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Chapter 21

Ana Lin came to the hospital. Rios He was sitting in the corridor outside the ward, with his hands on his knees, slightly arched back as if thinking.

Even Xin Linyan stood beside him without noticing it.

“What are you thinking about?”

Rios He looked up and saw that Ana Lin had condensed his emotions and glanced into the ward, “Your mother’s emotions are not good.”

Ana Lin was prepared, “Well, you go back and rest, I’ll watch here.”

Rios He glanced across her abdomen, “You also need to rest.”

“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself.” Ana Lin gave him a relaxed smile.

Rios He was silent for a moment, then nodded, “You have something to call me.”

Ana Lin answered, Rios He stood up, walked outside, looking at his back, Ana Lin pursed his lips. Although I have known him for a long time, I don’t know anything about him. His family background and his relatives are almost unknown.

It was just obvious that he had something on his mind, so he would be absorbed.

At this time, Rios He stopped and turned around to look at Ana Lin, “I heard something from the women who gave them money, asked them to say, and even splashed paint on your door.”

Ana Lin nodded.

“Well, brother, you can tell me if you have any concerns.” Ana Lin looked at him.

Rios He chuckled, “I’m fine.”

Ana Lin did not continue to ask, everyone has something they don’t want to say to others.

After Rios He left, she did not enter the house immediately, but wondered, who bought which Lingju?

Lin Yuhan? Elvira Shen?

But they did not know that they were pregnant.



Suddenly, there was a sound of shattering things in the ward. Ana Lin’s heart raised the door and opened the door violently. She saw the broken glass under Ida Zhuangg’s feet. She walked over and stooped to pick up the glass slag on the ground. Mom, do you want to drink water? You sit down first, I will clean up here, and pour it for you—”

Before she could finish her words, Ida Zhuang suddenly grabbed her wrist and looked in a daze, “Yes.”

Ana Lin raised her head and looked at her mother, “What’s the matter?”

Ida Zhuang also seemed to be entangled. He just grabbed Ana Lin’s hand and worked harder, “The kid in your stomach, please stop asking?”

It’s just the beginning now, and when I’m born, I don’t have a father. What if they are yellow-haired and blue-eyed children again?

Ana Lin knew that Ida Zhuang was stimulated, but she didn’t expect that she would repeat the old saying.


Ida Zhuang let go of her, and repeated the sentence as if the soul had gone out of his body, “If you don’t want it, I know you don’t want it.”

She sat on the hospital bed and shrank at the head of the hospital bed, stunned, “Xin Qi is gone, no more—”

Ana Lin was startled, a little unbelievable, she, what happened to her?

Ana Lin hurried to call a doctor, but Ida Zhuang did not cooperate and was self-harming. The doctor gave her a sedative.

“Preliminary judgment, the patient may be suffering from mental illness.” The doctor made a preliminary judgment after examination.

Ana Lin’s body shook, and he stood firmly on the cabinet behind him with his hands, “How could it be so serious?”

“Did your mother be traumatized in her heart before? Actually, this was not caused by a single stimulation, but because of inner depression for too long and after the outbreak.”

Ana Lin’s lips trembled. After being sent abroad by Randall Lin, her mother never laughed. She must have been traumatized in her heart. Later, her younger brother was born and suffered from autism. Later, her younger brother died and she became pregnant. Neither one hit her a little.

This stimulation was the last straw that overwhelmed her.

Her endurance has reached its limit, as long as she gently touches the fragile string in her heart, she will completely lose control.

“Yes, how should I treat it?” Ana Lin said incoherently, just holding on.

The doctor sighed, “Mental illness is not easy to treat. Are you not familiar with Dr. He? He is the doctor in the heart. I think he should be able to help you.”

Ana Lin thought of Rios He’s performance before, did he perceive something?

It’s just not good to talk to her?

“I suggest that you transfer your mother to a psychiatric department.”

Ana Lin nodded and said yes.

After sending the doctor away, Ana Lin lay on the ground, staring at Ida Zhuang’s scratched face, she was almost unable to breathe with heartache.

I kept thinking of her crazy and even self-harming in my mind.

On that day, Ida Zhuang was transferred to the psychiatric department, because mentally ill patients are emotionally unstable, self-injury, and unconsciously hurt others. Even relatives can only visit within the specified time.

Almost isolated treatment from the outside world.

After coming out of the hospital, Ana Lin packed Ida Zhuang and his belongings, and withdrew the house.

The landlord did not refund the deposit because of the things on the door.

Ida Zhuang’s medical expenses were paid by Rios He for her.

I feel more and more owed to Rios He.

When she was in a daze, the car stopped at the villa, she took the bag and paid to get out of the car.

Standing at the door of the villa, she was in a daze, but she didn’t expect to take shelter in this place temporarily.

When she wanted to enter the house, she drove in a car. Not long after she lived here, she still recognized Phillip Zong’s car and stood still.

Phillip Zong got out of the car and looked at Ana Lin standing there. His voice was slightly cold, “Where have you been?”

He went to the hospital and said that she had been discharged from the hospital. What did she do this long?

Ana Lin did not explain, she was already exhausted about Ida Zhuang’s affairs.

Faintly, “Something’s going on.”

Phillip Zong frowned, what is her attitude?

He stepped over–

In a trance, he seemed to have an angry face, and there were many figures overlapping each other, Ana Lin’s consciousness gradually blurred, and she lost consciousness in the dark.

Phillip Zong moved fast, and at the moment she was about to fall to the ground, he stopped her and caught her.

Her waist was slender, and there was no way she could tell that she was pregnant. Her body was very soft. With such close contact, an inexplicable sense of familiarity came from the bottom of her heart.

Phillip Zong frowned, this feeling is very subtle.

Unexplainable, unclear.

Why do you feel so strange after knowing each other soon?

Before he had time to savor it, two people walked in at the door, one was Milton Guan and the other was Bai Zhuwei.

Seeing Phillip Zong holding Ana Lin, both of them were taken aback.

Especially Bai Zhuwei, if she hadn’t faced Phillip Zong, she would have jumped angrily.

I’m crazy to die!

“Ah Hao—she—”

Phillip Zong picked up Ana Lin, turned around and entered the house. Milton Guan glanced at Bai Zhuwei who was standing there. “Zong, although he married Miss Lin, even if he doesn’t love her, he is a husband and wife. You can’t watch her faint. Leave it on the ground, right?”

Bai Zhu sneered slightly, “How can I faint? Didn’t you seduce it on purpose?”

Milton Guan hadn’t recollected it before, Bai Zhuwei said again, “She is not sick or disaster, she fainted well, isn’t it strange?”

There is some truth to this.

Compared with Ana Lin, Milton Guan believes that Bai Zhuwei is a little bit more. After all, they have known each other for a long time and are partners at work.

Although Ana Lin can be regarded as an unfortunate woman, she always has relatives, unlike Bai Zhuwei alone, who has been following Phillip Zong for so many years, so her heart is naturally biased towards her.

Phillip Zong, who entered the house holding Lin Yanxin, put her on the bed. When he was about to get up, Ana Lin suddenly grabbed her by the collar——

Chapter 22

“Mom, I’m sorry, don’t give up on me—”

Phillip Zong was taken aback for a moment, staring down at her little hand holding his collar, slowly falling on her face, she looked very painful, like hysteria.

Phillip Zong frowned, “Ana Lin?”

Ana Lin couldn’t hear it, as if she was in some kind of panic. She looked very disturbed, but soon recovered her calm, released Phillip Zong, and fell asleep deeply.

Phillip Zong straightened up slowly, looked at her for two seconds, turned around, and walked out of the room.

Bai Zhuwei sat on the sofa, holding the water cup tightly with both hands, Phillip Zong stayed in the room for an extra second, and her heart was suffering.

Shouldn’t this woman take care of her mother in the hospital?

Why come back free?

When Milton Guan went to investigate Ana Lin, Bai Zhuwei knew about it. So when Milton Guan sent someone to country A to investigate Ana Lin’s information, Bai Zhuwei’s people came first and introduced Ana Lin’s business. The woman in’s was killed, creating the illusion of an “accidental” fall from the upstairs.

This is also the key to why Milton Guan didn’t find out what happened that night.

She tried her best, for fear that Phillip Zong and Ana Lin had too much time to get along, to buy through the people in the community where Ana Lin’s mother lived, and to say something ugly to stimulate Ida Zhuang to be hospitalized, leaving Ana Lin no time to spend time with him. Phillip Zong gets along.

Unexpectedly, this woman did not stay in the hospital.

He was even held by Phillip Zong.

The more I thought about Bai Zhuwei, the more he collapsed.

So much so that the control of facial expressions is ignored.

Phillip Zong came out of the room, and had a panoramic view of Bai Zhuwei’s emotions that he could not restrain himself in the future, and he walked over calmly.

Bai Zhuwei stood up, and almost blurted out the question. Fortunately, she was sane, “Is Miss Lin sick?”

Phillip Zong didn’t answer right away. Instead, he sat on the sofa with his slender legs folded, then slowly raised his eyes and looked at Bai Zhuwei, half warm and half cold, which was unpredictable.

Bai Zhuwei’s heart suddenly mentioned to her throat. Such Phillip Zong scared her and cautiously said, “Ah Hao——”

“Yeah.” His lips curled up with a smile, “What’s the matter?”

There was nothing wrong in this way, Bai Zhu calmed his mind and tried to sit next to him, but he did not reject it.

The heart that was holding was slightly lowered.

“This is the contract for the Qianshuiwan site.” Milton Guan handed the folder to Phillip Zong.

The reason why Bai Zhuwei followed Milton Guan was because he heard Milton Guan say that Phillip Zong wanted a contract for this piece of land.

This land is located in Repulse Bay, surrounded by mountains and rivers. It is a good place. Planning a vacation is a good project, so there are many people who want it.

It was just that in the first two years of bidding for this piece of land, Wanyue Group held the right to develop the bid, but Wanyue did not want to develop this land, so it decided to auction it.

But suddenly Phillip Zong asked for a contract for this land, which made her a little worried.

After all, Randall Lin went to the company to show that he wanted this piece of land. At that time, Zong Jing didn’t show any face, and he didn’t even see anyone.

Ana Lin is Randall Lin’s daughter. She is afraid that Phillip Zong will give this land to Lin because of Ana Lin.

She doesn’t care about this piece of land, but about Phillip Zong’s attitude towards Ana Lin!

“Isn’t this land decided to be auctioned?” Bai Zhuwei asked seemingly inadvertently.

Although she asked naturally, how could Phillip Zong not even see such a low-level temptation?

However, he did not expose it, nor did he say it through. Instead, he put his arm around her shoulder, “Zhu Wei, when did you change?”

What does Bai Zhuwei look like?

“Me, where did I change?” Bai Zhu was slightly unclear.

Phillip Zong squeezed her chin and forced her to look at herself, “You didn’t ask this kind of question before.”

Meeting his eyes, Bai Zhu was stunned for a moment. The coldness of his eyes was something she had never seen before.

I couldn’t help but get nervous, “I—”

Suddenly she changed from her previous obedient, sensible and dignified, a little out of control, “I am afraid because I am afraid!”

She earned Phillip Zong’s embrace, covered her face with her hands, choked with pain, “I’m afraid you will give this piece of land to Miss Lin. I’m afraid you will fall in love with her because she is your wife. I’m afraid, I’m afraid. You don’t want me anymore—”

Said that Bai Zhu cried slightly, looking very sad!

This is what Phillip Zong has never seen before.

He closed his eyes, frowned his eyebrows, and his expression was so complicated that no one could see through.

After a long time, Bai Zhuwei changed from crying to sobbing.

She knew that Cain had to endure it when she had to endure it, but sometimes she needed to tie a man’s heart with tears and grievances.

Phillip Zong opened his eyes and calmed down.

Reached out and hugged her back into his arms, “Is that so wronged?”

Bai Zhuwei leaned in her arms, sobbing, “I’m just afraid of losing you.”

Phillip Zong sighed, “No.”

She may be a little careful, small calculations, not as pure as the surface.

But she has been with herself for many years.

He didn’t want to go into it.

Inside the house.

Ana Lin was awakened by the ringing of his cell phone.

It was Rios He who sent her a message, a photo, the front of which was Lingju in the community where she lived. From the photo, it seemed to be talking to a woman.

This back figure–

Ana Lin looked familiar, but she couldn’t remember for a while, and when she was entangled in who this figure was, her stomach rolled over, “Uh-“

She got up and ran out of the bedroom and went into the bathroom.

He retched on the side of the sink.

In the living room, Milton Guan froze for a moment, Ana Lin said that it was too sudden.

And she didn’t close the bathroom, and she seemed uncomfortable to throw up wherever she was.

“Miss Lin is pregnant.” Bai Zhuwei looked at Ana Lin who was vomiting.

She thought Phillip Zong didn’t know, so she deliberately said it.

“It should be the man who hugged her on that day.” Bai Zhuwei deliberately arranged for the child in Ana Lin’s stomach, “Father.” ‘

In this way, Phillip Zong would only hate her.

Milton Guan dropped his chin in shock. The woman Phillip Zong married was planted by another man in her belly?

Wouldn’t it be that if you marry her, there is a prairie above your head?

He quietly looked up and observed Phillip Zong’s expression.

I thought there would be anger, irritation, but not, surprisingly calm.

Even Bai Zhuwei felt unimaginable.

He is not angry, doesn’t he hate her?

“Ah Hao…”

Phillip Zong leaned back on the sofa, apparently not wanting to hear what she said.

Bai Zhuwei could only shut his mouth.

Although I want to vomit, I can’t vomit anything every time, it’s retching.

After the nausea, Ana Lin rinsed her mouth and walked out of the bathroom, only to find someone sitting in the living room. Seeing Bai Zhuwei who was in Phillip Zong’s arms, she didn’t want to bother and turned to enter the room.

But suddenly a flash of light flashed in his mind, Bai Zhuwei.

She turned around, looked at Bai Zhuwei, and then at the photo in the phone, with curly chestnut hair and about the same height.

Her eyes shrank sharply. The woman who bought Lingju, was she?

Thinking of how she framed herself and pushed her, Ana Lin instantly understood what was going on!

She must feel that she married Phillip Zong and robbed her of her place, so she held a grudge.

Only then would Lingju be bought and deliberately slandered, and her mother suffered from mental illness because of this!

The more I thought about it, the pain in Ana Lin’s heart, the harder he rolled–

Chapter 23

Ana Lin just stood at the door, staring at Bai Zhuwei.

Bai Zhuwei was hairy when she saw it, and glanced at the mobile phone screen in her hand. She was far away, and didn’t see what was in the phone, and she was in front of Phillip Zong. She didn’t have a good seizure, just asked faintly. , “Miss Lin, why look at me like this?”

Ana Lin’s thoughts were pulled by Bai Zhuwei’s voice. Just now, she had a momentary impulse to question her in front of Phillip Zong.

But, calm down, she didn’t do that.

Bai Zhuwei is the woman Phillip Zong loves. No matter what he does, how can Phillip Zong punish the woman he loves because of her contracted wife?

She held the phone in her palm tightly, and it took a long time to calm down.

Turning back to Bai Zhu with a smile, “I just think Miss Bai is too beautiful, so I am taken aback, Miss Bai will not care, right?”

With that, Ana Lin walked towards them, her eyes touched the document on the coffee table, she reached out and picked it up, it was the contract for the transfer of Repulse Bay.

She raised her eyes, looked at Phillip Zong, smiled and asked, “Is it for me?”

Phillip Zong, who had no mood swings from start to finish, gave a faint hum.

Bai Zhuwei couldn’t help but his eyes widened. This, this is really for Ana Lin?


Bai Zhu didn’t understand it!

Ana Lin raised his head and glanced at Bai Zhuwei, clearly annoyed, still patient, and sneered involuntarily, “Miss Bai, I’m Mr. Zong’s wife. Give me something, is it nothing?”

Bai Zhu shivered slightly, this dead woman really has a face!

He claims to be Phillip Zong’s wife, so she is worthy?

Not in front of Phillip Zong, Bai Zhuwei must slap her!

“Of course.” Bai Zhu lowered his head slightly, tears fell quietly, and silently told his grievances, “Miss Lin, is the master of the seriousness, what am I?”

“You are the woman Zong Zong likes. You have followed him for so many years. Why do you abuse yourself so much?” Milton Guan raised his eyes and glanced at Ana Lin. He didn’t expect that this woman would not only have an unruly private life, but also a thick-skinned woman. .

Obviously trading marriage, still regard yourself as the master?

But she is indeed Phillip Zong’s wife. Even if she is psychologically dissatisfied with her, she dare not openly disrespect her and deliberately cooperate with Bai Zhuwei to target her.

Ana Lin still looked calm and calm, as if he hadn’t heard the sarcasm and exclusion in their words, and smiled, “Miss Bai, since I also admit my identity, it’s troublesome, you give me a place.”

In an instant, the air condensed for a few seconds.

His gazes turned towards Phillip Zong who had never spoken.

Does he admit this identity?

Admit it, what is Bai Zhuwei?

Phillip Zong’s complexion, in the floating light and glimpse of the shadows, flickered and dimmed, and the dazzling lights couldn’t hide the shadowy bird he cast in an instant, “What’s your identity?”

An inexplicable breath of danger approached, Ana Lin held on and looked at his eyes, “We are a husband and wife relationship, even for an hour, we are also a husband and wife. Is it wrong for me to ask to sit next to you during marriage?”

Ana Lin used his words to block him.

She has been bullied for a long time, and it doesn’t matter if she herself is wronged!

However, Bai Zhuwei used Ida Zhuang to make her mentally ill, which she cannot tolerate!

Since Bai Zhuwei was afraid of her approaching Phillip Zong, she wanted to get closer to him.

Also in front of her!

Ida Zhuang is her only relative, and it is also her untouchable bottom line, “Miss Bai, although you have a close relationship with my husband, but now, we haven’t divorced yet, so please Ms. Bai to respect yourself!”

Bai Zhu looked at Phillip Zong, and his gaze was staring at this sharp-toothed woman!

This woman, change her face really fast.

He was obviously injured and helpless before, but at this moment he was so aggressive.

What kind of woman is she?

Phillip Zong’s attitude is unpredictable, even Milton Guan following him can’t understand, but he understands that at this time, they must not be allowed to be here at the same time.

Although Milton Guan didn’t see the whole thing thoroughly, he did have cleverness, just like now.

He stood up, patted Bai Zhuwei’s shoulder, “Let’s go.”

Bai Zhu was not reconciled.

She wanted to see where she was in Phillip Zong’s mind.

However, if Phillip Zong chose Ana Lin, she would really be over. All the previous efforts were gone. Phillip Zong didn’t love her, she knew very well.

Phillip Zong’s kindness to her was nothing but the affection that night, and the affection that followed him for so many years.

No liking and love.

She cannot bet.

She can’t afford to lose!

“I won’t make it difficult for Ah Hao, you won.” Bai Zhuwei finally brushed a wave of favors before leaving.

She didn’t admit defeat, but she didn’t want Phillip Zong to be in a dilemma.

She is kind and knowledgeable.

Soon, the room quieted down.

Even the slight breathing sound can be heard clearly.

This atmosphere lasted for three minutes, and Ana Lin had a cold sweat on her back. It took a long time before she found the voice, “I will go back to the room first.”

She was like this just now, but it was because of Bai Zhuwei.

Now that she is gone, she has no need to stay.

As soon as she lifted her footsteps, Phillip Zong grabbed her wrist and pulled her arm forcefully. Ana Lin’s body swept across the air, half-turned, and fell into an embrace.

She instinctively resisted, but was caught by her wrists, making her unable to move.

“What are you doing?” Ana Lin was very flustered.

Ha ha.

“What are you doing? Wasn’t it eloquent just now?” Phillip Zong strangled her jaw, “I despised you.”

If it were not for Bai Zhuwei, why would she be willing to provoke him?

She is a person who has suffered. From ten to eighteen, she has grown not only her age, but also her mind.

If she is soft, others will only think that she is easy to bully, so she cannot be soft in front of people who want to harm her.

She has a mother to protect and the baby in her belly to protect her.

She must be strong and brave.

Ana Lin didn’t move, closed his eyes and didn’t look or listen.

When Phillip Zong was treated like this, this woman—


Ana Lin was wearing a white T-shirt with a round neckline, and with the pose half leaning into his arms at the moment, the scenery on his chest appeared loomingly before his eyes.

Although she is thin, the xiong part is well developed, but in such a half-shielded and half-blocked situation, two white and tender steamed buns can be seen vaguely, round and quite warped.

Her chest rose and fell with her breathing, and there was a somewhat seductive smell.

There was an unnamed evil fire running around in his blood, and finally concentrated on his lower abdomen.

Ana Lin couldn’t wait for Phillip Zong’s voice for a long time, his curled eyelashes swayed slightly, and slowly opened his eyes, and he saw his face that seemed tolerant and pretended to be calm.

His eyes–

Ana Lin followed his gaze and went down——

The anger of being snooped aroused the power hidden in his bones, and Ana Lin pushed him away fiercely.

Phillip Zong was caught off guard, half lying on the sofa, looking so embarrassed!

Ana Lin clutched his chest, “Rogue!”

She got up from the sofa in a panic, and wanted to leave here quickly. Maybe she was too panic and didn’t pay attention to her feet. She caught Phillip Zong’s legs, and fell down toward Phillip Zong’s side——


Phillip Zong has no time to dodge…

Chapter 24

Phillip Zong didn’t have time to dodge, and watched Ana Lin plop on him.

Her forehead hit his chin and it hurt. But her lips were pressed against a hard object with a bumpy shape, the breath was familiar and unfamiliar.

Ana Lin was stunned for a moment, and when her reason returned, she immediately got up, only to find that the part of her lips just now was his Adam’s apple——

She clutched her aching forehead, her cheeks burning fiercely.


Phillip Zong was also in the contact just now, and his thoughts were confused for a moment before he slowly raised his eyes and looked at her, “I am a gangster, what are you?”

Without waiting for Ana Lin to speak, he sat up slowly, deliberately straightened his neckline, and moved his fingertips over the place where Ana Lin had just kssed him. He smiled unpredictably, “We are a husband and wife. If you want to kss, you can just say it. , I am not such a stingy person.”

Ana Lin was suffocated for a long time and was speechless.

Who is going to k*ss him?

It was an accident just now!

“I don’t want to k*ss you!” Ana Lin turned around and left, wanting to leave the living room quickly.

Phillip Zong sat in the sand and didn’t move. I was inexplicably caught up in her words, so I wouldn’t want to kss you. I was offended and sarcastically, “Then who do you want to kss?”

He sneered, “The man who made you pregnant?”

Fear, humiliation, torn apart in an instant, blood dripping.

She didn’t want to mention how the baby in her stomach came from.

When Phillip Zong said so coldly, she only felt that her heart was sore.

Obviously my heart is about to be broken, but I still have to try hard, “Of course… I am pleased with my child’s father.”

That’s great, this woman is so good!

“Miss Lin didn’t forget, you owe me something?” Phillip Zong stood up, he flicked the dust-free clothes, raised his head unhurriedly, and looked at Ana Lin who was stiff at the bedroom door, “I I need an interpreter and come to work in the company from tomorrow.”

She got the land contract, he would definitely ask for it.

That’s okay, I don’t owe him anymore after paying the favor.

“Okay.” She answered, and then opened the door to enter.

Thinking of what happened just now, the warmth on her face rose a few more marks.

In order to avoid conflicting with Phillip Zong, she never left the house until Wanda came to ask her to eat, she opened the door and walked out.

Phillip Zong was already in the restaurant, and Wanda brought the food to the table.

Ana Lin came over and sat down to eat, without looking at him.

The atmosphere on the table was subtle for a while.

Wanda couldn’t understand them. She was obviously a husband and wife, acting like a stranger. She brought up a dish of green broccoli and put it in front of Ana Lin, “This young master loves to eat.”

Phillip Zong’s taste is relatively light, and he likes vegetarian food. This mother Yu who has been taking care of him knows best.

Ana Lin was stunned for a moment, but didn’t figure out what Wanda meant.

I thought, since he loves to eat, put it in front of him.

Wanda gave her a wink and asked her to pick Phillip Zong some vegetables. Ana Lin watched it for a long time before she understood what Wanda meant.

At this moment, Wanda’s eyes were cramped.

Ana Lin reluctantly picked up a piece of broccoli and put it in Phillip Zong’s bowl.

Phillip Zong raised his eyes, Ana Lin smiled, she was not too enthusiastic about her mother.

The intention of matching is too obvious.

Phillip Zong slowly picked up the broccoli, the green of scallion oil, reflecting his energetic pupils, “Yu’s mother knows my taste best.”

Wanda smiled, “Young grandma will know about it later. She has just entered the door and is not familiar yet.”

Yu’s mother changed her words. She used to call her Miss Lin. Although she was dissatisfied with her not coming home the night before, she was the person chosen by the wife for the young master.

Naturally I hope they are good and live up to the dead wife.

Ana Lin almost got her tongue out of Yu’s mother’s sentence. She buried her head lower, and after picking up the rice in the bowl, she didn’t even drink her saliva, “I’m done, you eat slowly.”

After speaking, he ran back to the room.

“What’s wrong with her?” Wanda couldn’t react.

Phillip Zong stared at that panicked back, with a smile at the corner of his eyes, and his lips were slightly raised. There was a touch of unruly beauty in his righteousness, “Probably not suitable for mom’s matching.”

Wanda sighed, “I’m not doing you good yet.”

Turn around and walk away.

Only Phillip Zong remained in the spacious restaurant. The crystal lamp spreading from the roof covered him in circles, and he added a piece of broccoli into his mouth and chewed slowly—

The next day.

After Phillip Zong went to the company, Ana Lin also went out and promised to work in the company. Then she would quit her job in the restaurant and she had to go to the restaurant.

When changing shoes in the hallway, Yu’s mother walked over, “Want to go out?”

Ana Lin nodded.

“Come back early, don’t spend the night outside, you are a married person.” Wanda reminded.

“Yeah.” Ana Lin put on his shoes and went out.

Go to the intersection and take a taxi to the restaurant.

There are no buses in this place.

Ana Lin asked for leave as soon as he went to work, and now he came to resign. The manager was a little unhappy, “Why did you come to apply for a job when you didn’t want to go to work? Isn’t this a matter of delaying us?”

Ana Lin also felt very sorry, “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.”

The manager was calm, and just about to let go, the foreman came over and said that he couldn’t be too busy now.

The manager looked at Ana Lin, “You can help first, and when you are free, you can leave.”

“Good.” Out of professional ethics, Ana Lin said that he should come down.

Ana Lin went to change his work clothes, and it seems to be quite busy today.

“These are sent to private room 88.” Ana Lin said while serving the dishes, the chef explained.

Ana Lin responded, put the delicate dishes on the tray and sent them to the private room.

She held the tray with one hand, and opened the door with the other hand. The door of the private room was bright, wide, and very private. There were only two people sitting in front of the round mahogany table, and she knew one of them, Phillip Zong.

Seeing the other party was a moment of surprise.

The president of Tang Che HSBC seemed to be talking to Phillip Zong when someone came in and stopped talking.

Ana Lin lowered his head, walked in and brought the dishes from the tray to the table.

“The waitress in Lan Guiyuan is getting more tender.” Tang Che smiled on his face and looked up and down Ana Lin.

Ana Lin felt terribly disgusted, and just about to leave with a tray, Tang Che grabbed his wrist, looked at Phillip Zong and said with a smile, “Let her stay and pour us wine.”

The smile on Phillip Zong’s face slowly solidified, hiding under the solemn and gloomy skin, “Does Governor Tang know what we are talking about?”

He raised his eyes, his gaze flicked across Ana Lin’s face, “I don’t need you here.”

Ana Lin took the tray and quickly walked away.

Milton Guan, who was standing behind Phillip Zong, frowned, and was very unhappy with Ana Lin’s appearance. How could she appear here?

If people know her relationship with Phillip Zong, how can others chew their tongues behind their backs and spread rumors?

Do you want Phillip Zong’s face any more?

The dislike for Ana Lin was a little bit more.

“Lan Guiyuan is more and more able to do business. The dishes are delicious, and even the waiters have their own characteristics. The one just now has white skin and white jade, and I think I can hold it with a small waist. ——”

“President Tang, I will pour you wine.” Milton Guan came up and interrupted him in time.

Tang Che discovered Phillip Zong’s sinking face and hurriedly laughed, “I just digressed.”

Ana Lin walked out of the private room and took a long sigh. He didn’t expect to see him again just after they were separated this morning.

The busiest wave passed, and the manager allowed her to go. She changed her clothes and just walked out, she saw Milton Guan standing at the door.

And his face is not so good.

He glanced at her coldly, “Zong Zong is waiting for you, let’s go.”

Ana Lin followed him out.

“Mom, I fell in love with a dress by Chanel. When I have a good meal, will you take me to buy it, okay?” Lin Yuhan walked here with Elvira Shen on his arm.

“Okay, my daughter naturally wants to wear the best.” The mother and daughter walked over and laughed.

It seems that I came to Languiyuan for dinner.

When Ana Lin saw their mother and daughter, he had a pause…

Chapter 25

Ana Lin paused when he saw their mother and daughter, and Elvira Shen also saw her frowning.

“Mom, isn’t that Ana Lin? How could she be here?” Lin Yuhan couldn’t keep up with Elvira Shen, “she came here to eat?”

The dishes here are excellent in color and taste, and of course the prices are not what ordinary people can eat.

Ana Lin can come to eat in this place too?

Elvira Shen sneered, “Married into the Zong Family, although he is a lame, but the social status and wealth are not fake. It is not surprising that she can enter and exit such a place.”

Ana Lin didn’t want to get entangled with them. When he started to leave, he was stopped by Lin Yuhan.

“You’re just married to a lame man, and you can’t get on the table in such a high-end place.” As he looked up and down her clothes, she couldn’t help but laughed.

“Get out of the way!” Ana Lin said coldly.

Lin Yuhan refused, “What are you so anxious about, that you are so embarrassed to marry a cripple?”

Milton Guan frowned. Just when he wanted to come up to stop Lin Yuhan’s shrew-like behavior, he saw Phillip Zong approaching here.

He took back the hand that he just wanted to stretch out.

“Ana Lin, you are still so shabby when you marry a big family like the clan? Do you even look down on that cripple?” Lin Yuhan sneered, “Don’t follow your mother, even a man.” Can’t hold it.”

At this time, Ana Lin also noticed that Phillip Zong was walking towards this side, and his eyes widened.

Lin Yuhan saw Ana Lin’s abnormal expression, and thought she was angry, and became even more presumptuous. “Ana Lin, you will die in this life. You were abandoned by your father in the first half of your life, and you were sent to a foreign country. You fend for yourself, and you are destined to serve a lame man in the second half of your life and guard your life’s widowhood—”

“I’m afraid I will disappoint you.” The low and vigorous male voice filled the air.

Silent but impressive, not to be underestimated.

“You’re old—” Lin Yuhan turned around, just about to say how old you are, when he saw a man standing not far away, he was in a straight suit, and his slender figure was unusually tall and straight, especially the one wrapped in trousers. Pair of long legs that are slender to the sky.

His nose is tall, his lips are sexy, his facial features are clear and three-dimensional, and his deep eyes are filled with chills.

His steps are steady, and every step taken will make people feel oppressive.

Indifferent, calm and profound, more evoked his noble temperament, he came against the light and sacred.

Shaking everyone’s sights.

Especially Lin Yuhan almost dropped his jaw in shock.

He, isn’t he a lame?

Shocked, incredible.

how come.

Under Lin Yuhan and Elvira Shen’s gaze, he put his arms around Ana Lin’s shoulders, “We should go now.”

Ana Lin was stunned for two seconds, then raised his head, “You–“

His gaze was two points deep, followed by a light but indulgent smile, “Why, stupid?”

Lin Yuhan stared at his legs, his eyes were almost staring out, “Aren’t you lame?”

After speaking, he hurriedly covered his mouth, and realized that he had said the wrong thing.

Elvira Shen didn’t return for a long time.

This is incredible.

Phillip Zong only felt disgusted, leaving Ana Lin behind.

Milton Guan sneered, “Superficial.”

Then I didn’t look at their shocked, distorted, ugly faces.

He walked quickly towards the car.

Elvira Shen’s eyes were straight, and she talked to herself again and again. She was startled and afraid, and her legs trembled, “How is it possible that Phillip Zong is not lame?”

“How could this be?” Lin Yuhan also almost lost control of holding Elvira Shen’s arm, “Why is Phillip Zong’s leg not lame?”

It took a long time for Elvira Shen to recover.

Didn’t it mean that it’s not cured?


“Okay!” Elvira Shen felt her brain buzzing with noisy, irritated, “I don’t know if your dad knows this.”

Phillip Zong’s legs are not lame, and he always feels unbelievable. There is no mood to eat, so he takes his daughter to the Lin family.

Randall Lin is angry.

The real estate invested by Lin’s company has collapsed and the company is now facing a lawsuit.

Randall Lin was frowning.


Randall Lin was about to get angry. Who was bothering him, he would blurt out the curse, and the office door was pushed open. Elvira Shen looked at Randall Lin’s face and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Randall Lin was in a bad mood and sat in a chair, “What are you doing here?”

Elvira Shen didn’t have time to worry about why Randall Lin was in a bad mood, but came over, “Do you know that Phillip Zong can stand up already?”

Randall Lin was taken aback for a moment, and then frowned at Elvira Shen, “He planted snake venom. Didn’t it mean that he could not be cured? How could he stand up?”

Sure enough, Randall Lin didn’t know, Elvira’s face was solemn, “He can stand up–“

“Who did you hear?” Before Elvira Shen’s words came out, she was cut off by Randall Lin.

“We saw it with our own eyes.” Lin Yuhan rushed forward to answer.

The time buffer at this moment, she has calmed down a bit, walked to the desk and looked at Randall Lin, “Dad, we must have been cheated.”

It was clearly said before that he could not be cured, but now he can stand up!

Randall Lin frowned, this event really shocked him, and at the same time bewildered, “But why did he release the news that he could not stand up?”

Elvira Shen couldn’t determine why he had released such news, and guessed, “Will he be dissatisfied with the marriage contract with the Lin family, but he didn’t want to break the contract by himself, so he released such news and made us regret it?”

Silence, the whole office fell into silence.

The dropped needle can be heard.

“It must be so? Why else?” Lin Yuhan affirmed Elvira Shen’s guess, she sat down on the sofa annoyedly, “If we thought about it earlier, we don’t need to take Ana Lin and the others back.”

She can also marry Phillip Zong.

Randall Lin also had a lot of headaches, and this incident really exceeded his expectations.

Originally, I wanted to use my daughter to establish a relationship with the Zong family. If it was as Elvira Shen said, then marrying his daughter to Phillip Zong, not only did not please him, but also angered him.

Now that the company is encountering difficulties, he originally wanted to go to Phillip Zong for help, but now it seems that it won’t work anymore.

Randall Lin kept his face calm, no wonder Phillip Zong didn’t see him the last time he went to Wanyue.

“Mom.” Lin Yuhan clutched Elvira Shen’s arm tightly, “Mom, why didn’t I marry Phillip Zong?”

She likes that man. This is the first time she likes a man in her life.

She had a chance to marry, but she missed it.

She regrets, and her regretful intestines are all green. If she married Phillip Zong as a lame at the time, perhaps he would fall in love with her because he didn’t even mind that he was a lame.

But all this fell on Ana Lin.

She can’t balance her heart!

“This is the end of the matter, and we have to take a long-term view.” Elvira Shen was not reconciled. She could have been in a relationship with the Zong family, so she missed it.

Randall Lin only felt that his brain hurts terribly, and he was also at a loss when things got to this point.

How could Phillip Zong pretend to be lame?

On the other side, Ana Lin followed Phillip Zong into the car and sat aside honestly.

Phillip Zong seemed to be very busy, with documents on his lap, his eyes lowered, and he tugged at the collar that was not tight.

Ana Lin did not disturb him quietly.

When Milton Guan drove the car to Wanyue Building, Ana Lin told him to stop.


“I went in with you, and it was not so good to be seen.” After all, the marriage with Phillip Zong could not be revealed.

So as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

Milton Guan couldn’t understand what she was doing now.

It was clearly destroying Phillip Zong’s reputation before, now–

Ana Lin got out of the car and Milton Guan drove the car into the underground garage.

Phillip Zong got off the car and entered the elevator. Milton Guan followed him. He was particularly curious about Phillip Zong’s attitude towards Ana Lin. He asked tentatively, “Zong, do you like Miss Lin more or Miss Bai?”

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