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Chapter 157

Keller Shen and Casey He looked at the door almost at the same time.

Phillip Zong stood at the door, the light was shrouded from above, covering most of his expression, his fingers with well-knotted joints, the buttons on the cuffs, and his small sturdy arms on the cuffs.

His face was too calm, Casey He’s heart was cold, she knew very well what Phillip Zong would do.

The heart trembled fiercely, “If you kill me, you will never want to know her whereabouts.”

Phillip Zong curled his lips, “Keller, you go out.”

Keller Shen didn’t dare to move. If he killed someone impulsively, the matter would be troublesome.

“That one……”

“Get out!”

“I want to see my lawyer!” Casey He panicked.

She wanted to escape, but her hands were handcuffed, and the person was fixed in the chair, unable to move.

“You have no evidence. I arrested Ana Lin. If you hit me, it’s an offence!” Casey He yelled in a panic, “Keller Shen, hurry up and take him away!”

Keller Shen spread both hands, “I’m sorry, I can’t do anything.”

When she left the interrogation after speaking, it was obvious that she didn’t use any means to make her speak.

Keller Shen walked out of the interrogation room and closed the door.

“Phillip, don’t be impulsive.” Casey He was flustered.

I’m afraid he will really kill himself.

Phillip Zong stood condescendingly in front of her, stretched out her hand to lift her chin, and looked carefully left and right, his eyes grew colder, “You said it was you that night.”

Casey He panicked, “You, what are you talking about, I don’t understand.”

He, it is impossible for him to know the truth about that night. Everyone who knew was dead, and even if he didn’t die, he would keep a secret for her.

He won’t know, he will never know!

“Don’t understand?” Phillip Zong sneered, “Then let me tell you, I haven’t touched you at all.”

Seeing that she had saved him, he believed her at the time and did not investigate the incident that night.

But because of this, he abruptly missed Ana Lin.

This mistake is six years.

Phillip Zong’s finger strength was amazing, Casey He couldn’t hold it, her whole body trembled in pain.

He looked at her fiercely, his fingertips getting tighter and tighter, Casey He shouted his name with a strong cry, and then yelled a word, his fingertips shifted, and the closing teeth closed in an instant.

“Who are you impersonating?”

Casey He’s eyes are round, he knows?

How did you know?

How could he know?

Tears fell from Casey He’s eyes, and she laughed crazy, “Since you know, I won’t hide it from you, yes, it was not me that night, it was the woman I was looking for.”

She looked at Phillip Zong resentfully, “I met you first, and saved you when I was a kid. Later, you left me by your side, but never gave me status. You know, I am a normal woman, and I need someone to love me. I love me, but you never gave me me.”

“Later, when you were poisoned, I knew that my chance was here, but at that time, I had lost my innocence, so I spent a sum of money to find a local woman who hadn’t opened a bag and sent it to In that room, when she comes out, I will go in again, making achievements is an illusion of me, deliberately making you think that you have taken my first time and take responsibility for me.”

She smiled, “It turns out that I was right. You are guilty and responsible for me. You are very good to me, and even promised to marry me.”

Her expression dimmed, “I do countless things, but I didn’t count it alone. That woman is not a national A, but a domestic one. What was even more surprising to me was that she was still the woman who had a marriage contract with you. So I panicked. I was afraid that you discovered her identity, so I deliberately said that I was pregnant, and then created the illusion of a car accident, saying that I had a miscarriage. The ultimate goal is to get you to divorce her.”

She looked at the man and smiled obsessively, “Do you know? In order to make her disappear into your world, I also arranged a car accident for her. The pain I suffered, she also wanted to taste it, I thought She died in that car accident, but she was fateful and escaped, but—”

She smiled bloodthirsally. “This time, she has no such luck.”


The thunder was too fast to cover her ears, and it struck her face like thunder and lightning, and her face swelled up almost instantly.

Casey He tilted her head, and the fire burned like an electric shock. Everything in her ears disappeared for a short time, and the sound was muted. Instead, there was a buzzing in the depths of her mind, and the bloody smell in her mouth spread strongly.

Phillip Zong pinched her chin again, almost removed her jaw, “Say, where is she?!”

“I don’t know!” Casey He gritted her teeth, “I can’t get what she can’t expect to get!”

She grinned, her teeth stained with blood, “You can’t even think of it.”

After speaking, she burst out laughing.

Crazy people can’t start.

At this time, the door of the interrogation room was pushed open, and Keller Shen walked in quickly, “There is a clue.”

“My subordinates checked her track near the soulmate bar and found Miss Lin’s mobile phone.”

Phillip Zong let go of Casey He, Keller Shen handed over a piece of paper with a wink, blood on his hand.

Phillip Zong wiped his fingers, staring at Casey He gloomyly, “If she has any shortcomings, don’t want to live.”

After speaking he turned and left.

Keller Shen glanced at Casey He and sighed, “Why bother?”

How can the psychology be distorted like this?

Casey He cried and swallowed blood, “He let me down first.”

Keller Shen didn’t know how to tell her clearly.

Phillip Zong kept her by his side, but felt that she had saved him and gave her a good job in return.

How did she understand it as love?


Keller Shen sighed and asked people to lock her up first. He quickly followed Phillip Zong’s footsteps and got in the car outside.

Seeing Casey He’s crazy look, Keller Shen planned for the worst in his heart. He wanted to open his mouth several times, but didn’t dare to ask.

“It’s just a clue, not someone.” Keller Shen vaccinated him.

The gaze that Phillip Zong cast over was as sharp as a knife.

“Miss Lin will definitely be fine. She is lucky and has a celestial phenomenon. We will definitely look for her and be safe and sound.”

Keller Shen immediately changed his mind.

Obviously now Ana Lin is his untouchable taboo.

But dare not say bad things in front of him.

There was still some distance, Keller Shen had seen his subordinates, he stopped the car, opened the door and walked down.

Seeing them coming over there, the headed subordinate ran over, “Zong Zong, Shen team, this is the mobile phone we found in the corner.”

As he said, he handed it over, and turned the computer in his hand to face them, “This is when I transferred to surveillance from a nearby area, and only this one got the picture.”

The man pointed to the surveillance equipment on the corner, “It shows that she is in a van. It might be a bit difficult to check the van. It is too wide, and…”

“That has to be investigated, hurry up.” Keller Shen interrupted his subordinates.

The man was also helpless, “Okay, I will go now and continue to send more people to find.”

White fish belly appeared on the horizon.

One night, no trace of Ana Lin was found.

Phillip Zong leaned on the body, lowered his head, and looked at the phone in his hand. This is Ana Lin’s phone.

Swiping his finger lightly, the screen lit up, she didn’t set a password, so Phillip Zong entered the page easily.

He checked her WeChat, MIS, QQ, and there was nothing suspicious.

Until he clicked on her SMS record…

Chapter 158

The content is a text message exchange between Casey He and Ana Lin.

There are also photos sent by Casey He to Ana Lin.

The first time, about the time of the LEO show, the content is, Want to know who the man was that night six years ago?

Phillip Zong’s hand was shaking slightly. At that time, she went to the second floor to cry by herself. Was it because she received this text message?

The second is at night.

Probably when he came to pick her up, he recalled that Ana Lin had received a text message while sitting in the car, his face was abnormal, and he lied to him that Lena Qin had sent her the message.

He turned down a little bit.

You collect money and sell your own flesh. Unexpected pregnancy, you don’t know who your child’s father is, right?

【who are you? What is the purpose, how do you know this?

People at the time.

When do you want to see me, feel free to contact me, I heard that your store is open today, congratulations.

Your child is very cute, looks like you and their father.

After reading the text message, he knew why Ana Lin would suddenly leave with the excuse that something happened.

Knowing that she might have guessed it was a trap, she was still fooled by the other party.

The other party knew her well and knew she cared about the two children.

So when the other party mentioned two children, she got confused.

His hands kept shaking.

Keller Shen didn’t dare to say anything, and walked to the side to make a call, “Send more people to expand the search range and find the van as quickly as possible.”


In response, Keller Shen hung up the phone and looked back at Phillip Zong.

The sky was getting brighter, the neon lights were no longer flashing, and the streets were full of alleys, and the atmosphere enveloped this layer of haze. He walked over.

“Do you want to go back first? I have already sent additional staff to find it. If you don’t go back overnight, I’m afraid the family will worry.”

It’s hard to say that Keller Shen has been looking for a night, so he went back first, so he had to tactfully say, “The two children are also at home, and I haven’t seen my mother all night. Will it make people?”

Thinking of Ruth and Daniel Phillip Zong’s waist bends down, he feels that he can’t breathe, his heart is crushed by the boulder, there is no gap to breathe.

Keller Shen was worried, “Phillip——”

Phillip Zong raised his hand to signal him not to speak. He did not raise his head, his voice was low and deep, “I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“It’s no trouble. Who of us is with whom, I will do my best to find her whereabouts as soon as possible.”

Phillip Zong turned off the screen of his mobile phone and put it in his pocket, then turned into the car.

The child Daniel is delicate and sensitive. Ana Lin will be worried if he doesn’t come back overnight, so he has to go back and arrange the two children first.

At this time, the road is still very quiet, and the breakfast shop on the side of the street has only opened for business.

The morning dew was thin and thin, with a hint of coolness.

When the car was about to reach the villa, he turned around again, went to the hotel, took a shower, changed into clean clothes, and made himself look in good spirits before returning to the villa.

When the car was parked at the villa, he glanced at the time, four thirty in the morning.

Now everyone shouldn’t get up, they should be sleeping. He walked into the yard lightly and pushed open the high and generous gate.

The room was very quiet and the light was dim. He stepped in and was about to push it open. When the door of the room went to see the two children, he found a small figure lying on the sofa.

He walked over and found that it was Daniel with nothing on his body, and his small body curled up on the sofa.

He bent over and tried to pick him up, and he woke up as soon as he touched him.

“Where is my mom?” Daniel’s first sentence when she woke up was to ask Ana Lin.

His eyes have not opened yet, and his voice is soft and hoarse.

Phillip Zong’s Adam’s apple turned up and down, just like his heart at the moment, “…she took a design, and the guests were anxious, she worked overtime in the store, I stayed with her for one night, now she is sleeping in the store, let me Come back to see you guys.”

Daniel rubbed her eyes, “Really?”

“Really.” Phillip Zong picked him up, “I will take you to the room to sleep.”

In order to wait for Ana Lin to come back, Daniel hardly slept all night. It was indeed a little sleepy at the moment, and she unknowingly leaned in Phillip Zong’s arms. This posture was more comfortable, and she mumbled, “My mommy is busy anymore. She said that she was busy during the day and would definitely spare time at night to accompany my sister and me. This time is an exception.”

Phillip Zong’s footsteps stopped and his body was stiff.

He lowered his head and looked at the immature face in his arms. He closed his eyes, and the words seemed to be spoken unconsciously, but they hit his heart.

His voice is hoarse, “Really?”

“Yes, she didn’t say it, but I know that she thinks we don’t have a father, so the love for me and my sister is very special. She tried to make up for that shortcoming.”

Phillip Zong’s hand tightened suddenly–

“Ah, it hurts.”

Phillip Zong hurriedly let go. He was a little out of control just now, and his hand power accidentally hugged Daniel in his arms. His voice trembled slightly, “I’m sorry.”

Daniel didn’t care, and passed away, closing his eyes and continuing to sleep.

He is sleepy.

Phillip Zong put him on the bed, and Ruth, who was in the room, disappeared.

The wide bed is empty.

Phillip Zong put him aside and covered him with a quilt. Daniel twisted and found a comfortable position to sleep.

Phillip Zong stood by the bed and looked at him. He seemed very sleepy. His small face was sunken in the pillow, showing a half-clear outline, white and tender cheeks, big nose, pink lips slightly open and breathing gently. .

It seems to be asleep deeply.

He stretched out his hand to touch his face, gently…


The door of the room was pushed open, and Ida Zhuang stood at the door, “Can I have a few words with you?”

Phillip Zong nodded, put his hands away, turned and walked out of the room, Ida Zhuang sat on the sofa in the living room.

“Yanyan didn’t come back overnight, are you with you?” Zhuang Ziyan asked.

“Yes.” In order to prevent Ida Zhuang from doubting, his expression was extremely indifferent.

It seemed that nothing happened.

“I’m surprised.” Until now, Ida Zhuang didn’t want to understand how Daniel and Ruth could be Phillip Zong.

“At the time, my son and I had a car accident. It was very serious. We had no money. Later, Yanyan got a sum of money and saved my life. My son was not treated in time. He was in that car accident. Passed away… Later I found out how her money came from. She said that she had investigated and was a local that night. I don’t want to make any misunderstandings. Do you want to be sure…”

“No.” He interrupted Ida Zhuang’s words with a firm tone, “Don’t be sure, they are my children.”

Now he knows why Ana Lin asked for money at the time. It turned out that–

He lowered his head, “I’m sorry, let her take care of two children for so long.”

Ida Zhuang’s tears were in tears, “I have also persuaded that she became pregnant first when she was unmarried, which is very…”

Ida Zhuang was at a loss and didn’t know how to describe it, “I even persecuted and forbidden her to take it, but she didn’t listen – I didn’t hold her back, only promised that as a mother I was unqualified and let her follow me. Suffered…”

She clutched her lips and choked, and her shoulders trembled.

“What are you going to do.”

She didn’t know what Phillip Zong’s attitude toward her daughter was.

Do you like it or have other ideas?

Although the child belongs to them, she still wants her daughter to be happy, and she hopes that the man who lives with her daughter likes her and she likes it.

Only then can you be happy.

If the two of them are together for the sake of their children, they may not be happy.

“Yanyan took care of them when they grew up, and they are also used to following Yanyan…”

“What do you want to say?” Phillip Zong raised his head.

Chapter 159

Ida Zhuang didn’t mean anything, and said what was in his heart, “I don’t know what your relationship with Yanyan is, I just thought, if you can’t be together, I hope the child will be raised by me and Yanyan——”

Ida Zhuang thinks far, thinks too much.

If Ana Lin can form a family with Phillip Zong, that would be good. If not, he hopes that Phillip Zong will not come and earn custody of their children.

If you really want to earn, she and Ana Lin can’t earn him.

So show your attitude first.

“I didn’t apply for a divorce certificate with her.” It is not an explanation, it is better to explain, “In law, we are still a husband and wife. I like your daughter, not because she gave birth to me, but because she likes her.”

Ida Zhuang was relieved, this is natural.

I just don’t know how to respond to his bluntness.

“I’m going on a business trip to Country A. She will accompany me. I may not be back in these two days. Xiao Xi, Ruth will have to trouble you and Wanda to take care of it. I’m afraid it is not safe. I have arranged someone outside the villa. If I want to go out , Bring them.” Phillip Zong explained.

“Okay, I will.”

After the talk, Ida Zhuang’s heart was much brighter.


“In my room.” Ida Zhuang seemed to know what he wanted to ask, and quickly replied, “I woke up last night. I had to ask for a word. I couldn’t help but hugged her into my room for a long time. , Just coax it well, I should still be asleep right now.”

Before Ida Zhuang’s voice had finished, he heard a soft voice, “Mummy—Daddy.”

She was wearing a little yellow duck pajamas, her skin was white and tender, with messy hair and a fair face, she threw herself at Phillip Zong, sweetly calling, “Dad…”

Phillip Zong took the person into his arms.

The little guy puts his arms around his neck and is a k*ss, as if Daniel did not let her be close to her father yesterday, and now I have to make up for yesterday’s, “I miss you.”

In fact, she was afraid that her father would be angry and don’t want her.

Hidden in the voice pleased.

Phillip Zong brushed the hair blocking her forehead, and her whole face was exposed. Her full forehead, big watery eyes, and immature face were very handsome.

His thumb rubbed her cheek lightly, “Think there?”

Ruth rolled her eyes, clutching her small chest, “thinking in her heart.”

“Didn’t my mom come back with you?”

Without seeing Ana Lin, Ruth looked east and west.

Phillip Zong’s neck tightened slightly, her face calm and calm, “Your mommy has something to do, so she didn’t come back…”


At this time, the mobile phone in Phillip Zong’s pocket rang.

He took out his cell phone and glanced at it. It was a call from Keller Shen. He did not answer it immediately. Instead, he put down Ruth in his arms and touched her hair. “Dad answer the call.”

Ruth was very good, and Zhuang Ziyan came over and said, “I will take her to wash and change clothes.”

“That’s good.” Phillip Zong nodded.

Seeing Ida Zhuang leading Ruth into the room, Phillip Zong walked to the floor-to-ceiling window to answer the phone.

The phone is connected, “I found it.”

An electric current glided through his heart, stimulating every cell in his body.

Keller Shen said someone found it?

He has dark pupils, and he thinks he is calm, but he said not calmly, “Where are you now?”

“Outskirts, I will send you the location.”

When the phone was hung up, Phillip Zong received the location information sent by Keller Shen.

He opened the positioning as he walked. At this moment, Ruth stretched out his head from the room, “Is Dad going out?”

Phillip Zong paused and looked back at her, “Yes, Dad is going out.”

“When will you be back?” Ruth asked.

“I’ll be back when I’m done.”

Phillip Zong didn’t give her specific time, and now he didn’t know what was going on, so as not to disappoint her.

“Then with Mommy?” Ruth asked again.

“Yeah.” It sounded like a sound coming from his chest, dull, but exceptionally firm.

Ruth grinned open her small mouth, revealing a row of white teeth, her eyes curved like crescents bright and clear, “Then I will wait for Dad and Mommy to come back together.”

Phillip Zong pondered for two seconds and said, “Okay.”

He walked over and squatted in front of her, looking at her, rubbing her hair spoiledly.

Ruth tilted her head and blinked, “Doesn’t you see Ruth looks good?”

He was hoarse, “My daughter, she looks very good.”

“Is it more like Mommy, or more like Dad?” Ruth took his arm and wanted to ask him to spend more time with herself.

Look carefully at his face, nose, mouth, and eyebrows like Ana Lin.

Especially when I laugh, my eyebrows are crooked.

“Like Mommy, but also like me.”

“Okay.” Knowing the little guy’s thoughts, Ida Zhuang picked her up, “Your father has something to do. You come with me to change your clothes.”

The little girl’s smiling face collapsed at once, and she curled her lips, “I just want to stay with Dad for a while.”

“It’s not that I won’t come back.” Ida Zhuang comforted her.

Phillip Zong glanced into the house, turned and walked out of the villa, got in the car, turned on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and connected the positioning to the navigation in the car.

He started the car quickly.

Drive towards the destination.

The sky was getting brighter and brighter, and when he got there, the sun had already appeared, and the clouds in the east were red as if they had been burned by fire. The morning mist had dispersed, and all living things seemed to be restored to life.

When the car reached its goal, he saw a burnt-out van parked in a wasteland in the suburbs and a cordon was pulled around.

I don’t know why, the closer he gets, the more flustered his heart.

Did Casey He hurt her, did she hurt?

He knows nothing.

The usual calm pace was also a little messy, and Keller Shen raised the cordon and got out from below, “You are here.”

“What about people?”

“In my car.” Keller Shen walked towards his car, opened the door, and a thin figure curled up in the back seat. Her hair was messy, her face was dusty, and she couldn’t see where she looked. Injured, Phillip Zong breathed a sigh of relief.

“Fortunately, it’s okay.” Keller Shen felt fortunate. “It should be tired. I fell asleep now.”

He closed the car door, as if he was afraid of waking up the woman who was sleeping in the car, “You can drive my car, wait a moment, I will drive your car.”

Keller Shen handed him the car keys.

Phillip Zong did not answer, but asked, “What’s the situation now?”

“When we found here, the car was on fire. She twisted her foot and fell down not far from the car. She was awake and said that someone wanted to burn her to death and tied her in the car. She fled. Come out, just…”

Phillip Zong’s hands suddenly closed, his tone was low, “Is there no one here at the time?”

“No, it should have been set ablaze and the person left. I sent someone to search to see if anyone can be found nearby.” Keller Shen knew that people didn’t know when they left. It should be impossible to find them. “Fortunately, it’s okay. Casey He is also on hand, and it’s no big deal.”

Phillip Zong frowned slightly, as if there was some doubt in his heart.

“Why don’t you take her to the hospital to see the injury on her foot?” Keller Shen gave him the car key again. “At the time, she said she was fine, so I didn’t call an ambulance.”

This time Phillip Zong took the key, opened the door and got on the car, and took Ana Lin to the hospital for an examination.

At this moment, Phillip Zong was very excited and nervous, and finally found Ana Lin.

‘Ana Lin’ lying in the back seat quietly opened her eyes. She looked at the man driving in front of her with a sneer.

Phillip Zong will belong to her in the future.

As for Ana Lin, let her die and disappear forever in this world!

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