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Chapter 301

Alan Su narrowed his eyes, and his tone was as cold as the northwest wind in the winter, “To stay with you all night?”

What do you take him for?

Besides, Liu Feifei, who is now like a madman, really makes him feel innocent and kind.

“I will not betray my wife.” He said firmly.

Liu Feifei was stunned for a moment, her hands clenched suddenly, and she pressed her voice, “I didn’t let you sleep with me, stay with me here.”

“Nor.” Alan Su still refused.

“Are you really ruthless?” Liu Feifei smiled like a huge blow, “Today you leave, I promise you will be a corpse when you see me again. I will do what I say, if you don’t believe me, just go.”

Liu Feifei got up from the ground and sat on the sofa.

“You forced me?” Alan Su’s eyes dimmed.

Liu Feifei knew that if she continued to act magnanimously, there would be no way to save him, and now she just tried her best to keep him, causing Lena Qin to misunderstand.

Only if they divorce, she has a chance!

She raised her eyes to look at Alan Su, “It was you who forced me. I was right to go first, but I never betrayed the love between us. It was you who were so cruel to me without thinking about our old feelings. Since you are unkind, how can you blame me for being unrighteous?”

Alan Su stood there. After a long time, he looked at Liu Feifei, “You take it seriously, as long as I stay with you today, will you stop disturbing my life in the future?”

Liu Feifei nodded, “Yes, when there is a formal break between us, I will fulfill you.”

Alan Su hesitated and nodded in agreement. After all, when Liu Feifei left, they didn’t meet officially. Now he married Lena Qin, Liu Feifei told the truth, not because of betraying their feelings, and there was a clear decision.

In a sense, he failed this relationship.

Just staying with her does not seem to be an unreasonable request.

“I’ll make a call.” After Alan Su thought about it, he decided to call Lena Qin and tell her first, so that she would not wait, and he would explain it to her when he returned.

The phone was dialed out, but couldn’t get through.

Because of Lena Qin’s presence, Alan Su’s assistant position did not get off work, so he kept it inside. The other lawyers had already got off work.

“Are you still waiting for Lawyer Su?” the assistant asked.

Because Alan Su and Lena Qin were not married in City B, not many people knew about it, and Alan Su had not had time to announce.

Originally, he wanted to find a good day, call the people in the office, have a meal together, and then introduce Lena Qin to everyone.

It’s just that, now that the New Year’s Eve is approaching, I have to deal with the end of the year and I’m a bit busy, so I didn’t have time to tell everyone.

Lena Qin took out her mobile phone to check what time it was. When she took out her mobile phone, she realized that the mobile phone was automatically turned off when it was dead.

She looked up at the assistant, “What time is it?”

The assistant glanced at the time and replied, “Quickly, it’s 12 o’clock.”

There was a trace of loneliness and loss in her eyes, after all, he broke his promise.

She tried to make herself look good, but the heart in her chest was broken.

Her voice trembled, “Can you help me with a divorce agreement?”

Paralegal, it’s easy to do this kind of thing, “OK, wait for me for a while.”

The assistant regarded Lena Qin as someone who came to Alan Su to file a lawsuit. This is still a marriage lawsuit.

The assistant asked too much, “What divorce, is the husband cheating?”

Now most of the divorces are due to this reason, especially when female clients come to their office, in all likelihood, they are divorced because of her husband’s cheating.

Lena Qin smiled bitterly, “Is it.”

The assistant himself is also a man, and when he hears this, he has to scream, “Nowadays men don’t have a good thing.”

I thought, this woman looks so young and beautiful, she wants to cheat?

Is it true that no matter how beautiful a family flower is, there is no fragrance of wild flowers?

The assistant moved quickly. While holding the computer while drafting the copy, he asked Lena Qin about the situation, “Do you have any children? Do you have any property disputes? What kind of purpose do you want to achieve? Your husband’s cheating is the wrong party. We can do You fight for the best interest.”

Lena Qin felt bitter, and her mouth was full of bitterness. She shook her head, “There are no children, no property entanglements, and no time to get a marriage certificate. It is just that we have witnessed our relationship with our relatives. If I want to end, What to do?”

The assistant was dumbfounded for a moment, but he didn’t get the certificate and he was not protected by law.

In many rural areas, there are examples of people who got married before they reached the age of marriage, but if they were not enough, they did not apply for a marriage certificate. The wedding was only held under the witness of the two families.

In fact, this is not a true combination and is not protected by law.

“In this case, you can only negotiate. Of course, if the other party is willing or makes unreasonable demands on you, you can file a lawsuit and go through legal procedures. But this is not a simple divorce lawsuit, it can only be regarded as a dispute. Legally You are not married, so you cannot proceed according to a marriage lawsuit.”

Lena Qin probably understood it. In other words, if she wanted to end her relationship with Alan Su, she would have to negotiate with them.

“Wait, I’ll ask our boss.” The assistant is not very good at handling such things, he needs to ask Alan Su’s opinion.

He dialed Alan Su’s phone.

Alan Su was sitting on the sofa at the moment, and Liu Feifei did not pester him, sleeping beside him.

Hearing the phone ringing, he thought it was Lena Qin, so he immediately took out his cell phone, his face slowly darkened when he saw the assistant, he pressed the answer button, “What’s the matter?”

“A client came and wanted to inquire about some legal matters. I don’t quite understand…”

“Look for Lawyer Wang, he is good at marriage lawsuits.” Now Alan Su has no intention of dealing with such things.

He hung up after speaking.

The assistant looked at the phone for a long time. Alan Su is not like this normally. He is very strict and serious about work. What’s wrong?

Lena Qin asked, “Will you call Alan Su again?”

He just guessed that she seemed to sound like Alan Su just now.

The assistant nodded and mumbled, “It’s Lawyer Su, I don’t know what I’m busy with. He will definitely teach me patiently when encountering such things. This time, it was unexpected.”

Lena Qin smiled, now he is meeting with his old lover, how can he be in the mood to care about work?

I’m afraid that all the things she was waiting for her will be left out of the sky, right?

What else can she look forward to?

She stood up, and the assistant put down the computer and stood up, “Lawyer Wang here is very good at this lawsuit. Why don’t I contact Lawyer Wang for you?”

Lena Qin said, “I will come again if necessary.”

After speaking, she turned and walked out of the office. She stood on the side of the road for a while. This was still the sky, but the heart was not the same.

Maybe it was wrong in the beginning.

Now it’s over.

She will take a taxi to live.

The old lady was not there, and the house was quiet. She went back to the room and found the suitcase from the cabinet, and packed up the clothes and daily necessities. There were not many things originally, just because the winter clothes are more empty, but one box It was installed.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed, at the foot of the place where Alan Su laid on the floor last night.

Suddenly, she laughed.

At first, she thought that Alan Su was taking care of her feelings, so she didn’t go to bed and didn’t touch her.

Now think about it carefully, is it because the woman he loves is back, and he doesn’t even want to touch her?

What is she to him?

One, a tool for physiological venting?

Chapter 302

The door opened outside the house, followed by the voices of the servant and the old lady. What the two were talking about, the old lady was in a good mood, with a smile in her tone.

This matter was between her and Alan Su. She didn’t want the old lady to know that she should not be able to accept such things as she is getting older.

Not because of Alan Su, but because the old lady is kind to her.

She opened the door, and the servant was hanging clothes for her husband.

“Are you at home?” The old lady was surprised when she saw Lena Qin, and then smiled, “Come on, sit down, I have something to tell you.”

Lena Qin sat on the sofa obediently, and the old lady took her hand with interest.

“What good thing makes grandma so happy?” Lena Qin hid her emotions very well, and she never showed a half in front of the old lady.

Although getting along with this old lady not long ago, her kindness has already moved her.

No matter what she and Alan Su are, she is unwilling to hurt this old lady.

“Today I met a person who looks at the face, he said that I have a ruddy complexion, a good fortune, and something good has happened.” The old lady still believes in things like face-to-face.

Most elderly people believe in looking.

After all, people in the past were more superstitious.

Lena Qin couldn’t laugh or cry, “Do you believe this?”

The old lady opened her eyes, “You don’t know, I didn’t tell him that I have a grandson at all, but he knew it, saying that I have a grandson married, and said that next year I must have a great-grandson, can I Believe it?”

The servant interrupted, “At that time, the old lady was so happy that she wrapped a big red envelope for someone.”

The smile on Lena Qin’s face slowly couldn’t hold back.

The old lady took Lena Qin’s hand tightly, and leaned in, “Xiaoya, it’s up to you to hold your grandson.”

As she said, she cast her eyes on Lena Qin’s lower abdomen, “Maybe my great grandson already lives in it.”

Lena Qin couldn’t laugh, nor could she say anything to make the old man happy.

When Alan Su came back, they could get together and get together. In order to repay the old lady’s kindness, she stood up and said, “I’ll cook.”

Cook a meal for the old lady personally.

“You use you, you use you, you rest.” The old lady pulled her and said that she would not be allowed to do anything. “This is almost the New Year, where is Alan Su? Haven’t done everything in the office? “

Lena Qin said lightly, “Maybe.”

“This stinky boy just owes a beating. He has no time and no sense of family. When he comes back, I don’t want to beat him.” The old lady actually thought in her heart, when he doesn’t come back, when will she take her great grandson?

This pregnancy with a child was not a matter for Lena Qin alone.

The sky gradually darkened, and Alan Su did not come back in the evening.

Regardless of the old lady’s dissuasion, Lena Qin was determined to cook a meal for the old lady herself.

Her craftsmanship is not very good, but it is a kindness.

Under the guidance of the servant, she cooked several dishes that the old lady usually likes.

The ribs stewed with white radish is good in winter, and there is also a crispy tofu, fried shrimp with garlic and white yam, which are all light.

After it was fried and served, Lena Qin washed her hands, served the rice, and ordered the old lady to eat.

The old lady was still happy about what happened during the day, saying that she would be happy to hold her great-grandson.

So he didn’t pay attention to Lena Qin deliberately, and found nothing wrong with her.

She is so good to cook for her personally, she is happy that it is too late.

How can I feel that Alan Su got married right?

Alan Su was not there, and the servants were not at the table. There were Lena Qin and the old lady on the table. Lena Qin had no appetite, but didn’t want the old lady to see the clues, and reluctantly took two bites, “I heard you like these, I I’m not doing very well…”

“Very good, it’s good, I think it’s delicious.” The old lady took a chopsticks of crispy tofu. The old lady is older, but her teeth are not bad. As long as it is not very hard, she can eat it.

“You eat too.” The old lady gave Lena Qinsheng soup, “It makes sense to eat white radish in winter, and ginger in summer.”

Lena Qin said with a smile.

Finished the soup the old lady gave her.

After dinner, she helped the servant clean up the kitchen and watched TV with the old lady in the living room.

After ten o’clock, the old lady was too sleepy.

Lena Qin helped her enter the house, “Sit down first, and I will get you a basin of hot water, so that you can sleep well.”

After today, she might have left, just take it as her filial piety.

After all, the old man who had called grandma.

After receiving the water in the bathroom, she tested the temperature of the water with her hands. It didn’t feel hot. Then she brought the towel out. She put the water basin next to the old lady’s feet and put her feet in the water basin. is it hot?”

“No, it just happens. It’s too cold to soak and feel uncomfortable.” The old lady lowered her head to look at Lena Qin, and reached out to touch her head, “You are a good boy, and it is his blessing for Alan Su to marry you. “

Lena Qin lowered her head, tears fell, and fell into the basin with a clatter.

“It is my luck to meet grandma. No matter what happens in the future, I will still treat you as a grandma when I see you.”

The old lady didn’t hear too clearly, she smiled and said, “Say silly things, you married Alan Su, I am not your grandmother, I can’t help it.”

The water was cold, Lena Qin took the old lady’s feet out to dry, and helped her lie down, “It’s getting late, you go to bed earlier.”

Soaking the feet is comfortable, the old lady hummed. “You also go to bed earlier. Alan Su hasn’t come back yet, so you can call him to remind him to come back earlier.”

Lena Qin gave the old lady’s hand covering the quilt, and then nodded, “I will, you can sleep at ease.”

The old lady closed her eyes contentedly, Lena Qin put the basin into the bathroom and poured it, put the towels away, and walked out. The old lady was sleepy. She was already asleep at the moment. Lena Qin walked out lightly and closed the room. door.

At this moment, the servant also rested, and the whole living room was empty and quiet.

She seemed to be able to hear her breathing.

She returned to the room with the suitcase still beside the bed. Instead of taking a shower and going to bed, she went to the window and gently opened the curtain. The night was getting darker, and she was not at all sleepy.

She looked at the dark sky, without a single star, just like her current state of mind, with or without light, sank at the bottom of the lake.

She finally paid the price for her stupidity.

She thought she could try with Alan Su.

She thought that maybe he would fall in love with her.

She thought that she loved him.

It turns out that only the last one she thought was right.

She was tempted by him, and he hit her hard.

She was so crushed that she could only hide in the dark night and was hurt alone.

And he, is talking with the woman in his heart, Bingzhuye?

No, I’m afraid it is, we are continuing the front line, and tell each other sincerely.

Lena Qin stood at the window all night, and Alan Su came back when Tianma was bright.

He opened the door. He also stayed up all night and his expression was not very good. When he saw Lena Qin standing in front of the window, he just wanted to ask her how she got up so early and touched the suitcase next to the bed. His heart shook. .

“Lena Qin.” His voice was a little low, a little apprehensive, “Are you okay, what are you doing with the suitcase?”

Chapter 303

Lena Qin slowly turned around. With this movement, she vented her stiff legs. She bent over and rubbed her knees. Alan Su hurriedly walked over to see her legs, “Is the legs uncomfortable?”

Lena Qin did not speak.

Alan Su reached out to rub her, but Lena Qin waved it away.

“Don’t bother you.”

Alan Su looked up, “I have something to tell you, last night…”

“With Liu Feifei.” She used affirmative sentences, not questions, not questions, but affirmations.

Alan Su widened his eyes, “How do you know?”

Lena Qin smiled, “The old lovers reunited after a long time, are they crazy?”

Alan Su felt uneasy in his heart, “Don’t get me wrong, she and I have nothing, she told me to stay with her all night…”

“I know.” Lena Qin pointed to the lipstick mark on his neck and wanted to say arrogantly in front of him, isn’t it his ex-girlfriend? Isn’t it just a night of sleep? I do not mind.

But she was not as magnanimous as she had imagined, and she couldn’t stand such a derailment!

“I saw it. You didn’t care about my feelings at all. Did you show it to me on purpose?”

Alan Su was a little bit. He reached out and touched his neck with a little lipstick on his hand. He recalled that he was leaving. Liu Feifei held him and refused to let him go, as if k*ssing him on the neck. He must have stayed at that time.

“Listen to me, we don’t have anything. She insists on pestering me. I have made it clear to her…”

“Alan Su!” Lena Qin interrupted him. She raised her head to prevent the tears in her eyes from pouring out, “We can get together and get together. Fortunately, now, neither of you nor I have gotten the certificate. The matter in Baicheng, We treat it as a farce, and we have packed my things.”

She took the one that the old lady gave her last time from her bag and put it on the bed, “I shouldn’t have received it, but now I’m leaving, let’s not take it away. You keep it for yourself, or continue to give it to grandma. , It’s up to you, meet one, let’s not make it too ugly.”

She turned to look at Alan Su, exhausted her courage, and squeezed out an unsightly smile, “I have said everything I wanted to say. Finally, I wish you happiness.”

After speaking, she pulled the suitcase and went to open the door of the room. Alan Su snatched away the suitcase in her hand from behind, “I don’t allow you to go!”

“Why do you say it ends? Why do you say it’s a farce is a farce? You put on a wedding dress, and you marry in front of my closest person and best buddy. You just leave now? I tell you Lena Qin, there are no doors!”

Lena Qin wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes, “Alan Su, you are an adult, don’t be so naive.”

“Where am I naive?” Alan Su forced over.

Lena Qin took a step back instinctively, and her tone was extraordinarily firm. She admitted that she liked him a little bit, but she couldn’t accept her disloyalty.

No forbearance, just abandon.

“Your current approach is very naive. If you don’t want to say it well, we will follow the law.”

Alan Su’s Adam’s apple is rolling up and down, she, what did she say?

Follow the law?

“How do you want to follow the law?”

Lena Qin clenched her hands tightly and forced her composure, “We don’t have a marriage certificate. First of all, our marriage has no legal effect. If you cheat first, I have the right to draw a clear line with you. You must not pester me.”

“I didn’t cheat.” Alan Su emphasized, “I told you, we have nothing…”

“You haven’t returned all night, with a lipstick mark on your neck, you tell me that you and her have nothing, Alan Su, do you treat me as a three-year-old child?”

“Why don’t you believe it? She asked me to stay with her all night, and then she won’t bother us anymore.”

Lena Qin giggled, tears of laughter rolled down involuntarily, and she wiped it off hard, “Alan Su, do you really care about me?”

“of course.”

“You treat me as a relative?”

“Of course, we are the closest people sharing the same bed.”

“Then are you hiding something from me?”

Alan Su was silent.

Yes, it is not about Liu Feifei, but about his parents.

He didn’t think it was a big deal.

“We all have things we don’t want to say, right?”

“But you told your ex-girlfriend, but you don’t want me to know. You said we are the closest people, but you and her seem to be closer. She can share your secrets, and I don’t know anything. “Lena Qin didn’t want to continue entanglement with him, wasting her tongue.

“Return the suitcase to me.” She eased her tone, calming herself.

She shouldn’t blame him now.

The decision is separated, right and wrong, there is no need to pursue it.

The more entangled, the more heartache.

It is better to cut the mess with a knife.

“I don’t.” Alan Su didn’t let go.

“There is nothing in it, so don’t give it if you don’t give it.” Lena Qin didn’t want the suitcase, and didn’t want to argue with him again.

She opened the door.

“I don’t agree to divorce!” Alan Su hugged her from behind.

“I said, our marriage is invalid. I didn’t divorce you. Now I’m leaving. Can’t you finally leave a good impression on me?”

“I don’t want it.” Alan Su panicked completely. Lena Qin is here for real. She really wants to leave. Her words and behavior are so decisive.

“I have nothing to do with her, she was drunk and tricked me…”

“What are you doing?” The old lady was dumbfounded when she heard the movement. Carefully, it sounded like Alan Su and Lena Qin were arguing. She didn’t even have time to put on her clothes and came out.

At this point, it’s not too tight, but they are really quarreling.

Touching the suitcase behind Alan Su, the old lady was dumbfounded, “You, what are you going to do?”

The old lady turned around anxiously, pointing to Alan Su, “Did you do something wrong that made Xiaoya angry.”

Alan Su let go of Lena Qin and came to comfort the old lady, “We’re all right, you go back to the room first.”

“You are like this, how can I go back to the room?” The old lady scolded too loudly, slapped him on the back. After the slap, she was distressed and panicked, “You are such a big person, why do you worry about me every day? “

“I’m not good.” In order to appease the old lady and prevent her from getting angry, Alan Su immediately admitted his mistake.

“Acknowledge your mistakes to Xiaoya.” The old lady walked over without Alan Su, and took Lena Qin’s hand. “Xiaoya, if he made a mistake, hit him. How can you just leave as soon as you get married? For his sake, forgive him once?”

Lena Qin didn’t want the old lady to be sad, but she was even more reluctant to entangle Alan Su, “Grandma, he and I are not right or wrong. We have different personalities, so we plan to separate. I think he will find a more suitable one in the future…”

“Then there is more suitable!” The old lady interrupted her, “Yesterday you were cooking for me and washing my feet again. Did you plan to leave?”

Talking about the old lady’s red eyes, she held Lena Qin’s hand tightly, “What are your dissatisfaction with him, tell me, I will teach him for you, promise, grandma don’t go, okay?”

Lena Qin lowered her head and tears fell down one after another, “I’m sorry, grandma.”

The old lady shook her body, “Are you still leaving?”

At this time, the doorbell rang.

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