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Chapter 304

The servant had already got up, but seeing that they had a dispute, she couldn’t speak out as a servant.

Hearing the doorbell being rang, she walked over to open the door, still muttering, “Who is coming early in the morning?”

The servant opened the door, and Liu Feifei stood at the door.

The servant did not know Liu Feifei, and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for Alan Su.” Liu Feifei smiled.

The servant turned to look at Alan Su, “A lady is looking for you.”

The old lady reacted quickly, let go of Lena Qin’s hand and walked over. Seeing that it was Liu Feifei, her face immediately became ugly, and she said sharply, “What are you doing?”

At this time, Liu Feifei saw Alan Su and Lena Qin standing at the door, as well as the suitcase hidden behind Alan Su, and thought to herself, is Lena Qin leaving?

She smiled, as if she didn’t see the old lady’s ugly face, “Grandma, I’m here to find Alan Su.”

“Who is your grandma!” The old lady was not at all polite to Liu Feifei. In the past, when Alan Su was not developed, she fell in love with her, and there was no such good house in her family.

Alan Su took her back, she was a bit disgusted.

Later, he abandoned Alan Su, which made him feel bad. The old lady didn’t like her. She always felt that she was a woman who disliked the poor and loved the rich. She left at the beginning and didn’t know why.

She came to deliberately add fuel to the fire. Only Lena Qin left can she move in. She deliberately increased her voice, “I’m here to return Alan Su’s things. Last night, he forgot his watch.”

With that, she took out the watch.

The old lady looked at it, and as expected, it was really Alan Su’s.

“You, what did you say? Alan Su forgot where you were?” The old lady couldn’t believe it, as if struck by lightning. “He was with you last night?”

“Yes…” She looked at Lena Qin, “Don’t get me wrong, although I am with him, nothing happens.”

Lena Qin leaned over, not wanting to look at her, and said lightly, “I didn’t misunderstand, I don’t need Miss Liu to explain.”

Alan Su stepped over and said in a deep voice, “Who asked you to come, it’s not that you won’t show up to me in the future…”

“I’m here to give you a watch.” Liu Feifei interrupted him hurriedly.

When she had an argument with him yesterday, she deliberately took off his wrist. He was angry at the time, so she didn’t notice that the watch fell.

Alan Su caught him, “You go.”

Liu Feifei looked at him, “Do you really need to explain to her for you?”

“No need.” Alan Su was angrily. It wasn’t her. How could Lena Qin misunderstood? Coming back now would only deepen Lena Qin’s misunderstanding.

She explained that it would only get darker and darker.

Liu Feifei glanced at Lena Qin, sneered in her heart, thinking, this way, it depends on whether you can leave.

“If there is anything I need to explain, you can find me…”

“You go quickly, don’t come to our house in the future!” The old lady was anxious and hated this woman. It wasn’t her. How could Alan Su misunderstand Lena Qin.

Wait, Alan Su was with her last night?

Her heart trembled, no wonder Lena Qin was so angry, she was also angry when this matter was on her.

The old lady grabbed the watch in Alan Su’s hand and threw it outwards, “I lost something, what else do I have to do!”

The old lady turned her gaze and looked at Liu Feifei, “And you! It was you who abandoned Alan Su at the beginning. What are you doing now to pester him? Is there any shame?”

“Grandma, I…”

“I’m not your grandma, please leave.” The old lady trembled angrily.

Liu Feifei glanced at Alan Su and then at Lena Qin. She curled her lips without a trace, but she was extremely uncomfortable on her face, “Then I’m leaving, I hope you will be well, and don’t make trouble because of me.”

Turn around and leave after speaking.

Lena Qin pulled the suitcase and walked over, “Grandma, take care.”

“Xiaoya.” The old lady pulled her, unable to say anything to keep her, he glared at Alan Su, hating iron and steel.

“Lena Qin, she and I really have nothing, please believe me…”

Alan Su grabbed her, “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault, I didn’t care about your feelings, please don’t go?”

Lena Qin looked back at him, “It’s not your fault, it’s always my fault. I shouldn’t promise you to try. There is someone in your heart at the beginning. You shouldn’t keep it from me, you should tell me, it’s me stupid. , I easily agreed, this is a detour to take, and I can’t avoid it.”

“Xiaoya.” The old lady was too anxious. Can she come back this time?

She couldn’t let Lena Qin leave.

The old lady shook her body, turned her eyes, and passed out into a coma.

“Grandma.” Fortunately, Alan Su was close enough to catch her old man.

“What’s wrong?” Lena Qin was also startled, why was she unconscious?

Among those who went to pinch the old man without saying anything, the old lady deliberately pretended to be faint, just trying to keep Lena Qin. Who knew that Alan Su’s hand was so heavy, she frowned in pain.

He pretended to be weak and opened his eyes, “Alan Su, am I… not working?”

Seeing the old lady waking up, Alan Su was incoherent with excitement, “No, no, you will live a long life.”

“I’m going to be pissed off by you, so longevity?”

The old lady took Lena Qin’s hand, “Xiaoya, if you leave, I’m afraid I won’t be able to survive.”

“Grandma, what are you talking about…”

Suddenly the old lady pinched Alan Su’s thigh, how could this person wince?

Alan Su’s words got stuck in his throat, looking at the old lady’s ruddy face, it didn’t look like she was sick, did she just pretend to be dizzy?

In order to keep Lena Qin?

Lena Qin looked at Alan Su, “I’d better take it to the hospital for a look. Grandma is getting older and suddenly fainted like this. It’s better to have a check.”

“I’m not going to check.” The old lady was very repulsive, clutching Lena Qin’s hand, “Just stay with me.”

Lena Qin pursed her lips, never letting go, “Let Alan Su be with you.”

She broke off the old lady’s hand.

“Lena Qin.” Alan Su grabbed her wrist, “Are you so cruel?”

“Dang Duan keeps suffering from the chaos, Alan Su, you should know better than me. I am no better than you. I have an exquisite heart.” Lena Qin pulled the suitcase and walked out the door.

The old lady beat Alan Su hard and asked him to find a way to keep Lena Qin.

Lena Qin was too determined to leave, and she couldn’t persuade her just by keeping her lips.

Suddenly, Alan Su hugged the old lady’s head and said, “Grandma, why are you fainted again? Wake up soon.”

The old lady didn’t react for a while, she suffocated, Alan Su’s head bent down and winked at him so that she could continue to pretend to be unconscious.

Hearing the old lady fainted again, Lena Qin really stopped. She just wanted to turn around and found something wrong. If the old lady is really upset, Alan Su could not just hold her and not send her to the hospital.

“Alan Su, is it interesting to play such a childish trick?” Her tone was extremely dull.

“Why grandma is in a coma?” Alan Su said stiffly.

In my heart, did she find out?

“I’m unconscious, shouldn’t you send her to the hospital?”

Chapter 305

Alan Su was stunned, how did he pretend to be sent to the hospital? Wouldn’t it be revealed when he was sent to the hospital?

Besides, Lena Qin is skeptical now.

Alan Su is in a dilemma.

The old lady had a sudden headache and her body convulsed.

Alan Su thought that she was pretending to be sick, and she was not worried, so she continued to try to keep Lena Qin, “You believe me when I sent my grandma to the hospital?”

Lena Qin, “…”

She was completely speechless.

The old lady’s convulsions became more and more serious, and she could not even speak, her breathing became more and more rapid, her mouth became crooked, her speech leaked, “Su, Alan Su…”

Lena Qin saw the clue, “Send grandma to the hospital, I think something is wrong with her.”

At this time, Alan Su noticed that her body was twitching, and her nerves were tense. He picked up the old lady and walked out.

“No clothes.” The old lady’s thin pajamas was cold outside. In anxiousness, she put down the suitcase in her hand, ran into the house and took out the old lady’s mink coat, and followed Alan Su out.

Alan Su put the old lady in the back seat, and Lena Qin covered her clothes on the old lady, “Go drive, and I will look at the old lady.”

Alan Su looked at Lena Qin, his heart surged, “Lena Qin, I…”

“Go drive first.” Lena Qin whispered. She felt that the old lady’s condition was very bad, and she foamed at her mouth.

Alan Su was also a little flustered. This was obviously not a pretense. He quickly started the car and drove towards the hospital.

Lena Qin hugged the old lady behind her, her consciousness was blurred, and Lena Qin told her that she had no response.

Alan Su was anxious, ran through a few red street lights in a row and almost had a car accident several times.

Originally it took 20 minutes to get to the hospital, but Alan Su drove to the place in 10 minutes.

Alan Su hugged the old lady and got out of the car. Lena Qin followed. There were many people in the hospital lobby. He hugged the old lady and went straight to the rescue room.

Soon the old lady was received, “What happened to my grandma?”

The doctor asked the medical staff to push the old lady into the operating room, and took the time to return to Alan Su, “Preliminary judgment, it should be a sudden cerebral congestion, you should wait outside the door.” After that, he closed the door of the operating room.

Alan Su was stunned for a long time without regaining his senses, brain congestion?

This is a sudden illness, and it will be fatal if it is serious.

At first he thought it was an old lady pretending, and he didn’t know if there was any delay in the treatment, Alan Su punched the wall in anger with a muffled sound.

Lena Qin was heart-stirring listening.

At this time, a nurse came over and said, “Who is the family member?”

Lena Qin saw that Alan Su was blaming herself and worried, she came over, “I am.”

The nurse handed over a list, “You can pay.”

Lena Qin took it over, “I will go now.”

She was also afraid of delaying treatment, still holding the old lady’s coat in her hand, and ran downstairs before she could put it down.

The payment office is on the first floor.

She took out her card and paid the fee.

Back in the operating room, I saw Alan Su sitting on a row of chairs, his head drooping, and blood on the back of his hand. It should have been the injury caused by the punch that hit the wall just now.

Lena Qin walked over and looked at his hand. The injuries were a bit serious, especially the joints, where the skin was torn and blood oozing badly.

“Go and deal with it, grandma will be worried when she comes out.”

Alan Su looked up at her, his eyes were a little red, “I was raised by her, she is my only relative in this world, if she has something…”

“No, grandma will be fine.” Lena Qin interrupted him with a positive tone.

Alan Su asked, “Is she really okay?”

He was empty in his heart and just wanted to find someone to give him an answer.

Lena Qin calmly said, “Really.”

Alan Su stood up, hugged her, his voice was terrible, “Thank you.”

Lena Qin’s body stiffened, but after all, she didn’t push him away, “I met once, and grandma is also very kind to me. Needless to say, thank you, besides, I did nothing.”

Alan Su didn’t speak, he just hugged her tightly. Only when he hugged her did he feel that he was alive and his heart was hot.

How long has he not felt this way?

He no longer remembers.

too long.

His voice was very low, “Liu Feifei was my first love. I met when I was in my sophomore year. She left me on the eve of graduation. There was a time when I was devastated because of her. I was so decadent to rely on Keller Shen and Phillip to help me. I admit that I loved her very much before, but after she left for ten years, that relationship has long since been stranded.”

Lena Qin froze, and her heart was a little moving, but she soon pressed it down again.

She can’t lower her limit just because of Alan Su’s confession. It is a fact that he has not returned all night, and it is also a fact that Liu Feifei is his first love.

The world says that first love is the most unforgettable, because all the youth and beauty are given to each other in first love.

Everything is unforgettable for the first time, she believes that.

After a long time, there will always be traces in my heart.

He said that Liu Feifei was pestering him, so why couldn’t he tell her first?

Why not tell her?

Have to wait until things happen before explaining?

“Alan Su, you don’t have to tell me this, I have already decided, you can’t give me the stability that I want, you can’t give me the sense of security that I want, we are really not suitable, now it is not too late to find out, you and I are still young , Perhaps, will meet more suitable.”

Alan Sumeng widened his eyes, he clasped Lena Qin’s shoulder and looked at her, “Are you really so decisive? Don’t miss old feelings at all?”

Lena Qin smiled, “Have you ever had an old relationship with me?”

Alan Su was taken aback, “What do you mean?”

“How long have you and I known each other?” Lena Qin looked at him, “You and I have only known each other for three or two months. Have you ever had any affection?” She laughed at herself, “Do you mean that love?”

“To talk about old love, it should be you and Ms. Liu. In fact, when I leave, I also give you a chance. You should thank me.”

Alan Su couldn’t say a word for a while, and it took a long time to find his voice, “The time we know each other is short, but is our feelings measured by time?”

“What’s the use?” Lena Qin asked back.

However, at this time, the door of the operation slid open, and the two stopped talking. Alan Su and Lena Qin walked quickly to the door. The doctor was still wearing blue surgical gowns. He took off his mask. “The patient is a sudden acute cerebral congestion. Fortunately, it was delivered in time, and there is no life-threatening life in the time. However, it may take some time to recover in the hospital.”

“Thank you doctor.” The old lady is not life-threatening, and this is the best news for Alan Su.

“After a while, the patient will be pushed out. Now that he is sick and old, he may need to be accompanied.” The doctor said again.

“I see.” Alan Su had already calculated in his heart that he would personally take care of the old lady in this sick day.

Now that he has money, he doesn’t need to run for money anymore, and now the office is developing well, even if he doesn’t go, it still runs, and he still has money.

Soon the old lady was withdrawn. Although she had been rescued, her mouth was still a bit crooked.

The old lady usually cares about her face very much, such a crook, the old lady will definitely not be able to accept it when she wakes up.

“Doctor, can my grandma’s mouth be okay?”

Chapter 306

“Don’t worry too much. Slowly adjust, it can recover, but given that the old woman is old, the recovery may be slower, and it is impossible to recover to the original level, and there will be some sequelae.” The doctor said.

Alan Su understood in his heart and pushed the old lady to the ward.

The doctor checked the status of the old lady, and the machines for testing physical functions are all good, and the doctor explained some precautions, “Now it is a temporary ward. According to the family situation, whether you want a general ward or a VIP, go to the inpatient department. Go through.”

“Of course it is good.” Alan Su hardly thought about it.

He makes money just to make the old lady enjoy.

“Then go through the hospitalization procedures,” the doctor said and left with the medical staff.

Lena Qin put the old lady’s coat on the back of the chair, “I’ll go through it, you can accompany the old lady.”

Alan Su didn’t say a word.

Lena Qin knew that he and the old lady had a good relationship, and she should just want to be quiet at this moment. She quietly left the ward to go through the hospitalization procedures.

Alan Su actually heard it, and deliberately didn’t say a word. Now his mind is messed up. Now both of them should calm down and think clearly before talking.

Lena Qin had completed the hospitalization procedures. It was already an hour later. There were so many people in the big hospital that they would have to line up for everything, so a lot of time was wasted.

With the help of the medical staff, the old lady was transferred to the VIP ward, and the old lady had just been arranged. The mobile phone in Alan Su’s pocket rang, and he took out the mobile phone, and it seemed that the ID was Keller Shen.

He pressed the answer button, “Keller.”

“Are you free? Let’s get together tonight, I have already called Phillip.” Keller Shen said.

Alan Su hesitated, now that the old lady is like this, he can’t live without it.

Keller Shen didn’t know that the old lady was sick, let alone that he was having trouble with Lena Qin, and joked, “Why, marrying a wife and forgetting your brother? Don’t be too sorrowful than friends.”

Without waiting for Alan Su to speak, his conversation turned serious, “The matter about Rios He has been settled, aren’t you going to teach him, now you can do it casually.”

“Where?” Alan Su asked.

“old place.”

They have a place they often go to, Alan Su asked again, “What time?”

“7 o’clock.”

“I see, it will be there on time.” After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone, and saw that Lena Qin was wiping the old lady’s face and hands.

His expression was tense, “Lena Qin…”

Lena Qin didn’t look up, “I have nothing to do with you in taking care of her. People are like this. She treats you well, and you want to treat her well.”

Alan Su pursed his lips, “Can I ask you to do me a favor?”

Lena Qin didn’t say a word, fearing that what he was talking about was between them.

“Keller Shen is looking for me. I want to ask you to take care of my grandma.” Alan Su said, afraid that Lena Qin would refuse, and he explained, “Rios He’s problem has been resolved, so I went to visit Phillip and me. It should be about this matter.”

Lena Qin thought for a moment, “Okay.”

She can’t worry about finding a stranger to take care of the old lady.

Alan Su came over and watched her hesitate to speak.

With a final sigh, he turned and left.

The office is closed, the annual holiday is on, the streets are hurried, and the strong flavor of the year enveloped the entire city of B.

Alan Su has been busy in the hospital for almost a day without eating, and now he still has no appetite. The first place he arrived, he ordered a bottle of wine to drink by himself. The second one was Keller Shen and saw Alan Su alone. While drinking, he closed the door of the private room and joked, “Groom officer, what’s the matter? I drank alcohol alone.”

Alan Su didn’t speak up.

In normal times, Alan Su would definitely not be so honest. Keller Shen put a smile on his face and sat down beside him, “How about hangover and worry?”

Alan Su took a sip of wine, “Liu Feifei is back.”

The corner of Keller Shen’s eyes twitched, he knew so soon?

He pretended not to know, “What do you interrupt? The girl Lena Qin is good, don’t hurt others.”

Alan Su looked at him, and finally took another sip of wine, “She has changed.”

“Nonsense, you haven’t changed? How old were you then, how old you are now, look at it, there are wrinkles around the corners of your eyes.” Keller Shen poked his eye bags with his fingers.

Alan Su didn’t close his eyes all day and night, and his face was black and ugly.

Alan Su stared at him, “Don’t touch me.”

Keller Shen poured himself a glass of wine, and said leisurely, “You are not a golden branch and a leaf, when I am too rare to touch you?”

“Lena Qin is going to divorce me.” Alan Su let out a deep sigh, “My grandma had a cerebral congestion in the morning and she is still in the hospital.”

Keller Shen looked straight, and said with concern, “Is grandma okay?”

“It’s rescued.”

“That’s good… Lena Qin discovered the existence of Liu Feifei?” Keller Shen asked after thinking about it.

“Well, I made a little misunderstanding, and now I am very determined to leave me.” Alan Su felt uncomfortable when he thought of Lena Qin’s attitude.

“What do you think?” Keller Shen asked.

Alan Su squinted at him, “What do you think?”

Keller Shen sighed and thought to himself, this person is not saved, “Of course you still love Liu Feifei, or the current Lena Qin, such a big person, don’t you understand this? It’s already like this, just Seeing my heart clearly and still loving Liu Feifei, I told Lena Qin to make it clear as soon as possible and try to compensate as much as possible. Of course, money can’t make up for such damage.”

Alan Su filled the glass and finished it in one sip, frowning spicyly, “I don’t love her anymore. My feelings for her have long since worn away.”

Keller Shen was very interested, “Then what do you mean? Like Lena Qin?”

“But he wants to leave me.” Alan Su was very upset, “I don’t know what to do, she doesn’t trust me.”

“Trust is for you to give.” Keller Shen patted him on the shoulder, “If you want her to trust you, you must first be confessed.”

No one can help him with such a thing.

It depends on himself.

Squeak, the door of the private room opened, Alan Su and Keller Shen turned their heads, Phillip Zong walked in against the light.

He glanced lightly at the wine on the table, pulled the chair away and sat down.

Alan Su and Keller Shen stopped at the same time.

“Rios He went in.” Because the crime does not lead to death, he just added a penalty to the previous sentence.

Phillip Zong gave a faint hum, and his mood didn’t seem to be high either.

Keller Shen’s words fell, and there was no sound in the private room. The three men sat quietly. The atmosphere was once stiff and a little embarrassing.

“Or, let’s order something? I haven’t eaten yet, have you eaten?” Keller Shen spoke again, trying to break the silence.

No one responded to him.

Alan Su poured another glass of wine and poured it down.

Keller Shen thought to himself, what’s wrong? Why are you in a bad mood?

“Let’s eat first, and talk while eating.” Keller Shen called the waiter and ordered a lot of dishes.

He forcibly broke the silence, “Phillip, why are you in a bad mood looking at it?”

Alan Su is troubled by love, but Phillip Zong now has a wife and children, and his career is thriving. What’s the trouble?

He understood Alan Su, but Phillip Zong, he really couldn’t.

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