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Chapter 16

Ana Lin was hugging him that day.

Whose is it that is not his?

Rios He’s heart ached. If she had found herself on the day of the car accident, she wouldn’t be so embarrassed now.

In Phillip Zong’s eyes, Rios He acquiesced and sneered, “She is no more than eighteen–“

“What do you know?!” Rios He snapped, his eyes a little red, knowing what Phillip Zong wanted to say is nothing more than Ana Lin’s words of self-love.

She got pregnant when she was only eighteen years old, what if her life is disorderly!

But does he know what she experienced?

Rios He glanced up and down at Phillip Zong. That expensive suit was probably an ordinary person’s salary for a year.

“A noble son like you, have you experienced human suffering? Do you know how it feels to have no food? Do you know the helplessness of being forced into desperation? You don’t know! You don’t know how she lived to this day…”

Ana Lin grabbed Rios He and shook his head. She didn’t need sympathy, no one needed to be pitiful, she just had to work hard to live, take care of her mother, and the baby in her belly.

“You take me to the hospital.” She was almost unable to stand.

“Okay.” Rios He bent over and hugged her.

Ana Lin looked at Phillip Zong who was a little dazed, and seemed to be surprised by Rios He’s words, “I’m sorry, I can’t stop working, but you can rest assured, I will never let people know that my relationship with you will not hurt your face.”

Phillip Zong frowned, her eyes flickered, and then, his eyes passed over her face, this woman—

Outsiders don’t know Ana Lin’s situation at the moment, but Rios He who is holding her knows that her body has been shaking now. Rios He is holding her in the car and comfortingly said, “Don’t be afraid, if you don’t see red, nothing will happen. “

Rios He got in the car as fast as possible and took her to the hospital.

Phillip Zong stared at the car going away, still thinking of Rios He’s words in his mind, what is the secret of Ana Lin?

Many of her actions are indeed strange.

In order to figure out what was going on, he took out his cell phone and gave Milton Guan a call.

“Check Ana Lin.”

“Check her what?”


Phillip Zong hung up after finishing talking.

“Ah Hao.” Bai Zhuwei ran out of the restaurant, holding his arm, “Are you still mad at me for not letting Ana Lin join the company? I know I was wrong, I just love you too much–“

“No, let’s go back.” There is no ups and downs in his voice or expression.

No one can see through the hidden emotions.

Bai Zhuwei only felt uneasy.

Who did he call just now?


Ana Lin was sent to the operating room.

Rios He waited outside. The wait was always very painful. He looked into the operating room from time to time.

About an hour later, the door of the operating room opened and Ana Lin was pushed out. Rios He hurried forward, “How is she?”

The doctor got the mask and said, “Because of overwork, there are signs of miscarriage. Now it is fine, but you must take a rest, otherwise you may not be so lucky next time.”

“I see.” Rios He pushed her into the ward.

Ana Lin looked at Rios He and said sincerely, “Thank you for always helping me.”

Always help her when she needs it.

“You are fine.” Rios He showed a gentle smile that he always had.

“You paid the money for me, right? I have to owe you first.” Ana Lin pulled dry lips.

“Don’t talk about this now, you need to rest.” Rios He didn’t like her seeing herself so apart.

Entering the ward, Ana Lin looked at him, “Call my mother over.”

She didn’t want to cause too much trouble to Rios He.

Rios He thought she missed Ida Zhuang. After all, when people are vulnerable, they always want their relatives by their side.

He took his cell phone and called Ida Zhuang, told her that Ana Lin was in the hospital and asked her to come over.

When Ida Zhuang heard this, he panicked and said, “What’s wrong with the words?”

“It’s okay, just need to rest, she wants to see you.”

Ida Zhuang only breathed a sigh of relief.

Came to the hospital as quickly as possible.

When Ida Zhuang came over, Ana Lin let Rios He go first.

“Yes, I’m causing you trouble.” Ida Zhuang apologized deeply.

“It’s okay, then I will go back today and see you tomorrow.” Rios He looked at her, “rest well.”


As soon as Rios He left, Ida Zhuang sat down by the bed and covered her with a quilt, “Do you want to eat?”

Ana Lin shook his head, his face a little bit not very good.

Ida Zhuang felt uncomfortable.

“You could have a good future, but for me, your studies are gone, now—”

Thinking of the child in her stomach, Ida Zhuang’s heart aches, “You said you are in country A, what if you are a child with yellow hair and blue eyes?”

Ida Zhuang worried that he was a local that night.

“No matter what he is, it is my child and your grandson.” Ana Lin would not deliberately think about the night, it was not good for her.

“Country A?” Phillip Zong came to the hospital to see Ana Lin. He wanted to knock on the door, but found that Ida Zhuang was talking to her inside, so he didn’t bother them.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if the baby is white or yellow, it’s my grandson.” Ida Zhuang also wanted to leave. As long as her daughter is happy, she is willing to follow her and take care of her.

Maybe she and this child are also fate.

After all, it happened once.

Ida Zhuang touched her forehead and couldn’t help but feel sad, “My daughter, I have suffered with me.”

“Her child was not killed?” Phillip Zong felt more and more that she was like a mystery.

At the hospital that day, she clearly entered the operating room.

They were talking, he was not good to go in and disturb, turned around, and walked away.

When he walked to the entrance of the hospital, the cell phone in his pocket rang, he took it out and showed Milton Guan’s name.

He picked it up.

“What you asked me to check is clear.”

Chapter 17

Phillip Zong nodded slightly, his perfectly-lined jaw was inexplicably tight at this moment, and he faintly spit out a word, “Say.”

“Eight years ago, Randall Lin and Ida Zhuang divorced and sent their mother and daughter to live in Country A. They have never returned in these eight years. They were not picked up by Randall Lin until recently.”

Phillip Zong frowned. This is why she can speak country A, because she lived there?

“That’s it?” Obviously these didn’t satisfy him.

Milton Guan’s voice hesitated and opened his mouth again, “After Ida Zhuang was sent to country A, he gave birth to a boy with autism, living in a difficult life, and this boy died in a car accident before they returned.”

Phillip Zong frowned, her expression getting deeper and deeper, the sadness that appeared in her eyes last time was because of her brother?

Then the child in her belly, “Nothing? No man appeared beside her?”

“No–there is only a doctor in the heart who walked closer to her.” Milton Guan carefully checked the information sent to the investigator there, “No, I didn’t fall in love at school, and there were no other men and She walked closer.”

In other words, the child in his stomach may belong to the doctor in his heart.

She will be picked up by Randall Lin, because of his marriage contract, let her come back to marry?

The reason why she loves money so much is because of the embarrassment of living in country A, so she will ask him for money to translate documents and go to the restaurant to make money.

Thinking about this, Phillip Zong sorted out Ana Lin’s strange behavior.

At the same time, he also understood what Rios He meant.

His mood became a little more complicated, he looked back, then stepped down the steps, got in the car and left the hospital.

In the hospital.

Ana Lin didn’t eat at noon, and was a little hungry now.

“Mom, I want to eat eight-treasure rice.” Ana Lin suddenly wanted to eat sweets.

Ida Zhuang came here, knowing that women who are pregnant and silly will prefer certain flavors of food.

As the old saying goes, a woman with sour children does not know whether she is pregnant with a boy or a girl.

“I’ll go back and do it for you.” Ida Zhuang got up, fearing that no one would take care of her in the hospital.

Ana Lin seemed to see her mother’s worry, and smiled, “I’m fine, the doctor said just take a break.”

If it weren’t for worrying about being bad for the child in her stomach, she wouldn’t have to be hospitalized at all.

Ida Zhuang nodded and asked her to rest before leaving the ward.

When he got out of the car, Ida Zhuang was walking into the community when he was suddenly stopped by a few women.

They all live in this community.

Although it hasn’t been long since I moved in, there is no contradiction. Ida Zhuangg frowned, “What are you doing?”

“Your daughter was pregnant first when she was unmarried? She was pregnant, right?” It was a chubby middle-aged woman who spoke first.

Live next door to Ida Zhuang.

“Usually, depending on how you are, I didn’t expect your daughter to be this kind of stuff. Didn’t you say last time that your daughter is only eighteen?” The fat woman pinched her waist and was aggressive.

Ida Zhuang’s face was green and white, and his voice trembled, “You, who do you listen to chewing your tongue?”

“Are we wrong, your daughter is not pregnant at all?”

Ida Zhuang’s hand shook. Yes, her daughter is pregnant.

“So shameless!”

“That’s right, I hook up with a man at a young age, and she looks like a pure little girl, she turned out to be a small ~ waver!”

“Yes, that is, the innocent looks are pretended to be seen by others, and they are doing dirty~dirty activities secretly——”

“Shut up, who told you to say it?” Ida Zhuang was angry, twisting his originally gentle face.

“If you dare to do it, don’t be afraid to say it!”

Ida Zhuang clutched his rapidly rising and falling chest, and sternly defended his daughter, “My daughter is not the kind of person you are talking about!”

She felt that her heart was about to be torn apart. Her daughter was not like that.

Why do you slander her so much?

“No? Why did you get pregnant at the age of eighteen?”

Ida Zhuang’s words are at a loss, but Ana Lin said that she is pregnant.

She knew that getting pregnant before marriage would make people give pointers, but she didn’t expect them to criticize and abuse so fiercely.

“Get off!” Ida Zhuang pushed them away and quickly walked into the community.

Although they were very annoyed by their words, thinking that their daughter was still in the hospital, she felt unwell and cooked for her daughter.

She thought she had concealed it well, but she still saw it when she went to the hospital to deliver food to her daughter.

“Mom, your face–“

“I’m fine.” Ida Zhuang didn’t want her daughter to know what she heard today.

Ana Lin stared at Ida Zhuang’s deliberately dodging face. She would not lie, and she would not dare to look into people’s eyes when she lied.

Obviously, she lied.

Ana Lin didn’t expose it, and took the eight-treasure meal she handed over.

It was so sweet, but she couldn’t feel it, only bitter.

She lowered her eyes, “Mom, I can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, and I will go home with you for a few days.”

She thought that Ida Zhuang’s pale face was because she missed her brother.

This is my mother’s heart disease.

Ida Zhuang was startled and resolutely said, “No.”

How sad is it for her to hear those words?

Ana Lin frowned, “Mom—”

“Listen to me.” Ida Zhuang pretended to be serious. “Whether it’s a deal or something, you are married to the clan, where you should live.”

Ida Zhuang’s reaction was so abnormal that Ana Lin couldn’t think much about it.

She was no longer speaking, and lost her sense of taste in her mouth, just to swallow something in her stomach for the child in her stomach.

Tossing around at night, she couldn’t sleep.

Later, it was dawn, and she went to sleep slowly, but after a while, she woke up soon.

In the morning, Rios He came over, and Ida Zhuang went back to cook Ana Lin’s food.

When Ida Zhuang walked out of the ward, Ana Lin got off the bed and Rios He came to help her.

She raised her head to look at Rios He, “I think my mother is hiding something from me.”

“What’s the matter?” Rios He asked.

“I don’t know, so I want to figure it out.” She hesitated, “I want you to do me a favor.”

“You said.”

“I want to follow her.”

See why she didn’t want her to go back to live.

Before, Ida Zhuang said clearly that she hoped that she lived at home so that it would be convenient to take care of her.

But yesterday her reaction was so intense.

Obviously abnormal.

She is now a relative of her mother, and she can’t let her mother suffer from something she doesn’t know.

Rios He agreed that she could go.

The journey was very peaceful, Ida Zhuang got off the car and entered the house.

Ana Lin followed.

Ana Lin came down from the elevator and saw where they lived, the door, and the walls were written shameless, unmarried and pregnant, various abusive words, and splashed paint.

Ida Zhuang stood in front of the door trembling angrily, shook his body, and fell down.


Rios He stepped over and caught the fallen Ida Zhuang, “Send to the hospital first.”

It was obviously stimulated by the things on the wall.

Ana Lin choked up and said okay.

My mother died from the death of her younger brother, coupled with the sequelae from the car accident, her health was very poor.

Seeing these will definitely be annoying.

Suddenly fainted, Ana Lin was extremely worried.

Ida Zhuang was sent to the emergency room.

Ana Lin stood at the door, as if losing his soul. Rios He came over and hugged her shoulders to comfort, “Don’t worry too much.”

Phillip Zong returned home and found that Ana Lin hadn’t gone back yet, and drove by thinking that she was in the hospital.

Maybe it was because I knew that Ana Lin was unfortunate in the past, or because she was my wife, I felt a little compassionate towards her.

When I came to the hospital, I didn’t see her in the ward, but in the corridor when I was about to leave, I saw her and Rios He hugging together.

A fire burst out of my heart…

Chapter 18

A fire burst out of my heart, the fire was inexplicable, even he couldn’t figure it out.

His voice was cold, “You show affection here?!”

This voice–

Even if he didn’t get along for a long time, Ana Lin could immediately hear who the voice belonged to. Her body became stiff, and she turned her head, as expected.

He stood not far away, with a grim expression on his face, “What I said last time, are you deaf?”

Ana Lin subconsciously withdrew from Rios He’s arms. Just because he was worried about Ida Zhuang, he didn’t pay attention to the physical contact with Rios He.


Ana Lin just wanted to explain, but Rios He grabbed his wrist. He looked at Phillip Zong, “Your marriage is only one month, and you will get the deal you need. What reason do you have to interfere in her private affairs?”

Knowing everything about Ana Lin, Rios He was heartbroken and regretful, so now he wants to cherish her and protect her.

Phillip Zong stared at Rios He clutching Ana Lin’s wrist. For a moment, a mocking sneer overflowed from his throat, “You let a woman who is pregnant with her child marry, and now she is out of control?”

The sneer remaining on his lips suddenly closed, his gaze was as sharp as a sharp sword, and the armor that Rios He killed did not remain, “You are also a man?”

Ana Lin’s heart violently pumped together, ashamed and at a loss.

He actually thought that the child in his stomach belonged to Rios He, and he was grateful and respectful to Rios He. How could he dare to smear him with his own filth?

She broke away Rios He, clutching her hand and looked at Phillip Zong, “If you want to talk about me, just talk about me, please don’t bring others.”

Ana Lin’s maintenance was beyond Phillip Zong’s expectations!

Really love each other!

But in his eyes, it was ridiculous and angry.

She is now his wife, but she shows their affection with other men in front of him!

Inexplicable anger rolled in his chest!

But Rios He is right to say that their marriage is a transaction, and he is not qualified to blame it, but he doesn’t want to look at them together.

“The land in Repulse Bay, if you still want it, come to me.” After speaking, he turned around, took a step, and left.

Ana Lin was in a trance for several seconds, but he didn’t expect the opportunity she had given up, so he gave it to himself again.

For her, the temptation is really great.

If she had the right to trade that piece of land, she would have the bargaining chip to negotiate terms with Randall Lin.

Instead of blindly being suppressed by Randall Lin.

“Yes.” Rios He was a little worried, it seemed that Phillip Zong’s words made her heart.

Ana Lin shook his head, “I’m fine.”

Twenty minutes later, Ida Zhuang was pushed out of the operating room. Ida Zhuang fainted due to his breathlessness.

She is a daughter now. Hearing that others insulted her daughter, Ida Zhuang couldn’t accept it. With the addition of those at the door, she couldn’t bear it for a while.

“The patient’s qi and blood are stagnant and can’t stand the stimulation. Try not to let her have big mood swings.” After being admitted to the ward, the doctor explained.

Ana Lin nodded, “Thank you doctor.”

Ana Lin knew that her brother’s death had dealt a great blow to her. If she didn’t still have herself, she would have followed her at that time.

She thought it would be better to keep her mother away from that sad place.

Never thought of it, but I was stimulated by my own affairs.

But, not many people know that she is pregnant, who did it?

And why do you do that?

What is the purpose?

Rios He saw her thoughts and walked over, “I can’t live in that place anymore. I’ll find a new place for you.”

Ana Lin nodded, it is true that I can no longer live in that place, lest my mother have mood swings.

“I want to find out who did it.” Ana Lin always felt that this was not accidental, but someone deliberately did it.

“Leave it to me.” Rios He smiled, “I am your brother, and of course I am also your relative.”

Ana Lin looked at Rios He, and suddenly there was a soreness in his nose. He was so kind to her, she didn’t know how to return it.

Slowly she lowered her head, said nothing, made a silent decision in her heart, and when she became capable, she would definitely repay him.

Now she really needs someone to help her figure this out.

Otherwise, she feels uneasy, even if she moves to a new residence, who knows if someone will come out and make something to deliberately irritate Ida Zhuang?

Thinking of Phillip Zong’s words before Lin left, Ana Lin looked distressed.

Rios He thought she was tired, so he said, “You go back to rest, here I am watching.”


“I used to work in this hospital, with my own office and rest room, and I can take care of your mother.”

Ana Lin looked at Ida Zhuang who was still in a coma, hesitated and said, “If you have a situation, please call me.”

Ana Lin left the hospital with Rios He.

Back at the villa, there was only Wanda at home, she frowned, “Is he away?”

Wanda turned her gaze to the study, “In it.”

Ana Lin changed her shoes and walked in, walked towards the study, and stood at the door. She waited for a moment before raising her hand to knock on the door.

She knocked a few times and no one answered, frowning involuntarily, twisting the handle and gently pushing the door open.

I saw that Phillip Zong leaned back on the back of the chair, closed his eyes, not knowing whether he was sleeping in a fake sleep or really asleep.

Ana Lin walked in slowly, stood at the desk, and whispered, “Mr. Zong?”

Phillip Zong slowly raised his eyelids and stared at the woman standing in front of him. Everyone called him Zong Zong and Zong Shao. For the first time, someone called him Mr. Zong.

Ana Lin clasped his hands, cold sweat on his palms, “You said, can you give me the land in Repulse Bay?”

Phillip Zong’s eyes were half-sniffing, and the corners of his lips were curled with calculations, “I am a businessman, and I don’t do business at a loss.”

Ana Lin’s mood instantly sank to the bottom.

Yes, it was her who was fantastic.

How could this man help her unconditionally?

She has nothing, how can she exchange for this piece of land?

“I think this piece of land is very useful to you.” Phillip Zong sensed her retreat.

Randall Lin sent her and her mother to that country, but their life was not good and her brother died again. She must have hatred for Randall Lin.

Before, he thought that Ana Lin wanted that piece of land for Randall Lin, but now it doesn’t seem to be.

“But I have nothing to exchange with you.” Indeed, Ana Lin wanted to get that piece of land.

Phillip Zong lifted his eyelids, the corners of his eyes filled with the smell of a mature man, “You do.”



Ana Lin slowed down for several seconds before reacting, “Me?”

Phillip Zong stood up and walked over, he approached, Ana Lin instinctively backed away, Phillip Zong grabbed her shoulder, “What are you backing, I don’t eat people.”

Ana Lin didn’t know why he was afraid of him. He always felt that he was not as calm as the surface.

Suddenly the corners of his lips overflowed with a smile, “Why, you have done something wrong, so you dare not face me, your heart is guilty?”

What did she do wrong?

Ana Lin raised his head, “What is my guilty conscience?”

She raised her chin, and the exhaled heat filled the tip of Phillip Zong’s nose. This kind of breath was somewhat familiar.

His expression paused, and the next second he squeezed her cheek, and a dangerous breath approached, “You are a married woman, and you are in love with other men. You are not obedient to women!”

Chapter 19

Ana Lin thought he was inexplicable.

Isn’t he also with Bai Zhuwei?

Besides, she and Rios He are not the relationship he thought. Why does he interfere with himself?

“I don’t care about you, and please don’t interfere with my personal affairs—”

Before she could finish her words, her lips were suddenly blocked.

All the words hovered on the tip of the tongue, but they could no longer speak.


Ana Lin reacted and pushed him.

Phillip Zong, who was sensible, took a step back.

Staring at the woman in front of you incredulously!

What was he doing just now?

Bai Zhuwei was so active, he didn’t even have the desire to get close to her.

But seeing this woman keep closing her pink lips, her brain was blank for a moment, and she did something unexpected out of control!

Besides that night, Ana Lin had never had such an intimate behavior, shame, or shock with any man.

“You, why are you?” Ana Lin felt that he had been violated.

She betrayed herself, but she was definitely not a random woman.

Why is he?

Phillip Zong turned his face and turned his back to her, “You are my wife.”

So nothing is too much!

Ana Lin’s eyes widened, this is simply arrogant!

“We are not a husband and wife, we are just trading!” Ana Lin’s voice was shaking.

She was afraid of having such close contact with men.

That night was already her nightmare!

She rejects intimacy between men and women.

Ana Lin was too angry to find Phillip Zong’s abnormality, his calm and calmness was just pretending to show her.

If Ana Lin is calm enough, a closer look will reveal Phillip Zong’s red ears.

“Even if it’s a transaction, you didn’t say that you can’t do husband-and-wife things during the relationship between husband and wife.” He slowly turned around and looked at Ana Lin who was almost broken.

Frown frowning.

Is his k*ss not poisonous so that it collapses like this?

Or is she chaste for that man?

He walked up to her slowly, “A man who can’t protect even the woman he likes, what kind of man is he? What is worthy of your love? Is it worth your chastity for him?”

Ana Lin didn’t know what he said, so what did he mean?

Does he mean Rios He?

Just when Ana Lin wanted to explain, Phillip Zong, who had recovered his composure, walked to the desk and sat down, leaning back lazily and recklessly, putting one hand on the table casually, his expression was extremely dim. , It seems that the act of being intimate has never happened.

“I can give you the land in Repulse Bay, but—” He paused, “Not for nothing.”

Ana Lin clenched her hands, shaking uncontrollably, her thoughts intertwined in her heart, and finally she suppressed Phillip Zong’s frivolous behavior.

Calmly said, “What do you want?”

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes, his voice was a bit erratic, “I haven’t thought of it yet, I will ask you if I think about it.”

This is probably the most impulsive thing he has done in his life.


Not under his control!

Ana Lin pursed her lips. She wanted to take back those things from Randall Lin. It was not easy. If she could really get the bargaining chip to trade with Randall Lin, it would be good.


“I won’t let you kill people and set fires, or let you do things that are against morals.” Phillip Zong seemed to see her worries and seduced.

After hesitating for a moment, “—good.”

She has nothing now, what else is she afraid of?

If she can get those things back quickly, she can take her mother out of here and find a quiet place to live.

“I repeat again, in the relationship with me, don’t have any men!” When he thought of the scene of her and Rios He hugging together, an indescribable sulky fire rolled in his chest.

“I and–“

“You can go out!” Before she could say anything, Phillip Zong interrupted her.

He didn’t want to hear Ana Lin talk about her and that man.

Listen upset!

Ana Lin moved his lips, but finally turned and left without saying anything.

At the moment when the study door closed, all the calmness and calmness on Phillip Zong’s face disappeared.

He rubbed his eyebrows, he was too impulsive just now.

Thinking of the very short but impressive k*ss, the finger slid to her lips, where her smell still seemed to remain, unknowingly, a faint smile wafted from the corners of her lips.

He didn’t even notice that he laughed.

Obviously absurd, but nostalgic.

Her lips are really soft.

Slightly similar to white bamboo.

But after that night, Bai Zhuwei couldn’t find the taste that fascinated him.

Could it be because of physical reasons at the time?

This feels really strange.

Ana Lin, who went out of the study, did not stay at home. Her mother was still in the hospital. She had to take care of her. She just went out and met Bai Zhuwei who came to the villa.

Every time I see her, she has exquisite makeup, well-fitting clothes, beautiful and dignified.

“You want to go out?” Bai Zhu asked with a smile.

“Yeah.” Ana Lin gave a faint hum. For this woman, she didn’t want to get in touch with her. She looked innocent, but not necessarily.

“Miss Lin, you are pregnant with someone else’s child. If you marry Ah Hao, he will marry you, but it’s because of the marriage contract his mother made for him. I hope you don’t think too much about it. He loves me. “

The meaning of Bai Zhuwei is unpretentious, but Ana Lin can’t hear it.

Phillip Zong loves her, Ana Lin knows, why bother to emphasize it again in front of her?

Don’t you feel bluffing?

Ana Lin smiled, “I know who I am, Miss Bai doesn’t always remind me.”

Bai Zhu was speechless for a moment, and he was so speechless that he frowned. The girl was not very young, but her mind was mature.

At this moment, she noticed the opening of the study, just a figure, Bai Zhuwei could judge that it was Phillip Zong, she rolled her eyes and reached out to push Ana Lin.

Ana Lin is pregnant, and as a mother, she is even more eager to protect the calf. When Bai Zhuwei was about to touch her, she almost reflexively pushed back with her backhand.


Bai Zhuwei was wearing high-heeled shoes, and hurriedly collapsed under the feet.

This scene was seen by Phillip Zong who had just walked out of the study, and he stepped over to catch Bai Zhuwei who was about to fall.

Being held so tightly in her arms by Phillip Zong, Bai Zhuwei’s heart thumped, she took the opportunity to stretch her arms around his neck, hoarse after fright, “Ah Hao——”

She didn’t say the following words, she just looked frightened.

Ana Lin, who had recovered his senses, raised his eyes to meet those breathtaking gazes. Phillip Zong fixedly stared at her, “Why do you do this?”

Just as Ana Lin wanted to explain, Bai Zhuwei got ahead and shook his head at Phillip Zong, “It’s okay, it’s not about Miss Lin.”

If Ana Lin didn’t know Bai Zhuwei’s intention before, he would be stupid if he didn’t know her now.

She knew that she and Phillip Zong were just a contractual marriage, so why framed her?

What is she afraid of?

Ana Lin ignored Phillip Zong’s question, and said calmly, “I haven’t done it before, believe it or not.”

After speaking, she turned and walked outside.

She would not admit what she hadn’t done.

It will not allow anyone to hurt her child.

Even if she did it again, she would still do it.


Chapter 20

Ana Lin stopped and turned around, and saw Phillip Zong let go of Bai Zhuwei and walked towards her with a steady and steady footstep.

The coldness of the corners of his lips condensed into an arc, hiding a sharp blade, and struck her mercilessly, “Apologize to Zhuwei!”

Ana Lin didn’t move, but looked back at his Ling stubbornly.

“I will not apologize to her!” Even at this moment, she is afraid of him.

She was right, Bai Zhuwei wanted to push her first.

She just protects herself and reacts instinctively!

Why should she apologize? !

Phillip Zong’s gaze was fixed on her stubborn face, with frowning frowns. He had never looked at this woman carefully, even when he lost his reason and k*ssed her.

She is relatively thin, with a small face that is large in the palm of her hand. She is delicate and pure. At this moment, her eyes are staring at him, stubborn and firm.

With eyes facing each other, no one would give in.

“If you push her, you have to apologize!” His tone was still cold, but he was less sharp.

It seems, was shocked by her expression.

“Ah Hao, I’m really fine, it’s because I’m not careful, it’s really none of Miss Lin’s business.” Bai Zhuwei hurried over to interrupt the confrontation between the two.

She held Phillip Zong’s arm, “Ahhao.”

She shook her head at Phillip Zong, with a thin layer of mist in her eyes, grievances, but forbeared, “Ah, I just couldn’t stand, maybe because the heels I wear are too high, really and Lin Miss is okay.”

She tried her best to defend Ana Lin.

Phillip Zong’s gaze dropped, looking at the high heels on her feet, it was indeed a bit high, but he clearly saw Ana Lin pushing her.

What is going on?

“Ah Hao, I may have twisted my ankle just now, it hurts.” Bai Zhu’s beautiful face wrinkled.

The usual dignity is different, a bit cute.

Phillip Zong stretched out her hand to pin her messy hair behind her ears. The woman followed him silently, without asking for anything in return, without crying or making trouble. When he was poisoned and needed a woman, she gave herself without hesitation.

Even if she wanted her, she didn’t ask for the status, she still stayed quietly by his side.

It was also at that moment, Phillip Zong wanted to give her a place.

He doesn’t love her, he has never loved any woman, he doesn’t believe in love.

My mother died within one month, and my father married someone else.

How could there be such a thing as love in this world?

Ridiculous and ridiculous!

“Stupid or not?”

Bai Zhu slightly snuggled into his arms, “As long as I can follow you and let me do anything, I don’t think I’m stupid, I just feel very happy.”

Ana Lin didn’t mind to look at them, turned his head and walked towards the door.

Bai Zhuwei looked at Ana Lin’s back from the side of the light, and the corners of his lips curled like nothing.

Presumably she shouldn’t have time to spend time with Phillip Zong in the villa right now?

She thought it was a hidden expression, but she didn’t know it was completely in Phillip Zong’s eyes.

But he didn’t say anything, didn’t ask, but turned and entered the house.

Bai Zhu walked quickly to follow, “Ah Hao——”

Phillip Zong turned his head and glanced at her faintly. His eyes fell on her high-heeled shoes. It was meaningful, “Don’t wear shoes that are too high in the future. It’s not good to fall.”

After speaking, he walked towards the study, and when he reached the door, he stopped, “I have something to do today, you should go back first.”

Before Bai Zhuwei could react, the door of the study was closed.

She stood there, looked down at the high heels on her feet, what did he mean, care about herself?

But it seems to have other meanings.

Bai Zhuwei stepped forward, trying to knock on the door, but Wanda stopped in front of her, “Didn’t the young master say, let you go back?”

Wanda didn’t like her, Bai Zhuwei always knew.

She tried hard to please, but the effect has not been good.

Wanda is not an ordinary servant, but a person who took care of Phillip Zong’s childhood.

She always has a bit of face in front of Phillip Zong.

“Wanda, I just think he seems to be in a bad mood, I want to accompany him more—”

“Along with him, there is a young lady to do it, so Miss Bai will come less in the future, so as not to be said to be a mistress, that will damage Miss Bai’s reputation.” Before Phillip Zong did not marry Ana Lin, Yu’s mother didn’t like it. Bai Zhuwei, but since Phillip Zong married Ana Lin.

Bai Zhuwei came again and took the initiative to get close to Phillip Zong, just like a mistress.

No one likes things like Xiaosan!

And it’s an elderly person like Wanda, who is even more disgusted.

“Ah Hao likes me. Marrying the Lin family is not what he wants. You are the one who took care of him when he grows up. Don’t you want him to be happy?” Bai Zhuwei tried his best to endure it, but didn’t yell.

She is a servant, it is really annoying to rely on the old and sell the old here!

“I think Madam arranged this marriage for the young master at that time, there is always her reason, the young master is already married, does Miss Bai want to intervene in other people’s marriages and be a third party who everyone calls to destroy other people’s marriages?”

Yu’s mother said nothing, but the politeness she should have is not less. She moved towards Bai Zhu and made a gesture of please, “Miss Bai, please.”

Bai Zhu’s hands hanging slightly on both sides, clenched tightly, trembling with anger, but unable to attack.

Can only go first.

As soon as Bai Zhu left the house, Yu’s mother immediately closed the door.

Her body stiffened, she slowly turned around and looked at the closed door, her face changed and changed again, a bit hideous, as ugly as it was.

Phillip Zong stood in front of the window, looking at the expression that Bai Zhuwei had never seen before him.

His eyes narrowed slightly.

“Master, is Miss Lin coming back for dinner at noon?” She didn’t come back last night, and she left as soon as she came back today. Yu mother didn’t like it very much.

She has been married into the Zong family and became Phillip Zong’s wife, and she must always look like a wife.

What’s more, it’s not good to stay away at night after just getting married.

Phillip Zong thought about her entering the hospital before, and turned his head, “She is not well, lunch—”


Phillip Zong didn’t know whether she would be back at noon.

Now he realized that he didn’t even have her contact information.

Wanda sighed, what happened to the people these years?

Couples are not like couples.

Obviously married, do not sleep together, do not know the whereabouts of each other, is this really a couple?

“I don’t know why Madam decided to do this marriage in the first place.” Wanda sighed.

Since the death of his wife, Phillip Zong moved out and rarely went back.

She thought that the marriage decided by the wife must be justified by her, and now the marriage is also closed.

Don’t want to–

Phillip Zong’s expression was also a little deep, “I’ll look for her.”

Wanda, “…”

Wanda became even more melancholy. How could this be a husband and wife, a complete stranger.

Phillip Zong picked up the jacket on the back of the sofa, put it on, and went out with the car key.

On the way to the hospital in the car, Phillip Zong thought of something and gave Milton Guan a call.

“The contract for the land in Repulse Bay, please tidy it up and send it to me.”

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