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Chapter 253

He didn’t have time to care how cold the water was, he just wanted to swim to her quickly.

Between the upside down of the sky and the earth, Ana Lin seemed to see Phillip Zong swimming towards her. She wanted to wave her hands and call his name, but her body was not controlled by her, and her feet seemed to be entangled by something. To make her fall.

Phillip Zong, Phillip Zong…

Mouths of water poured into her throat, drowning her words.

“Ana Lin–“

He emerged from the water and took a deep breath, dived into the water, looking for her.

Soon, he saw her being entangled in the water weeds, struggling desperately, but couldn’t get rid of it. He quickly swam over, hugged her, clasped her head, pressed her lips, and gave her breath.

Ana Lin opened her eyes wide, as if she had found a straw, she hugged him tightly.

Phillip Zong pushed her away, shook his head at her, and dived deeper into the water to pull off the water plants that entangle her.

When he hugged her again, she had lost consciousness.

The lack of oxygen was too long, and the breath of oxygen that Phillip Zong gave her just now was not enough to keep her for too long.

Soon, Phillip Zong hugged her ashore.

“Dad, Mommy.” Daniel and Ruth stretched their heads on the bank, and saw Phillip Zong holding Ana Lin up, shouting excitedly, Phillip Zong said that we go back, the two children, just follow him well , Get in the car.

Jenkin Bai just wanted to step forward, but Phillip Zong ignored it.

The traces on the shore just now show that Ana Lin did not fall into the water accidentally.

This place was recommended by Jenkin Bai, and Phillip Zong is now skeptical of him.

Naturally, he was reluctant to say a word to him. Before this matter was clarified, Jenkin Bai was also a suspect.

“Highland, you go check the surveillance around here.” Jenkin Bai’s face was also ugly.

He recommended this place, but now Ana Lin has accidentally fallen into the water. He has the responsibility to give Phillip Zong an explanation.

The plateau bowed his head, “I will go now.”

In the car, Ana Lin slowly awakened during Phillip Zong’s repeated chest compressions and artificial respiration treatment. Everything in front of her eyes was covered with a thin trace of water. She could not see clearly, the fuzzy outline above her eyes. , Obviously Phillip Zong.

She hugged him, she was scared to death just now.

This is the second time she has experienced being submerged. When she sank to the bottom, she was so close to death, so close, she was scared to leave him and leave the two children like this.

“I am really scared.”

Phillip Zong hugged her and k*ssed her wet forehead, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Both of them were soaked, Ana Lin was shaking in his arms, she was so cold, so cold.

“Turn on the air conditioner bigger!”

His breath, his anger, and the violent growl seemed to be connected to her body, and she felt his fear and self-blame. Ana Lin hugged him tightly. It was not his fault. .

She was careless and didn’t let the bodyguards follow to make this happen.

Recalling that she met Yao Qingqing when she came back from buying fish food, Ana Lin lay in his arms and whispered, “I didn’t fall into the water accidentally, it was Yao Qingqing.”

Yao Qingqing appeared in front of her at that time.

“Can Miss Lin take a step to speak?” Yao Qingqing was still the same, honest appearance.

She didn’t know everything about her, but Ana Lin was wary of this woman. She smiled and said, “There is no one here. If you have anything, just say here. I still have something.”

Yao Qingqing looked at the fish food in her hand and laughed, “In a good mood.” She raised her head to look at the sky, “It is indeed a good weather today, suitable for playing.”

Her expression became so fast that Ana Lin didn’t even react, Yao Qingqing rushed to her and grabbed her shoulders, with a gloomy look, “Why are you so shameless? Even if you have a husband, you still have to seduce. Jenkin?”

In an instant, Ana Lin understood where her hostility came from.

It’s really because of Jenkin Bai.

“You are not worthy of him, you are not worthy, you b*tch!” She raised her hand and slapped Ana Lin’s face to greet him. Ana Lin was not a fool, so she stood and let her fight.

As soon as she hid, Yao Qingqing’s hand fell to nothing, turning anger into anger.

Ana Lin didn’t feel right. She was too impulsive and looked crazy. She wanted to leave, but she was caught by Yao Qingqing just one step away, “You don’t want to leave, don’t think I don’t know you to call someone!”

Ana Lin patiently said, “I think you have misunderstood, I have nothing to do with him, you can ask Jenkin Bai if you don’t believe it.”

“Do you think I’m stupid? Jenkin has already been blinded by you. How can he listen to me when he protects you so much?!” Yao Qingqing sneered when he saw the fish food in her hand, ” You might as well feed the fish by yourself and go to death. When you die, you won’t confuse Jenkin.”


Ana Lin wanted to call Phillip Zong, but Yao Qingqing suddenly covered her mouth with only one mouth and dragged her to the lake. If people go crazy, their strength is surprisingly great. Ana Lin can’t make Yao away. Qingqing’s hand was slippery with a rock by the lake, and she fell.

Phillip Zong hugged her tightly, “I see.”

“Are you cold?” Ana Lin still had water in his hands, she touched his face, it was cold.

Phillip Zong covered the back of her hand and shook his head, “It’s not cold.”

The air conditioner in the car has been turned on to maximum and it is already warm.

After a while the car stopped at the hotel, Phillip Zong hugged Ana Lin and got out of the car, and the two children were carried in by the bodyguards.

Alan Su entangled Lena Qin out for a date, leaving Keller Shen in the hotel. He was lying on the sofa and playing with a mobile phone. When he heard the noise, he walked out of the room and saw Phillip Zong soaked and holding Ana Lin, who was soaked all over. Yan, he walked over hurriedly, “What happened?”

Didn’t you say go out to play?

Come back so soon, and still make it like this?

“Don’t ask, call a doctor here first.” Ana Lin may be cold enough to have a fever, and his whole body is hot.

“Okay, okay.” Keller Shen asked the bodyguard to take the child to the room, and he went down in person to find a doctor.

“I’m cold, so cold.” Ana Lin shivered in Phillip Zong’s arms. She only felt dizzy and even her consciousness blurred.

Phillip Zong didn’t know how to comfort her, but speeded up and walked into the room, put her on the bed, and then took off her clothes. The wet clothes did not take off, I was afraid that the burning would be more serious.

Phillip Zong’s wet coat was thrown on the ground, and then she took off her sweater. Ana Lin, who had not completely lost consciousness, could feel someone taking her clothes off, and she grabbed the hand that was taking her clothes off.

The voice was a little hoarse, and some begging, “Don’t, I, I’m not ready yet, give me some more time…”

Phillip Zong, “…”

Yes, he wants her, and so much.

Even many times, people who just see her will have a physiological reaction.

I don’t know if it was too long.

But, at this moment, he really didn’t want to be like her, he just wanted to take off her wet clothes.

Phillip Zong got down and k*ssed her dry lips, “Don’t worry, I won’t touch you. Even if you want you, I will let you clearly feel me when you are awake.”

Chapter 254

Ana Lin burned in a daze, and didn’t hear what Qing Phillip Zong said specifically, only that sentence, I won’t touch you, she let it go with peace of mind.

Phillip Zong took off her sweater. There were traces of water on her white skin. She was cold, her body was shaking, she was twisting her body, trying to find a warm place, Phillip Zong looked at her, Chi Guoguo’s body, The apple tree rolls up and down, and I have to admit that her look is very attractive, her delicate body, flushed cheeks and moist hair, sticking to her cheeks due to fever, looks like a lot. When she is crazy and lingering, sweat soaks her hair and is tossed. To the charming look weak.

Phillip Zong felt hot and dry. If Ana Lin was not sick, he would not bear it this time.

He took a deep breath before he dared to reach out and untie her underwear. She had a baby, her chest was still upright, without any side breasts, like a drop of water, and she was lying down like a small hill. Phillip Zong turned his eyes, Cover her with the quilt, and then go to take off her lower body.

He touched the button under the quilt, unbuttoned it, and took off his pants and underwear.

Soon she was naked, but she felt comfortable. The clothes were wet and cold. After taking off her clothes, she felt a little warmer. She took the initiative to wrap the quilt tightly.

Phillip Zong turned on the air conditioner in the house very warm, picked up the clothes on the floor and threw them into the bathroom. He closed the bathroom door, put hot water in, took off his clothes, took a hot bath, and put on clean clothes. He walked out with a dry towel in one hand, wiping his hair in the other, and walked to the bed. He threw the towel for wiping hair on the table, and then wiped Ana Lin’s face and hair with the dry towel in his hand.

He took a hot shower on his body and recovered the temperature before he dared to touch her with his body, picked her up, and put her under the quilt.

Ana Lin felt the warmth from his body, held him in his arms, buried his head like a kitten in his neck.

Phillip Zong was as if he had been tapped on the acupuncture points, motionless, with tight muscles, Ana Lin was not wearing any clothes, and his soft body rubbed against him, his mind rippling fiercely.

He is not a person who does not hold himself, but in front of this woman.

His self-sustainability is simply a joke.

Ana Lin was dazed and didn’t know her current state. She was cold and wanted to find a warm place to nest in, and this warm place was in the arms of Phillip Zong.

Her hands are not honest, because she found that this warm place is separated by a layer of things in the way, and she wants to tear off the things in the way.

Phillip Zong lowered his head, looked at her restless hands, tore his bathrobe, his eyes darkened.

His Adam’s apple rolled up and down, his throat dumb, “If you make trouble…I’m afraid, I won’t be able to control myself.”

He is human, please don’t test him like this.

Ana Lin couldn’t hear what he said at all, just wanted to have that warm’thing’.

Reluctantly, Phillip Zong grabbed her frantic hand.

“Hmm…” She was uncomfortable being caught by someone, frowning, and struggling with her hands, “Hmm, let go of me–“

“I let you go, don’t make trouble.” Phillip Zong endured the uncontrollable evil fire running around in his body, “No matter how much you make trouble, I can’t bear it. If you don’t wake up, you won’t be sober. The big deal, you can make up when you are sober. once.”

Ana Lin didn’t know if he heard Phillip Zong’s words and stopped moving. Phillip Zong tried to let go of her hand, and she stopped moving.

Phillip Zong looked down at her and heard her even breathing.

Phillip Zong, “…”

Are you falling asleep?

He blinked. It was too fast. He couldn’t bear it anymore. As a result, she fell asleep?

After molesting him, he fell asleep?

Just fell asleep?


“I called the doctor.” Keller Shen’s voice came from outside the door.

Phillip Zong got out of bed and tucked Ana Lin’s quilt, his body was all wrapped up, only his head was exposed.

Seeing that she was very honest, Phillip Zong went to open the door.

A doctor wearing glasses stood beside Keller Shen, with a medicine box in his hand.

Phillip Zong didn’t let them all in immediately.

Keller Shen knew that Phillip Zong had scruples, so he said, “I went to find it myself.”

It won’t be someone who makes tricks.

Phillip Zong turned his body sideways and said lightly, “Come in.”

“People are in bed.” Phillip Zong walked to the bed, and the doctor followed, put the medicine box on the table, took out the thermometer, and pressed the button on Ana Lin’s ear to quickly measure the body temperature.

The doctor frowned and said, “How can it be burned like this, it’s 41 degrees Celsius, how did it cause the fever?”

“Falling water.” Phillip Zong replied.

The doctor put the thermometer in the medicine cabinet, it must be frozen when falling into the water. This weather, falling into the water, it’s weird if you don’t have a fever. “Let her reduce the fever first. I will prescribe some medicine to reduce the fever.”

The doctor took the medicine and said, “I will catch cold when I fall into the water, and I must be cold, so make her some ginger tea to get rid of the cold.”

“Okay.” Phillip Zong lowered his eyes and looked at the woman lying on the bed. Her face was even redder than before.

The doctor took the medicine, wrote the usage and dosage on it, and put it on the table, “Now, let her take it. If the fever goes away, it will be fine if I sweat a little.”

“Thank you, I’ll take you down.” Keller Shen saw him off.

The doctor closed the medicine box, lifted it, and followed Keller Shen downstairs.

After a while, Keller Shen came up, and he brought two bowls of ginger tea.

“I see that you are also wet, so I asked the hotel chef to cook two bowls.” Keller Shen handed him the bowl.

Phillip Zong took it and drank the ginger soup. He handed him the bowl and took the other bowl, “You go out and wait for me first.”


Keller Shen took an empty bowl and went out. Phillip Zong put the ginger tea on the table to help Ana Lin get up. Ana Lin was sleeping comfortably and was unwilling to move. He was annoyed by others and frowned.

Phillip Zong coaxed patiently, “Hey, get up and drink some ginger tea and take some medicine before going to bed.”

He put the medicine in Ana Lin’s mouth. It might be too bitter. She didn’t take it and vomited out.

Phillip Zong, “…”

“Good, take medicine.” Phillip Zong took two more pills. This time Ana Lin didn’t even open his mouth, muttering, “Bitter.”

Medicine is not bitter.

There was no way, Phillip Zong put the medicine into his mouth, and then passed it to her against her lips.

Ana Lin turned her head and wanted to push him away. Phillip Zong clasped her head, fixed it, and kept her from moving. He pressed the medicine to her throat with his tongue, as if something was stuck there, uncomfortable, wanted I vomited out, but I couldn’t vomit out, so I could only try to swallow it down, but there was no water, and I swallowed it dry, not slipping down, and stuck to the esophagus.

Phillip Zong took a sip of ginger tea, pressed her lips again, and gave her water. This time Ana Lin was very active and she wanted to drink water.

Soon, the pills were taken into the stomach by the water.

In this way, Phillip Zong fed her all the ginger tea.

Then put her down, covered her with a quilt, and let her sleep.

After drinking ginger tea, the whole body was warmed up, she turned sideways, moved, found a comfortable position, and continued to sleep.

Phillip Zong sat by the bed for a while, watching her sound asleep, then got up and left the room.

Keller Shen was outside the house and saw Phillip Zong come out and asked, “Is it better?”

“Just given the medicine…”

“I’m looking for Zong Zong.”

“Sorry, outsiders are not allowed to enter here, you can’t enter.”

Jenkin Bai and the bodyguard came from the elevator.

“Jenkin Bai?” Keller Shen looked at Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong’s face was gloomy, he came just right, Jenkin Bai must give an explanation for this matter.

Chapter 255

“I see that your Zong always has something to say.” Jenkin Bai tried to persuade the bodyguard with all his heart, but the bodyguard was also firm. His duty was not to let any messy people wait in, saying that he couldn’t let in.

Jenkin Bai frowned, why doesn’t this person get in?

“I have important things…”

“What important thing does Bai always have?” Phillip Zong was standing in the corridor, with no expression on his face, the corners of his mouth were slightly pursed, and his eyes were as sharp as a blade.

His eyebrows still appear sharp and distinct in the corridor, with a tough aura, “Could it be that Mr. Bai has already investigated what happened today and came to give me an explanation?”

Jenkin Bai knew that he was in the wrong, and apologized first, “I was careless. Only after I let Yao Qingqing know my whereabouts…”

In fact, he did not guard against Yao Qingqing at all, so Yao Qingqing would easily track him down.

He only found out after letting Gao Gao investigate that Ana Lin would fall into the lake because of Yao Qingqing, his hands were tightly holding the handrails, “Miss Lin is okay?”

“How does President Bai plan to solve it?” Phillip Zong did not directly answer his question. Now, what he wants is an explanation and an explanation.

Jenkin Bai still held a glimmer of anticipation, expecting that Yao Qingqing was just reckless for a while, she was not a bad person.

Keller Shen noticed that he hesitated and reminded, “I think Bai can never be blind. You can’t have unlimited trust just because you met as a child. In fact, you can investigate her past. I think there must be surprises.”

“What do you mean?” Obviously, there is something in Keller Shen’s dialect.

“It’s better for you to ask her yourself. By the way, the last time I threatened Mr. Bai, I think Mr. Bai must also give an explanation together. After all, Mr. Bai was on the site. Such a thing happened. Mr. Bai, no Would you like to leave it alone, or protect your shortcomings?” Keller Shen leaned against the wall and twisted his wrists. “No matter what Mr. Bai’s site is, we want to move, and no one can stop it. It’s easy to clean up a woman. Just like a crime, sheltering is also a crime.”

Threat, the threat of Chiguoguo.

Jenkin Bai can naturally hear the meaning in this sentence. If he must protect Yao Qingqing, then the cooperation with Phillip Zong will definitely fail, and moreover, he has to become an enemy.

He smiled bitterly, “Miss Lin fell into the water, my responsibility, I must give this explanation. As long as there is evidence for the threat, I will never protect the shortcomings.”

It was not that he gave up Yao Qingqing, but after this incident, he discovered that Yao Qingqing was indeed wrong.

He did not expect that Yao Qingqing could do such a thing to Ana Lin.

“Miss Lin is okay?” Jenkin Bai asked again, not only because he felt it was something, but because he caused concern.

He really cares about Ana Lin’s current situation.

“My wife, there is no need for others to care about.” Phillip Zong has long been bored, Jenkin Bai entangled Ana Lin, taking this opportunity, he wants to let Jenkin Bai know that Ana Lin belongs to him, don’t think about it anymore. Crooked idea!

“Coveting other people’s wives is not the work of a gentleman. I think Bai is always a sensible person and a gentleman.” Phillip Zong was calm and gentle, but Jenkin Bai could not say a word.

“Where are the people, President Bai will lead the way.” Keller Shen can’t wait to try this Yao Qingqing, he is very interested in her secrets.

Jenkin Bai took a deep breath and made up his mind. This time, as long as there is evidence that Yao Qingqing did it, he will never defend it.

“In this way, when Miss Lin wakes up, let her interrogate and give me some time. If she confessed by herself, it will be good. If she doesn’t admit it, I will give her to you.” There are some things, he still wants to listen to Yao. Qingqing said in person.

This Keller Shen could not be the master either, but instead looked at Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong was silent for a moment, “I hope Mr. Bai will give me good news.”

After speaking, he turned and entered the room.

Jenkin Bai raised his hand and let the plateau push him into the elevator.

Keller Shen took a step and glanced at Jenkin Bai, “President Bai, it’s easy to leave.”

Jenkin Bai made no sound. After entering the elevator, the plateau whispered, “Miss Yao is in the villa.”

If the plateau hadn’t watched the surveillance and didn’t believe it, Yao Qingqing would be the one who pushed Ana Lin into the water. “She looks so honest and kind, how could she do such a thing?”

Jenkin Bai’s expression was heavy, and he didn’t want Yao Qingqing to be such a person, but the evidence was solid.

The things that threatened Ana Lin are almost always hers.

The plateau knew that Jenkin Bai didn’t want to discuss this matter, so he closed his mouth wittyly.

He walked out of the hotel and pushed him into the car. Soon, the car stopped at Jenkin Bai’s villa.

Yao Qingqing has never been here a few times. The last time they had just met each other, Jenkin Bai had brought her here.

She sat a little cramped, Xiao Liu stood aside and looked at her, thinking to herself, what did the young master tell her to come to the house?

Perhaps it was because of the same feelings towards Jenkin Bai, Xiao Liu felt that Yao Qingqing also liked Jenkin Bai.

Compared with Yao Qingqing, she hoped that Ana Lin and Jenkin Bai were better.

She is just a servant. Even if she has love for Jenkin Bai, she can only hide it in her heart. In the future, Jenkin Bai will marry a wife. Yao Qingqing can’t tell what’s wrong with her, but she feels Ana Lin More cordial, more compatible with Jenkin Bai.

At this time, the plateau pushed Jenkin Bai in, and Xiaoliu quickly greeted him, “Master.”

Jenkin Bai was in a low mood today, and didn’t want to talk, waved her hand to let her go, “Qingqing, come in with me.”

After speaking, he rolled his wheelchair and walked towards the study.

Yao Qingqing got up from the sofa and followed him to the study.

In the living room, Xiaoliu quietly approached the plateau, “What happened to the young master today? It seems unhappy, worried.”

Koyanagi is responsible for taking care of life. Gao Gao is Jenkin Bai’s right-hand man in work. Both of them are close people of Jenkin Bai, and they are naturally familiar with each other.

Gao Gao looked at the closed study door and sighed, “Well, Miss Yao is looking for a problem for him.”

“What problem did she find for the young master?”

Xiaoliu stared, thinking to himself, as expected, Yao Qingqing is not suitable for Jenkin Bai.

Gao Gao glanced at her, “Take care of yourself and other people’s affairs, and ask less.”

“But, Master…”

Koyanagi still wants to ask more questions, but the plateau has gone, and he is very reluctant to say more about this.

Jenkin Bai didn’t like others talking about him.

Koyanagi pouted and stared at the back of the plateau, this person was really stingy.

I secretly thought in my heart, next time, if he asks himself something, she won’t tell him.


Jenkin Bai sat at the desk, and he flipped through a folder at will.

Yao Qingqing was standing at the table, afraid to speak.

After a while, Jenkin Bai seemed to remember that there were still people. Without raising his head, he said slowly, “Where have you been today?”

“find a job.”

Yao Qingqing’s hands hanging beside her were tightly clasped together, and Jenkin Bai’s words made her flustered.

For no reason, how could Jenkin Bai call her over and ask about such an unimportant thing?

Jenkin Bai remained silent, still didn’t look at her, “other than looking for a job?”

“What do you want to ask?” Yao Qingqing finally couldn’t help it.

What happened to him today?

Jenkin Bai put down the folder in his hand, he raised his head and looked at Yao Qingqing, “You have nothing to say to me?”

As long as she is willing to confess and admit her mistake, he believes that Ana Lin will be willing to give her a chance to reform.

Yao Qingqing laughed, “What do you want me to say?”

Jenkin Bai frowned, feeling that she didn’t know her anymore. She was not like this before. She was honest and kind, how could she become so indistinguishable from right from wrong.

“I am treating you well.” Jenkin Bai said earnestly.

He hoped that Yao Qingqing would know his way back.

Yao Qingqing laughed louder, full of irony, “You are looking for me for Miss Lin.”

Jenkin Bai did not deny it.

“She is already married and has a child. She is not worthy of you. Why should you be so good to her?!” Suddenly, Yao Qingqing put her hands on the table, leaned forward, and drew closer to Jenkin Bai. Distance, staring into his eyes, “Yes, I saw her today, and I accidentally pushed her into the lake. She is responsible for all this. She can’t see her identity. She is a married woman. I deliberately seduce you, obviously not at ease, she is just a pretty woman!”

Jenkin Bai leaned back and leaned on the back of the chair, a flash of disappointment in his eyes.

It was disappointment to Yao Qingqing.

“How do you know she seduce me?”

“She was married and deliberately pestered you. What is it for not to seduce?” Yao Qingqing said righteously, as if what she said was right and could not be refuted.

Jenkin Bai laughed, “How do you know, it’s not that I pester her…”

“You are not such a person, she must be the one who seduced you.” Before Jenkin Bai could finish her words, Yao Qingqing interrupted.

Jenkin Bai looked at Yao Qingqing and couldn’t say a word for a long time.

She is so paranoid, she is simply sick.

Jenkin Bai didn’t want her to treat Ana Lin with paranoia. He felt that he had to make it clear to her about this matter.

“I solemnly tell you that Miss Lin has never entangled me. It has always been me and entangled her. She is different from many women. She is the most special woman I have ever seen. I have a good impression of her. I know that she is married and had children. , I still can’t control my affection for her, so if you want to blame it, just blame me, don’t target her, this time, you admit a mistake, she will not pursue…”

“Jenkin!” Yao Qingqing was very irritated. She couldn’t believe it, and she didn’t even want to believe what Jenkin Bai said personally. “Did she give you ecstasy soup? How could you like her?”

“Why can’t I like her?” Jenkin Bai lost patience.

She can’t be described without oil and salt, stubborn and indifferent, not distinguishing right from wrong.

It’s more terrifying than horny.

“She is not good enough for you!” Yao Qingqing roared out.

Jenkin Bai thought she was crazy, but Yao Qingqing felt that Jenkin Bai was crazy.

“She is beautiful, kind, intellectual, has her own job, has her own career, and is an independent woman, but I am just a lame, a poor adopter, why is she not worthy of me? I don’t think I deserve her.”

“No, no…” Yao Qingqing shook her head desperately, and rushed to grab Jenkin Bai’s arm, “Jenkin, you are blinded by her, she is not your beloved…”

Bai Yin quietly watched her madness, her uncontrollable, sneered, “Then you, are you my beloved?”

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