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Chapter 250

It took a long time for Ana Lin to calm down the fluctuating emotions in her heart. She withdrew from Phillip Zong’s arms, lowered her head and scratched the corner of her eyes, “I made you laugh.”

I didn’t control my emotions just now.

Phillip Zong likes her, real, flesh and blood, and emotional.

He made no secret of his lips with smiles, “I like it.”

Like her to show her true self and true emotions in front of him.

Ana Lin’s head was lowered, and he didn’t know how to respond to him.

The space became narrow in an instant, and she felt that the air was thinning, breathing became difficult, and her face became hot.

“Are you blushing?”

Ana Lin pushed him away, not admitting that his face was red, and said stiffly, “You blushed.”

Phillip Zong was pushed off guard, and took a step back. There was a puddle of water on the ground, and he was stepped on by a coincidence. His body slanted and was about to fall. Ana Lin hurriedly grabbed him. As a result, he fell with him. Go down

“Ah!” A sound, followed by a crashing sound.


Phillip Zong snorted in pain. The bathroom was not big. His head hit the wall. This was not the deadliest. What made him want to die most was that Ana Lin’s elbow was pressed on his…

He was thinking, will it be abolished?

“You, are you okay?” Ana Lin didn’t pay attention to where she was pressed, she only heard Phillip Zong’s muffled hum.

“Can you get up first?”

Phillip Zong raised his eyelids, “You want to murder your husband.”

Ana Lin, “…”

When she remembered, she had to support her body with her hands, and then she suddenly realized the position of her arm, it seemed like…

She slowly lowered her head… and saw that the most forceful position of her elbow was against him…

Inside the house, Alan Su and Keller Shen looked at each other.

Then they acted like a copy, and ran towards the bathroom together and opened the door——

The whole world is still.

Phillip Zong was sitting on the ground, and Ana Lin was lying in front of him, watching…


“What are you doing?” Alan Su didn’t think it was a big deal. Phillip Zong’s scandal is rare. How could Alan Su miss the opportunity to tease.


His eyes burst into an avalanche-like chill, stern deterrent.

Alan Su shrugged, did not close the door, and wanted to take another look.

Keller Shen glared at him and closed the door, “I’m not afraid that Phillip will come out and kill you.”

Alan Su knew that Phillip Zong would not do this, and said with a smile, “You said, what were they doing in the house just now?”

Keller Shen looked serious, resting his chin, thinking, “Is it impatient?”


Alan Su thought that Keller Shen was so serious to reprimand him, but he got gossiping.

“You said, has Phillip ever succeeded?” Alan Su leaned forward to Keller Shen.

Keller Shen glanced at Alan Su and smiled meaningfully, “It should be faster than you and Miss Qin.”

Alan Su, “…”

This is talking about Phillip Zong, why are you pulling at him?

“Keller Shen!” Alan Su pretended to be angry, hooked his neck and buckled in his arms, “Tell me, you dare not.”

“Are you sure you won’t let me go?” It’s not a threat but a simple statement.

Keller Shen’s skill was not blown out, and Alan Su was really not his opponent.

Although Alan Su was not convinced, but knew that his small physique couldn’t beat him, so he let it go.


Ana Lin couldn’t wait to find a seam to get in. It was too embarrassing.

“You, are you okay?” Although he expressed concern, his eyes did not dare to look at Phillip Zong’s body.

“Help me up.” Phillip Zong raised his hand.

Ana Lin looked away, stretched out her hand to help him, wondering if Phillip Zong was too heavy, she found that she couldn’t lift him up.

After trying several times without pulling the person up, she looked back at him.

At this moment, Phillip Zong was watching her, with water in his eyes, a vast bright moon, he smiled, with a little effort in his hand, Ana Lin fell again, Ana Lin wanted to get up, but was held by Phillip Zong , Don’t let her move.

Ana Lin whispered, “What are you doing?”

She didn’t dare to speak loudly, Alan Su and Keller Shen didn’t know what to think outside, they must have been crooked just now.

Phillip Zong smiled and said nothing, holding her hand and pressing it on her chest, making serious nonsense, “If I really don’t work, what will you do with your luck for the rest of your life?”

Ana Lin, “…”

Phillip Zong pressed her hand and rubbed it in his heart, “I want to give you a blessing, what should I do?”

Ana Lin’s face instantly blushed. When is this person, can he have a righteous action?

“Stop making trouble.” Ana Lin made a profit.

Phillip Zong didn’t hold back and didn’t let go of her hand.

Ana Lin glared at him, “If you make trouble again, am I angry?”

Phillip Zong, “…”

Sometimes, this person is like this, you give him a good face, he has to take an inch, you are angry, he is honest immediately.

It is estimated that this kind of word is designed for this kind of person.

Ana Lin put his arm on his shoulder and supported him.

No matter what, she was the one who made people fall, so she should help them get up.

Phillip Zong looked at her, he was able to get up on his own, he had slowed down a long time ago, just like the feeling that she was close to him.

His body put a sticker on her.

Ana Lin opened the bathroom door. Alan Su and Keller Shen were sitting on the sofa drinking tea. They didn’t see their’whispering’ look calmer. She was afraid of the embarrassment and deliberately asked for a topic first, “What is going on? Why did Yao Qingqing have children?”

Or when you were a minor?

Keller Shen put down the teacup in his hand, “The villagers rumored that Yao Qingqing had been unscrupulous and fooled around in the school. The Yao family felt that she was embarrassed and unwilling to raise her, so they gave it to…”

“That’s it?” Ana Lin felt that Yao Qingqing should not be this kind of person. He didn’t know how serious he was. He was 16 years old. Although his thoughts were not mature enough, he had at least common sense. How could he just have a relationship with others and be born. Baby?

“Of course, I also think there is a hidden feeling in it. The time to go is short and the matter has been so long. The Yao family seems to be deliberately concealing it. No matter how deep it is, it can’t be found.” Keller Shen views this matter from his own experience. , I think, it’s really not as simple as it seems, and where does Yao Qingqing’s hostility towards Ana Lin come from?

Can she expose her scars and make an abusive doll to scare her?

Ana Lin probably knows why Yao Qingqing hates her, “She may like Jenkin Bai, think I am close to him?”

She helped Phillip Zong sit on the sofa and sat down, “Although there is no direct evidence, she is indeed doubtful. She has been to the hotel, but she denied it.”

“How do you know?” Keller Shen asked.

“She said it herself. In order to prove to me that Yao Qingqing was not the person who threatened me, she called her to me and confronted me. She said she had never been to the hotel.”

Alan Su became interested, “What is her relationship with Jenkin Bai? Jenkin Bai protects her like this?”

Chapter 251

“She and Jenkin Bai were in the same orphanage when they were young, and they were a bit emotional.” Ana Lin said lightly.

Alan Su squinted at Phillip Zong and leaned forward, “Sister-in-law, how do you know? Jenkin Bai told you?”

Ana Lin did not find the trap in his words, and answered truthfully, “Yes.”

Besides, Jenkin Bai didn’t say how she would know, and she didn’t have the staff to investigate this matter.

“He told you all about his life experience, wouldn’t it be interesting for you to trust you so much?”

Ana Lin, “…”

Phillip Zong’s face sank, and his chest became tight and straight. He could see that Jenkin Bai had thoughts about Ana Lin.

Ana Lin could clearly feel it, coming from the chill radiating from Phillip Zong’s body.

Without looking, she knew that Phillip Zong’s face must be ugly at this moment.

Ana Lin stared at Alan Su faintly, “I don’t feel anything? Are you a roundworm in Jenkin Bai’s stomach, even he knows what he thinks?”

Alan Su, “…”

Keller Shen smiled, talking to the side, “No, it’s probably an insect species.”

Alan Su stared at Keller Shen, “Why don’t you have a stand? We are brothers!”

He put the word brother very seriously, as if to remind him who he should be with.

Keller Shen stood behind Ana Lin, spreading his hands, “I must be with my sister-in-law, and you have no money. What good is it to be with you?”

Alan Su, “…”

Ana Lin turned to and looked at Keller Shen speechlessly, “I have no money either.”

“You don’t have it, Phillip has it, Phillip’s is yours, even if it’s not yours, it’s your son’s. Anyway, it must be richer than Alan Su. If you follow you, it will definitely be delicious and spicy.”

Now Phillip Zong only has Daniel a son. In the future, will the family property of the Zong family be passed on to his son?

Hey, that’s not right. Alan Su sat down to Ana Lin’s side and smiled doglegally, “Sister-in-law, I will follow you in the future.”

He is not stupid, he has to follow Ana Lin, and see that Phillip Zong has to follow her now.

Ana Lin frowned. How could this person change his face so quickly?

And isn’t he bickering with Keller Shen?

Why are you squeezing past her?

“sister in law……”


Alan Su wanted to pull Ana Lin’s arm, but before touching it, he was slapped away by Phillip Zong.

He covered the back of his hand, looked at Phillip Zong resentfully, and murmured, “It’s stingy.”

“What did you say?” Phillip Zong tilted his ears, pretending not to hear clearly.

He was upset because of Jenkin Bai’s affairs, and he needed a punching bag right now.

For a second, Alan Su admitted, “I didn’t say anything, I didn’t say anything.”

But I thought in my heart, I dare not admit it.


There was a knock at the door, and Ana Lin looked back at Phillip Zong, “It’s Ruth and Xiao Xi.”

Who can come at this time?

And at this level, no outsiders can come in.

Phillip Zong said indifferently, “Come in.”

The door opened, not Daniel or Ruth, but the bodyguard.

“Mr. Bai is looking for Miss Lin.”

“Jenkin Bai?” Alan Su’s eyes widened. This person had trouble hearing the wind. Just when he spoke of him, he appeared?

The bodyguard nodded.

Ana Lin thought of what he said he was going to rest in the hotel. It was not unusual for him to appear in the hotel.

“Did he say anything about me?” Ana Lin asked.

“No, just say he wants to see you, let me report.”

“No.” Ana Lin didn’t answer, but Phillip Zong refused directly for her. In the morning, he did everything possible to call people out for breakfast, and let Yao Qingqing and Ana Lin meet.

Yao Qingqing is definitely not a good person. If something happens, will he be responsible?

Still have a face now, still want to meet people?

There are no doors.

“Go.” Phillip Zong took Ana Lin’s shoulders, “Let’s go back to the room.”

It’s hard to spend a long time idle, even if you don’t do anything, it’s good to be with her crookedly.

Jenkin Bai wants to meet people?

Next life!

Ana Lin glanced at the man holding her arms. This man is extremely possessive. She must not be able to leave the house today. “You tell him that I have something to do. If I have something, I will talk about it next time.”

“it is good.”

The bodyguard turned and walked away.

Phillip Zong hugged Ana Lin as soon as he opened the door when he heard someone calling behind him.

“Mommy.” Ruth was standing in the corridor. Ana Lin saw her daughter as soon as she turned around. She was smiling, holding the painting she drew in her hand, and ran over with short legs.

“Mummy, do you think my paintings look good?” Ruth held the paintings in her hands. The paintings were people, all abstract, but Ana Lin could see what she painted and what she wanted to express.

Ana Lin knelt down, took the words in her hand, looked at it carefully, and then seriously commented, “Ruth painted very well.”

“Really?” Ruth was very excited. Children like to be praised.

Ana Lin nodded, “It’s true.”

Ruth was even more happy, pointing to the person in the painting, “This is Mommy, this is me, this is my brother, this…” When she said about her father, she looked up at Phillip Zong, and then at Ana Lin. “This is Dad.”

The little girl suddenly became serious, “Mommy, I have a father. From now on, I will be a child with a father. No one will say that I am a wild species…”

Before she could finish her words, Ana Lin covered her mouth, held her in her arms, and rubbed her hair, “Everyone has a mouth, and what everyone says is different. In my mouth, there are a hundred kinds of you, so Ruth don’t care what others say, you are you, Mommy’s dear.”

Ruth nodded vigorously, and put her arms around Ana Lin’s neck, “Mommy, I think I am so happy now.”

Ana Lin looked at her daughter, this little guy, why is she so emotional today?

She gently stroked her daughter’s forehead and lifted up her drooping hair, “I know.”

She felt that her daughter was more active than before, with a smile on her face every day.

She knew that this is the happiness that children from normal families can have.

“Mummy, can you take me out to play? It’s so boring to stay in the house all the time.” Ruth acted like a baby in Ana Lin’s arms.

Standing at the door, Phillip Zong looked at the sky speechlessly. Why is it so difficult to stay alone with Ana Lin?

Why is someone always bothering him?

“Okay, Mommy.” The little girl wore it softly in Ana Lin’s arms. In short, she had to wear it until Ana Lin agreed.

“Okay.” Ana Lin didn’t want to take away her daughter’s interest. He was so happy and had time to accompany her.

“Dad, you come with us.” The little girl tilted her head and took his hand, shaking.

She blinked her big round eyes, soft and cute, no one would refuse, and Phillip Zong would not refuse her daughter.

He bent over to pick him up, “Today, Dad and your mom are with you.”

“So happy, so happy.” Ruth kicked her legs and moved in Phillip Zong’s arms.

The ashes from his shoes hit his trousers, and there were obvious white marks.

This is Ruth, otherwise, who can he tolerate?

Chapter 252

When he had time to go out to play, Ana Lin called his son together, fearing that it would be bad for his eyes to keep playing games.

However, unfortunately, as soon as they got off the stairs, they saw Jenkin Bai.

Jenkin Bai looked at the family of four coming out of the elevator and asked with a smile, “Is this going out?”

Phillip Zong sneered, “President Bai, it’s really lingering.”

Jenkin Bai was not angry, and smiled, “Zong Zong praised.”

He looked at Ana Lin, “I know there is a place suitable for children to play, I will show you the way.”

Jenkin Bai did not ask, but made a decision directly, “You come to my site, and I should be the hospitality. If there is any inadequate care, please don’t blame Zong Zong and Miss Lin.”

Jenkin Bai had said everything for this reason, and Ana Lin was not easy to refuse. She glanced at Phillip Zong and smiled faintly, “Then trouble Mr. Bai.”

“No trouble.” Jenkin Bai smiled, “I was looking for you, just to ask if you want to go out. After all, there are two children, so staying in the hotel will definitely get bored.”

Ana Lin pulled out a stiff smile and explained, “I want to take the two of them out to play, so I don’t have time…”

Ana Lin didn’t need to explain, Jenkin Bai also knew that it was Phillip Zong who would not let her see him.

In order to add a little more blockage to this petty man, he smiled, “Before you go, we may have to meet often. Today, I also moved to the hotel.”

“Why Uncle Bai wants to stay in the hotel, is it because there is no place to live?” Daniel stood beside Ana Lin, her little hand being held by Ana Lin.

“Well—” Jenkin Bai thought for a moment, “For the convenience of taking care of you, you think, I am from Baicheng, this hotel is my site again, I am here, you will be much more convenient.”

Daniel blinked, he is not here, they are also very good, rich, everywhere are uncles.

Obviously, Jenkin Bai came for Mommy.

Before, he wanted Jenkin Bai and his father to earn mommy, but now he doesn’t want to.

Worried that his father and mummy are really separated, he will have no father.

Moreover, Phillip Zong is more handsome and richer, and Jenkin Bai is a bit inferior. The most important thing is that he can’t walk yet.

He clenched Ana Lin’s hand tightly, for fear that Jenkin Bai would snatch her mommy away.

“Let’s go, it’s late, let’s go play first, and watch the fountain later.” Jenkin Bai walked to the front and led the way.

Don’t treat yourself as an outsider.

When getting in the car, Jenkin Bai said, “My car is walking in the front, you can just follow my car.”

Phillip Zong gave him a cold look, “I really don’t treat myself as an outsider.”

Jenkin Bai smiled, “I have known Miss Lin for a while, and I have also cooperated with Zong Zong. Naturally, I am not an outsider.”

Phillip Zong didn’t speak up and got in the car.

The bodyguard closed the door, blocking Jenkin Bai’s sight.

Jenkin Bai was pushed into his car by the plateau.

The place Jenkin Bai said was not very far from the hotel. It was a newly renovated antique building within a ten-minute drive.

The promenade spreads along a clear man-made lake. The promenade is very elegantly modified, one tile by one brick, and a small detail of wood carvings is very careful and looks very delicate.

There is an ancient house at the end of the corridor, and the gate is magnificent, a bit like the specifications of the ancient palace, as if you have entered the ancient world.

In the lake, there are red koi, wooden boats, silk, red lanterns, and boatmen floating on the water.

“You can sit on the boat and feed the fish.” Jenkin Bai saw Ruth eager to try, and said.

“I want to take a boat and feed the fish.” Ruth exclaimed happily. It is easy for children to be interested in one thing, and it is easy to be satisfied.

Although it’s not a very unusual thing, but when the interest comes, I want to do it.

Today’s weather is good, rowing a boat to feed a fish, you can also relax.

“Well, then go rowing and feed the fish. I’ll buy fish food.” Ana Lin asked his son to stand here and wait.

The fish seller was in a small shop on the other side of the corridor, and Ana Lin walked over.

Phillip Zong was standing by the corridor, looking at the clear water of the lake, he could clearly see the seaweed growing like long hair below. Compared to the city, the air is better in this place.

“If today is a weekend, there will be a lot of people.” This has become a place for many people to take a walk during the rest day.

It’s uncomfortable to bask in the sun and feed the fish.

Phillip Zong glanced at him, mockingly said, “Mr. Bai, every day is so caring, is it coveted?”

Jenkin Bai did not hide, “I will save Miss Lin and leave her at home to recuperate because I have admitted to the wrong person. I thought she was Danna Cheng’s daughter. Before my adoptive father died, he left a last wish and hoped that I would marry Danna Cheng. ‘S daughter, it turned out not to be…”

Phillip Zong didn’t change his expression, but there were waves in his heart.

He told Danna Cheng about the past and became more and more interested.

Obviously, she and Bai Hongfei had a relationship. Why did she later marry his father?

Jenkin Bai paused, calmly and unabashedly, “I have not been with Miss Lin for a long time. I do have a good impression of her. Knowing that you and her are not as good as the surface. I think, in fact, I still I can fight for it.”

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, and Phillip Zong turned his head and stared into the depths of the backlight. The calm and calm Jenkin Bai’s eyes met, surpassing ten thousand harsh words and ten thousand confrontations.

Phillip Zong’s cloud was calm and gentle, “Mr. Bai, it is more than a mistake at the beginning, and there will be no chance in the future. She and I are fine.

It’s not emphasizing, it’s not showing off, it’s not making a false statement, it’s just a simple statement, it’s just so domineering, so confident.

Jenkin Bai understood that Ana Lin gave his confidence.

He could see that Ana Lin’s attitude towards Phillip Zong had changed. It was not a pretend before, and then a reaction from the heart and body.

She will take care of Phillip Zong’s feelings.

Just like just now, when he said he wanted to show them the way, Ana Lin went back to see Phillip Zong, as if he was afraid that he would be unhappy.

When she cares about a person’s feelings, it means that she already has that person’s place in her heart.

Jenkin Bai was still smiling, but there was a bit of bitterness hidden in her smile, “It doesn’t matter, if one day she gets tired of you, I don’t mind being a spare tire.”

This is not even the face?

Daniel quietly moved to Phillip Zong’s side and took his hand, “My mommy, not a half-hearted person, we will not be separated.”

He knew well, and knew that these two men were the most suitable for moms and their families.

Phillip Zong is the father of him and Ruth.

Mommy is with him, they are a complete family.

He does not allow anyone to sabotage.

Jenkin Bai wanted to talk to him, “Xiao Xi…”


“what sound?”

Suddenly it sounded like something falling into the water.

Daniel looked up, “Mommy, why haven’t you come back for so long?”

Phillip Zong raised his head and glanced at Jenkin Bai. That look was meaningful. He took his son and said, “Let’s go take a look.”

Jenkin Bai also followed.

On the way, they saw fish food all over the ground, and all that was scattered. There were more than one footprint on the lawn, and none of them were big. To be sure, they were all women’s footprints.

The water ripples swayed round and round, very big.


Phillip Zong looked into the water, maybe the water was too deep, and the people inside sometimes appeared and sank.

He couldn’t see her face, but he was certain that it was Ana Lin who fell into the water.

He put down his daughter without any hesitation. The weather in December was already very cold, not to mention the lake water, it was bitterly cold.

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