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Chapter 34

llip Zong’s office is very modern, spacious and concise, simple furnishings, solid monochrome, full of calm atmosphere, the side is floor-to-ceiling windows on the front wall, full of light.

Standing there, the view was wide enough to overlook the entire city.

Phillip Zong was looking at the document without raising his head.

Ana Lin stood at the table holding the document and handed it over.

Phillip Zong didn’t answer, and said lightly, “Put it on the table.”

Ana Lin had no choice but to put down the document and spoke several times, but there was no good explanation.

How to open this head?

Say, Mr. Zong, can you come home with me?

Just thinking about Ana Lin knew that he would definitely refuse.

Phillip Zong thought it was Bai Zhuwei, “What’s the matter?”

He turned a page, still not looking at the document.

“I want to ask Mr. Zong to do me a favor.” Ana Lin mustered his courage.

He seemed to have heard that the voice did not belong to Bai Zhuwei. He raised his head and saw Ana Lin stumblingly standing at his desk.

Ana Lin hurriedly pulled out a smile, “Mr. Zong.”

The moment he saw it was her, a pleasant light flashed across his eyes, but it quickly disappeared.

It seemed unexpected that she would appear in his office.

Phillip Zong closed the folder, leaned back, his eyes fell on her, her face, her neck, her chest, her waist, every inch, every place. , He did not miss it.

“What’s up?”

Ana Lin slightly staggered his teasing gaze, “Mr. Zong, you didn’t notice it because you caused me much trouble?”

“Oh?” Phillip Zong was surprised.

Ana Lin squeezed his hand and said calmly, “Bai Zhuwei deliberately made things difficult for me in the company. I don’t need to say that. I think Mr. Zong knew about it. Also, I was almost killed yesterday because I was married. Mr. Zong, so, can Mr. Zong go back to Lin’s house with me for my safety?”

Phillip Zong propped his forehead with one hand and pressed his fingers on his temples. It seemed that he was a little tired and he didn’t want to make a sound.

Ana Lin was standing, with a heart struggling, not knowing what he meant.

After a long time, he raised his eyelids, “What did you just say?”

“Can you come to the Lin’s house with me?” Ana Lin quickly repeated it again.

His voice was low and slow, “Oh.”

Can you give me a word?

Ana Lin was suffering inside.

He wanted to open his mouth to ask, but felt that it was wrong. After thinking about it, his eyes fell on his temple.

Thinking of asking him, Ana Lin said heartily, walked around the desk, and said awkwardly, “I’ll press it for you.”

He put down his hand and closed his eyes heavily, acquiescence.

Ana Lin had no experience, just tried to rub his temples.

The moment his skin was naked on the blind date, his muscles were visibly stretched.

Ana Lin thought he was uncomfortable, so he relaxed a little and asked, “Is this all right?”

He hummed dumbly.

Ana Lin kneaded the temples on both sides of him with this force. Every muscle of his was very strong and flexible. From the angle of her standing, looking down like this, the lines of his side face and his neck were convex. The Adam’s apple, the scene outlined is extremely sexy.

Ana Lin didn’t dare to look at it anymore, aside his gaze, tried to ask, “I have no other meaning in asking you to accompany me to the Lin’s house, just simply have a meal.”

He half-sniffed his eyes, obviously unbelieving, his tone was somewhat teasing, “Really?”

Ana Lin’s heart squeezed tightly, this is not to hide from him.

Frankly said, “I just want Randall Lin to see that you really like me. He has some of my things and I want to come back. So Mr. Zong, can you promise me?”

Ana Lin was afraid that he would refuse, and then said, “Mr. Zong, I was almost splashed with boiling water today. If it weren’t for Mr. Zong’s woman to think too much of me, I don’t think I would have this unwarranted disaster, right?”

She paused and continued, “Last time I was at home, I gave you the translated document. Although the price was negotiated, you didn’t give me the money. I can spend the night. Now, I don’t want it, just ask Mr. Zong does this for me.”

He finally raised his eyelids, “For this reason, I can’t refuse.”

“Thank you Mr. Zong——”


Ana Lin’s words of thanks were not heard, and the office door was knocked.

Ana Lin’s nerves tightened, consciously let go of the hand that was massaging Phillip Zong, and stepped aside.

Phillip Zong glanced at her, without placing his beak, acquiescing to her behavior.

Ana Lin lowered his head, rubbed his fingers, his palms were sweaty.

If she didn’t want to borrow Phillip Zong’s tiger skin, she would never dare to please him in this way.

She was helpless, and now she could only use the power of this’husband’ to regain her own things.

Bai Zhuwei came in with the file, saw Ana Lin there, frowned, and just wanted to ask why she was there. At this time, Phillip Zong opened his mouth, “What’s the matter?”

“You need to sign this document.” Bai Zhu smiled stiffly.

He reached out to take it, browsed the file room, and said, “You don’t need you here, go out first.”

Ana Lin bowed his head and exited the office.

Bai Zhu turned his head and glanced at her slightly, wishing to go up and give her a palm. Did she seduce Phillip Zong while she was away?

This is her place, she Ana Lin can’t think of crossing the boundary!

“Ah Hao, she—”

“I asked me to come in to deliver the translation documents, something?” His calm face didn’t make any waves.

There is no trace of him lying.

Subconsciously, put the responsibility on yourself.

Bai Zhuwei is not friendly to her, how could he not see.

He just couldn’t do anything to Bai Zhuwei.

He is responsible.

“No.” Bai Zhuwei walked over and pressed his shoulders, “I’ll just leave it to me in the future.”

Phillip Zong said lightly.

After get off work, Ana Lin stood by the road outside the building.

Seeing the black car coming out of the garage, she straightened her back.

Because she knew whose car it was.

Soon the car stopped beside her. Milton Guan didn’t follow him today. He drove the car by himself and the window was lowered.

Phillip Zong’s eyes fell on her.

Ana Lin is wearing a red skirt with a one-line collar and a waist design. The skirt and the knees show white calves.

Feeling his gaze, Ana Lin explained, “The clothes are too ugly. I’m afraid of embarrassing you. After all, it is your’wife’ identity.”

She is selfish, afraid that Randall Lin and the others will see that she and Phillip Zong are not in love.

Taking advantage of the lunch break, she went back to the villa. This was her eighteenth birthday and was given by Rios He. She has not been wearing it.

Ana Lin itself is white, and the red color radiates her skin from the white. The delicate collarbone and the slender neck are very charming in every place.


Phillip Zong’s eyes flickered, and he said faintly, “Get in the car.”

She was sitting in the position of the co-pilot, because this was going to the Lin’s house, and she had enough to do the show.

Phillip Zong’s face was too calm, Ana Lin didn’t know what he meant.

Is it because you don’t wear it properly?

She herself rarely wears such bright colors.

At that time, Rios He said it was suitable for her.

The mottled floating light glimpsed outside the car window, constantly retreating, intertwined, reflected in Phillip Zong’s handsome and hard face, like a magnificent dream.

Unreal, so far away.

Just like their distance, they looked very close, but they were separated by mountains.

Ana Lin paused for a moment, and asked her doubts, “Am I not good-looking?”

Chapter 35

Phillip Zong held the fingers of the steering wheel, moved slightly, and glanced at her, “It’s okay.”

Ana Lin relaxed his body, not speaking.

Neither of them spoke to each other.

There was silence in the carriage.

Ana Lin’s inadvertent gaze fell on his hand holding the steering wheel. His fingers were slender, the joints were distinct, and the nails were neatly manicured. They were elegant and deep, and they were very good-looking.

Like his people, people can remember at a glance.

“Does it look good?” He didn’t squint.

Ana Lin was shocked. She was stunned just now. She quickly turned her head and looked out the window, pretending not to hear.

Phillip Zong turned his head to look at her, with a faint smile on the corners of his lips, “Is my face better than my hands?”

Ana Lin continued to pretend not to hear, and simply closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

Can’t help but spit out in my heart, what about Jin Gui and cold?

Why is it like a narcissist now?

After about twenty minutes, the car stopped in front of the Lin’s villa.

Randall Lin came back very early, and Elvira Shen had prepared a sumptuous dinner, very high-end, Randall Lin was quite satisfied, and her previous unhappiness had faded a bit.

“Miss is back.” The servant came in to inform.

Randall Lin glanced at Elvira Shen and Lin Yuhan, and warned, “This time the matter is very important to me, don’t mess it up for me!”

Elvira Shen suppressed the anger in her heart and tidied up his suit with a smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t fight back, I won’t fight back, but also let her calm down and let her help you through the company’s difficulties. I can’t help you with the matter, and I can still do it.”

Randall Lin felt that she didn’t care for her in vain, “I will compensate you when the company’s problems are resolved.”

After speaking, Randall Lin walked out the door and received him personally.

Ana Lin stood beside Phillip Zong, holding the contract for the land in Repulse Bay.

Phillip Zong glanced at her, raised his arm, “Hold me.”

Ana Lin raised his arm and walked towards the house following his steps.

“I’ve been waiting, come in quickly.” Randall Lin greeted him and gestured invitingly.

At the moment there is no air, like a flattering villain.

He has never liked Randall Lin, Phillip Zong, and his lips are tightly closed, showing Leng Jun, just nodding slightly.

Randall Lin’s face was stubborn. He originally thought he was Ana Lin’s father. His father-in-law would always have a bit of face. Whoever thinks, Phillip Zong would not give him that face.

I can’t hold on my face!

Ana Lin smiled, “He’s just like that.”

Randall Lin’s expression improved, “Come in quickly.”

Today, Elvira Shen played the good looks of a good wife and mother. She was busy setting up the table. She saw them come in and smiled against her will. “You are back. Sit down. Say you don’t know. Your dad said you are coming back early. Just ask me to prepare meals, saying it must be rich, and I don’t know if it suits your appetite.”

Ana Lin still smiles, who can’t act?

“I’m not an outsider, I don’t need to be polite.” She said that she took Phillip Zong’s arm tightly.

Deliberately do it to them.

Elvira Shen looked at Ana Lin’s dress, suffocating in her heart, she had to pretend to be kind, “What you said.”

Ana Lin took Phillip Zong to his seat, opposite Elvira Shen and Lin Yuhan.

Today, Lin Yuhan also wore a red dress, with delicate makeup, yet young but mature and coquettish.

Ana Lin glanced at her without a trace.

I sneered in my heart, is this planning to seduce Phillip Zong?

Seeing her straight eyes, she deliberately smiled and joked, “Sister, what are you doing looking at your brother-in-law like this? He has flowers on his face?”

Phillip Zong’s eyes twitched slightly, this woman.

He was tired of seeing the women with heavy make-up, Ana Lin, who was also in a red dress and did not put on the powder, but it was like a lotus in the water, which was much more pleasing to the eye.

Lin Yuhan quickly lowered his head.

Elvira Shen’s hand under the table, holding Lin Yuhan’s, motioned for her to stabilize.

“Okay, okay, it’s late, you should be hungry.” Randall Lin wanted to find a chance to talk to Phillip Zong, but there was no good topic.

Phillip Zong has always been like an outsider from the outside since he came in.

In addition to occasionally adding food to Ana Lin’s dinner plate, show off the’love’.

Randall Lin looked at it silently, thinking that this daughter who was not favored by him was loved by Phillip Zong.

Can not help but look at her with admiration.

Ana Lin didn’t expect to come today to eat, and put the land contract on the table, “This is what you want. I brought it to you today. You promised me that I didn’t forget it, right?”

After finally getting Phillip Zong to support herself, of course she must take advantage of this opportunity to get her mother and her belongings back.

The smile on Randall Lin’s face couldn’t hold back, “We are all a family, what you want, just one sentence.”

Now that something has happened to the company, this land is useless to him. It is now to solve the company’s problems.

He gave Ana Lin a wink, and asked her to tell Phillip Zong that Ana Lin could understand but did not pretend to understand, and asked concerned, “Did your eyes cramp?”

If it weren’t for Phillip Zong’s presence, Randall Lin jumped up angrily.

Phillip Zong took another look at this woman.

Obviously, it is pretending to be confused.

It’s kind of smart-cute.

Elvira Shen came out to make a round and gave Ana Lin some food, “Yanyan, something happened to your father’s company–” She turned her gaze to Phillip Zong, “You and Phillip are our sons-in-laws. You still have to be so busy. Come and help, if I did something bad before, don’t mind.”

Ana Lin’s face is cold, and Phillip Zong is her son-in-law, who really puts gold on her face.

“Did you give birth to me or raised me?” Ana Lin leaned into Phillip Zong’s arms, she raised her eyes and glanced at Phillip Zong, “My husband, how come you became your son-in-law?”

Elvira Shen’s hands clenched her fists, her face still smiling, “I know you were angry with your dad when you were angry, but we really love each other——”

“I came today to get back what belongs to me!” Ana Lin interrupted Elvira Shen, do you really love each other?

She wants to see whether Randall Lin chooses her or benefits in the face of interests!

Randall Lin saw that there was no way to talk about it, and got up and stood up, “Come over with me.”

Ana Lin stood up, looked back at Phillip Zong, smiled, “I’ll be back soon.”

“Yeah.” He hummed faintly.

Ana Lin followed Randall Lin into the study.

Randall Lin changed from being gentle in the dining room, his expression stern, “Have you mentioned to Phillip Zong?”

Ana Lin looked at the expression on Randall Lin’s face. There was no mood swing. He seemed to have been hurt a lot and became used to it.

“Give me my things first.” This opportunity is rare, and she has to get things back first.

Randall Lin glared at her, “I can give you things, but you have to let Phillip Zong help me through the company’s difficulties.”

“You said at the beginning, let me change the land, and now I have it for you. As for the company’s business is another transaction, I said that you want me to persuade Phillip Zong to help you, yes, you and Elvira Shen divorce, I’ll help you.” At this point, Ana Lin paused, “You should have seen it. Phillip Zong still likes me very much. As long as I ask him, he will definitely agree.”

Randall Lin fell silent.

Ana Lin keeps on working hard, “Is the company important or a woman who can’t give birth to a son is important, and you should weigh it yourself.”

Ana Lin walked out of the study after speaking.

Randall Lin stopped her, “I promise you.”


Ana Lin stopped and turned to look at him, “My things, I will take them away today.”

In case there are too many dreams at night, the big ones can’t be taken away, and the small ones can be taken first, and the money can be taken first, and my mother’s medical expenses this month is about to arrive.

Randall Lin gritted his teeth, “Yes, we are a family.”

Ana Lin smiled, “I know, but the things that belong to me and my mother should be returned to us, right?”


Now think of them as a family?

Chapter 36

Randall Lin was very painful, but thinking about the relationship between Ana Lin and Phillip Zong now, he reluctantly took out some.

Except for the utensils, Ida Zhuang’s dowry had a cash of up to 2 million, and there were also some valuable artifacts. The total amount was about 5 million.

Randall Lin gave her a check, and the utensils were much less. Last time she saw Elvira Shen’s bracelet on her wrist and it was not in it. Randall Lin seemed to see her doubts and explained, “It’s been too long and some of them are broken. Or disappearing, these are all.”

Ana Lin knew in her heart that she didn’t get it through. It was pretty good to be able to get these. The rest was slowly taken back, and the check was collected. She picked up the box and put it in the back of the car.

Only then did Randall Lin walk into the restaurant again.

It’s just that the atmosphere is a bit wrong.

There was a broken water glass on the ground. Lin Yuhan’s skirt was stained with water stains, his clothes were messy, his eyes were red, and he sobbed softly. When he saw Randall Lin coming in, he rushed over, “Dad–“

It seems to have been wronged by heaven.

Ana Lin glanced at her and walked over, only to find that Phillip Zong’s face was a little abnormally red.

Did he drink?

But the wine in front of him didn’t move.

Ana Lin approached him and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong with you?”

Phillip Zong raised his eyes, sometimes clear and sometimes muddy, as if trying to control something.

He snorted coldly, “Help me up.”

Ana Lin put his arms on his shoulders, wrapped his waist, “Let’s go home.”

“You can’t go!” Just when Ana Lin set up Phillip Zong, Elvira Shen stood up abruptly, “You, you just did that kind of thing to Hanhan, aren’t you responsible?”

“What’s going on?” Randall Lin also found out that something had happened, “Dad—”

Lin Yuhan cried even harder, “Just…just…”

“What happened just now?” Randall Lin frowned as he looked at her daughter’s clothes, and cast his eyes on Phillip Zong, “Master Zongda, what did you do to my daughter?”

The face was questioning, but in my heart he hoped that he really did something to Lin Yuhan.

So you don’t have to be intimidated by Ana Lin.

Ana Lin glanced at the broken water cup on the ground, feeling cold and shocked, Elvira Shen really did everything, and he dared to use it!

She looked at Lin Yuhan, “I want to say that my husband is indecent to you, is he wrong with you?”

She chuckled lightly, “My husband looks down on you for such a thing.”

“Hanhan, your sister was bullied, how can you speak to outsiders?” Randall Lin said coldly.

Ana Lin snorted coldly, “Sister? My mother gave birth to me a daughter, where’s my sister? Not to mention, of course I k*ssed my husband.”

Phillip Zong looked at her sideways, and today she took a bite of my husband, giving him an illusion.

She is her husband.

After Ana Lin took Phillip Zong out, and when he passed by Randall Lin, Phillip Zong stopped. His eyebrows were sharp and distinct under the dazzling light, with a strong aura. “The Lin family entertains guests. , I am a teacher today, and I will return it in the future!”

Randall Lin’s face couldn’t be stretched, his eyes moved to Elvira Shen, “What’s the matter?”

Things did not develop as she expected, and Elvira Shen was also very flustered, but at this point, she could only kill herself. She sat in a chair and started crying, “I’m useless, even my daughter can’t protect me.”

Lin Yuhan also cried, she was scared to cry.

The medicine Elvira Shen gave Phillip Zong in the water, the wine, and the dinner plate he used. He didn’t touch anything. He just drank saliva while waiting for Ana Lin.

After seeing him drinking water, Elvira Shen motioned to let Lin Yuhan pass, tried to help him to the room, and then had a relationship.

But when Lin Yuhan was going to help him, Phillip Zong directly smashed the water cup on Lin Yuhan, and Lin Yuhan still remembered how Phillip Zong looked at that time.

Because he was too angry, he clenched his back tooth socket, and the hollow of his cheek was faintly hideous.

That’s how she looked at her.

Until now, Lin Yuhan was still panicking.

Ana Lin glanced at Lin Yuhan, who was in Randall Lin’s arms. These two mothers and daughters are really bold!

How dare to calculate so blatantly!

There was an injury on her leg, Phillip Zong was in a strong body, and it was quite difficult to hold him up, but thinking that he had become this way because of him, she felt a little guilty and forced him to walk out of the Lin family.

Lin’s villa is still brightly lit.

Randall Lin also found that something was wrong. As Phillip Zong, what kind of woman hadn’t seen him? Need to treat Lin Yu at the dinner table?

He pushed Lin Yuhan away and asked sharply, “What the hell is going on?”

“It was Phillip Zong who fell in love with our Jiahan——”


Before Elvira Shen could finish her words, she was slapped over by Randall Lin and stared at her, “Don’t tell the truth? Your daughter is a god? Can someone like him be unruly at the dinner table?!”

Seeing that he couldn’t hide it, Elvira Shen knelt on the ground and hugged Randall Lin’s leg, “Randall, I am also doing good for you. Ana Lin clearly doesn’t want to help us. I think if Hanhan can get along with him, the company’s affairs Maybe it will be solved. I may not think about it, but my starting point is good. I just want to do something for you.”

Elvira Shen cried with rain, her face pressed against Randall Lin’s trousers, “Randall, watching the company encounter difficulties, I am anxious, but I am a woman, and I can do only limited things for you. wrong.”

Randall Lin’s expression didn’t relax, his brain was buzzing and messed up.

Lin Yuhan kept crying aside.

“Shut up!” Randall Lin scolded.

He gave Elvira Shen a fierce look, “Look at your shame!”

There are servants in the house watching.

At this moment, the servant dared not come out from hiding in the kitchen.

Don’t dare to read the jokes of the boss, if you lose your job, you will lose out.

Elvira Shen stood up tremblingly, wiping tears, “Randall, I want to help you——”

“Have you helped?!” Randall Lin was originally upset because of the company’s affairs, but Ana Lin said that he was going to pay a sum of money. He was angry, and Elvira Shen had done such a stupid thing.

His angry murderous heart is gone.

Lin Yuhan had never seen Randall Lin make such a big fire, so he cried out in shock.

Randall Lin kicked her, “Cry and cry, and you know crying, what else can you do besides crying?! Raising you for nothing!”

Have the ability to take down Phillip Zong today!

Use it to cry!

Randall Lin was really angry today and shut Elvira Shen and Lin Yuhan outside the door and not allowed to enter the house.


Ana Lin got Phillip Zong into the car. Phillip Zong seemed to be drunk and somewhat unconscious. She couldn’t drive, “I have to call someone to help us.”

She took out her mobile phone. There were not many people she knew in China, and only Rios He could help her.

She took out her mobile phone and found Rios He’s number. When she was about to dial out, she was suddenly caught in her wrist. The person who was not sober was staring at her at the moment, “Who are you calling?”


Phillip Zong has seen the name displayed on the screen, his eyebrows are permeated with evil spirits, that doctor Rios He?

Ana Lin was stunned for two seconds, and subconsciously reached out to probe his forehead, but Phillip Zong buckled his waist, turned her over, and pressed her on the seat of the car——

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