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Chapter 26

Phillip Zong glanced at him, “Don’t inquire about my business.”

Milton Guan smiled doglegally, “I am not curious, Miss Bai has been with you for a long time, I think Miss Bai is more suitable.”

“Milton Guan.” Phillip Zong’s tone was slow, and an inexplicable force swept through him. Milton Guan shuddered. Just as he wanted to explain, he met his smiling eyes, “For my personal affairs. , So interested, do you want to sit down, let’s say it?”

Milton Guan broke into a cold sweat on his back and smiled bitterly, “Don’t dare.”

At this time, the elevator stopped, Milton Guan quickly took a step back, and quickly distanced himself from him.

Phillip Zong glanced at him lightly and stepped down the elevator.

She seemed to know that Phillip Zong was coming back at this time. Bai Zhuwei was standing at the door waiting with the document. Seeing Phillip Zong walking down, she came over immediately, “This document needs your signature.”

She didn’t mention a word about what happened yesterday.

Making trouble unreasonably will only disgust him.

Being well-behaved and sensible is a soft sword inserted in a man’s heart.

Phillip Zong took the document, flicked a few pens at the signature place, and handed her the folder, saying, “In the evening, we will have dinner together.”

Is it compensation?

Bai Zhu smiled and said, “Okay.”

“You decide the position, decide what you like.” He is responsible for this woman.

Bai Zhuwei walked behind him and reported on the next itinerary.

At the door of the office, Bai Zhu closed the schedule and asked, “Do you want something to drink?”

“Give me a cup of coffee.” After that, he entered the office.

Bai Zhuwei went to the pantry to make coffee through the glass and saw that the new manager of the personnel department brought Ana Lin towards this side. Her expression tightened. Why was Ana Lin here?

She put down the coffee pot in her hand and walked out, blocking the manager’s path, looking at Ana Lin, “What are you doing here?”

Her eyes were defensive and shocked. It seemed that Ana Lin would appear in the company.

Ana Lin smiled, “I am a translator.”

Bai Zhuwei’s hand suddenly clenched, staring at her, after she left that day, did Ana Lin seduce Phillip Zong?

How else could she join the company?

Ana Lin came over and whispered to her, “My husband, I want to see me all the time, so he wants me to come to work so that he can see me often.”

“Don’t put gold on your face!” Bai Zhu stared at her in irritation, “What do you think you are? Ah—would you look at you? You don’t look in the mirror!”

Although she was extremely angry, the only reason left to tell her that she could not stagger the relationship between her and Phillip Zong.

Now the whole company knows that she is the woman Phillip Zong will marry.

Seeing Bai Zhu jump slightly, Ana Lin sneered.

Since she stimulated Ida Zhuang to suffer from mental illness, they were destined to be unable to live in peace!

Soon Bai Zhu returned to the basket rationally. This is her place. Wouldn’t it be easy to kill her?

Bai Zhuwei glanced over her belly inadvertently, she would never give birth to this child.

“Does Secretary Bai know Miss Lin?” The personnel manager had already seen that the two of them seemed to be grudges, but would not say anything rashly, but pretended that they didn’t know anything.

Working in such a group, everyone is smart and there are no fools.

With a usual smile on Bai Zhuwei’s face, he wrote lightly, “I have seen it. Since it is a new translator, leave it to me and I will arrange it.”

“That’s naturally good.” The manager smiled.

After the manager left, Bai Zhuwei deliberately left Ana Lin to dry and went back to the pantry to make coffee.

Ana Lin frowned, how could this woman be so naive?

How can she do this?

“Miss Bai, if you are busy, I will go to my husband’s office and let him–“

“Shut up!” Bai Zhuwei couldn’t adjust his emotions, and was annoyed by her husband again.

Why didn’t this woman die!

Ana Lin smiled, “If you don’t know what you can do, Miss Bai, you provoke me first!”

She, she knows?

How much do you know?

No, no, she couldn’t know, the only woman who knew was dead, how could she know?

She resisted the anxiety in her heart and said calmly, “I don’t know what Miss Lin is talking about.”

“Mingwan community, Miss Bai hasn’t been there?” Ana Lin asked, staring at her face.

Bai Zhu was stunned for a moment. It turned out that she was referring to this matter.

Unexpectedly, she knew it so soon.

It’s not that.

Even so, she would not admit it, pretending to be confused, “Mingwan community, is Miss Lin’s residence?”

Ana Lin sneered, didn’t talk to her, everyone knew, “Where am I?”

Bai Zhu slightly pointed to the most innermost position, “There.”

Ana Lin deliberately angered her, “Even if I was placed in the corner of the corner, we still live under one roof.”

After finishing walking towards that position.

Wanyue’s new projects developed in country A have a lot of domestic documents. When no translation is found, they are all backlogged.

Bai Zhuwei gave it to her, not giving her time to breathe, and asked her to finish the translation in two days.

When it was time to get off work, Ana Lin was still buried in many translated documents.

When Phillip Zong walked out of the office, Bai Zhuwei had changed his body. The formal attire he wore at work, a white dress, chestnut hair, exquisite makeup, beautiful and dignified.

She greeted her and took Phillip Zong’s arm, “I booked the position of’Fan Kong’, I remember you like the food there.”

Phillip Zong gave a faint hum, not interested.

Inadvertently glanced at Ana Lin in the corner, and raised his eyebrows.

Bai Zhuwei quickly explained, “It’s just that empty spot, so I had to wrong her to be there.” At the end, she added, “I have selfishness.”

Even if she didn’t say anything, Phillip Zong would see her intentions.

It’s better to admit it.

I don’t like her.

She lowered her head, “Am I very careful?”

She is so calm, what can he say?

“Let’s go.” He calmly and calmly, can’t afford the slightest disturbance.

Not to mention that Milton Guan can’t understand him, he can’t understand what he thinks about Ana Lin, hates her, sympathizes with her, and wants to find out about her, her crying, her smiling, what else is there in it? Know the secret?

It was such a woman full of contradictions that aroused his interest.

Phillip Zong was not angry, nor did he speak for her. Bai Zhuwei felt better, presumably Ana Lin had no place in Phillip Zong’s heart.

Maybe it’s just for the sake of his dead mother.

After all, this marriage was decided for him by his mother.

After thinking about this, Bai Zhuwei felt better.

Ana Lin saw Bai Zhuwei holding Phillip Zong away, but pretended not to see it.

Ana Lin didn’t raise his head until the elevator door closed. They were really affectionate.

She didn’t understand what Phillip Zong liked about Bai Zhuwei, she looked simple, but she thought deeply.

What are these things about her?

She lowered her head and smiled bitterly.

It was almost 12 o’clock before Ana Lin got home from get off work.

During this time, there were almost no people in the whole building, and even the cars on the road were much less than during the day. The noise during the day was washed away, and it seemed a bit quiet.

She stood on the side of the road and waited for the car, and it didn’t take long for a taxi to arrive.

She beckoned.

The car stopped beside her, she opened the door of the back seat and said to the driver, “Tongfu Road 138.”

The master driver starts the car.

Ana Lin looked at the scenery quickly passing by the window, half-stunned, and a little sleepy, she shook her head to make herself a little bit more energetic.

After a while, she found that the car was driving in the wrong direction, “Master, I’m going to No.138 Tongfu Road.”

The driver looked back at her and said with a smile, “I drive a taxi all the year round and know that there is a short route.”

Ana Lin nodded, after all, she was really unfamiliar with that piece.

About ten minutes later, the car hadn’t reached the place yet, and it was time to get there according to the normal route. The driver was still on the short route. Ana Lin discovered something was wrong…

Chapter 27

Ana Lin calmed his mind, “Master driver, please go back, I have something forgotten at the company to take.”

The driver pretended not to hear.

Ana Lin raised his voice, “Excuse me, please stop!”

The driver speeded up, changed his previous gentleness, and said coldly, “I haven’t gotten to the place yet.”

At that moment, Ana Lin was short of breath and couldn’t control it! The only reason left tells her that she can’t panic now, and she quietly moved her hand to her leg, trying to take out her mobile phone for help.

Seeing her intention, the driver slammed the brakes. Unprepared, the phone Ana Lin just took out fell off his hands.

“You, who are you, what do you want to do?” Ana Lin forcibly suppressed the panic and fear in his heart.

The driver stepped on the accelerator almost to the end and glanced at her in the rearview mirror, “Miss is offending someone, right? I’m just doing things for people with money and money.”

Her heart was pounding, and her hands trembled slightly. Who was going to hurt her?

Is Bai Zhu Wei?

“I’ll give you money too!” Ana Lin tried to make good terms with him.

The driver glanced at her. The cheap clothes didn’t look like rich.

The driver did not believe her.

Seeing this place is getting more and more biased, Ana Lin’s heart is faltered. If she jumps off the car, she can still find a ray of life. If it is really taken by him, the consequences cannot be imagined.

She held her hands repeatedly, and finally made up her mind to pull the safety lock and pull the car door!

The driver glanced at her, “If you jump down, you will peel off if you die. You can’t escape!”

Even if she couldn’t escape, she couldn’t sit in the car and let the driver take her away. That would be a dead end!

She was also afraid, but she had no choice.

She reached out and touched her belly, “Baby, you have to be strong.”

The wind blew and messed up her hair, but her heart was firm.

She exhausted her courage and jumped down.

The speed of the car was too fast. When she got down, she knelt on her knees and lay on the ground. Suddenly, a hot pain rushed to her knees, and the blood seemed to gush out of pain.

She didn’t care about it, and got up and ran.

The driver really did not expect that she really dared to jump, stopped the car and chased her.

Ana Lin limped and couldn’t run fast, and every time he stepped, he had to endure severe pain.

She resisted, because she knew that she would be dead if she stopped!

“Stop!” The driver was about to catch up.

She just tried her best to run desperately.

Run desperately.

In the woods not far away, there is light, maybe someone, and now she can only be saved by asking for help.

She got into the woods, ran towards the light, shouting for help as she ran, hoping to attract people’s attention.

The driver was strong, Ana Lin was injured again and was caught by the driver, “Don’t want to run away!”

The driver dragged her down the road, trying to put her into the car again.

Ana Lin turned over and bit his arm. The driver screamed and slapped her in the face, “b*tch, dare to bite me!”

Ana Lin said that he didn’t let it go, there was a smell of blood in his mouth, and the driver’s painful hand loosened, she took the opportunity to break away, and ran faster than before.

“Stop!” The driver chased up again, and when something fell under his feet, Ana Lin got time to escape.

When she ran closer, she realized that the light was a villa.

She ran to knock on the door hard, “Is anyone, help me—”

The door was banged by her knock.

At this time, the driver ran after him and stared at Ana Lin, who had nowhere to go, “Run, you are still running, I think you can run there!”

Ana Lin said no matter what, he stepped up his efforts, “Is there anyone—”

This time she didn’t call out for help, the door slowly opened, and a thin figure stepped out. He turned against the light, Ana Lin didn’t have the sparkling light, so he couldn’t open his eyes, and narrowed his eyes. ,”help me.”

As soon as her voice fell, her legs couldn’t hold her back and she fell.

In a daze, she saw the thin figure rushing to catch her.

“Yes.” Rios He called her worriedly.

Ana Lin laughed hard, it turned out to be Rios He, “Brother——”

The driver turned around and ran as soon as he couldn’t see it right.

Rios He glanced at the driver who ran away, but didn’t chase him. Ana Lin said it was important now.

He carried Ana Lin into the room, and under the bright light, he could see that her knees were bloody and bloody.

“How did you do it?” he asked with concern.

Ana Lin was speechless, and relaxed now, the pain made her lose strength.

Rios He put her on the sofa, “I will get the medicine kit and clean up the wound for you to see if it is serious.”

“Rize, who is she?” The woman wore a high hair bun, a suit, and a huge jade ring on her fingers, graceful and luxurious.

At this moment, he looked at Ana Lin who was sitting on the sofa.

Ana Lin also looked at the woman, looked at the temperament of the dress, not a person from an ordinary family.


The European-style decoration in the house, a large crystal chandelier on the roof, glowing with white light, illuminates the entire living room transparently, and nowhere is luxurious.

Is this where Rios He lives?

He, is he also rich?

Rios He did not answer the woman’s words, but went to the cabinet to take out the medicine box, put it on the table, opened it, and squatted in front of Ana Lin, “The disinfectant may hurt the wound, so bear with it.”

Ana Lin nodded.

The woman seemed unhappy with Rios He’s attitude, “Linlin has been lost. After so many years, how long will you punish yourself?”

Rios He didn’t want to hear her say this, “Mom, go back.”


“Mom.” Rios He increased his tone. He looked at the woman, “I don’t want to mention the past. I will not go back this time.”

Xia Zhenyu was overjoyed. Over the years, he was alone abroad. Without telling his family which country he was in, he would only send back a letter regularly a year, stating that he was still alive and safe.

So many years of worrying about it, only for him to come back.

Now that he finally walked out of Linlin’s loss and was willing to return to China, she was very pleased.

Xia Zhenyu was worried that he would leave, and hoped that he could stay in China for a long time.

She thinks it’s best for her son to get married in the country. Only when she is bound, she can rest assured that he will not leave.

But Rios He was very repulsive and didn’t dare to push him too tightly, “Well, I won’t disturb you.”

Xia Zhenyu carried the bag and walked towards the door. When she reached the door, she stopped and looked back at Ana Lin who was sitting on the sofa.

Rios He was carefully cleaning her wounds. He lowered his eyes, with unspeakable emotion hidden in his eyes.

For so many years, he has been blaming himself for Linlin back then, and suddenly came back this time—

Her gaze stayed on Ana Lin’s face for two seconds, she might have something to do with this girl.

She took a deep breath. Among these rich, she had never seen this girl.

Ana Lin seemed to feel the inquisitive gaze, and when she turned her head, she saw Xia Zhenyu looking at herself with a smile, “Auntie.”

From her conversation with Rios He, Ana Lin knew her identity, Rios He’s mother.

Xia Zhenyu nodded slightly, also in response, turned to walk outside the door.

Ana Lin lowered his head and looked at Rios He who was stained with blood, “Brother, I didn’t expect you to be rich–“

Chapter 28

Rios He’s hand paused slightly, money didn’t make him happy.

Ana Lin opened his mouth, hesitated to say a few times, and never asked. Is Linlin in her mother’s mouth just his female friend?

But Rios He doesn’t seem to like others to bring up this topic.

So I didn’t ask for it.

Rios He looked up and found five fingerprints on her face, frowned, and asked distressedly, “Who is it this time?”

Ana Lin didn’t know, but she guessed it was Bai Zhuwei.

Because she seemed to be the greatest threat to her, she was afraid that she and Phillip Zong would get closer.

“I have no evidence.” Guessing out of thin air is not the answer after all.

Rios He reached out and touched her face, Ana Lin instinctively withdrew a bit, his hand fell hollow, he felt a little lost in his heart, but pretended to be angry on his face, “Why, brother can’t touch it?”

In fact, Ana Lin didn’t deliberately hide, but just touched the opposite sex, instinctively somewhat resisted.

Rios He smoothed her hair, “Yanyan is shy.” Then his face sank again, “The injury on your knee–“

Although it didn’t hurt the bones, the skin and flesh injuries were not light.

“You bear it a little bit.” He just cleaned the wound just now, and now it is going to be bandaged, it may be painful to apply medicine.

Ana Lin nodded, and when Rios He cleaned her wound, it hurt, she just gritted her teeth and endured it.

Because she knew very early that no one can replace some pain.

No one will feel bad!

She can only strengthen herself!

“Yeah.” She pursed her lips.

Rios He looked at her for two seconds, and deliberately made her laugh, “If you can’t help it, let you bite my hand.”

Ana Lin smiled in cooperation, but his heart was extremely heavy. This time, Bai Zhu didn’t succeed. Will he hold back his back?

Suddenly, she found that she had nothing.

How to contend?

Rios He lowered his head and gave her medicine. He didn’t notice the expression on her face. He was afraid of her pain, so he deliberately talked to her, “This medicine will not affect the child in your stomach, don’t worry.”

Ana Lin nodded.

Rios He was very thoughtful.

Her hand touches her lower abdomen, which is probably her latest comfort.

The child is fine.

She has no abdominal pain or discomfort.

Her child is also a brave and strong baby.

“Let’s rest here tonight.” Rios He bandaged her wound and looked up, only to find that she was sweating a lot on her forehead. “If you need me, just say, I’m you-brother.”

Ana Lin nodded, now she has to find out if it is Bai Zhuwei.

She works in a company, and she is just a little closer to Baizhu, so she can explore it.

Rios He stood up, picked up a basin of cold water, wiped her sweat, and applied a cold compress on her face.

“Who did you offend?” He started so cruelly.

Ana Lin thought for a while and said, “I have no evidence, but I guess it should be Bai Zhuwei, Phillip Zong’s girlfriend. It seems that I am married to Phillip Zong and have a grudge against me.”

Rios He felt bored when he thought that she and Phillip Zong were in the relationship between husband and wife. Fortunately, only one month, “I will take care of you in the future.”

When she and Phillip Zong dissolve their marriage, he confessed his heart.

He will take care of her from now on.

Don’t let her get hurt again.

Ana Lin didn’t hear clearly, and gave a faint hum.

Ana Lin didn’t go back that night. On the one hand, he was unfamiliar with this place for the night he spent here. On the other hand, because of today’s thrilling, he couldn’t sleep peacefully and got up very early.

Rios He was very considerate and bought her new clothes. She couldn’t wear it anymore.

“It’s a skirt, your legs are not suitable for wearing pants.” Rios He handed her the clothes.

Wearing pants will scratch the wound.

The long skirt can just cover the knees.

Except for her mother, I am afraid that Rios He treats her best. This kind of goodness makes her very stressed, and she doesn’t know how to repay.

“Can you be so good to me?” Her voice went dumb.

Rios He smiled pretentiously, “Fool, you call my brother, shouldn’t I take care of you? What are you polite?”

She stretched out her hand and scratched her nose, “I’m a mother, do you want to cry for me?”

Ana Lin sniffed, smiled at him, took the clothes into the room, took off the bathrobe and changed into clothes.

Rios He sent her home after breakfast.

“Go to Golden Harbor.” There is still time, she has to go to Lin’s house. Now that she has the land that Phillip Zong gave her in Repulse Bay, she has a bargaining chip to exchange with Randall Lin.

She has to get those things back first. Only when she has money can she have a bargaining chip against those who want to harm her.

Although not many, but at least to relieve her urgent need.

There is also money owed to Rios He.

Although he said that he didn’t need to pay it back, she couldn’t help it.

Rios He turned the front of the car and drove towards the golden harbor.

The car stopped soon.

Ana Lin got out of the car. Although she could walk, her knee hurts when she walked. She endured the pain and walked towards the courtyard.

Inside the house, the servants are making breakfast, and they don’t seem to get up yet.

“Do you want me to call—”

“No.” Ana Lin interrupted the servant.

She used to live here too. The last time she came in a hurry, she didn’t even go to see the room she used to live in. Although the memories here are not good, it is the place where she lived when she was a child.

There are always feelings.

She went up to the second floor and wanted to open the room she used to live in, but found that there was a sound inside. She gently opened the door and found that Lin Yuhan had occupied it.

Lin Yuhan was lying on the bed, and Elvira Shen seemed disappointed when she sat on the side of the bed, “I didn’t expect to let her escape.”

“What?” Lin Yuhan abruptly sat up from the bed, “Why let her escape?”

Elvira Shen sullen her face, “I was too careless. I thought she could deal with a girl like a man. Who knew that man was so useless and couldn’t even catch a woman!”

Lin Yuhan yelled angrily, “If you don’t ruin her, how can you make Phillip Zong hate her and then divorce her? If you don’t get a divorce, how can I have a chance?”

Elvira Shen covered her daughter’s mouth, “You keep your voice down, don’t let your father hear it.”

Lin Yuhan’s voice became quieter, “I’m angry–“

“Aren’t I angry?” Elvira Shen’s face was hideous, “Let her like Phillip Zong, she relied on the power of the Zong family to settle old accounts with us, and then we will be finished.”

“So now we must get rid of her!” Lin Yuhan said fiercely.

Elvira Shen had to be more cautious, “I didn’t succeed this time, I’m afraid she was prepared for it, and it must be a bit difficult to f*ck her again–“

“You–” Lin Yuhan saw the person standing at the door, jumped off the bed, pointed at Ana Lin who was standing at the door, and snapped, “You, why are you here?”

Ana Lin thought it was Bai Zhuwei who had harmed him, but he did not expect it to be Elvira Shen and Lin Yuhan.

Elvira Shen was also surprised when she saw her, “When did you say you came up? What did you hear?!”

Ana Lin sneered. She robbed her mother’s husband, occupied her father, and used her mother’s dowry. She just wanted to get back her mother and her things.

Unexpectedly, she actually wanted to harm her!

Ha ha.

Are you afraid that she will win the clan?

“What did you hear?” Ana Lin stared at Elvira Shen and sneered twice, “I have heard everything that I should know.”

Chapter 29

Ana Lin didn’t expect that one of their reasons for harming himself was that he was afraid of using Phillip Zong’s power against them.

She hadn’t thought about it before, but it’s different now.

Did they harm herself and threaten the child in her stomach!

It turns out that her concession is weak and bullying in their eyes?

“What did you hear?” Since she couldn’t keep it secret, Elvira Shen was not pretending.

“Yes, what do you think you are, but was discarded by Dad—”

“You were quarreling early in the morning-why did you come?” Randall Lin wanted to scold him, but when he saw Ana Lin was there, his voice turned a corner.

Ana Lin glanced at Elvira Shen and Lin Yuhan, and finally set his eyes on Randall Lin, “Don’t you want the land in Repulse Bay?”

Randall Lin was taken aback, “Did you get it?”

At the same time, Elvira Shen and Lin Yuhan stared at her with scorching eyes.

As if shocked, Phillip Zong was really good to her.

Otherwise, she won’t give her all the land contracts in Repulse Bay.

Ana Lin had a full view of their expressions, Phillip Zong’s tiger skin, she is probably going to talk about it today.

The fox faked his power once.

She pretended to be relaxed, her face was the shyness and happiness of a woman in love, “We are a husband and wife, what’s wrong with him giving me something?”

“Impossible!” Lin Yuhan didn’t want to believe it. She had been brainwashing herself all the time, and all she had seen before was false.

It is impossible for Phillip Zong to like her!

Elvira Shen grabbed Lin Yuhan and shook her head to signal her not to get too excited.

If Ana Lin really got the land in Repulse Bay, Randall Lin’s attitude towards her would definitely change.

After all, the Zong family is a big tree.

Randall Lin definitely wants to climb, and there is still something wrong with the company.

Sure enough, after Lin Guo finished listening to Ana Lin’s words, a long-lost smile crawled on his cheeks, “Have you had breakfast? Just eat here before leaving.”

It’s not that Randall Lin can’t laugh, but he just didn’t smile at Ana Lin.

Looking at Randall Lin, Ana Lin felt bitter and astringent. He saw that he was worth using, so did his attitude change?

In his heart, he only has the value to use?

This is her biological father, how sad?

“I have eaten, I just came to tell you, you put my mother’s dowry, and my things, tidy up, I will bring them tomorrow.”

After speaking, she turned and went downstairs, perhaps because of the pain in her heart, which made her ignore the pain in her leg.

Randall Lin followed, “You come back, you haven’t eaten at home yet, you will leave after eating.”

Ana Lin looked back at Randall Lin, “What do you want to do?”

According to Randall Lin’s style of doing things, there is nothing to need her, I am afraid that she does not have this love for her daughter, right?

Seeing his thoughts, Randall Lin didn’t hide it either, and said a little bit more mildly, “Yanyan, something happened in the company, can you ask Phillip Zong to solve it for me?”

Ana Lin helped the stair railing to walk down, without looking at him anymore, and asked indifferently, “What happened to the company?”

“It’s a real estate investment, there was a collapse event–“

The company is facing a lawsuit, on the other hand, its reputation has been greatly affected.

The industries that led to the company’s investment were all resisted.

Now the funds are almost impossible to collect.

Even if Ana Lin gave him the land in Repulse Bay, he would not have the funds to invest in development.

The time of delay now is to resolve this landslide.

If Phillip Zong stepped forward to suppress public opinion and the chief of the lawsuit found someone for him, this crisis would pass.

Ana Lin glanced upstairs, “I can’t help you for nothing, I have the conditions.”

Randall Lin’s expression was stubborn, and it seemed that she didn’t expect her to make another request. What would she want this time?

His face sank involuntarily.

“Don’t worry, I won’t ask for your money. It belongs to me and my mother. You can return the original amount. If you want me to help you, it’s not impossible, just–“

“Just what?” Randall Lin asked.

“Divorce Elvira Shen, I promise to help you.”

Randall Lin is in a dilemma.

Ana Lin didn’t say much, she wanted to see how her father was so rare about this woman.

More important than the survival of the company?


“On this condition, you are not willing, and I will not force you.” Ana Lin said lightly.

Randall Lin still has true feelings?

Randall Lin was embarrassed, “Yes, I know you care about sending you away. At that time, Elvira Shen was pregnant and the examination was a boy. That’s why—just—”

“That’s why I sent my mother away. Did she give you a son?” Ana Lin clasped his hands tightly, did he know that the mother he sent away was also pregnant?

Because of the shock of divorce, she was depressed during pregnancy, which led to the child with autism.

It seems that when it comes to this matter, Randall Lin is also very sorry, “I accidentally miscarried, so if I don’t want her now, it would be really unfair to her—”

“The company and Elvira Shen, choose one of the two!” Ana Lin didn’t want to hear him say that because Elvira Shen had pregnant her with a son, the divorce was unfair.

What about her mother?

Just deserve to be abandoned? !

The son who deserves to have autism?

Now it’s just to divorce him and Elvira Shen, just miss the old love?

When sending away mother and her, did you read a little bit of love between husband and wife and blood relationship?

Ana Lin endured heartache and walked out of the Lin family villa.

Outside the gate, Rios He leaned against the car, and the morning sun was warm and soft, gently falling on him, making him look gentle and ethereal.

Ana Lin’s footsteps paused.

Rios He saw her coming out and opened the back door, “Don’t stand, get in the car.”

Ana Lin walked over, bent over and sat in the car.

Rios He closed the car door, got into the driving seat, and looked back at her, “Where are you going?”

“Wan Yue.” Ana Lin leaned against the window, “I work inside.”

Rios He frowned, “If I have a better job—”

“I work there, and I have a deal with Phillip Zong.” So she couldn’t leave.

Rios He started the car, but felt a little uneasy. He always felt that she was entangled with Phillip Zong too much.

After about twenty minutes, the car stopped under the Wanyue Group Building.

Rios He came down to open the door for her. Ana Lin had already opened the door. He saw him coming and said with a smile, “I can do it myself.”

Rios He gave her a hand, “I’m hurt, don’t you know? Take care of yourself and call brother if you have something to do.”

Ana Lin nodded and stepped out of the car.

At this time, another car stopped at the door, a stalwart figure stepped down, and Ana Lin looked over.

Phillip Zong stood by the car, looking at her as if it were the coldest and lonely moonlight in the world, lightly splattered, and the cold made people tremble.

Phillip Zong’s gaze was too unfriendly, even Rios He spotted it and blocked Ana Lin.

Phillip Zong was originally angry last night because Ana Lin didn’t go back all night. At this moment, Rios He defended that woman in front of him.

He only felt the sultry in his heart, and the scorching heat would burn to death!

She didn’t go back all night, was she spending a good night with this man?

The more I think about the fire, the more it is burning…

Chapter 30

The fire is burning more and more, almost swallowing people!

He squeezed his voice, half raised the corners of his lips, he couldn’t hear the joy or anger, it was the endless coldness, “What I said to you, is it useless?”

Ana Lin shuddered instinctively.

“You are a trading marriage, you are not qualified to ask her for anything.” Rios He also said in a cold tone.

“I’m not qualified, you’re not even more qualified, is it a deal, you covet someone else’s wife, not a gentleman.” After saying that he didn’t look at Rios He, but glanced at Ana Lin behind her, “I’ll give you one. minute.”

After speaking, he walked towards the building.

Rios He turned and looked at Ana Lin, “Don’t be afraid, there is me, I will accompany you in and tell him clearly.”

Ana Lin shook his head, this matter was her fault.

Last time she agreed, but broke her promise.

“No, brother, you go back first, I have to go to work.” Ana Lin moved into the building and Phillip Zong had already gone up.

Ana Lin also took the elevator up.

Standing at the door of Phillip Zong’s office, she suppressed her panic, raised her hand and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

She opened the door and walked in, trying to explain why she didn’t go back last night. Phillip Zong opened her mouth first, “Our marriage relationship ends.”

He raised his eyes, “One month is too long, it’s over now.”

Ana Lin’s lips trembled involuntarily, she thought she was strong and brave, but otherwise.

Those are not enough.

In distress, she cannot protect herself.

If it hadn’t happened to be Rios He, she might not have escaped.

Perhaps she was harmed by Elvira Shen and Lin Yuhan a long time ago.

Phillip Zong didn’t want to entangle with her anymore, picked up the phone, “Lawyer Li, help me plan a divorce——”

“No!” Ana Lin came over and held his phone, shook his head at him, “I really didn’t mean to not go back. I encountered something last night, so I—”

Ha ha.

Phillip Zong’s gaze fell on the skirt on her body, grinning gloomily, and the strong deterrence seemed to pass through her flesh and blood, “Is it okay for you to be perfect?”

Yesterday it was obviously a trousers and T-shirt, but it was changed to a skirt overnight.

How crazy was it last night to get the clothes off and not wear them?

Perhaps she does have an attraction, but her debauchery is also true.

This kind of woman is not worth his care.

“Not good.” Even the divorce is not now.

If she loses Phillip Zong’s patron.

She will still be slaughtered like eight years ago, without the strength to fight back.

Phillip Zong stared at her. She was stunned, panicked, and disoriented, like a disoriented elk, hesitating and helpless. His heart was throbbing, and he was caught off guard when he came, and then sneered and fooled with other men. , Come and maintain his marriage again?

Ridiculous, ridiculous!

He was still cold and detached, “I make you and that man stand by each other, but you tell me it’s not good?”

Ana Lin was very flustered and terrified, afraid that Phillip Zong would really divorce her.

In a flash of light, Ana Lin thought of the kss he had caught off guard, and without extra thought, he kssed him.

In an instant, the surrounding air almost condensed.

Phillip Zong was stunned for a moment, lowered his eyes and stared at the woman who was k*ssing his lips, unexpectedly forgot to react.

Her private life is slutty, but her k*ssing skills are jerky.

But there was an inexplicable sense of familiarity, so that he did not push her away in the first place, and sensibly returned, Phillip Zong pushed her away rudely.

Unprepared, Ana Lin was pushed back by him two steps, his knees softened, he fell off, the skirt was lifted, and his legs were exposed.

The wound was bandaged and flung away. The gauze on the knee was oozing with blood, making it particularly eye-catching.

The pain came from the knee.

Her body trembled lightly and trembling.

Phillip Zong was stunned.

Her legs–

Ana Lin ignored the pain in his knees, got up from the ground, continued to beg him not to divorce himself, and looked at him pleadingly, “Don’t divorce me.”

She was afraid, afraid that she would have nothing, and finally took advantage of the identity of Phillip Zong’s wife, where she was taken seriously in Randall Lin, and it became nothing.

Panic and bewilderment made her cry.

Phillip Zong came over, bent over and lifted the hem of her skirt, with white gauze wrapped around her knees, and the bright red on it was particularly dazzling.

Is she injured?

His voice is distressed that is not easy to detect, maybe he didn’t notice it himself, seeing her hurt, he would feel sorry for her, “How did it happen?”

Ana Lin wiped away the tears on his face and took the opportunity to explain, “I got off work last night and took a taxi back. As a result, someone arranged the taxi and tried to harm me. I jumped out of the car in order to escape. In this way, I didn’t mean to not go back. I would be with Rios He. It was a blunder. He saved me.”

Phillip Zong didn’t want to admit it, seeing the hurt on her leg, his heart softened.

He straightened up, still looking cold, “Do you know who is going to harm you?”

“Elvira Shen and Lin Yuhan, because I married you, they are afraid that I will use your power to deal with them, so they will act first against me.” There is nothing to conceal about this. important.

It turned out that she did not want to divorce, not because she had thoughts about him, but because she was afraid of being persecuted.

Inexplicably, he was a little bit lost.

He turned to face the French window, leaving her a lonely back, “This is the reason why you don’t want to divorce me?”

Ana Lin did not deny, “Our transaction is one month, so wait until time, can you?”

Phillip Zong closed his eyes, his brows were frowning, and he was obviously unwilling to talk more deeply. He did not agree or refuse. Instead, he said coldly, “Get out!”

“Next time, there will never be a night out. During the relationship with Mr. Zong, I will definitely do what a wife should do. Please rest assured, Mr. Zong.” Ana Lin promised.

Phillip Zong was impatient, with a deep cold tone, “Get out!”

Ana Lin hesitated for half a second, and walked out lamely.

The office door closed, and Phillip Zong laughed at himself, laughing at the irony, laughing at himself.

He could not control himself because of this insignificant woman.

This is something he has never had before.

Knowing that she is not pure and innocent, I still can’t help it, because of her time and time again, I am not like myself.

Ana Lin returned to her position and untied the entangled gauze. The wound he had broken away was bleeding out. She took out the medicine Rios He gave her and sprinkled it on the wound again, without bandaging it.

When it was time to go to work, everyone went to the office area one after another. She quietly translated the documents. She was too quiet, as if there was no such person, even Bai Zhuwei did not show up to trouble her.

Everyone went out for dinner at noon.

Ana Lin did not go with them. Instead, he bought a box of lunch and ate at the place, and read the documents while eating. Bai Zhuwei asked her to finish the translation in two days. Yesterday, only one half of the translation was completed, and the remaining half. She was very busy today. .

In order for Bai Zhuwei not to trouble her, she had to finish the translation within the stipulated time.

For lunch, the company restaurant Bai Zhuwei and Phillip Zong went to together naturally came back together.

For Ana Lin’s existence, Phillip Zong did not question anything.

This made Bai Zhuwei feel much better.

I was too excited before because Ana Lin was the girl that night, and the child with Phillip Zong in her belly, was too nervous to lose her squareness.

Now calm down and think about it. The only woman who knew that night was also dead, Phillip Zong would never know the truth of that night.

As long as she firmly grasps Phillip Zong’s heart, as for Ana Lin, she thinks someone will clean up for her…

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