails inadvertently, and he didn’t say anything. It became a tacit consent when he was seen in the eyes.

Qiu Yi came over, “My sister, when will you and Zong get married?”

Bai Zhu fiddled with her fingers for a while, and she was panicked when she thought of this. If it weren’t for Ana Lin, she would have become the Zong’s young lady.

She was her own way!

She had to maintain a good image in front of Phillip Zong, so she didn’t do anything to Ana Lin, but she could borrow someone else’s hand to harm her, and she could borrow someone’s hand to make her feel bad in the company.

She smiled amiably, “Qiu Yi.”

“Weijie.” Qiu Yi was pleased.

“The new translator is too naive.” Bai Zhuwei pretended to be unhappy.

“Did she make you angry?”

“It’s not a big deal, it’s okay, it’s time to work.” Bai Zhuwei deliberately didn’t finish her words, she knew that Qiu Yi would definitely understand what she meant.

Qiu Yi glanced at Ana Lin’s position. Did this woman offend her because she didn’t know the relationship between Bai Zhuwei and Zong?

It must be that her newcomer didn’t know about the company’s affairs, and it was not impossible for her to collide with Bai Zhuwei.

She sat back in her position and thought to herself that she had a chance to teach Ana Lin a lesson.

Ana Lin lost the packed lunch box after eating, and went to the pantry to pour water.

When Qiu Yi saw it, she felt it was an opportunity and followed in with a teacup.

Standing behind Ana Lin deliberately, when she poured the water and turned around, she deliberately took a step forward. Ana Lin didn’t notice someone behind her and bumped into her. The water in her cup was spilled on Qiuyi’s On the skirt.

“You don’t have eyes when you walk?” Qiu Yi rebuked.

It was indeed her fault that water spilled on others, so she quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

“Isn’t it intentional, can you splash me all over?”

Ana Lin was taken aback, but she didn’t expect her to speak so hard.

“I already said I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean it.” Ana Lin explained patiently.

“What’s the use of being sorry? Is it because I slap you in the palm, and if you say I’m sorry, you can stop pursuing it?” Qiu Yi refused to give up, obviously she didn’t want to let it go.

Ana Lin frowned, isn’t this a strong word?

Accidentally spilled water on her body, how can it be compared with a slap?

“What do you want?” Ana Lin’s voice also became cold.

Obviously, she didn’t want to forget it, and it was useless to apologize.

Qiu Yi took a glass of boiling water and looked at Ana Lin, “You splash me, and I splash you too, even if it’s even.”

Ana Lin stared at the steaming boiling water in her hand, and she couldn’t believe it. She was so difficult to deal with, she was clearly trying to destroy her.

So splashing boiling water on your body will not burn you?

Because she was in a hurry to drink, the water in her cup was mixed with cold water, and it was not hot. Even if it was spilled on her body, it would only wet the skirt and would not cause harm.

She clenched her hands, her eyes shot sharply at Qiu Yi, “How can it be evened, if I get burned, you have to be responsible!”

Qiu Yi weighed the water in her hand, thinking about the damage it would cause if it splashed on Ana Lin.

After cooling down for a while, there must be no one hundred degrees, at most a few blisters.

Since Bai Zhuwei wants to please Bai Zhuwei, she always has to be a little bit more vigorous, so she smiled coldly, “I’ll talk about you if you have the ability to win!”

Before her words fell, the water splashed towards Ana Lin.

Ana Lin was not stupid. She stood there and let him splash her. She moved too fast and pulled the wound on her knee. She tilted and fell to the ground. The water fell on her feet and wet her skirt. Fortunately, it didn’t spill on her.

“How could it be?” A cold voice passed by, and several people watching the excitement quickly stepped aside.

Bai Zhuwei stood beside Phillip Zong, glanced at Qiu Yi, and said nothing.

The relationship between Ana Lin and Phillip Zong is unknown to others, but he does.

She doesn’t speak well to anyone, so she can stay silent to stay out of the matter.

Qiu Yi glanced at Bai Zhuwei, thinking that there was nothing to be afraid of if she supported herself, not to mention that Ana Lin was just a translator who had just arrived.

“She deliberately splashed me with water, and she didn’t apologize yet. I was so anxious that I—then splashed it back.”

Phillip Zong looked condescendingly at the woman sitting on the ground embarrassedly. He immediately hid in a ray of inexplicable emotions under his eyes, hiding under his solemn gaze, “Is that right?”

Ana Lin got up from the ground, perhaps because her knee hurts too much, half of her leg became weak, and she fell back. Just when she thought she was about to fall again, a strong hand grabbed her arm. She fell into a warm embrace as soon as she tried hard.

Phillip Zong buttoned her waist, her waist was very soft, like a wicker, I’m afraid it would break if he tried a little bit.

I don’t even want to let go.

Ana Lin sighed with emotion, took a long breath, how unlucky is she?

Before being pushed by Phillip Zong, he fell and fell again.

“Can you stand?” Phillip Zong asked.

Ana Lin tried to move his leg and nodded, “Yes.”

Whether it was watching the show or Qiuyi, they were all stunned.

According to Phillip Zong’s personality, he would never make a move.

Then everyone looked at Bai Zhuwei again, as if asking, who is this woman?

There was nothing special about it, how could it get Zong’s attention.

“Since it’s okay, everyone is gone.” Bai Zhuwei wanted to end it quickly, and Phillip Zong’s behavior also exceeded her expectations.

Obviously, she will not disclose her identity, so what do others think about holding her in front of everyone?

Bai Zhu glanced at Qiu Yi fiercely.

“Zong, it’s time for the meeting.” Bai Zhu said softly.

Phillip Zong let go of Ana Lin and stood at the door of the pantry with a rather indifferent gaze. He slowly looked around at the mess in the pantry before he let out a deep voice, “Milton Guan!”

Milton Guan responded.

“Connect the monitoring to my office.” After speaking, he turned around, then stopped to look back at Bai Zhuwei, “The meeting was postponed for half an hour.”

When Qiu Yi heard it, she was flustered, “Secretary Bai——”

Bai Zhu shot over with a cold eye, and Qiu Yi closed her mouth.

Then, Bai Zhuwei approached Phillip Zong, “Zongzong, the meeting has already started, everyone is waiting for you, and it was postponed–“

There was no expression on Phillip Zong’s face, just looking at her lightly.

It was such an expression that made Bai Zhuwei dare not say one more word, “I will go now.”

But Qiu Yi couldn’t calm down anymore. If she adjusts the monitoring, it will be revealed that she deliberately let Ana Lin sprinkle her with water, and then deliberately find fault.

“Little sister–“

Chapter 32

“Shut up!” Qiuyi was interrupted by Bai Zhuwei as soon as she opened her mouth. “Everyone should regard peace as the most important thing when working in a company, but if you accidentally spill a little water on your body, you won’t be forgiving, right? “

Qiu Yi opened her mouth. She was afraid and afraid that things would be exposed, but she didn’t dare to disobey Bai Zhuwei. After all, her identity was there.

Now calm down, maybe she can save herself.

Ana Lin observed the interaction between Qiuyi and Bai Zhuwei without a trace.

Just feel cold.

Not cold.

It is cold.

Because she married Phillip Zong, she has attracted so many people who hate her.

I thought it was just a simple transaction, but now it has caused so much trouble.

She couldn’t understand, she couldn’t figure it out, knowing that her marriage with Phillip Zong was a deal, why could not tolerate her so much.

Qiu Yi stared at Ana Lin fiercely.

She just didn’t see it.

I’m afraid she was only used as a gunman, and she didn’t know it yet.

Soon, Milton Guan came over and glanced at Qiu Yi, “You were fired.”

Qiu Yi was stunned for a moment, “I didn’t mean it.”

“You know what you did yourself.” Milton Guan turned around, glanced at the crowd, and all those who watched the excitement craned their necks, wanting to hear what Milton Guan wanted to say.

“I want to know that when I go to the monitoring room to watch the monitoring after get off work, this is the company, not the vegetable market. We don’t need ununited employees. I hope everyone will take a warning.” After Milton Guan dismissed everyone, “What should I do? “

Everyone sat back in their seats, Ana Lin also returned to their seats, Phillip Zong walked out of the office and went to the conference room for a meeting. Qiu Yi saw Phillip Zong and ran over.

“Zong Zong, I didn’t mean it.”

Phillip Zong didn’t want to hear her talk more, he passed her and continued to walk towards the conference room.

Qiu Yi still wanted to step forward and was held back by Milton Guan, “You know what you have done yourself. You know the temper of President Zong.”

“But—” Qiu Yi opened her mouth, trying to explain, but found that she couldn’t explain it at all.

Milton Guan gave her a warning look and walked towards the conference room.

Qiu Yi didn’t want to just lose her job. She had to ask Bai Zhuwei. With the relationship between Bai Zhuwei and Phillip Zong, as long as she pleaded for her, this matter would definitely have a better chance.

She waited at the door of the meeting.

After more than an hour, the meeting ended, the door of the meeting room opened, Phillip Zong’s stalwart body stood at the door, behind him were Milton Guan and Bai Zhuwei.

Seeing her, they seemed to frown.

Qiu Yi rushed up and grabbed Bai Zhuwei’s arm, “My sister, you have to beg for me, I am embarrassed, Ana Lin is all for you—”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Bai Zhu said sternly, pushing her away.

“But you clearly said you don’t like her.” Qiu Yi didn’t expect her face to change so quickly.

“I don’t like her, did I make you embarrass her?” Bai Zhuwei asked.

She doesn’t like Ana Lin, I am afraid Phillip Zong knows this.

She couldn’t deny it.

Bai Zhuwei did not say it explicitly, but her words were clearly implied, “But—”

“What you do, you have to pay the price.” Bai Zhuwei called the security guard, “Pull her out!”

“My sister, please plead for me, I can’t lose this job!”

Bai Zhuwei did not let go, what did Phillip Zong think about herself with such unknowing nonsense?

Save her?

There is no door.

Seeing that there was no hope, Qiu Yi yelled at Bai Zhuwei angrily, “Bai Zhuwei, you crossed the river and demolished the bridge, you are hypocritical, you caused me to lose my job, you have to die—”

“Don’t pull it out yet, let her disturb the order here?” Milton Guan snorted, the security guard stepped up, and soon her voice disappeared from this floor.

Phillip Zong seemed to loathe this farce, and moved fast.

Bai Zhu followed slightly.

After entering the office, Bai Zhuwei stepped forward and hugged his thin waist from behind, “Ah Hao, listen to me—” Her face was pressed against his generous back, “I just said I don’t like her, but I It really didn’t make people embarrass her—”

Phillip Zong lowered her head and looked at her hand clasped around her waist, “I said, I will give you a position, why bother?”

As he said, he broke off Bai Zhuwei’s hand, “I touched you, no matter what the situation, I will be responsible for you, don’t embarrass her in the future.”

Bai Zhuwei was unwilling to let go, but Phillip Zong’s strength was too great, and she couldn’t help but be forced to let go.

“Ah Hao, I really didn’t. Even if I did something wrong, it was all for you. Is it wrong for me to love you? I have been with you for so long, don’t you understand me?” Bai Zhu looked at him with tears in his eyes. “Don’t say let me dedicate myself to you, just let me die for you, I am willing, I like you, love you, I am afraid of losing you!”

The slight looseness of Phillip Zong’s expression was not because of her sincere love, but in the final analysis, it was the love of the night.

He stretched out his hand to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes, “I didn’t scold you, so why cry and make me feel soft?”

The tears in her eyes slid down, and she choked up, “I’m afraid you don’t want me. I have no relatives since I was a child. I grew up in an orphanage. In order to get rid of the life in the orphanage, I studied hard and lived hard. Later God took care of me and let me meet you, you are my only relative, the one I like, I can’t lose you—”

“No, if I promise you, I will give it to you.” He retracted his hand and turned away from looking at her, “Go and do something.”

Bai Zhuwei couldn’t understand him more and more.

“Ah Hao—”

“Go.” There was a trace of impatience hidden in his emotions, and he was obviously unwilling to talk more on this topic.

Bai Zhuwei had to leave the office first.

She couldn’t see through Phillip Zong’s behavior more and more. It was this uncertainty that caused her to calm down again.

She walked into the bathroom, dialed a phone call and went out.

“Didn’t you say that you have already started? Why does she appear in the company well?”

“I missed it.” Lin Yuhan was also very angry.

Bai Zhu wanted to curse slightly, but she was still able to use her, so she could only suppress her temper, “How can I miss it?”

“My mother and I were careless, so we only found a man, but she escaped!”

Bai Zhuwei really wants to scold an idiot!

“Then did you just let her go?”

“My mother said she must be on guard, and I am afraid that she can’t do it recently.” Moreover, something happened in the company, and Randall Lin’s attitude towards her mother was not as good as before.

Now they have to catch Randall Lin first.

If they were sent away like Ida Zhuang’s mother and daughter like eight years ago, they would really be finished.

Bai Zhu was slightly anxious, but she couldn’t do it herself, she could only endure, “Then you hurry up.”

“Why are you more anxious than me?”

Bai Zhu was taken aback for a moment, and found that his attitude was too eager just now, “No, am I anxious for you? Ana Lin, how can that woman match Phillip Zong, right?”

“Of course, I was supposed to marry Phillip Zong, Ana Lin is not eligible for that bastard!”

Bai Zhu sneered slightly, Ana Lin was not qualified, is she qualified?

It’s not possible to use her, Bai Zhuwei really doesn’t want to talk to her.

“Don’t make a mistake next time.” After speaking, Bai Zhuwei hung up the phone.

Two days ago-

Chapter 33

Two days ago, she went to the bar to drink alone, and met Lin Yuhan at the bar.

The two were sitting next to each other. Lin Yuhan drank a little bit at the time, because he saw that Phillip Zong was not lame, and missed the opportunity to marry into the Zong family. He hated him and kept cursing Ana Lin.

So Bai Zhuwei sat down and got close to her. From her mouth, she learned that she was also from the Lin family, and she hated Ana Lin very much.

If Bai Zhuwei follows Phillip Zong every day to deal with Ana Lin, he will be easily spotted.

Therefore, she decided to use Lin Yuhan at that time.

Although Lin Yuhan inherited the appearance of Elvira Shen, he did not have that IQ and was not very mature at the age of seventeen.

Bai Zhuwei entered the society very early, and he followed Phillip Zong’s side, naturally speaking in a different way.

She told Lin Yuhan that she was working at Wansheng and could help her eradicate Ana Lin.

Lin Yuhan reached a cooperative relationship under the lure of Bai Zhuwei.

So after Lin Yuhan went back, he talked to Elvira Shen about his thoughts.

Elvira Shen is also worried about Ana Lin’s revenge.

Eight years ago, she succeeded in taking the position with a boy in her belly, and let Randall Lin send her mother and daughter away with the name of the child in her belly.

So Lin Yuhan mentioned it, and Elvira Shen agreed.

The two bought a man and planned to take Ana Lin to a no-man place, rape, take pictures, destroy her, and make Phillip Zong hate her.

It’s just that she didn’t expect that she escaped.

After answering Bai Zhuwei’s call, Lin Yuhan ran downstairs, trying to discuss with Elvira Shen on how to deal with Ana Lin’s next step, but found that the atmosphere in the living room was a bit solemn.

Randall Lin and Elvira Shen’s faces are not very good.

She walked down and sat next to Elvira Shen, holding her arm, “Mom, what’s wrong with you?”

Elvira Shen kept her face calm and did not say a word.

Randall Lin also had a gloomy face and said coldly, “I didn’t ask you to do anything. I just asked you to apologize to her and let her not care about the previous things. Now the company is facing difficulties and needs her help!”

To be precise, Phillip Zong’s help is needed.

Ana Lin seemed to be liked by Phillip Zong, so he had to start with Ana Lin.

Listening to Ana Lin’s words that day, she still cared about what happened before.

Randall Lin still has some feelings for Elvira Shen, he is not in desperation, he did not want to divorce her.

“Dad, who do you want mom to apologize to?” Lin Yuhan was confused.

“And you, it’s your sister, I’ll treat her better in the future.” Randall Lin glanced at Elvira Shen, “Think of it for yourself, I’ll call her and call her over for dinner at night.”

Lin Yuhan was not as stable as Elvira Shen. He asked his mother to apologize to Ana Lin and stood up from the sofa. “Dad, why should mother apologize to her?”

The corner of Randall Lin’s eyes twitched, and her daughter, who is usually well-behaved and sensible, suddenly became so aggressive, she was distracted for two seconds.

“I’m your dad, did you talk to me like this?” Randall Lin was completely annoyed. “I tell you, if you are willing to apologize, then everything is easy to say. If you don’t want to-divorce!”

Compared with women, the company still wants the company.

With social status, what kind of woman do you want?

Without money, without social status, there is nothing!


“Hanhan!” Elvira Shen interrupted her daughter. It was very clear that Randall Lin wanted a company, so why would he care about her face?

If he gets tough, he will really divorce her.

After all, he has been married to Ida Zhuang for many years.

Lin Yuhan stomped angrily, “Dad, why? Ana Lin said she is what she is, why should I apologize to her?!”


With a crisp sound, the water glass on the table was thrown out by Randall Lin. He stared at Elvira Shen with crimson eyes, “That’s how you taught me to educate my daughter?”

Elvira Shen quickly stood up, “Randall, Hanhan just doesn’t want to see me wronged, she didn’t mean it.” She pulled Lin Yuhan, “Quickly apologize to your dad.”

Lin Yuhan was unwilling, she didn’t think she was wrong.

“Hurry up!” Elvira Shen scolded in a deep voice. It’s okay to be arrogant, what’s the situation now?

If she did this, she would only anger Randall Lin, and when she was really driven out, that would be the end!

Lin Yuhan panted heavily and refused to let go.

Shen Xiu was anxious, and there was a palm on her back, “Do I usually teach you this way? Hurry up and tell your dad you are wrong!”

When Elvira Shen spoke, her eyes kept winking.

Lin Yuhan was still reluctant, but realized the seriousness of the incident, “Dad, I was wrong.”

Randall Lin didn’t bother to pester them, “Prepare for dinner.”

He left the word and walked out of the house, there is still a mess in the company, waiting for him to solve it.

When he reached the door, he stopped and glanced back, “You can’t help me with anything in the company. You only know how to spend money every day. If you can’t do this well, why do I want you?”

Randall Lin was ruthless in his bones.

Even those who like Elvira Shen.

It is also possible to give up in the face of interests.

Lin Yuhan bit her silver teeth angrily, “Dad has a convulsion?!”

Elvira Shen sat down on the sofa and mocked, “Where is he convulsed? He is smart. Now that Ana Lin has been liked by Phillip Zong, I want to use her to let Phillip Zong help him solve the current company’s dilemma.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Yuhan became even more angry, “If I were to marry Phillip Zong, Dad would not treat us like this!”

Elvira Shen looked at her daughter, her daughter was no worse than Ana Lin’s words.

She pulled Lin Yuhan to sit next to her, “This is not the time to be angry.” She turned to look at her daughter, “Do you like Phillip Zong?”

Is not this nonsensical?

When Lin Yuhan thought of Phillip Zong, there was a blush on her face. She was young and couldn’t restrain her emotions. She lowered her head shyly and gave a soft hum.

Elvira Shen held her daughter’s hand tightly, “Actually, it’s not a chance.”

“What opportunity?” Lin Yuhan was overjoyed.

Elvira Shen had already planned it in her heart and looked at her daughter, “You don’t care about the chance, you just need to be responsible for dressing yourself up and leave the rest to me.”

Before leaving get off work, Ana Lin received a call from Randall Lin and told her to go back for dinner, saying that she wanted her to take Phillip Zong.

Ana Lin didn’t know if Randall Lin was suspicious, and deliberately inquired about her relationship with Phillip Zong.

If Randall Lin knows that she has not been liked by Phillip Zong, I am afraid it will be difficult to take things back and take revenge on Elvira Shen for harming her.

But letting Phillip Zong and himself go back to Lin’s house seemed like a fantasy.

After the last document was translated, Ana Lin sat in his seat, thinking, how could he convince Phillip Zong and himself to return to Lin’s house.

After thinking for a long time, I didn’t think of a good way.

Bai Zhuwei left the position because of work matters, Ana Lin took advantage of her absence, got up and wanted to talk to Phillip Zong.

She stood up from her position, feeling that she was just going in, without any reason, her eyes touched the document she had finished translating, and she got it in her hand.

In order to prevent her from contacting Phillip Zong, Bai Zhuwei usually translated it well, and Bai Zhuwei took it in and gave it to Phillip Zong.

Standing at the door of the office, she took a deep breath before raising her hand to knock on the door.

When she heard the sound of coming in, she opened the door–

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