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Chapter 298

Phillip Zong returned to the room, Ana Lin sat by the bed with his back facing him.

“Go back?”

Phillip Zong stood by the door, did not walk in, looked at her back quietly, and never asked if there was any secret between her and Danna.

Because if she wanted to say it, she said it at the beginning, and she won’t hide him until now.

“If you want, I will fulfill you.” His voice was very weak.

Ana Lin stood up and turned to look at him, “I just don’t want you to be too stiff with your relatives.”

Phillip Zong didn’t respond, “It’s late, go to bed early.”

Ana Lin came over, “Are you angry?”

Phillip Zong looked at her and uttered two words for a long time, “No.”

Approaching the New Year, a prosperous and lively scene, couplets are posted in front of every house, and big red lanterns are hung up to make the New Year full.

Early the next morning, Ana Lin went to the store, because it was New Year’s Day, I would like to give everyone an annual vacation, and take advantage of this time to have a good rest.

Lena Qin didn’t have much energy, sitting in the position without speaking, Ana Lin received a call from Alan Su last night, worried that the two of them were awkward, came over and sat beside her, “How are you and Alan Su?”

Lena Qin said indifferently, “It’s okay.”

She didn’t want to talk about her problem with Alan Su. At first, she was willing to marry him. Now that there is a problem, she wants to solve it herself.

Ana Lin patted her shoulder, “If you need me, please tell me.”

Lena Qin smiled and said, “Okay.”

At this moment, Alan came over, “Lena Qin, there is a woman looking for you outside.”



“Maybe it’s a client. People indicate to find you, and I can’t cut it off.” Allen winked at her ambiguously.

Someone called for her, indicating that she recognized her design.

Lena Qin stood up, “Then I will go and see.”

“Go.” Ana Lin waved his hand.

When Lena Qin went downstairs, the clothes in the shop window were covered. For fear of dust during the holiday, they would have to clean every day when the store opened.

Liu Feifei sat on the sofa to pick up the guests, and when she heard the sound of footsteps turning her head, she saw Lena Qin come by.

When Lena Qin saw that it was her, she hesitated in her footsteps, but she returned to nature when she saw it. It was obvious that this woman appeared and came to show her off.

If you lose, you can’t lose momentum.

She kept a smile on her face, “Hello, are you here to make clothes?”

Liu Feifei also smiled, “I think you should already know my identity, are you free? Let me treat you, how about we have a coffee together?”

Lena Qin tactfully refused, “Sorry, I still have things to do, I’m afraid I don’t have time to have coffee with you.”

“You are afraid of me.” Liu Feifei deliberately provoked.

Lena Qin frowned, “What am I afraid of you?”

“You are not afraid of me, why don’t you even want to drink coffee with me?”

“We are not familiar, why should I have coffee with you?” Lena Qin asked back.

“We haven’t met a few times, but don’t forget, I am Alan Su’s girlfriend…”

“Predecessor.” Lena Qin reminded.

Liu Feifei smiled indifferently, “Well, even if it’s an ex-girlfriend, but we have loved each other, you are his current wife, and we have the same man, how can it be okay?”

“You can just say what you want to say.” Lena Qin never let go.

For this woman, she was repelled and afraid in her heart.

“All right.” Liu Feifei sat back on the sofa, “It’s the same everywhere.”

Lena Qin looked at her, “What do you want to say? Tell me about your previous love with Alan Su? Sorry, I’m not interested in listening. If you are not here to make clothes, it is very embarrassing, I can’t receive you, and , We are already on holiday, if you need it, please come over after the new year.”

After speaking, Lena Qin turned and stepped upstairs.

“Do you know about Alan Su’s parents?” Lena Qin paused. She did hear the old lady and Alan Su mentioned in the hospital that time.

Alan Su felt very repulsive, and she didn’t know exactly what was going on.

“You are a husband and wife, doesn’t he even tell you about his parents?” Liu Feifei knew that Alan Su was very unwilling to be known.

She bet that Alan Su would not Lena Qin said.

As long as Alan Su didn’t say anything, she would separate the relationship between them when she mentioned it.

Lena Qin grabbed the handrails of the stairs and kept clenching them tightly.

Obviously Alan Su didn’t trust her and didn’t take the initiative to tell her about his affairs.

She thought that their relationship was actually quite good.

It turned out to be so fragile.

Just show up with relatives and girlfriends and fall apart.

Even though her heart hurts very much now, she hasn’t shown it in front of Liu Feifei.

“Of course I know about him.” Lena Qin tried to cover it up, pretending to be calm in front of Liu Feifei, trying to cover it up.

Liu Feifei stared at her, then smiled through everything, “Really?”

“Then tell me, how did his parents die?”

Lena Qin looked back at her, “Don’t you know? Why did you ask me?”

Liu Feifei smiled, “You are deceiving yourself, you can deceive yourself, you can’t deceive the relationship between you, I tell you the truth, I am coming back this time just to get back to him.”

There are countless ripples in Lena Qin’s heart, “You should tell him that.”

“Of course I will tell him, and we have an appointment tonight.” Liu Feifei looked at her, “Let us see who he cares more.”

After speaking, Liu Feifei turned and left.

Lena Qin was left standing on the stair steps, just like her current situation, not up and down, stuck in the middle, uncomfortably unable to breathe.

She wanted to believe in the feelings between Alan Su.

However, it is obvious that there is not only a weak relationship between them, but even the most basic trust.

She wanted to believe in Alan Su, but Liu Feifei’s successive questions made her discover that Alan Su didn’t trust her at all.

“Is it here to design clothes?” Allen walked down.

Lena Qin said stiffly, “I found the wrong person.”

Allen frowned. “What did you find the wrong person?”

Lena Qin didn’t explain, she hurried downstairs, “You tell Sister Lin, I’m leaving first.”

She ran out of the shop without hearing Alan’s hungry response and stopped the car on the side of the road to the law firm.

She wants to go to Alan Su and ask clearly, if he really wants to reconcile with Liu Feifei, just tell her directly, don’t hurt her with this concealment.

Her mind was confused along the way, and she thought a lot, she wanted to tell Alan Su.

She wanted Alan Su to know her anxiety and fear in her heart.

Soon the car stopped at the law firm, and Lena Qin paid to get off the car.

She just wanted to go in, and was catching up with Alan Su and walking out quickly, as if there was something urgent.

“Alan Su.” Lena Qin called him.

“Why are you here?” Alan Su walked over.

“I came to you. I have something to ask you, and I want to tell you.” Lena Qin said.

“I have something to do now, can you go to the office and wait for me?”

Lena Qin’s heart sank in an instant, and her body swayed involuntarily, and she would fall down in the next second.

What is he going to do, is he going to see Liu Feifei?

She wanted to make herself look better, and wanted to keep her price down in front of him, but she felt a heartbreak.

“It’s cold outside, go first, and I’ll be back soon.” Alan Su patted her on the shoulder, and before Lena Qin could speak, he got in the car and left.

Chapter 299

“Alan Su!” Lena Qin called to him, but the car had already whizzed away at this time, leaving only a burst of unpleasant exhaust fumes.

She took out her phone and called him

Alan Su was driving. His mobile phone was connected to the Bluetooth in the car. When there was an incoming call, the display in the car was automatically connected. He glanced at the caller ID and it was Lena Qin.

He pressed the answer button, “Hey, wait for me in the office, I’ll be back soon.”

“Where are you going?” Lena Qin held the phone tightly, “Can you come back now?”

“I have something…”

“What’s the matter with you? Work or personal business?” Lena Qin asked anxiously.

Inwardly, she was afraid, and it was Liu Feifei who was afraid that he would meet.

Alan Su pursed his lips and lied, “Work.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you in the office. If you don’t come back, I won’t leave.” Lena Qin hung up the phone.

Alan Su parked the car on the side of the road and dialed the number on his cell phone just called.

In the bar, Liu Feifei was sitting at the bar, looking at the phone that kept ringing, narrowed her eyes and took another sip of wine.

The bartender handed over another glass of wine, “Are you picking it up?”

Liu Feifei smiled, “I took it, and the fish can’t be caught.”

“Fishing?” He soon understood, “Is that the man you just asked me to call and said you were drunk?”

Liu Feifei glanced at him and patted three hundred yuan on the table, “When someone comes, don’t show me anything.”

The bartender grabbed the money and put it in his pocket, and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, next time there is still a place for me, even if you come to me, as long as the price is right, you can stay with me.

“Little poor.” Liu Feifei squinted at the bartender.

Alan Su received a call, saying that it was Liu Feifei who was unconscious while drinking at the bar. She found his contact information on her mobile phone and called him.

The bar is a mixed bag. A woman who gets drunk in a bar can easily get into trouble, so he hurried out, but Lena Qin’s appearance just didn’t look good.

He wanted to pay the person who called him and send Liu Feifei back, but no one answered the phone now.

For a while, he didn’t know how to choose. On the one hand, he was worried about Liu Feifei’s accident in the bar, and on the other hand, he was worried about Lena Qin.

He was in a dilemma.

After a moment of ideological struggle, he started the car and continued towards the bar. Liu Feifei was not safe in the bar, and Lena Qin would not be in danger in his office.

Moreover, when he came back, he confessed to her about Liu Feifei.

In fact, he knew that since last night, Lena Qin’s mood was very wrong, mostly because of Liu Feifei’s appearance.

Now that he is married, he wants to maintain this marriage, and he wants to live with Lena Qin.

He and Lena Qin feel very warm together again, and they always feel at home.

When the car drove to the entrance of the bar, he pushed the door to get out of the car and walked in quickly.

Dim sight, few people, but because of time, the bar is very deserted now, and soon he found Liu Feifei’s figure, she was lying on the bar, and Alan Su walked over quickly.

She was still holding a wine glass in her hand and looked very drunk.

“Are you here to pick up this young lady?” The bartender looked at Alan Su while shaking the shaker.

Alan Su glanced at him, “Is it you calling?”

The bartender froze for a while, and then said, “Yes, I saw this lady was drunk, so I took her mobile phone on the bar counter. The number that I dialed was displayed on it. She drank from here. I have been looking at this number, I think this should be someone she knows, so…”

“Thank you.” Alan Su called Liu Feifei, completely unresponsive, Alan Su asked, “Have you paid?”

“No.” The bartender shook his head, “She is so drunk, why should I ask her for money, and she can’t lose weight.”

Alan Su took out his wallet and asked, “How much?”

The bartender looked at Liu Feifei and smiled, “Two hundred.”

Liu Feifei’s eyelashes flickered, and she cursed the money-greedy guy. She had already paid for it. After removing the money for calling him, she paid a lot of money for alcohol. This guy even asked Alan Su for money.

However, she is now’drunk’ and can’t offend him, for fear that he will expose her pretending to be drunk in front of Alan Su, so she can only endure it.

Alan Su took out two hundred and placed it on the table. After loading up the wallet, he picked up Liu Feifei and put it in the car.

He got in the car and took Liu Feifei to her residence.

Soon the car stopped where she lived. He got off the car, picked up the person, and went to the door of the room where she was staying. Only then did he realize that he could not open the door without the key, so he could only call Liu Feifei, “Feifei, Where is the key?”

Liu Feifei snorted in his arms and muttered, “What key? I want to drink, I want to drink…”

Alan Su’s brows were frowned by the breath of alcohol, “How much did you drink and drink like this?”

“I didn’t drink, I’m not drunk.” Liu Feifei grabbed Alan Su’s wrist while drunk, and drilled her face into his neck, saying’drunk’ in her mouth unconsciously, “Who are you?”

Alan Su pulled away stiffly, “Where is the key to your house?”

“Home? Where do I have a home? The people I love get married and don’t want me anymore.” She cried out, feeling wronged, “He doesn’t wait for me, he is married…”

Alan Su’s mood is a bit complicated, not because of this woman, but because of his former feelings.

He never thought that after he let go, Liu Feifei would reappear in his world. Now that he held her and watched her cry, he would not have the throbbing and distressed.

I just feel that I have fallen in love once, and I cannot ignore her.

“You’re drunk.” Alan Su went to her pocket, found the key in the pocket of the down jacket, and opened the door smoothly.

Alan Su put her on the sofa, went to the kitchen to find honey and soaked a glass of honey water for her, came over and handed it to her, “Drink some honey for hydrolysis.”

“I won’t drink!” Liu Feifei waved her hand and knocked out the cup in Alan Su’s hand. The honey water dropped and sprinkled on the ground, slap! The cup fell to the ground and fell to pieces.

Alan Su’s trousers were drenched, his brows frowned, he squatted down and picked up the glass shards on the floor and threw them into the trash can. He went to the bathroom to get a mop and mopped the water on the floor.

He washed his hands and returned to the living room again, looking at the woman lying on the sofa, “You are drunk, just sleep.”

After speaking, Alan Su turned and prepared to leave.

Lena Qin is still waiting for him.

“do not go.”

Suddenly, Liu Feifei stood up from the sofa and rushed to hug Alan Su from behind, “Please don’t go, don’t want me, I’m so scared by myself.”

Alan Su broke her hand. Liu Feifei grasped tighter, “Alan Su, I love you.”

“You are drunk.” Alan Su listened to the three words I love you, and he couldn’t afford the slightest disturbance in his heart. He knew in his heart that he was so peaceful because he didn’t love you anymore.

“I’m not drunk, I’m not drunk, I just miss you too much, thinking that you are married makes me feel uncomfortable to death.”

Chapter 300

Alan Su’s temples jumped suddenly, and his voice became a little cold, “I’m here today, but for the sake of our good times. It was you who left and you who abandoned me. Now you have to accuse me of not waiting for marriage. You? Liu Feifei, I’m a human, and it’s impossible to wait for you to come back in the same place. Now, I don’t love you anymore. I know very well that I am not the hairy boy ten years ago. I am very clear and understand, what I want, I love my wife, we have never been in a relationship sincerely, she is very simple, sometimes has a very strong mouth, always likes to f*ck me, but I feel that way She is very attractive and attracts me.”

He has lived until now, and he has experienced not only time, but also experience. His mind has matured countless times over ten years ago.

He knows his mind very well.

Liu Feifei’s body shook, Alan Su doesn’t love her anymore?

In fact, she knows, but now she has been abandoned by that man, and, in the past ten years, she has given birth to that man countless times.

Ten years ago, Alan Su was a college graduate who majored in law and had no family background. Although she liked him very much, she liked material things better.

Even if Alan Su enters society in the future, it will not happen overnight if he wants to break into a world.

Moreover, he may not be able to achieve something.

At that time, there was a rich second generation who also liked her. Although she was not as good as Alan Su, she was rich.

She didn’t dare to let Alan Su know about money and love, the former she chose, so she didn’t even want to see Alan Su when she left.

In fact, she did not go abroad, but lived in another city. At that time, she made the illusion that she was going abroad, but she didn’t want Alan Su to find her.

In recent years, the rich second generation gave her a lot of money, but it was not good to her, and he got married two years ago, and he was in the right family.

Her wife, knowing her relationship with that man, found someone to beat her.

She was pregnant at that time, and she had had many fetuses before. On that occasion, the uterus she was beaten fell off, which made her unable to get pregnant again.

The man had already despised her for being old and declining, and had abandoned her.

During the period of recovery, she accidentally heard news about Alan Su, only to realize that he had succeeded, and now he is a well-known lawyer and has his own firm.

Therefore, after recovering from her injury, she returned to City B, ready to save Alan Su.

She had asked before that Alan Su hadn’t married yet, and she felt that she still had a chance.

And Alan Su was so good to her before, so she wanted to redeem this man who had treated her well.

Now she has nothing, she just wants to keep him.

“I don’t want you to go.” Liu Feifei didn’t hold him loose, no matter what, she would entangle him first today.

Even if he likes his current wife, what if his wife asks him for divorce first?

Alan Su said calmly, “Are you not drunk?”

He seemed to notice that she was not unconscious.

“You lied to me?” His voice became deeper.

“Alan Su, I love you.” Liu Feifei went to tear his clothes and k*ssed his neck. Alan Su pushed the person away, “You have changed.”

Liu Feifei was pushed back a few steps, caught off guard, “Have you not changed?”

Her hair was dangled and her face flushed. She didn’t know if it was because of drinking or excitement.

She looked at Alan Su and cried loudly. She regretted it and regretted that she had chosen the wrong one at the time. If she hadn’t been with the rich second generation then, now she not only owns Alan Su but also has money, but now she has nothing.

Young capital and beauty are gone, money is gone, and the man who treats her well will also be lost.

No, no, she can’t lose Alan Su, save Alan Su, she can have what she always wanted, “I lied to you, I left you back then, because of my difficulties.”

“What’s the trouble?”

Liu Feifei lowered her head, her eyes rolled, “I’m afraid of hurting you.”

“What is causing me?” Alan Su became even more puzzled.

They didn’t have anything to each other at the beginning, so what’s the trouble?

“I can’t give birth, I can’t give birth to you, I don’t want you to be childless for a lifetime, but I dare not tell you that I am afraid you will not let me go, I am afraid you will be impulsive, so I do everything Leave without saying.”

She said and sat down on the ground, “I have always loved you for you. I thought that after a long time, I would forget you. However, I found that no matter how long I passed, I could not forget you. I always remembered that we were there. The days together.”

She sobbed softly, her eyes fell on the sofa in front of the window, “Do you remember what happened here?”

Alan Su was silent.

Young and frivolous, they stole the forbidden fruit here, changed from a boy to a man, and turned Liu Feifei from a girl to a woman.

For the first time, it was always flustered, and it was beautiful.


He remembers, maybe he will remember it for a lifetime, but it doesn’t mean much.

In a person’s life, there are always so few things that are impressive.


Another thing he was somewhat at a loss was that Liu Feifei’s reason for leaving turned out to be because she was barren.

If she changes her heart and gets better with other men, he won’t be so messy at the moment.

I don’t know how to face it, the answer he has been seeking, but he couldn’t accept it for a while.

He didn’t know what to accept.

Because he has no love for Liu Feifei.

“Why didn’t you tell the truth at the time?” Alan Su yelled, “I won’t mind, I won’t mind if I don’t have a child in my life, what’s the point of you confessing now?”

Now he is married, but ran to him and told him that she left him because she was barren.

It’s not because of not love, not for other reasons, but because of physical reasons.

He found it ridiculous.

“You are so self-righteous.” Alan Su recovered calmly, “I wouldn’t care if it was before, but now I can’t accept it.”

It’s not why. When Lena Qin talked about giving birth, he would always imagine what would happen if Lena Qin became pregnant and gave birth to their baby.

He has longings and expectations.

When he was young, he would certainly not care about these, as long as he was with the one he loved.

But now, everything has changed.

Time has changed everything.

“We can’t go back to the past. From the moment you left, we can’t go back to the past.” Alan Su’s attitude was very clear. No matter what reason she was, he couldn’t hurt Lena Qin and her reunion.

“You have a good rest.” After speaking, Alan Su opened the door.

“If you leave, I will die here today!” Liu Feifei ran into the kitchen and picked up the knife against her neck.

Alan Su looked back at her, “Are you crazy?!”

Liu Feifei also looked at him, “Yes, I’m crazy, I can’t accept that you don’t love me anymore.”

Alan Su was furious and was angered by Liu Feifei’s behavior.

Liu Feifei didn’t dare to push Alan Su too hard, and her tone softened, “You know how much I love you, but you can’t accept that you don’t love me for a while, I know, I’m very excited, as long as you stay with me all night, from now on From now on, can I not show up in front of you?”

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