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Chapter 127


Casey He tossed in bed and couldn’t fall asleep. She looked at her mobile phone for a while, then looked at it for a while, but there was no call or information coming in.

Finally she couldn’t sit still, got up and sat up, holding the phone, thinking about it, she couldn’t help but make a call.

She was holding the phone, her hands shaking constantly, nervous and excited.

She installed surveillance in the private room that day, even Rios He didn’t know.

Now this is the only handle in her hand that can threaten Phillip Zong.

If he cared about Ana Lin, he would not just watch Ana Lin being stripped and become an erotic video circulating on the Internet.

Phillip Zong stared at the phone, rubbing the screen with his fingers, and when he was about to disconnect, he pressed the answer button.

“Ah Hao.” Casey He said in surprise.

She thought Phillip Zong would not answer her call.

Phillip Zong did not respond. Her joy and anger could not arouse his mood swings.

Slowly Casey He calmed down. With her hand on the quilt, she clenched and relaxed several times before she spoke, “Did you receive the video? Is it exciting?”

Phillip Zong’s eyelids were half drooping, and all the storms were silent.

“Let’s meet, I booked a room at Shanghuang Hotel, 108, I’m waiting for you, you don’t need to come, but I promise that the video of Ana Lin’s withdrawal will spread throughout the Internet and become a variety of men. The object of lewdness.”

After speaking, she hung up, her heart still beating.

She is nervous.

But thinking of meeting him, I was very excited.

She got up from the messy big bed, ran to the closet barefoot, and started looking for clothes to wear tonight.

The cabinets full of expensive skirts and suits, none of them suit her at the moment, and none of them feel beautiful enough.

But now it’s too late to buy. I can only take out the clothes and try them one by one.

She looked excited at the moment, like a young girl who was in love, because she wanted to meet the man she had long admired, wanted to be more beautiful, and presented her most beautiful appearance in front of him.

Make him amazing and make him fall in love with himself.

She yearned that Phillip Zong would fall in love with her.

Ana Lin left the bathroom, Wanda greeted her enthusiastically, the expression on her face was obviously like I knew what you did just now.

Ana Lin lowered his head embarrassedly, and said, “I’ll go see Xiao Xi.”

After speaking, he walked into the room.

She couldn’t stand her fiery gaze.

“I’ll have dinner right away.” Wanda called her.

Ana Lin pretended not to hear, and entered the house.

She opened the door and walked out at dinner.

Ruth had a’dad’ and even Ana Lin didn’t want it. When eating, she took the initiative to ran to Phillip Zong and sat next to him, “I’m sitting with my father.”

Ida Zhuang went to hug her, “You and grandma are sitting together.”

She was afraid that for a long time, this little guy could not do without Phillip Zong.

This is not a good thing, after all, Phillip Zong is not her father.

“No, I’m going to sit with my father.” As she said, she took Phillip Zong’s arm and hugged it tightly.

No one can separate her from her father.


“Let her sit with me.” Phillip Zong said lightly.

Ida Zhuang pondered for a moment, “Don’t mind if this kid is so naive.”

“I didn’t mind.” Phillip Zong let her sit, “You don’t have to be polite to come here, as this is your home. The divorce with Ana Lin before made you unhappy, right?”

Ida Zhuang’s attitude towards him has always been neither lukewarm nor lukewarm, and Phillip can feel this sect.

Ida Zhuang didn’t hide it, everyone knew, “You and Yanyan are already divorced. It stands to reason that you shouldn’t bother you–“

“Regarding the divorce, I think you have misunderstood.” Phillip Zong didn’t rush to explain, he said without any haste, “Me and—”

He looked at Ana Lin, “I didn’t apply for a divorce certificate with Ana Lin, so it’s not a divorce.”

“What?” Ida Zhuang looked at his daughter in surprise and asked, “Is this true?”

Ana Lin nodded honestly.

Ida Zhuang found it incredible, she always thought that Ana Lin and Phillip Zong had nothing to do.

“So, in name we are still husband and wife.” The subtext is telling Ida Zhuang that it is reasonable, reasonable and legal for Ana Lin to live here now.

“Wanda, you make arrangements for the evening, I have something to go out.” He didn’t mean to eat at home, but didn’t want to make Ida Zhuang feel uneasy living at home, so he told her the matter.

“Are you not going to eat at home?” Ana Lin asked this. After asking, she regretted it again, which seemed a bit redundant.

He chuckled and gave a faint hum, “There is something to be done, you still live in the previous room, and it happens that Xiao Xi is in it, so you can also take care of him.”

He arranged it well, and Ana Lin was very grateful. She nodded and said again, “Thank you.”

“We are husband and wife, don’t need to be so polite with me.” In the first five words, he emphasized his tone, as if he was saying to Ana Lin, but also as if he was saying to mom and Ida Zhuang to let them understand that Ana Lin is now and His relationship.

Phillip Zong stood up, Ruth hugged his arm, “Where is Dad going, can I follow you?”

She blinked and raised her head.

Phillip Zong pinched her little nose and refused, “No.”

“Why?” Ruth asked disappointedly. She wanted to follow her father.

What if he goes out and doesn’t come back?

Then she would have no father.

No, she can’t let Dad leave casually.

Phillip Zong patiently coaxed her, “Do you think I like you?”

Ruth nodded without hesitation, “Yes.”

“Then you have to listen to me, I will like you, right?”


“So now you have to wait for me at home obediently.”

Ruth was reluctant, but nodded, “Well, then you come back soon.”

If she is not obedient, she is afraid that her father will not like her.

Phillip Zong went upstairs and changed his clothes. The clothes on his body just got wet when Ruth washed his face. It was a little clingy and uncomfortable.

He wore a pure black suit and was full of hair. Under the light of the light, he was heroic, handsome, and very eye-catching.

It’s just that his indifferent expression has a sense of abstinence that no one should enter.

Ruth was stunned when she saw the man walking downstairs.

Ida Zhuangg fed her rice, but he forgot to open his mouth, and he stared straight at the eyes with big watery eyes.

“Ruth.” Ida Zhuang reminded her.

Ruth regained her senses and sighed, “Dad is so handsome.”

Her father is the most handsome.

Ida Zhuang is almost scared by this kid, so young, has become a nympho?

When Phillip Zong walked to the entrance, Ruth suddenly slid off the chair, ran over, stood not far from him, looked at him and asked, “Dad, will you come back? Will you abandon us? Don’t you?”

Because Daniel told her that her father didn’t want them, she was afraid that her father would not come back when she walked out of this door, and once again abandoned her, brother and mummy.

Her eyes were flushed red and she made a hoarse voice, “Don’t abandon us.”

She was terrified, terrified.

She didn’t want to leave her father.

Meeting her uneasy little eyes, Phillip Zong walked over, touched her head, and said firmly, “No.”

The little guy was happy again, grinning, “k*ss.”

She pads her feet and stretches out her hands to hug him for a k*ss.

Phillip Zong leaned down in coordination, Ruth hugged his neck, and gave him a k*ss, his saliva touched his face, and the rice grains she hadn’t swallowed.

Phillip Zong, “…”

He thought in his heart that he must have done heinous things in his previous life, so in this life, God sent Ana Lin to him with two little ghosts, specifically to punish him.

Chapter 128

Ana Lin took a wet wipe and handed it to him.

Phillip Zong did not answer, but stared at her faintly.

Her daughter harmed him, shouldn’t she show it?

Ana Lin read the meaning in his eyes, and when he reached out to wipe his face, Ruth pulled her hem, “Mummy, give it to me, I will wipe it for dad.”

Phillip Zong, “…”

Ana Lin looked down at her daughter, her little eyes full of longing, begging,

Ruth grabbed her clothes and acted like a baby, “Mommy give it to me, can I wipe it for dad?”

Ana Lin couldn’t refuse. Just as she was about to pass the wet wipes to her daughter, Phillip Zong took it and wiped her face.

Ana Lin, “…”

She grumbled, “My daughter is not a devil.”


Phillip Zong wiped his face and handed the wipes to Ana Lin, “I’m leaving.”

Ruth was frowning, thinking in her heart what they were talking about. She didn’t want to understand when the door was closed. She looked up at Ana Lin, “Mummy, who is the devil?”

“Nobody, I’m going to eat.” Ana Lin hugged her back into the chair, “Honestly listen to grandma.”

Ruth turned her head and glanced at the closed door, thinking, when will father be back.

Ida Zhuang feeds her food, but she is also absent-minded to eat.

All thoughts of Phillip Zong.

Ana Lin looked at her daughter’s appearance and sighed deeply, what should the child do?

Hey, for the time being, she can’t take Ruth away immediately without contacting Phillip Zong. Their safety is the most important, and they can only count one step at a time.

Ana Lin took the food to give to her son. She held a tray in one hand and opened the door of the room with the other. Daniel was standing at the window, holding the curtains, watching Phillip Zong drive away at the door.

“What are you looking at?” Ana Lin walked in.

Daniel hurriedly pulled the curtain down and shook his head, “He didn’t look at anything, I was bored in the house, just look outside.”

“Just come out if you think about it, the face swells a lot, no one will see it.” As she put the food on the table, Daniel came over, climbed up the chair and sat down.

“No, it’s too ugly to be seen by anyone.” Daniel is not very big, so she has a special face.

Ana Lin put the milk in front of him, “What do you want to eat, tomorrow, I will make it for you.”

Daniel shook her head, lowered her eyes, and stuffed rice into her mouth without a bite, looking a little depressed.

Ana Lin came over and hugged him, and said distressedly, “Xiao Xi, what’s the matter? Is the head hurt?”

“No.” He was in a bad mood, not because he was injured, but because Ruth called that unhappy father.

He never raised them.

Why call him father?

He was holding his chopsticks, but when Ruth called Phillip Zong’s father, he felt a little uncomfortable.

“What is that?” Ana Lin looked down at his son.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a bad mood after being injured.”

Ana Lin k*ssed his hair, “Sorry, Mommy didn’t protect you.”

“It’s not about Mommy’s business.” In order not to worry Ana Lin, Daniel put away his emotions and started eating.

Phillip Zong’s car stopped at Shanghuang Hotel.

He sat in the car and watched the video of Ana Lin being undressed. There was no sound, only pictures. It was obvious that Rios He was talking about something when he touched her, but Phillip Zong couldn’t pay attention at this moment, and his entire sight was frozen. In Rios He’s hand, the corners of his eyes twitched.

The screen stopped when Rios He unbuttoned Ana Lin’s pants.

He closed the video and gave Milton Guan a call.

After the call got through, Milton Guan said immediately, “He Ruixing called me. I guess I wanted to see you, but I didn’t answer it. I don’t think he will stop.”

If this matter is not resolved, the reputation of the He family will be completely ruined, and the family’s century-old foundation will be ruined.

“You go find a man and send it to Shang Huang.”

The words that the donkey’s head didn’t correspond to the horse’s mouth made Milton Guan confused.

Milton Guan, “…”

what’s the situation?

He didn’t react for a long time, “Yes, what kind of man do you want?”

Handsome or ugly?

Tall or fat?

What does he want a man to do?

No special hobbies.

Phillip Zong didn’t explain, he just said, “I’ll give you half an hour.”

After speaking, Phillip Zong hung up, pushed the car door and walked down, and walked towards the hotel.

Casey He arrived long ago, He Wenhuai refused to let her go out, she ran out secretly when there was no one in the living room.

She not only wants to win Phillip Zong, but also He Wenhuai’s trust. Taking this opportunity well, maybe she will have the opportunity to let He Wenhuai see clearly that she is also capable. He Jia is not only capable of He Ruixing.

In order to calm herself down, she drank some wine and her face was a little red.

Ding Dong——

When the door knocked, Casey He’s heart tightened. She quickly stood up and walked to the mirror to take a picture to see if the clothes she had chosen with her heart were messy, and if the makeup she had carefully painted was flowery.

She smiled at herself in the mirror, with red lips and white teeth, and she looked enchanting and handsome, perfect.

No discomfort, she went to open the door.

The man standing at the door opened, tall and handsome, with cold eyes at the moment, looking at her like a stranger, without the temperature at all.

Casey He’s heart seemed to be pricked by a needle, and she felt a little pain.

She put away her emotions, turned sideways, “Come in.”

Phillip Zong copied his pockets with both hands and looked unruly. He walked in, Casey He closed the door, turned around, looked at the figure that fascinated her, her brain was blank for a moment, she rushed forward and hugged him from behind, “Ah Hao. “

Her face was against his generous back, strong and hot.

The nose is full of his breath, Ling Li smells good.

Phillip Zong broke her hand unceremoniously, and said coldly, “I don’t like the woman I send to the door.”

Casey He didn’t have enough strength to look at it, so Phillip Zong easily broke her hand.

She stood tremblingly on the spot, looking at Phillip Zong, “Then, what about Ana Lin? Is she purer than me and noble than me?”

She sat on the bed and laughed, “I at least gave you the purity, what did he give you? Two children who have no blood relationship with you?”

She chuckled. “Why, are you going to be someone else’s stepdad?”

Phillip Zong was not irritated, these things he already knew.

He reached out and picked up the wine glass on the table and shook it in his hand. The blood-red liquid swayed and rippled under his movement.

He put it on the tip of his nose and smelled it lightly. It was fragrant and elegant, without strong alcohol. “This wine is not for you.”

Casey He walked over, putting her arms on his shoulders, “What kind of fit am I?”

Phillip Zong didn’t answer her, just smiled lightly.

Coincidentally, the door was knocked at this time, and she looked up at Phillip Zong, “This is?”

“Send it to you, you will know if you go and see.”

Casey He was a little flattered, “You gave me a gift?”

Phillip Zong stretched out her hand to pick up a strand of her hair and smiled lightly, “You gave me a big gift, shouldn’t I return it?”

Casey He’s face instantly whitened, “What do you mean?”

Phillip Zong pinned the strand of hair behind her ear, retracted his hand, and smiled, “What are you afraid of? You look good when you smile.”

Chapter 129

He was obviously smiling, but in his eyes, it only made people horrible.

Casey He took a step back and distanced herself from him.

For the first time, she wanted to stay away from him.

At this time the door of the room rang again, accompanied by the voice of the waiter, “Is there anyone? I’m here to deliver wine.”

Casey He was inexplicably relieved when she heard that it was a wine delivery. She looked at the door and said, “The wine I wanted has been delivered–“

“My name.” Phillip Zong leaned against the cabinet, pinched the wine glass in his hand, tilted slightly, the red liquid poured down the table, ticking down the edge of the table, he frowned, as if It was because the wine was too inconsistent with his intentions, and he slowly raised his eyes, “I think there is a better wine for us, what do you think?”

“Suitable, the wine that suits us?” Casey He couldn’t respond a little. Does he want to drink with herself?

Hasn’t he already hated himself?

Did he figure it out?

Found her better?

Casey He held back her inner joy, “I will open the door now.”

Her footsteps are fast and seem a bit messy.

The door opened. The hotel attendant was standing at the door, holding two bottles of liquor in his hand.

Casey He stunned for a moment and said, “Come in.”

“Yes.” The waiter brought the wine in, put it on the table, opened the bottle cap, and poured it into the flat-bottomed wine glass he had brought in.

After pouring the wine, the waiter stood up and said, “If you have any needs, please call me at any time. I wish you a happy stay.”

After speaking, the waiter left the room and closed the door.

Casey He stood at the table, looked at the wine on it, and took a sip of water, “White wine is too strong, I think red wine has an atmosphere.”

“I like Lie, do you dare to drink with me?”

His eyebrows were stretched out, his appearance was a bit less unkind, the tail of his eyes was raised, and his black eyes were shining with a sliver of light, with a hint of springtime, and he was a seductive male fairy.

Casey He’s heartbeat stopped in an instant.

The brain is completely out of her own control, as if she nodded unconsciously, “I dare.”

Phillip Zong bent over, lifted the wine glass, and handed her one.

Casey He reached out to take it.

He raised his head and drank it, Casey also drank the wine in the glass.

White wine is not as mild as red wine. It enters the throat cavity, with a hot burning sensation, rushes into the stomach along the esophagus, and overturns the river.

She covered her nose and mouth and said aggrieved, “It’s so spicy.”

Phillip Zong refilled his glass.

It is said that alcohol is strong and courageous. This may be justified. Alcohol stimulates the human brain and makes people excited.

For those who are not drinking well, drink a glass of liquor with high concentration of alcohol, and they will be drunk and unconscious.

With Jiujin, Casey He leaned into his arms and pressed her face against his heart, listening to his strong heartbeat.

Phillip Zong didn’t push her away, she was overjoyed, hugging his neck, “Ahhao, I love you.”

“Really?” Phillip Zong handed her the wine, “show me the proof.”

Casey He stared at the wine in front of her, reached out to take it, did not drink it, but threw it directly on the ground, the alcohol spread in the room, she pointed to her heart, “You want me to prove it?”

She chuckled, “I will prove it to you.”

She grabbed the wine bottle on the table, stared at Phillip Zong with blurred eyebrows, charmingly curled the corners of her lips, and lifted the straps of the suspender skirt little by little, the silk red suspender skirt, and her flesh. Departed, wearing black sexy underwear.

She raised her head and opened the mouth of the bottle to pour down.

The strong alcohol burned her throat and she endured it. Phillip Zong must be testing her. If she drank the wine, she would prove her love for him.

He will fall in love with her, he will fall in love with her!

Phillip Zong turned his face slightly to avoid her body in underwear.


The wine bottle slipped from her hand and fell to the ground.

The unfinished liquor was mixed with glass slag and splashed everywhere.

Casey He flushed and fell on the bed, “I can’t—”

She waved her hands. “I can’t drink anymore.”

Phillip Zong put down the wine glass, closed his eyes, supported his forehead with one hand, and rubbed his eyebrows.


His phone vibrated suddenly.

He slowly opened his eyes, took out the phone, Milton Guan’s number was displayed on the screen, and he pressed the answer button.

Milton Guan’s voice came over immediately, “I brought people.”

“108.” He hung up after speaking.

Milton Guan was in the lobby of the hotel, looking at the hung-up phone in his hand, frowned, and then looked at the two men beside him, “Follow me.”

Because Phillip Zong didn’t say what he wanted.

He was worried that Phillip Zong would be dissatisfied, so he found two.

Take people to room 108.

Milton Guan was really confused when he saw the situation inside.

The mess on the ground, the alcohol in a room, this is nothing, mainly Casey He who is lying on the bed without clothes, what is going on?

“This–” Milton Guan looked at Phillip Zong cautiously, “This is, what’s the matter?”

And he wants a man–

Milton Guan seemed to understand what Phillip Zong meant, his eyes widened involuntarily, “Even if you don’t like him, after all, she has followed you, so treat her like this–“

Phillip Zong shot over with a sharp look, and Milton Guan immediately closed his mouth.

Casey He twisted her body on the bed, feeling uncomfortable. She felt so uncomfortable. Her stomach seemed to be burned by fire, and she wanted to vomit.

There were no more people in the room.

The two men lowered their heads and peeked into the bed from time to time.

Phillip Zong walked out, passing by Milton Guan, and confessed, “After the recording is over, give the He family a copy, and you will deliver it yourself.”

After speaking, he left the room without looking back at the mess in the room, with the wolfish eyes of the two men.

Milton Guan didn’t calm down anymore, and came out, “That’s not good, right?”

Ruin a woman’s innocence?

Milton Guan really couldn’t understand him. It didn’t matter how tough he was in the mall.

The mall is like a battlefield, either you die or I die.

But to deal with a woman who had been with him in this way was too inhumane.

Phillip Zong looked back at him, his voice was neither high nor low, “Do you have an opinion?”

Milton Guan hurriedly waved his hand, “No, I just feel that this is a shame.”

Phillip Zong sneered, “Their reputation for a hundred years is gone. They have done some silly things, so I am not allowed to pay for it?”

Milton Guan opened his mouth wide, “What did she do?”

Phillip Zong didn’t want to let other men see the video of Ana Lin being undressed.

“Do your thing well.”

After speaking, he continued to step forward.

Milton Guan stood there for a while, followed Phillip Zong who walked to the door, and asked, “Don’t leave room?”

Is it just to behave, or does it really make the two men really f*ck Holi Lin?

Phillip Zong’s footsteps paused slightly, and he barely stopped. He did not answer Milton Guan.

However, Milton Guan knew the answer.

He left no room for it.

He sighed and turned to enter the room to arrange the next thing.

Phillip Zong got into the car, did not start the car immediately, but sat quietly in the driving position.

Eyelashes trembled, as long as he thought that Ana Lin was almost raped, he couldn’t calm down.

This kind of discomfort, he had never had before.

He couldn’t imagine what would happen to him if Rios He really succeeded.

It was Casey He who touched his bottom line first!

He started the car and left the hotel.

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