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Chapter 307

Keller Shen asked the waiter to bring a clean cup and pour it for him personally, “Would you like to listen?”

Phillip Zong squinted at him, “When did you gossip like this?”

Keller Shen sighed, “Originally I thought, this is about to celebrate the New Year, thinking about the three of us together, by the way, I will tell you about Rios He, who knows that when I came, I saw Alan Su alone drinking wine. I have encountered a lot of troubles, I think about you, maybe it will be all right. Who knows, you are not in a high mood.”

Phillip Zong picked up the glass of wine poured by Keller Shen, drank it in one sip, loosened his neck, and put the glass down again. Today, Ana Lin and his two children went there.

He could clearly perceive that Ana Lin and Danna had a good relationship.

They haven’t seen each other several times on the bright side, but they look very close.

This makes him uncomfortable.

Being able to get so close shows that secretly they have contacts.

But Ana Lin never took the initiative to talk about her and Danna.

“Keller, how do you think I can save Lena Qin?” Alan Su drank a little, and stood up swayingly, putting his arm on Keller Shen’s side neck, “She is very determined to leave, I’m really helpless. Up.”

Keller Shen frowned, and said disgustedly, “All over alcohol, stay away from me.”

The more he said, Alan Su tightened his house. “You are giving you face in my house. At such an old age, there is not even a woman, sad than me.”

Keller Shen, “…”

“If it were me, I would leave you too.” Keller Shen sprinkled salt on his wound.

Alan Su was uncomfortable and didn’t bother him.

Ge must always be reluctant.

Keller Shen sighed, “Look at your drunk appearance, want to redeem it, show your sincerity, it is best to say clearly about Liu Feifei, draw a clear line, you have to give her a sense of security.”

“What is the sense of security?” Alan Su stood, patted her chest, “I explained to her that I and Liu Feifei are our first love relationship. We are separated now, and the relationship has long gone, but she just doesn’t believe me. Saying that I have nothing to do with Liu Feifei, she just doesn’t believe me.”

“Did you meet Liu Feifei and she saw it?” Keller Shen asked.

He felt that Lena Qin would not be so resolute for no reason.

Alan Su sniffed, “Liu Feifei left me at the beginning, saying that it was because of her infertility and didn’t want to hurt me, so she left. Now she is back because she still can’t forget me, and pestered me to stay with her all night…”

“What?” Keller Shen slapped the table excitedly, “Alan Su, do you have any brains? Are you married, staying with your ex-girlfriend all night? Are your brains flooded?”

“We didn’t do anything. We just stayed at her house all night. I thought that she left at the beginning and it wasn’t her fault, so I compromised.” Alan Su said that the lower his voice became, he felt that this matter was He didn’t do well, he should say hello to Lena Qin and let her know.

“How can I save it now?” Alan Su asked.

Keller Shen shrugged, “I can’t do anything, but I think you still need to use your heart…”


At this time, the mobile phone in Phillip Zong’s pocket rang. He took out the phone and saw the caller ID on it. His eyes darkened a bit. He pressed the answer button and put it in his ear.

“it’s me.”

Phillip Zong was muffled.

“Take them over tomorrow at noon.”

Phillip Zong hummed again.

He hung up the phone and put down the phone.

Keller Shen looked at him, “Your uncle?”

Phillip Zong did not speak, his expression was solemn and did not speak. Keller Shen was silent for a moment, raised his hand to pour him wine, and said with a smile, “Although you don’t like to be contaminated with the power of the literary family, and even more unwilling to use the reputation of the literary family to seek convenience, but he still It’s nice to you, I don’t understand what you worry about.”

“Ana Lin and Danna are getting closer…”

At this time the door of the private room opened.

As soon as Phillip Zong’s voice stopped, he raised his eyes and swept over, leaning back calmly, avoiding the light, and his entire face plunged into darkness.

The waiters dressed in uniform, arranged in a row, and put the dishes on the table one by one.

At last the waiter said, “Summon me if I need to.”

Keller Shen waved his hand, “I see, go out.”

The waiter attached himself, took the people away, and closed the door of the private room.

Keller Shen thought about it and said, “Because of your mother’s affairs, I haven’t dealt with your father over there for so many years. Are you afraid that Ana Lin and Danna are getting closer, knowing that you are not happy over there?”

Phillip Zong took a sip of wine, “I don’t like them walking too close.”

He always felt that it was because of Danna Wenxian…

If Zong Qifeng and Danna had nothing to do with each other before, how could they marry Wen Xian less than a month after her death, so can’t you wait?

If Danna has a snack, she would not agree.

He has been unable to let go of this matter.

Keller Shen ate this meal like chewing wax, and he was thinking about it, making him look like a widow, with nothing to worry about or worry about.

After the game ended, Keller Shen sent Alan Su back. He drank a bit too much and was given away. I guess he can’t go back.

Sitting in the car, Alan Su was dishonest, either groaning or turning over and over again. Keller Shen glanced at him and sighed, “Why is this guy so poor in wine? It’s like this after a few drinks?”

Alan Su yelled, “I’m uncomfortable.”

“Hold it.” Keller Shen originally wanted to take him home, thinking about him saying that Lena Qin was taking care of the old lady, thinking that he had to let Lena Qin know that he drank like this. It was because of her.

He turned around at the intersection in front of him and drove in the direction of the hospital.

In the hospital, the old lady hadn’t woken up yet, and Lena Qin was by her side and didn’t dare to leave, for fear that no one would take care of her when she woke up.

The door of the ward opened, Keller Shen walked in with Alan Su, Lena Qin got up from the chair, looked at Keller Shen and asked, “What’s wrong with him?”

“Drink too much.” Keller Shen took a look around in the room. There was no place for him to sleep. The only place was the not-so-wide two-seat sofa, but he was allowed to lie down in front of him.

The VIP ward is very self-willed. It has everything. It is basically not much different from the home, that is, the place is smaller and it has not been accompanied by the bed.

“The nurse said that an extra bed can be added in the room. Let me let someone add an extra bed.” The sofa is small, and Alan Su must be uncomfortable to roll it in.

Keller Shen thought, Lena Qin still cares about him, and nodded, “OK.”

Lena Qin went to the nurse station and asked them to add an extra bed. Because it was a VIP ward and the service was good, someone soon pushed the bed in and placed it against the wall.

Keller Shen put the person up, “Looking thin, quite heavy.”

Lena Qin poured water for him and handed it to him, “Why drink so much?”

Keller Shen took two sips of the water and said after a while, “I’m in a bad mood.” He looked at Lena Qin, “It seems because of you.”

Lena Qin turned around and lowered her head.

Keller Shen patted her on the shoulder lightly, “The meeting between Alan Su and Liu Feifei was indeed something he did not think about. He cried with me, but regretted it, or would you give him another chance?”

Chapter 308

Lena Qin lowered her head, “He still doesn’t understand what I care about.”

What she wants is that Alan Su can show her heart, whether it is Liu Feifei’s matter or his parents’ matter, can tell her.

She feels that being honest is the most important thing whether it is a couple or a lover.

He kept insisting that nothing happened to him and Liu Feifei, but why didn’t he tell her first?

He obviously had the opportunity, even if he forgot to call, he should tell her when he met in the office, but he didn’t say anything.

“He can’t give me a sense of security. Rather than make do, it’s better to leave as soon as possible.”

Looking at Lena Qin’s back, Keller Shen didn’t expect that she would be so decisive and very assertive.

If she wants her to forgive and accept Alan Su, Alan Su has to work hard.

What he can help is really limited.

“Then he will leave it to you. I still have things to do. If you are too busy, I will help you ask someone to come and help?” Keller Shen is actually fine, but he thinks he still needs to give them some space to get along.

“No, I will take care of it. No, I will call a temporary caregiver.” Lena Qin didn’t want to bother Keller Shen either.

“That’s fine, call me if you have something to do.” Keller Shen said.

Lena Qin nodded.

Keller Shen walked Lena Qin to send him to the door, watching him go, Lena Qin closed the door of the ward.

Alan Su didn’t take off the coat, just lying down like that.

Drinking too much will make you feel uncomfortable, Alan Su muttered intermittently, “Uncomfortable, I’m uncomfortable.”

Lena Qin came over and stood by the bed and asked him, “Why are you uncomfortable?”

Alan Su didn’t know whether he was really not awake or pretending to be awake. He turned over and said, “I feel uncomfortable, it’s all uncomfortable, and I feel uncomfortable.”

Lena Qin struggled for a while, “I am taking care of you this time because of our better lives.”

She bent over and took off his coat, but Su Chen didn’t cooperate and lay still, Lena Qin couldn’t take off the other sleeve.

Brows frowned involuntarily, “Alan Su.”

Alan Su was confused, “Huh?”

“It’s uncomfortable to sleep in your clothes. If you move, I will take off your clothes.”

Alan Su opened his eyes, as if seeing Lena Qin in the blur, he grinned, “It’s Lena Qin.”

Lena Qin, “…”

This is really a lot of drink, and the whole body is full of alcohol.

He grabbed Lena Qin’s clothes, “Don’t you go, okay? I can’t bear you.”

Lena Qin pursed her lips.

“You are leaving, I’m very sad. You accidentally drank too much, are you not angry?” Alan Su dragged Lena Qin’s clothes against his face, “Lena Qin…”

Lena Qin pulled away, “You are drunk.”

“I’m not drunk.” Alan Su groaned as if drunk crazy. He seemed very distressed and helpless, “Why don’t you believe me?”

Lena Qin lowered her eyes, “I want to believe you, but you never give me a reason to believe in you.”

Suddenly, Alan Su turned over and opened his eyes to look at him, his pupils were scarlet, he obviously drank a lot of wine, and said hoarsely, “I will listen to you from now on, is this all right?”

Lena Qin was taken aback, he, is he not drunk?

For a while, I didn’t know how to speak.

“Are you… not drunk?” Lena Qin asked.

No one answered her, Alan Su closed his eyes as if he fell asleep.

Lena Qin called him, “Alan Su.”

Still no voice responded.

After a while, Lena Qin heard his even breathing.

Alan Su really drank too much, and fell asleep now.

Lena Qin, “…”

She felt speechless and relieved. If Alan Su is not drunk, she still doesn’t know how to tell him.

But Alan Su had just turned over and she could take off his coat.

She put her coat on the head of the bed, took off his shoes, put them on the bed, and pulled the quilt over him.

She went to the bathroom to pick up a basin of warm water and wiped his face and hands.

The old lady still didn’t wake up. The doctor had already come to check the room in the evening and said that everything was normal. She packed Alan Su and sat on the sofa to rest.

She hadn’t slept all night, and felt tired now. When she wanted to fall asleep in a daze, she heard Alan Su’s voice.

“Thirsty, I’m thirsty.” He closed his eyes, feeling as if his stomach and throat were burned by fire, dry and painful.

Lena Qin got up and poured water on him.

“Thirsty.” He kept muttering.

Lena Qin sighed, brought the water over, helped him, handed the water to his lips, and tilted the cup.

Feeling moist, Alan Su gulped.

After drinking a glass of water, he relieved a little dry throat pain.

“Do you want more?” Lena Qin asked.

Alan Su didn’t answer, as if he was asleep again, Lena Qin put him in place, covered the quilt, and saw that he was asleep, then went to put the cup down.

On the other side, Phillip Zong finished his dinner with them and returned to Zong’s house. Ana Lin and his two children were there. Even if he didn’t want to see Danna, he still came.

The lights were on in the villa, and he heard the laughter inside through the door, not knowing what they were doing, he opened the door, Zong Qifeng was watching the news in the living room, and Ana Lin was making dumplings with his two children in the dining room. It should be fun, and the two children are very happy.

Uncle Feng came over and whispered, “Master.”

Phillip Zong threw his coat to him and walked in.

“Dad.” Ruth just made a dumpling in her hand, and ran to this side with her short legs, showing off to him, “Dad, look at it, this is my dumpling, does it look good?”

Phillip Zong stooped to pick up her daughter, grinned.

“Daddy, come with us. Mommy made a lot of flavors, including three fresh ones, leek and eggs, and beef. Which do you like?”

Phillip Zong squeezed his daughter’s little nose, “Daddy likes your bag.”

“Does Dad think my package looks good?” The little girl held the dumpling in her hand and handed it to Phillip Zong’s eyes.

Phillip Zong looked at the’dough’ in his daughter’s hand, and her eyelashes were flapping. If Ruth didn’t say it was a dumpling, he would definitely not recognize it.

It is obviously a ball of dough, and there is no trace of dumplings at all.

“Who taught you this?”

“Mummy.” The little girl said proudly.

Phillip Zong walked over, and there were two kinds on the table, one is very delicate and the other is’horrible’. Phillip Zong chuckled, “You didn’t get the true biography of your mommy.”

The little girl blinked without understanding.

Ana Lin looked up and looked at him, “Do you think my bag is ugly?”

Phillip Zong shook his head, “It’s not ugly.”

Obviously so beautiful.

Daniel handed Ana Lin’s bag to Phillip Zong, “This kind of bag, mommy’s bag, does it look good?”

It’s like a dumpling.

Phillip Zong looked at his son, “Didn’t you pack this?”

“This, Mommy wrapped it.” Daniel poured cold water on him.

Phillip Zong looked up and saw that Ana Lin seemed to be asking, is this really the case?

“I have never made dumplings before.” This is the first time that Danna Cheng taught her.

The exquisite ones are all packaged by Danna Cheng.

“These beautiful ones are all wrapped by grandma. Are they very beautiful?” Daniel raised his head and looked at Phillip Zong and asked.

Chapter 309

The smile on Phillip Zong’s face gradually disappeared, leaving a cold face.

Danna Cheng came out carrying the cooked dumplings, just to see the scene that just happened in the restaurant, Phillip Zong’s smile, from existence to nothing.

She was so sad in her heart, but she didn’t dare to show it on her face. She pretended not to see it, and smiled and said, “The dumplings are ready, should you eat some first?”

Phillip Zong glanced at it, and it was all beautiful inside, which means that they were all made by Danna. He didn’t seem to have heard him, and he opened the chair and hugged his daughter to sit down.

Where is Danna Cheng standing, I don’t know whether to advance or retreat.

Both children were immersed in the fun of making dumplings, but instead of eating, they were not so worried.

Ana Lin just wanted to say that I would eat. At this time, Zong Qifeng came over, pulled the chair away and sat on the main seat, and said, “Give it to me.”

Danna Cheng lowered her eyes and carried the dumplings.

“You have to be jealous to eat dumplings, I’ll pour it for you.” Daniel slid down the chair, “I’ll pour it for grandpa.”

Zong Qifeng has a kind face, and when he smiles, his eyes hide gratification. Since he married Danna Cheng, his relationship with Phillip Zong has not been very good. Unexpectedly, his grandson is so considerate.

Daniel smiled, “Then Grandpa will wrap me a big red envelope for the New Year.”

In past New Years, Ana Lin and Zhuangzi gave him a package. It was not about how much money there was, but the joy of receiving a red package.

Happy Chinese New Year.

Zong Qifeng smiled, “Okay, make a big one.”

The elder brother is about to receive the big red envelope, Ruth did not show weakness, yelling, “I want a big red envelope too.”

“Okay, yes, both, how can I miss Xiaorui?” Zong Qifeng stretched out his hand and rubbed her head, “Come here, grandpa feeds you dumplings, how do we often taste.”

The little guy was originally a snack food. I heard that he was interested in eating. He stretched out his hand to let Zong Qifeng hold him. Zong Qifeng took his granddaughter over, sat on his lap, and sandwiched the dumplings on the plate. Eat it cooler, or burn your mouth.”

The little girl nodded with a smile in his arms.

With the help of the busy servant in the kitchen, Daniel poured a small bowl of vinegar, as well as the chopped garlic and parsley prepared by the servant.

Phillip Zong sits alone, but like an outsider, the warmth of this room has nothing to do with him.

Perhaps he himself felt boring, stood up and prepared to leave.

This is a good time for the family to cultivate their feelings. Ana Lin stopped him and said, “You help me wrap it up.”

“I won’t.” He said.

Ana Lin smiled, “I teach you.”

Phillip Zong’s gaze fell on the dumplings she made, frowning disgustingly, he made them so ugly, he still meant to teach him?

Ana Lin seemed to see his disgusting gaze, and deliberately said, “Mom has a good-looking package. Would you like me to teach you?”

Standing by, Danna Cheng’s heart was tense, expecting and afraid of being rejected by Phillip Zong.

Most of them still expect a miracle, what if he agrees?

She lowered her head, looking forward to it with joy.

“I’m not interested.” Rejected lightly.

Danna Cheng’s heart fell to the bottom in an instant, and he was still unwilling to accept her.

Zong Qifeng didn’t look up, as if to two children, and as if to Phillip Zong, “Do you like grandma?”

“Like it.” The two children said with a smile.

Zong Qifeng touched Ruth’s hair with a profound meaning, “Yes, when I lose it, I will regret it.”

The little girl didn’t understand what this meant, her big eyes blinked, “Last time I saw my grandma, a grandfather gave me and my brother a gift.”

Phillip Zong raised his eyes. When was the last time I met?

His eyes narrowed slightly, and as expected, Ana Lin and Danna had a private relationship.

Ana Lin glanced at her daughter and said nothing after all. She was not as mature as Daniel, so she said it. According to Phillip Zong’s keenness, she should have been aware of it.

Danna Cheng was a little panicked, worried that Phillip Zong would be unhappy with Ana Lin because of this, she deliberately touched Ana Lin’s hand, “This is almost the same. You don’t need to wrap it again. Take a break and wait for dinner. .”

Ana Lin understood Danna Cheng’s intentions. She looked at Phillip Zong and said, “Let’s finish the package.”

Danna Cheng sighed, as if she made everyone upset.

The little girl didn’t even notice that she was’in trouble’ eating dumplings with relish, “I’m going to eat it with jealousy.”

“Little greedy cat.” Zong Qifeng scratched her little nose, smiled dozingly, and dipped the dumplings in vinegar. “Come and dip Xiaorui’s dumplings in vinegar.”

The little girl is smiling happily.

Eating dumplings.

Phillip Zong quietly exited and returned to the room alone.

Danna Cheng took off the dumplings Ana Lin was making, “Go and see him.”

Ana Lin pursed his lips, “He has a heart disease.”

There is no cure without medicine.

In truth, she actually understands Phillip Zong’s feelings. If it were her, she didn’t know the inside story. Less than a month after her mother died, a new woman would marry her father, and she would not accept it.

“I’ll go and see.” She went to wash her hands, took off her apron, and went upstairs.

Knowing that they were back, Danna Cheng cleaned up all the rooms upstairs and let them live, and he and Zong Qi sealed the downstairs.

He stood with his hand in front of the window, the window was open, and with a swift cynicism, Ana Lin closed the door and walked over and closed the window.

“Not too cold?”

“I have a cold heart.” Phillip Zong didn’t move. The person next to his pillow is not at the same heart as him. Can his heart be cold?

Ana Lin was silent for a while, “Are you angry with me?”

“Why am I angry?” he asked back.

“Because of my relationship with her, you feel uncomfortable and angry. Since I threatened you, you have been unhappy, right?” Ana Lin said without shy.

Phillip Zong looked at her quietly, doesn’t she know Danna’s relationship with him?

Why do you want to do this?

Ana Lin took the initiative to hug him and leaned in his arms, “I know you have a heart knot, but the past has passed, shall we let it go?”

Phillip Zong didn’t move and didn’t go to the building. Can the past things really be easy to let go?

No, it cannot.

Wen Xian’s legs are not good. It is said that he was in a car accident not long after he was born. Wen Xian left behind in order to save him. At the age of five, he accidentally spilled hot soup while eating. It was Wen Xian to protect him. He burned his hand, and the scald on the back of his hand has been showing traces. Using the best scar removal medicine, it was not clean.

He kept it in his heart.

If he accepts Danna, Wenxian under Jiuquan, how does it feel in his heart?

“I can’t do it.” He said bluntly.

Ana Lin frowned, “If you don’t let it go, don’t you have to remember that you have been stuck with this side for a lifetime?”

“so what?”

It is impossible for him to accept Danna Cheng.

Ana Lin still wanted to convince him, but suddenly the door was knocked.

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