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Chapter 160


‘Ana Lin’ was sent to the examination room. Phillip Zong sat on a row of chairs in the corridor and glanced at the door of the examination room from time to time.

Soon, the door of the examination room opened, and’Ana Lin’ was helped out by the nurse. Phillip Zong stood up and walked over, reached out to support her, looked at the doctor who followed and asked, “How is she?”

The doctor took off the mask from his face, “It’s okay. I don’t look very good. I should have been frightened. There was only a slight sprain on my foot, no muscles or bones. I only need to recuperate for a few days.”

‘Ana Lin’ took the opportunity to lean into Phillip Zong’s arms and said shyly, “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Suddenly, Phillip Zong frowned and looked down at her, her voice—

“Oh, I choked when the van was on fire, so my voice became hoarse.” Ana Lin explained quickly, she grabbed Phillip Zong’s arm, “Let’s go home quickly, I want Xichen and Ruth is now.”

Phillip Zong didn’t move, and felt something was wrong. After Keller Shen found’Ana Lin’ smoothly, he felt that something was wrong.

As for what was wrong, he didn’t know clearly, anyway, the feeling of’Ana Lin’ changed him.

“Have you choked with smoke?” the doctor asked.

‘Ana Lin”s hand shook slightly, the doctor was not able to buy it, so she was afraid that the doctor would say something that was not good for her, so she didn’t think about how to answer it for a while.

“If you are choked by heavy smoke, it is possible that your throat pronunciation will change, and you will recover for a while.” The doctor did not notice her abnormality.

But Phillip Zong, who was very close to her, found her nervousness in an instant.

What is she nervous about?

Why are you nervous?

What can’t you say when you hurt your throat?

“Thank you, doctor.”‘Ana Lin’ breathed a sigh of relief. That’s okay, I believe Phillip Zong will not doubt her voice if there is a doctor.

After all, the face can be plastic surgery, but the voice is difficult to be the same.

“No thanks, this is what I should do. For the patients brought by Zong Zong, we should do our best.” Many of the advanced medical equipment in this hospital are funded by Wan Yue, and I hold a lot of love for Phillip Zong. Awe heart.

There are many rich people, how many are willing to contribute to society without asking for rewards?

Because of Wan Yue’s funding, they saved a lot of money for medical equipment. They reduced a lot of fees for treating patients, and helped many families who had no money to see a doctor.

‘Ana Lin’ can see the doctor’s respect for Phillip Zong, and even taking her seriously, this feeling is very good, she took the initiative to hold Phillip Zong’s hand, “Phillip, let’s go home.”

What did Phillip Zong think, he wanted to get into his mind, he heard the voice of’Ana Lin’ and his thoughts converged, he lowered his head and glanced at her feet, “Can you go?”

“It hurts a bit.”‘Ana Lin’ took the opportunity to lie in his arms and acted like a baby, “Or, hold me, you see I am so thin and not heavy.”

Suddenly acting like a baby, Phillip Zong didn’t feel any heartbeat. As long as he was close to Ana Lin, or had physical contact, he would be happy, but now she is so active, he has no feeling at all, he sees I want to see something with’Ana Lin’, but this face is clearly’her’, the same nose, the same mouth, and the same eyes…

“What’s wrong, is there something on my face?”‘Ana Lin’ reached out his hand to touch his face and asked carefully, “What’s wrong with you?”

Phillip Zong shook his head, “No.”

Saying that he bent over and hugged her up,’Ana Lin’ wrapped his arms around his neck and looked at his face. Leng Jun was resolute, his domineering sword eyebrows glowing with heroism, and his straight nose looked noble like a statue. The lines and tightly pressed thin lips lock introversion and perseverance, and everything is incredible and perfect.

‘Ana Lin’ looked silly.

When Phillip Zong put her in the car,’Ana Lin’ was still watching him. Phillip Zong frowned, inexplicably not like being watched by her.

His movements became heavier,’Ana Lin’ returned to his senses and acted like a baby at him, “You hurt me.”

Obviously it was very ambiguous and intimate, but Phillip Zong’s mood did not fluctuate.

This feeling is too strange.

He took a deep look at the comforting words of’Ana Lin’ hovering on the tip of his tongue, but didn’t say anything. He got into the car in silence and drove away.

“Are we going home?”‘Ana Lin’ asked.


Phillip Zong looked at her sideways.

She smiled at him, “What’s wrong?”


After saying this, Phillip Zong didn’t say anything again.

‘Ana Lin’ noticed that Phillip Zong seemed unwilling to speak, and in order to avoid his suspicion, he didn’t start talking again.

It wasn’t until the car stopped at the hotel that Ana Lin felt that something was wrong. Shouldn’t they go back to the villa?

“What are we doing here…” But as if thinking of something, she shut up immediately, a shy blush on her cheek.

Could it be that Phillip Zong wants to be with her…

The more I thought about it, the more I got excited. On the first day Phillip Zong had to make affection with her. How could this not be excited.

Phillip Zong got out of the car, opened the door on her side, and found her cheeks flushed.

“Why is your face red?”

‘Ana Lin’ lowered his head and said shyly, “You brought me to the hotel and asked me what I was doing, I hate it.”

Then go to the hotel to open a room, isn’t it just sleeping?

What can they do with a man and a woman?

No matter how stupid Phillip Zong was, he knew what she meant. When was Ana Lin so open?

Besides, she hasn’t been here, why did she think so this time?

He didn’t feel happy, but rather dirty.

This kind of disgust came off guard.

He used to long for her to rely on her, but now he dislikes it.

He frowned.

‘Ana Lin’ noticed the change in Phillip Zong’s expression and asked hurriedly, “Did I say something wrong?”

He collected his emotions and said lightly, “No, here is my place.”

His residence?

‘Ana Lin”s heart panicked, how could this be his residence?

Isn’t he living in a villa?

And he just said Ana Lin had been here?

‘Ana Lin’ was sweating on her back. She suppressed the panic and calmed her mind. “Yes, it may be that my brain is not working well and I forgot.”

Phillip Zong hooked her lips and did not respond, helping her get out of the car, “Let’s go.”

‘Ana Lin’ asked, “Why do we live here instead of going home?”

“I told your mother that we were on a business trip when you disappeared, so stay here for two days before going back.”


When he arrived at the residence, Phillip Zong opened the door, helped her walk in, and opened the bedroom door, “You should rest early.”

“Aren’t you with me?”‘Ana Lin’ was disappointed.

Isn’t he very fond of Ana Lin? Ana Lin is sick, shouldn’t he stay with her?

“I have something to go out.” His tone and expression were faint to the extreme.

He did not face the impulse and enthusiasm of Ana Lin.

‘Ana Lin’ didn’t dare to stick to him too much, for fear that he would notice something wrong, “Then you come back soon.”

“Well, rest early.” After saying that, Phillip Zong turned and went out.

Indifferently let’Ana Lin’ feel that he doesn’t like Ana Lin.

Walking downstairs, Phillip Zong glanced back and didn’t notice the abnormality, so he took out his mobile phone and dialed Keller Shen.

Soon the phone dialed, “Where?”

“I’m at home.” After running all night, he took the time to go back and take a bath and change his clothes.

Phillip Zong hung up the phone and got in the car and drove towards Keller Shen’s residence.

Chapter 161

??the other side.

Ana Lin’s eyelashes flapped slightly, and soon, she slowly opened her eyes.

Everything that greeted her was unfamiliar, and she sat up suddenly. The room was small and the furnishings were simple, but it looked like a two-story building in the countryside.

And why is she here?

Her heart tightened suddenly. Someone sent her a message. It mentioned Daniel and Ruth. She was afraid that the other party would threaten her child, so she took the initiative to contact the person who sent her the message.

The other party asked her to meet in a rental house…

“This medicine can destroy people’s brain nerves. After injection, it will cause hallucinations and confusion in memory.”

A male voice suddenly broke into her cochlea. She turned to look at the source of the sound. Through the curtains, she vaguely saw two figures standing on the balcony. Seeing their height and voice, they should all be men.

She tightly clenched the sheets under her body, who are they? What do you want?

Standing on the balcony on the second floor was a doctor in a white coat. His voice was just now.

Rios He looked at the hillside not far away, his eyes distant, seemingly tangled.

The doctor saw him hesitate and said, “If you want her to forget the past, you can only do this.”

Rios He was silent for a moment, as if he had made a decision, and said, “OK, give her an injection.”

This voice…

Then the two figures shook and opened the balcony door to enter the room.

Ana Lin had no time to think about it, lay down and pretended to sleep with his eyes closed.

The hand under the quilt kept shaking.

They just said that the injection was given to her?

After the injection, she will have confused memory and even forget the previous events?

No, no, she must not lose her memory.

She felt someone rubbing her skin with alcohol on her arm–

The fear grew deeper and deeper, and suddenly she opened her eyes abruptly, and what caught her eyes was a complicated and familiar face.

Rios He.

Isn’t he in jail?

How would it appear here?

She had too many questions, but she couldn’t ask.

What she has to do now is not to be injected.

Rios He didn’t expect that she would wake up suddenly, a little at a loss.


She glanced at the man standing by the bed with a needle in his hand, clasping her hands, looking at them in horror, “Who are you?”

Rios He was taken aback for a moment, “Yanyan is me.”

“You, do you know me?” Ana Lin curled up on the bed, obviously defensively.

Rios He looked at the doctor and seemed to be asking what happened.

Before his medicine was injected, why did Ana Lin already lose his memory?

The doctor didn’t know what was going on either, “I don’t know until after the examination.”

Rios He bent down and looked at Ana Lin, “Don’t you remember me?”

Ana Lin was frightened, “You, who are you, do you know me?”

“I know you, you always call my brother, have you forgotten?”

Ana Lin pretended not to remember, and shook his head, “I don’t remember.”

Rios He stretched out her hand to smooth her messy hair, “Don’t be afraid, I am your relative. You have been injured. Can this doctor see it?”

Ana Lin turned his head aside from his touch, obviously resisting.

Rios He’s hand stopped in the air and continued to persuade, “Yes, I’m your relative, why don’t you let me touch you? You listened to your brother the most before. Good, let the doctor take a look at your injury.”

He dropped his hand and stroked her hair.

Ana Lin only felt horrified.

I couldn’t stop shaking, “You, are you really my relative?”

“It’s true.” Rios He said affirmatively.

Ana Lin’s eyes rolled, as innocent and clear as an elk, she relaxed a little, “Hurry up, then.”

Seeing her promise, Rios He smiled, “I’ll be better soon.” He helped Ana Lin’s arm, “Be good, lie down, so that the doctor can check it.”

He winked at the doctor, just in case, regardless of whether Ana Lin lost his memory or not, he would inject this medicine into her.

Ana Lin lay down, and the doctor asked her to give her an injection. Ana Lin responded quickly and pushed the doctor away, “I don’t want an injection.”

The needle fell to the ground and rolled to Rios He’s feet. He looked at Ana Lin, “You are sick. How can you get better without injections?”

Ana Lin turned over and got out of bed, distanced himself from them, and resolutely refrained from getting an injection, “I don’t want an injection, it hurts, I don’t want an injection.”


“I don’t want it.” She stepped barefoot on the ground, cold and shivering, hiding in the corner, “I don’t want an injection.”

Her emotions are too agitated, if she wants her to cooperate, it is impossible, only to be hard.

The doctor looked at Rios He, “You catch her?”

Rios He stooped to pick up the needle on the ground, put it in his hand and looked at it, “Can a person lose his memory for no reason?”

She didn’t know whether Ana Lin’s “forget” was true or false.

The doctor pondered for a moment, “There is memory loss. For example, when I was stimulated, I used to see a patient, a student, who had excellent grades from elementary school to high school. Everyone said that he would be admitted to Tsinghua and Peking University in the future. It seems that I can’t accept this fact if I didn’t even enter the second book. People are crazy.

As he said, he looked at Rios He, “You are also a doctor in the heart. You should know that people’s tolerance is limited. If something is more stimulating to her, there will be amnesia, but this situation is not stable. It may not be good for a lifetime, or it may be good in a few days.”

“I see, you can leave today. I will call you if I have something to do.” Rios He handed him the needle.

The doctor took it and hesitated, and asked, “Are you sure you won’t give her an injection?”

Rios He hesitated and nodded.

The doctor put the needle into the medicine box, “That’s OK, I’ll go first, you need to call me.”


The doctor glanced at Ana Lin who was hiding in the corner one last time, and closed the door of the room.

Ana Lin’s heart suddenly thumped, and as the door closed, he became more vigilant.

“Look, the doctor has already left, we don’t have an injection.” Rios He moved his steps gently and leaned towards her as he spoke.

“You, don’t come over.” Ana Lin was in a panic.

She had too many questions, how could she appear here, how could Rios He be here.

Could this be a conspiracy between him and Casey He?

She met Casey He in the rental house.

She still remembers the surprise when she saw Casey He.

“Is it weird to see me, how did I know what happened to you before?”

She was confident, and she was too sure of everything she said and did.

Ana Lin panicked and looked at her and asked, “How do you know about me? You still know so clearly.”

What role did Casey He play in the incident six years ago?

“Haha—” Horolin laughed, “How do I know? Because I paid you the money you sold yourself.”

Her ghastly laughter is especially crippling in the dim rental house.

Ana Lin fell into the abyss, and Casey He gave her money that night.

So, who was the man that night?

Chapter 162

“Do you really want to know, who is your child’s father?” Casey He slowly approached.

Ana Lin couldn’t help but stepped back. At this moment, a woman with a peaked cap and a mask on her face came in at the door.

The reason why she is said to be a woman is because she wears and dresses like a woman.

Just can’t see her face clearly.

With a loud sound, the old iron gate was shut down.

Ana Lin was standing at the back of the house, and cold sweat had been on her palm since the woman came in.

As the door closed, her heart shrank fiercely.

Although she has no words, Ana Lin can feel her unkindness and hostility towards herself.

Casey He glanced back, and the two seemed to know each other well, “You are here.”

The woman faintly.

But his eyes were on Ana Lin.

Ana Lin couldn’t see her expression clearly in the dim light, and she was still wearing a mask, but her eyes were full of hatred when she looked at her.

Ana Lin was in a panic, his face forced to calm down, “Who are you?”

The woman didn’t answer her, but smiled gloomily, “You don’t need to know who I am, just know that from now on, everything about you will be mine, but -“

She changed the conversation, and smiled even colder, “Today you fell into my hands, and I can’t let you go easily, otherwise, how could I be worthy of you and send my mother in, forcing me not to leave City B. I didn’t expect Can I come back?”

As soon as she finished speaking, she and Casey He surrounded Ana Lin.

Ana Lin looked at the woman in front of him with a pair of exploration and horrified eyes, “Are you Lin Yuhan?”

“Haha, I’m not stupid yet, still remember me.” Lin Yuhan smiled and looked at Casey He next to him, “Together?”

Casey He curled her lips, “She fell into my hands today, and I will not let her go.”

Ana Lin stared at the closed door to see if there was a chance to run out. Lin Yuhan seemed to see her intentions, “Don’t think about running away, you can’t get away. We set up such a big game and finally fooled you. , Do you think we will let you run away?”

“Why are you together?” Ana Lin deliberately talked to delay time, reached out his hand and tried to touch the phone in his pocket, only to find that the phone did not know when it dropped.

“Have you never heard a word? The enemy of the enemy is a friend.” Lin Yuhan squeezed her chin, “For today, I spent four years, the purpose is to retaliate against you, if you did not return to the country, I It’s still Miss Lin’s, father’s jewel in the palm of his hand, and mother’s sweetheart, but all this has changed when you come back, you say, how can I let you go?!”

Ana Lin shook her hand away, “Randall Lin’s company encountered difficulties when you donated money and escaped. How can you blame me? If you want to blame, you blame your wrong intentions——”


Lin Yuhan slapped it over and slapped Ana Lin in the face. Just as she wanted to fight back, Casey He also surrounded her and grabbed her raised hand.

Lin Yuhan squinted her eyes and stared at her, like a great anger, forcing her to suffocate. The fire light penetrated her eyes and shot sharply at Ana Lin, with a smile on her lips, a sarcasm, a venomous smile. Death is imminent, dare to refute, dare to fight back?!”

“Don’t talk nonsense with her.” Casey He is already eager to try, she wants to do something with Ana Lin, thinking of her scenery, thinking of Phillip Zong’s kindness to her, thinking of the two children she gave birth to, Casey He hates her and wants to kill her. .


Ana Lin didn’t know what Casey He used to hit her waist, but she felt a tingling pain. Faced with two crazy women, she had no room to fight back.

They have no tactics, just like market shrews, punching and kicking, insulting, scratching their hair, all greet Ana Lin.

Ana Lin tried to run several times but was caught.

Lin Yuhan did not know where to take out a wooden stick and hit her on the head. Her eyes were dark, her body collapsed and fell to the ground. Later, she lost consciousness. Before she fell into a coma, she heard Casey He say, “Stop. Don’t beat anyone to death.”

“Don’t kill, this is a time bomb. Are you sure she will never appear in City B or in front of Phillip Zong?”

“I promise not.”

“Your brother is still a lover…”

Later, she passed out into a coma and was in that room when she woke up. She heard Rios He and the doctor, and what he wanted to do to herself.

Now she finally understood everything.

The reason why she was not killed by them was because Casey He knew Rios He liked her and kept her alive, but she was afraid that she would return to City B, so she had to give her that kind of medicine to make her lose her memory, and then follow Rios He live together.

Since then disappeared into Phillip Zong’s sight.

Although she still can’t clearly know how Lin Yuhan got on line with the He family brothers and sisters, she knows that all of this was planned by Lin Yuhan, Casey He, and Rios He.

“Don’t be afraid of words, I won’t hurt you.” Rios He slowly leaned over.

Ana Lin clutched the curtain tightly and stood in front of him, trying to separate Rios He from approaching, “You, don’t come over.”

“Yanyan…” Rios He did not take Ana Lin’s words in his heart, and stepped closer.

Seeing that he was about to come and grab her, Ana Lin moved slowly and ran out from Zemian. She opened the door in a panic, but couldn’t open it at all. She didn’t give up, and continued to twist the handle forcefully.

“You can’t open it.”

Rios He walked over without delay, his eyes darkened, “I can guarantee that you will not die, and that you can’t escape. Everything here is under my control. Without me, you can’t get out.”

Ana Lin’s hands clenched involuntarily.

“Yanyan, you didn’t forget, did you?” Rios He stared at her expression.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Ana Lin suppressed the fear in his heart, met his eyes calmly, and asked sternly, “You said I’m your brother, then you are my relatives, why are you pressing I have an injection?”

“I’m doing it for you, you are sick.”

“I’m not sick!”

“Okay you are not sick, I won’t give you an injection, come here, brother.” Rios He stretched out his hand, palm facing up, palms crisscrossed with delicate lines.

Ana Lin stared at his hand. If she kept repelling it, Rios He would definitely suspect that she did not lose her memory, so he would give her an injection.

She must not get an injection, she must not lose her memory.

She clenched her hands repeatedly, calmed down the fear in her heart, and slowly stretched out her hand and put it into his hand.

Rios He shook her lightly, then clasped her hand in her palm and smiled, “This is the only way to behave, this is the brother’s good sister.”

Ana Lin only felt sick, but couldn’t show it, so he could only bite the bullet and deal with him.

“Is this our home?” She lowered her eyes and asked in a low voice.


It is too close to City B. In order to prevent Phillip Zong from discovering her, it is definitely not a long-term residence.

Get her back from the rental house. She has injuries on her body and needs medical treatment, and she cannot be allowed to leave with the memories that belong here.

So this is just a temporary place to stay. When she recovers from her injury and gets an injection, he will take her out of here and never come back.

“Then, where is our home?” Ana Lin took the opportunity to test.

“Very far.” Rios He didn’t fully believe that she really lost her memory, and didn’t tell her where she was going afterwards.

He didn’t insist on giving her an injection because he was sure that she could not escape.

He held Ana Lin’s hand tightly, put it on his lips and k*ssed, “Our home is very far away. In a few days, if your injury is healed, I will take you out of here and return to our home.”

Ana Lin instinctively wanted to withdraw his hand, but Rios He held him tighter, “Yanyan, do you reject brother’s k*ss?”

Ana Lin lowered his head in order to prevent him from seeing his emotions, “Aren’t you my brother? It’s not good to be too intimate like this.”

Rios He rubbed her hair, “Fool, we are not brothers and sisters, we are-lover, I love you, you also-love me, we love each other, have you forgotten?”

Ana Lin shook his head.

Rios He held her in his arms, “It’s okay, I didn’t forget, I will tell you slowly in the future, our – love story.”

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