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Table of Contents

Chapter 154

The night is colorful under the colorful neon lights, and the scenery quickly passes through the car window: leaving no trace.

Soon Phillip Zong’s car stopped at the detention center.

Keller Shen knew that he was coming, and arranged for someone to wait for him at the door. When he got off the car, someone greeted him immediately, “Team Shen is in the morgue.”

Phillip Zong nodded and motioned for him to lead the way.

The morgue is generally located in a remote area. I walked through several corridors before reaching a door. The door was pushed open, and a cold breath came oncoming. In order to prevent the corpse from rotting and smelling, the morgue was installed. There are machines with 24-hour cooling cycle.

Entering the door clearly felt a drop in temperature.

Phillip Zong’s face was expressionless, and there was no emotional fluctuation because of this place.

When he came in, the forensic doctor had just covered Elvira Shen’s body, and there was a scalpel for de-planing on the table next to it, which was obviously checked.

Keller Shen walked over with the results of the autopsy, “It can be said with certainty that she committed suicide and was premeditated.”

Keller Shen looked at the autopsy report and explained in detail, “She took one medicine. After the incident in LEO, when she was brought back to the detention center, she took another medicine. There are fatal effects, obviously she knew it, so she took the two medicines one after the other.”

“Only these?” Phillip Zong was not satisfied with this answer, which was not enough for him.

“Elvira Shen met someone before going out.”

Phillip Zong had a guess, “Who?”

“Casey He, the monitoring of my investigation showed that Casey He had met her two days ago and bought someone to release her.” When she spoke, Keller Shen looked at Phillip Zong cautiously. After all, he knew that he had a relationship with Casey He. Surveillance, do you want to watch it? Although she was wearing a mask at the time, after a technical analysis, she was right.”

Sure enough, as he guessed.

In the past, he thought why Casey targeted Ana Lin, but because Ana Lin married him.

Only now did he understand that Casey He’s hatred for Ana Lin was more than that was as simple as she married him.

Even more, because six years ago.

Under the cold air, his face was stretched like a wax figure, gloomy and terrifying.

“Do you have any clues to her?” Now she is almost certain that Ana Lin’s loss is directly related to her.

“As a result, I let someone monitor her, but she hasn’t been found yet.” Keller Shen said.

“Find someone right away!” His hands clenched, “I underestimated her heart.”

Keller Shen looked at his gloomy expression and took a breath, “I will send more staff immediately.”

Keller Shen called his subordinates and sent more efforts to find Casey He’s whereabouts.

“Don’t be too anxious, you are the people of this city. If you run away from the monk, you can’t run to the temple.” Keller Shen said.

Phillip Zong’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, “Ana Lin is gone.”

“What?” Keller Shen was puzzled, “Aren’t they still there during the day?”

“I can’t reach it at night.” His voice was erratic and light, and it dispersed as soon as the wind blew.

Keller Shen thought carefully. After all, he was investigating the case. He immediately thought of the crux of the matter, “It has something to do with Casey He?”

Isn’t it obvious?

Phillip Zong glanced at Elvira Shen, who was covered with white cloth, “What did you say about her death?”

Keller Shen thought for a moment, “Could it be a trick to delay time?”

They used Elvira Shen’s death to confuse their sight, holding back time, and when they figured out the situation, Ana Lin had already been taken away by them.

And their ultimate goal is Ana Lin.

Elvira Shen is a dead move.

Elvira Shen was sentenced to life, even if he did not die, he would have to live in it for a lifetime, restricting freedom.

She should be willing to give her enough benefits.

But she is dead, what good is there any use?

Keller Shen couldn’t figure this out.

“Let’s go out and say it first.” Keller Shen stayed inside for a long time, and felt cold now.

The lights in the detention center were all off, and it was dark and inexplicably gloomy.

Back in the building, Keller Shen opened the door of the office and asked, “Would you like something to drink?”

Phillip Zong ignored him and sank into the sofa with a gloomy voice, “Hurry up and find it.”

Keller Shen obviously noticed that he was in a bad mood, and he was in a very bad mood, as if he was depressing something, and might explode at any time, so he didn’t dare to refute him at all, so he took out his mobile phone and called his subordinates again.

I received his call over there and quickly said, “I’m about to call you, there is a clue, Casey He appeared in the soulmate bar, I am searching for her person here.”

“I see.” Keller Shen hung up the phone, looked at Phillip Zong, and said, “I have a clue, at the Zhixin Bar.”

Phillip Zong stood up suddenly, and walked out without a word.

Keller Shen followed, walked two steps and ran back to take the thermos cup on the table, and quickly followed Phillip Zong, while taking two sips of tea.

The soulmate bar, this time is lively, the night show has just begun.

Because of the investigation, those who came to play were all called into the hall by the jing staff, arranged in a queue, and inquired one by one.

Because when they came, Casey He had already left, leaving almost no trace, just drinking on a deck.

Later, I answered the phone and went out. Now the clue is that I went to the Zhixin Bar and broke again.

Phillip Zong and Keller Shen arrived, they have already checked.

“She just came here to drink, and then went out after answering a phone call. We have already checked the nearby surveillance to see if we can find her again.”

Keller Shen looked carefully at the man standing in the dark.

There was a chill all over him, which made people want to step back involuntarily.

Suddenly, Phillip Zong turned around and walked quickly toward the door. Keller Shen quickly followed, “Where are you going?”

Phillip Zong didn’t speak, but just got in the car. Keller Shen confessed to his subordinates, “You continue to check and find someone as quickly as possible.”

Then followed Phillip Zong’s car.

Obviously it was an urban area, and the speed was set to 110 by Phillip Zong. Fortunately, there were few cars on the road at this time. Otherwise, there would be a car accident.

Keller Shen grabbed his seat belt and watched Phillip Zong secretly. He had never seen him in such a chaotic manner and had no rules to do things.

“Do you care about Miss Lin?” Keller Shen asked tentatively.

I know he likes Ana Lin, but I didn’t expect Ana Lin to influence him so deeply.

Who is Phillip Zong?

He took over Wan Yue at the age of 20, and he has long developed a sturdy determination. In the past ten years, he has not seen any big winds and waves, and his expression has not changed.

But today, he saw anxiety and panic on Phillip Zong’s face.

Phillip Zong’s eyes didn’t squint, the facial lines on the side and temples were connected in a straight line, and the stretched blue veins jumped suddenly.

He cares, he cares.

More than that, he likes that woman.

Soon the car stopped, and Keller Shen also saw clearly where he was coming–

Chapter 155


Almost all of the He family had rested at this time. The huge house was dimly lit and quiet, except for the occasional rustle of leaves.

Keller Shen came up to hold Phillip Zong, afraid that he would be impulsive, “You may not be able to find someone if you come here now.”

“Then you let me wait? The longer the time passes, the more unfavorable it will be for her!” The red bloodshots gathered in the center of the pupils, glowing with bloodthirsty red.

Casey He once tried to kill Ana Lin in a car accident. If this time, he was really caught by her, he would not dare to think about the consequences, and now he can only force the He family to hand over her.

Keller Shen was stunned, and slowly let go of his hand. Phillip Zong’s eagerness was something he hadn’t seen before. He whispered, “What is our relationship? Leave this kind of rough work to me.”

Before he finished his words, Keller Shen kicked the door with a bang.

Aroused the surrounding creatures.

He Wenhuai was asleep, and was awakened by the loud noise. Xia Zhenyu got up and turned on the lamp beside the bed, “What was the sound just now?”

He Wenhuai didn’t move, his eyelids were half-squinted, and he seemed very sleepy. He was unhappy when he was awakened by the loud noise, and said vaguely, “Thunder.”

After speaking, he closed his eyes and continued to sleep.

Xia Zhenyu didn’t think it was like thunder. It was sunny during the day. How do you say thunder will thunder in the night?

“Don’t think about it, go to sleep, there are still people who dare to kick the door and fail.”

Xia Zhenyu thinks about it, too, there shouldn’t be anyone in the middle of the night, and no thieves dare to break.

Now that the technology is advanced, the fire prevention and theft prevention are very good.

Xia Zhenyu turned off the light and lay down, pulled on the quilt and fell asleep in He Wen’s arms.

“Is this family a pig?” Keller Shen played harder than before.

Damn it!

Zhenfei, the resting bird, clashed.

Keller Shen was really good at practicing.


“This is not thunder.” Xia Zhenyu heard clearly this time, got up and turned on the bedside lamp, “like the door is ringing.”

He Wenhuai also got up, the quilt slipped to his stomach, “How come there are people in the middle of the night?”

“I’ll get up and take a look.” Xia Zhenyu got up and walked downstairs. He Ruixing was already up. Seeing Xia Zhenyu, he asked, “Did you also hear the door ringing?”

Xia Zhenyu nodded.

“Go to bed, I’ll go and see.” He Ruixing walked towards the door while wearing his coat, opened the door and walked out. There were lights in the yard, glowing with a yellow halo, not very bright, and vaguely saw the doorway. There is a human figure, and his footsteps are a little faster.

He walked to the gate, opened the insurance, and opened the door. Before he had time to see who was at the gate, he kicked in. He was caught off guard by the kick. He touched his butt for several steps and fell down.

Keller Shen was about to kick the door, but who knew the door was suddenly opened.

The kick hit He Ruixing’s body directly.

He Ruixing clutched his abdomen, angrily, no one would feel good when he was kicked suddenly.

“Who are you, do you want to die? Do you know where this is, dare to come presumptuous?” He grabbed his stomach and got up from the ground, staring at the two figures standing in the backlight.

Keller Shen came out.

He Ruixing saw his face clearly, and frowned, “Why are you?” He squinted, “Don’t think that you are a public official and you can break into the house without permission. Bullying people is against the law. Knowing the law is breaking the law, because you want to lose your black hat ?”

Keller Shen sneered, “I just enforce the law impartially.”

He knew Keller Shen’s identity. He Ruixing became a little uneasy when he said that. What did he mean?

Keller Shen is not an ordinary person, and he has a strong ability to respond. He took out his mobile phone and showed him a video, “Is this your sister?”

He Ruixing glanced at him, wearing a mask, but his figure and eyes looked a bit like Casey He.

“Are you kidding me?” He Ruixing naturally wouldn’t admit it. “Wearing a mask, how did I know that it was my sister? I said it was your sister. Who wouldn’t spit someone?”

Keller Shen didn’t expect him to watch a video to rescue him, and said in an official tone, “A woman named Elvira Shen who your sister went to visit died. Now we suspect that your sister did it. Now we’re going to take someone back to investigate and call you. Sister, come out.”

“Keller Shen, don’t fool people, take a video, just want to frame people?” He Ruixing firmly refused to admit that it was Casey He.

“Since it’s not, call your sister out to confront her.” Keller Shen refused.

“Now everyone is asleep, you are annoying the people.” He Ruixing’s face was calm, and his heart had been confused by Keller Shen’s words.

What did Casey He do?

“Why do you want me to fanfare and tell everyone that there is another murderer in the He family?”

Threats, naked threats.

The He family values ​​face and reputation. Rios He’s affairs have not yet subsided. If another murderer is revealed, the He family will really jump into the Yellow River and can’t clean it.

“You wait for me.” He Ruixing turned and entered the room.

There was so much noise at the door that He Wenhuai had already come down.

“What happened?” He Wenhuai said with a calm face.

“Go and call Casey He for me!” He Ruixing was still angry, but became more and more fierce, shouting at the bewildered servant standing aside.

“Every day you know to find me something!”

“What did she do?” He Wenhuai squinted, holding the stair railing with one hand.

“Keller Shen, said she was involved in a murder case.”


He Wenhuai shook his body, even more angry than He Ruixing. He slapped the handrails of the stairs hard, and his palms numb, “This woman!”

Why should he recognize her!

Casey He was called by the servant, still wearing pajamas, looking at her ugly brother and father in the living room, and asked, “What happened?”

“You still have the face to ask?” He Ruixing sneered, “People are outside, you can explain yourself.”

Casey He was very calm, “I’ll go if I go. In other words, brother, you are too uncomfortable, so that makes you angry?”

“Enough of you!” He Wenhuai yelled, “It’s better to have nothing to do with you this time. If you make trouble again, I will break your leg!”

“You can’t wait to kill me.” Casey He sneered, turned and walked outside the door.

Seems not to

“Dad, what is her attitude?” He Ruixing’s face flushed with anger.

“Am I not angry?” He Wenhuai gasped, “If I knew she could bring misfortune, I would choke her to death when I was born. No, I would never let her be born!”

Casey He curled her lips while listening to the grumpy voice in the room.

I was disappointed with them a long time ago, and I still feel uncomfortable when I hear those words.

Sure enough, the wealthy family took the lead.

What kind of family love is all f*cking nonsense!

The night was gloomy.

Casey He walked to the door and looked at the two people standing at the door. Although they were against the light, Casey He still recognized Phillip Zong who was standing in the dark.

She couldn’t see his expression clearly, only a fuzzy outline.

Did this know that Ana Lin said that he was gone, and he wanted to question her regardless of image and time?

Seriously, you like that woman so much?

Suddenly, Casey He laughed.

Keller Shen frowned, “What are you laughing at?”

Chapter 156

Casey He seemed to know what they were doing. She knew that she would come sooner or later, but she didn’t know it would come so soon.

“You care what I am laughing at.” She suppressed her laughter.

Keller Shen suddenly felt that this woman looked like a lunatic.

“Where is Ana Lin?” A gloomy voice came from the darkness.

“How do I know where she is?” Casey He smiled, “Why can’t you find her? Could it be an elopement with that man——”

She didn’t finish her words, only felt a gust of wind passing by, a pair of sharp claws like iron pliers, pinching her neck, and her unfinished words were stuck in her throat.

She could barely breathe, and her face flushed.

“Say, where are the people?” His eyes were full of scarlet redness. It came from Ana Lin’s disappearance, and his heartache was unaware and protected.

Seeing Phillip Zong’s anger because of Ana Lin, Casey He wanted to laugh.

However, the laughter squeezed out from the throat, like a broken bellows, made a harsh and unpleasant sound of’ho ho’.

Phillip Zong gathered his strength, and almost restrained all the space where she sucked the air. If she didn’t say anything, she would strangle her to death!

When Keller Shen looked down, he was really strangling to death.

He hurriedly persuaded, “It is important to find someone now. She is the key person. When she is dead, where should we find someone?”

“Die, we really can’t find anyone!” Without seeing him loose, Keller Shen continued to persuade.

Phillip Zong was losing his mind, and Keller Shen’s words could be heard at this moment. Now it is important to find Ana Lin first.

He tossed it hard, and Casey He’s body was like a parabola, falling on the steps, her forehead knocked on the edges and corners, after a while of stinging, she felt a heat flow from her forehead.

As the oxygen returned, she opened her mouth, breathing heavily.

Keller Shen did not give her extra time to relieve the pain of suffocation. He stretched out his hand to lift the person up and threw it into the car, “I think it is your mouth or my wrist.”

What kind of prisoner Keller Shen had never interrogated, he didn’t believe it, and he couldn’t pry open the woman’s mouth.

This time Keller Shen got on the car fast, “I’m driving.”

He didn’t dare to ride in the car driven by Phillip Zong, it was too scary.

Phillip Zong’s face was gloomy, without words, now he just wanted to find Ana Lin’s whereabouts as soon as possible.

“Captain Shen.” Just when Keller Shen was about to take people away, He Wenhuai walked out of the house. “It’s not appropriate for you to take my family away like this? What law did she commit and show me the evidence. “

Angrily Casey He always makes trouble, but just watching her be taken away like this is to hit He Jia in the face.

He didn’t come for the safety of Casey He, but because of the face of the He family.

“He can rest assured, I won’t catch a good person by mistake, and of course I won’t let a bad person go. If I catch the wrong person, I will come to my door to apologize in the future.”

As soon as Keller Shen stepped on the gas pedal, the car passed by him like a strong wind, and quickly disappeared into his sight.

He Ruixing stood beside He Wenhuai, “Is there anything going on this time?”

He was not sure.

He Wenhuai was also uncertain, “Go and ask, what is the reason for this time?”

He seems to have no strength to be angry.

“Okay, I’ll figure it out as soon as possible.” After that, He Rui went into the house to change clothes.

On the other side, Casey He was taken into the interrogation room.

There is a white fluorescent light bulb on the roof. There is a table in a not spacious room. Casey He is fixed on the opposite side.

Keller Shen showed her a video of Elvira Shen, “Say, what are you going to do with her?”

“The person above is wearing a mask. Why do you say it is me?” Casey He was surprisingly calm.

Keller Shen sneered, “Our technician has done an analysis, and the person above is you.”

“What about me?”

“What are you going to see her for?”

“Can’t I visit my friends?” Casey He asked back.

Keller Shen squinted her eyes, seeing her attitude as a preparation.

I’m afraid I can’t ask anything like this.

He nodded, “Okay.” He gave Casey He a thumbs up, “I haven’t seen you so sharp-toothed before.”

She used to follow Phillip Zong, and Keller Shen knew her naturally, but she used to think she was pretty good, but she changed without knowing how it became disgusting.

Everything in the interrogation room is presented on the monitor room’s display screen.

Phillip Zong sat in front of the screen, and he could clearly see everything that happened in the interrogation room just now.

Obviously, Casey He has made enough preparations, otherwise she will not be so calm, and she will be able to answer Keller Shen’s interrogation.

“What to do?” Keller Shen stood at the door of the monitoring room.

His words were actually testing Phillip Zong’s attitude.

It’s not soft, he has some hard methods, but Casey He has been with Phillip Zong before, so he doesn’t care about it.

“You don’t need to test me.” After saying that, his throat overflowed with a dangerous tone, “Don’t tell me, you can’t even pry open a woman’s mouth.”

Keller Shen looked relaxed, with Phillip Zong’s words, he had no scruples.

Keller Shen returned to the interrogation room again, “Do you know what I was doing just now?”

Before Casey He could answer, he said first, “I went to see Phillip Zong. I asked him if he still remembers his old feelings for you. If he does, I will show mercy to you, if he doesn’t…”

Although the last half sentence was not said, everyone knew it well.

Casey He knew that Phillip Zong didn’t like herself, but was cruel to her.

But after hearing what Keller Shen said, there was still hope.

Her hands clenched unconsciously, and her voice trembled, “What did he say?”

Keller Shen smiled, “I just think you are very sad.”

“Obviously you were with Phillip first, why did you make yourself like this?”

Yes, she obviously knew Phillip Zong first, so why did she get to this point?

“Have you heard a word?” Keller Shen asked.


“If you don’t know that you can’t do anything by yourself, you could catch him, but if you do those small actions, he can endure you once, twice, three times, but people’s patience is limited. When you suppress him He will leave you behind without hesitation.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Casey He changed her face.

“I want to tell you to be kind, human, it’s useless to look beautiful. If your heart is black, no one appreciates your skin, no matter how beautiful it is.”

Casey He smiled, laughing crazily, “Keller Shen, you come here, you give me a detour, don’t you just want to get Ana Lin out of my mouth?”

As she looked up at the monitor installed on the wall, she knew that Phillip Zong must be monitoring everything in the house, and knew that he must be able to hear her.

She stared at the monitor and said every word, “I don’t know where she is. Even if I know, I won’t say. I hate her and wish her to die. Maybe, she is dead now.”

Keller Shen frowned, “Shame on your face, right?”

Casey He smiled, “You have no evidence, you dare to move my finger, I will sue you!”

“Casey He, you don’t know me too much.” Keller Shen also coldened his face.


The door of the interrogation room was suddenly kicked open!

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