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Chapter 124

He Ruixing’s expression grew colder, and she didn’t like her negotiating terms with herself, “Don’t forget, you caused this matter, and you have the responsibility to resolve it. You even took the handle to negotiate terms with me? If you let Dad know Now, Dad will be very angry.”

Casey He smiled, “Brother, are you afraid that I will take your credit?”

“Joke.” He Ruixing didn’t bother to care about her, “Phillip Zong’s handle is so easy to grasp? If you have the handle, you can directly threaten him to marry you, and why do you do so many things? Is it because you are sick?”

He Ruixing calmed down now, and didn’t believe Casey He had Phillip Zong’s handle.

If so, directly use it to threaten to marry him, return any engagement, and make these things.

“You are sick!” Casey He became angry. “I wanted to help you, but if you don’t want it, don’t blame me.”

After speaking, she turned upstairs.

He Ruixing snorted, “Stay well at home, don’t annoy Dad anymore.”

Xia Zhenyu came out of the room and heard He Ruixing speak so loudly, and whispered, “Your dad is in a bad mood these past few days. Don’t speak loudly at home, so as not to provoke him.”

She finally calmed down and was willing to rest in the room.

“Yeah.” He Ruixing walked into the house to change his clothes. He didn’t change the clothes immediately after taking them out. Instead, he sat on the sofa, took out his mobile phone, turned to Milton Guan’s number, and dialed out.

He cleared his throat and brewed in his heart what to say, contacting him at this juncture, obviously because of the news, Milton Guan might not be willing to answer his call or refuse to meet.

No one answered the phone until the end of the ringing. He Ruixing held the phone and was not discouraged. Instead, he put down the phone, unbuttoned his suit, walked into the bathroom, took a shower, changed clothes, and went out.

Casey He stood at the window on the second floor, holding the curtain with one hand, watching He Ruixing drive away from the back door.

Regardless of whether Phillip Zong loves her or not, but it is undeniable that she has followed him for a long time and knows a little about him, Phillip Zong will never see him.

She curled her lips, “Big Brother, I gave you a chance. You didn’t grasp it, so you can’t blame me.”

She took out her mobile phone and sent a video to Phillip Zong’s mobile phone, and also sent a private email, just in case he couldn’t see it.


Yu’s mother cooked a large table of dishes, like a holiday.

Ida Zhuang helped to serve the bowl, Ruth was playing alone in the living room, Daniel was still in the room, unwilling to come out, saying that his face was too ugly and he didn’t want to see people.

A white light came in, and a black car drove in. Soon, Ana Lin and Zong Hao got out of the car and walked into the house together.

When the door opened, Ruth heard the movement and immediately raised her head from the sofa, and looked towards the door. When she saw the person coming in, her eyes flashed.

My brother said this is my father.

She slid down from the sofa deftly and ran towards the door with her short legs. Ana Lin thought she was here to pick herself up, squatted down and opened her arms to greet her, “Ruth.”

Ruth didn’t jump into her arms, but stopped in front of Phillip Zong, tilted her head up, blinking her eyes flickeringly, looking at this tall man, he was so tall and handsome.


Ana Lin, “…”

Phillip Zong, “…”

“Dad.” Ruth reached out and hugged Phillip Zong’s leg, “Dad, hug.”

Ana Lin went to coax her daughter, “Ruth, be good, come to Mommy.”

She shook her head, “I want Dad to hug.”

Ana Lin is embarrassed and feels distressed. Although this child lacks the love of his father, she has never called someone else’s father like this.

“Ruth, you come to Mommy, this—not Dad.”

“I want my dad.” Ruth couldn’t listen to Ana Lin’s words at all, and her hands became tighter, her small face pressed against Phillip Zong’s legs, her head up, and her bright big eyes, “Dad, hug her. How is Rui?”

The moment Phillip Zong was hugged by her legs, his whole body was stiff, he lowered his head to meet the eyes that looked at him, as if they were filled with lake water, slowly fluctuating, shining like light, clear ,full of expectation.

He stooped and hugged her up, she was very white, maybe she was not heavy, Phillip Zong hardly used any strength.

Looking at the man in front of me so close, Ruth was stunned, so handsome dad!

She put her arms around his neck tightly, as if he would put herself down, her head buried in his shoulder armor.

Ana Lin wanted to hug her over, “Ruth…”

“Mommy, I want my father to hug me.” Her voice was crying. In her heart, she longed to have a father and longed to be hugged by him.

Longing for a father to call.

“Let me hold it.” No one could refuse such a soft and cute little girl without the rejection as expected.

Ana Lin felt helpless, “She wasn’t like this before.”

Phillip Zong glanced at her faintly, his lips pursed with a sneer arc, “Since I was a child without a father, I naturally lacked love.”

Ana Lin stood on the spot with a calm face, but her heart seemed to be gripped tightly by an iron claw, so tight that she could not breathe, and only felt the faint pain.

She lowered her head and went into the room to put things.

Phillip Zong hugged Ruth to the living room, let her sit on her lap, and then looked at her face. It looked a lot like Daniel, but she was more lovable than Daniel.

The face was white, like flawless porcelain, delicate and soft, and it made people want to pinch.

Thinking that way, Phillip Zong did the same, his cheek pinched between his fingers was very elastic and silky, “Your name is Ruth?”

Ruth nodded, grinning with her small pink mouth, showing her white teeth, “Mummy said, Rui, delicate and soft, Xi, the early morning sun, blooming, hope.”

Ana Lin not only hopes that her daughter has the beauty that a girl should have, but also that she is as dazzling as the sun.

Because she is her daughter, I wish her life is bright without darkness.

She blinked and looked at Phillip Zong, “Does it sound good?”

“It sounds good.”

It’s not perfunctory, it’s really nice, Ana Lin took this name very well.

Ruth grinned happily and threw herself in his arms, her small face pressed against his heart, listening to his heartbeat, “Dad.”

Phillip Zong’s nerves are strained again. He has lived for more than 30 years, and this is the first time he has heard of these two words.

The bottom of my heart was unexpectedly excited.

It was like calm and unwavering stagnant water, being thrown into a stone by surprise, arousing layers of water, rippling in his heart circle after circle.

Unable to calm down.

Ruth’s little hand touched his collar, touching and touching.

Phillip Zong, “…”

He went to take her hand, Ruth held his collar loosely, “Ruth wants grandma.”

Phillip Zong, “…”

He doesn’t have that stuff.

“Mommies have them.” She blinked, why didn’t Dad?

Ruth continued to move her small hand and touched his chest randomly, so flat and so hard.

“Mommy is obviously very soft, why don’t you?” Ruth felt aggrieved.

The lines on Phillip Zong’s face became tighter.

He lifted his head, panting heavily.

Are you not twins with Daniel?

Why are the characters so different?

Obviously Daniel is an independent type, and she is a clingy type.

At this moment, the phone in his pocket rang, and he didn’t mind to see what it was.

Ruth felt strange, reached out to touch his pocket, and specially reminded, “Dad, your phone rang.”


“I’ll get it for you.” Ruth pleased.

She wants her father to like her, she must behave well.

Ruth took out the phone, and a video message was displayed on the screen. She blinked and opened her little finger accidentally.

Soon the inside picture appeared.

“Mummy, grandma.” Ruth recognized the person on the screen.

Phillip Zong frowned, lowered his eyes and saw the picture played in the video…

Chapter 125

Phillip Zong frowned, lowered his eyes and saw the picture played in the video. Ana Lin was lying on the black sofa, Rios He unbuttoned her clothes little by little——

The skin is exposed, and it is round and round.

“Mummy, grandma.” Ruth didn’t understand what it was, and called out again, because she saw Mommy and Grandma Mommy.

Phillip Zong quickly took off the mobile phone in her little hand, and the palm of her hand suddenly disappeared. Ruth was taken aback, blinked, and quickly covered a layer of mist, as innocent as an elk, pitiful, “Dad, don’t you like me? ?”

Why take it so rudely?

Phillip Zong’s face was so ugly that it was as ugly as it was. Obviously, this video was shot by Rios He that day when he wanted to talk to Ana Lin.

His neck and even his temples tightened, stretched out a blue vein, and jumped suddenly.

Although Ruth is innocent, she can also see good and bad faces, obviously her father is not happy.

Don’t you like her?

She lowered her head and clasped her fingers, and tears fell on the back of her hand with a snap.

Asked with a soft and hoarse voice, “I didn’t mean to make my father angry.”

Ruth’s shoulders shrugged slightly, sobbing low.

The little girl was extremely pitiful, crying sadly like an abandoned child.

Phillip Zong took a deep breath, reached out and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes with his thumb, “Don’t cry, I’m not angry with you.”

Upon hearing this, Ruth suddenly raised her head to look at him, and asked expectantly, “Really?”

Phillip Zong was patient, “Really.”

He has never been so patient to coax a child, this is the first time.

Ruth was extremely happy, and before she could wipe the snot on her nose, she hugged Phillip Zong’s neck and k*ssed her.

The speed of the little guy was too fast, and Phillip Zong didn’t even react, her lips pressed against his face, and she felt wet and sticky.

He frowned.

When Ruth left, her nose pulled out a transparent silk with his face.

It was Ruth’s nose.

Although Phillip Zong didn’t have excessive cleanliness, he couldn’t accept it, so he got his nose on his face.

He has tingling hair.

The sticky face seems to be warm.

Ruth noticed that her father seemed to be upset, and she hurriedly stretched out her small hand to wipe it off, “I will wipe it clean for father.”

It’s okay if she doesn’t wipe it, his face is always wiped.

Ana Lin put the things in and saw her daughter wipe Phillip Zong’s face, and Phillip Zong’s face was black, staring straight at Ruth.

Ana Lin worried that Phillip Zong was angry, so he hurried over and hugged his daughter.

But Ruth was unwilling, stretched out her two small arms, asking Phillip Zong to hug, “I want Dad.”

After finally having a father, she couldn’t leave, and later there was no father.

“Ruth is good.” Ana Lin tried to coax her.

“No, no, I want dad.” Ruth’s two small hands kept waving to catch Phillip Zong, “I want dad.”

Ana Lin’s brows have become deeper, what happened to this child?

Ida Zhuang put down the soup in his hand, wiped his hands and walked over, reaching out to hug Ruth, “I have something delicious today.”

Today, I can’t coax the delicious food, and the foodies don’t like to eat today, just keep asking my father.

She stared at Phillip Zong, tears bursting, “Dad, don’t you like Xiaorui?”

Phillip Zong felt forced by others.

He grew up so much, has he ever been so forced?

His silence, seen in Ruth’s eyes, became a default, tears fell all of a sudden, sobbing loudly, she hugged Ana Lin tightly, very wronged and sad, “Mommy, Dad doesn’t like small Rui, what should I do? Is it because I am disobedient and not good-looking, so he doesn’t like me?”

“No.” Ana Lin followed her hair and soothed “No, no, Ruth is the cutest and most obedient——”

Before she coaxed Ruth to finish her words, she was suddenly shrouded in a dark shadow. I don’t know when Phillip Zong stood up. He reached out and hugged the crying little girl, “Give it to me.”

Ana Lin was stunned for a while, and soon refused, “No, I just coax it.”

“I want Dad.” Ruth was still crying. Hearing Phillip Zong’s voice, she immediately turned her head and stretched out her hand to him, asking him to hug herself.

Ana Lin, “…”

Phillip Zong hugged her over, “Stop crying?”

He felt that all his patience in his life had been used up on this little girl.

Ruth shut her mouth immediately, but she still sobbed occasionally, her nose and tears were all over her face.

“Xiaorui is obedient, Xiaorui doesn’t cry.” Ruth choked with tears on her eyelashes.

Phillip Zong sighed, “Let’s go wash.”

He was going crazy, his nose stuck to his skin, it was really uncomfortable.

Ana Lin froze in place, feeling extremely disturbed, Ruth had never stuck to a person like this.

Ida Zhuang was also very upset, “These two children, since they had no fathers, it’s normal for them to want them, but—”

It’s just that this man is not her father, how long can he coax her with patience, and how long can he last?

“How can I tell her that this is not her father? Knowing that it’s not that she is so disappointed and sad.” Ida Zhuangg said, his eyes were red.

Not having a father is a pity after all.

They will desire and want.

Ana Lin was also worried about this. Ruth hadn’t called any man his father before.

Unexpectedly, she actually stuck Phillip Zong who had only seen it once.

“I’ll take a look.” Ana Lin walked towards the bathroom.

In the bathroom, when Phillip Zong was washing his face, Ruth grabbed his hand and said, “I will help Dad wash it.”

Speaking of paddling her feet, she reached out to catch the water, because she was not high enough to catch the water, so she still kicked her feet.

Phillip Zong suddenly smiled, helplessly, “Your mother is here to confuse me, you are the little fairy that your mother brought to torment me.”

She took the little girl to the sink and sat on the counter, Ruth smiled happily, grinning, showing a row of white teeth, her eyes curled, she looked very cute.

Her hand was wet, and she wiped Phillip Zong’s face, she looked at her father seriously, deep eyes, tall nose, angular face, sexy thin lips, outstanding facial features combined together Very handsome.

“Dad is so good-looking.”

Phillip Zong was successfully amused by the little girl. He looked at himself in the mirror and his serious face. His expression slowly came down, and he reached out to pinch Ruth’s face.

“Who said your mommy had a bad fate?” Having such a cute child, she has accumulated virtue in her last life.

Ruth didn’t quite understand what he meant, so she wiped his face with a towel, Ana Lin walked over and saw this scene.

She walked over slowly, standing at the door of the bathroom, looking at Phillip Zong, “Excuse me, Xiaorui—”

“It’s okay.” Phillip Zong bent his body, enjoying the little girl’s enjoyment of the’service’, and teased himself, “I don’t suffer, I picked up a daughter for nothing and became a cheap dad.”

Chapter 126

He was obviously teasing.

Fortunately, he didn’t directly refuse Ruth to make her sad, and that teasing was nothing.

Ana Lin turned her head, her nose was sore, “Thank you.”

She turned her head and wanted to leave. Phillip Zong grabbed her wrist. He bent over and looked at Ruth. “Daddy has something to say to your mommy, can you go outside first?”

Ruth was behaved and nodded vigorously. She lay on the table and slid down. Ana Lin was afraid that she would fall, stretched out her hand to pick her up, but she still refused, “I’m fine, don’t answer, you talk to Dad Right.”

After speaking, he walked out with short legs.

Ana Lin looked at her daughter’s tiny figure, and her inner anxiety grew deeper. What would happen to her if she knew that the father she thought was not a father?

Ana Lin didn’t dare to think further.

How could she recognize Phillip Zong as father?

It’s ridiculous!

Ana Lin’s thoughts were drifting, Phillip Zong’s hand was hard, her body suddenly fell forward and plunged into Phillip Zong’s arms, Phillip Zong clasped her waist, swept her arms, and her whole body was attached. His body.

Ana Lin was startled, “This is your home, there are people outside.”

Phillip Zong ignored her words, but reached out his other hand and closed the bathroom door.

Ana Lin’s heart snapped with the closed door.

“You, you, what are you doing?”

Phillip Zong did not answer her, but looked down at her.

Ana Lin casually avoided his direct gaze, “The food is ready, it’s time to eat.”

Phillip Zong hooked her chin, forcing her to look at herself, his pupils were pitch black, and the waves were rolling.

Ana Lin’s heart tightened and asked cautiously, “Aren’t you happy?”

Phillip Zong was silent.

Ana Lin became even more disturbed, “Is it because of Ruth? She has no father since she was a child, so she may have mistaken you, don’t mind, I will–“

“You really didn’t lose your body that night?”

She didn’t understand the sudden words.

She stared at him blankly for several seconds.

“You mean—” Her nerves tightened, as if she knew what he was referring to.

She fainted at the time, and when she woke up, her clothes were taken off and the buttons on her pants were also unbuttoned.

The only thing she can be sure of is that she did not lose her body. As for what Rios He did to her when she was in a coma, she didn’t know.

She looked at Shang Phillip Zong’s eyes without dodge or hide, and said calmly, “I don’t know what he did to me, the only thing I can be sure of is that he didn’t touch me.”

To be precise, it was not that she did not touch her, but when Rios He was about to touch her, she woke up.

If she wakes up a few minutes later, she doesn’t know what the consequences will be.

She lowered her eyes gently, tears hidden under her eyes, “I’m sorry.”

Phillip Zong thought of the video where she was undressed, and the blood rushed into his brain.

“I’m sorry?”

“I do not know.”

She really didn’t know, her mind was messed up.

She didn’t know why she said this sentence, why she wanted to apologize to her.

She stretched out her hand to push him, Phillip Zong not only did not let go, but instead grabbed her head and k*ssed her lips.

With her lips in her mouth, Ana Lin’s brain was suddenly exploded by something, turning the world upside down. She pushed Phillip Zong hard, “Why did you suddenly ask me this?”

Did he know the details of that day?

Details that she doesn’t even know?

Phillip Zong didn’t answer her, but clasped her head again and k*ssed her lips again. Ana Lin wanted to ask what happened, pushing his hard body with both hands, “Well-you tell me eh- You, do you know something?”

Her resistance ushered in a more brutal k*ss from him. He stubbornly pressed her lips, leaving no gaps, taking all her oxygen and forcing her to lose the ability to speak, so he could only actively allow the air in his mouth. .

Narrow space, full of enthusiasm.

His footsteps approached, Ana Lin had to step back, and with a bang, her back pressed against the bathroom door and made a noise.

Wanda and Ida Zhuang, who accompanied Ruth in the living room, looked towards the bathroom at the same time.

All of them came here, and they seemed to understand what was going on inside.

Wanda smiled, “Young man.”

Ida Zhuang was not as happy as Yu’s mom, but he was deeply sad.

She scooped a spoonful of egg custard and fed it into Ruth’s mouth, “They are all divorced, this is not suitable.”

“Divorce, you can remarry.” Wanda felt that the two of them were suitable.

She had never seen Phillip Zong be so patient with that woman.

Especially after Ana Lin left, his mood during that period was like a cloudy day, saying that he would get angry.

She had never seen such a violent Phillip Zong.

Ida Zhuang said lightly, “How can it be so easy.”

These two children are the biggest obstacle.

He didn’t believe that someone like Phillip Zong could accept these two children.

It’s not Phillip Zong, but many men can’t accept it, right?

It’s not that the woman in the world is dead, go find a woman who has two children.

In all fairness, if his son is still alive and finds a woman with two children to be his wife, she will feel uncomfortable.

What’s more, a family like the Zong family would disagree.

Their family business, with huge wealth, would allow outsiders to come in.

Ida Zhuang’s disagreement was seen in his mother’s eyes. It was because he was angry that the divorce between Phillip Zong and Ana Lin had become a hurdle in his heart.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine after a few days.” Wanda thought in her heart. When Daniel was better, she took Zong Qifeng to find him, let him see, and come up with ideas to see if these two children are Phillip Zong. of.

Yu’s mother still thinks that these two children belong to Phillip Zong, and they are obviously so similar to the ones he had when they were young.

Isn’t there any DNA now? It will be clear by checking it.

She heard that it can be tested now by getting one hair.

Wanda looked towards the bathroom, “The marriage that Madam made for the young master is naturally good.”

Hearing this, Ida Zhuang raised his head to look at Wanda, he stopped talking, and sighed slightly, not wanting to mention the past, lowered his eyes, and continued to feed Ruth custard.

In the bathroom, Ana Lin panted heavily, her face flushed red, she was about to be smothered to death, she kept slapping the savage man, and the man was unmoved.

Ana Lin’s heart was crossed, and he bit down.

Phillip Zong snorted in pain, and his strength was loosened. Ana Lin took the opportunity to push him away, “This is at home.”

There are people outside, so it’s embarrassing to let people know.

Phillip Zong didn’t get angry because he was pushed away, but instead looked at her and asked, “That’s okay if you’re not at home?”

Ana Lin, “…”

“You—” She was speechless for a long time, and suffocated two words, “I hate it.”

Phillip Zong smiled lightly and reached out to touch her red lips, “Where do I hate?”

Ana Lin lowered his head, how could this person be so shameless?

Where’s the face?

Where’s the face?

Do you want your face?

Is it a hooligan?

“No more.”

Ana Lin, “…”

She stared at him in surprise, he, how did he know what she was thinking?

Could it be that he is a roundworm in her belly?

Phillip Zong cleared his throat and said seriously, “Your face is clearly written with three big characters.”

“What?” Ana Lin asked.

“Stinking rogue.”

Ana Lin saw him for the first time since he spoke sternly.

Ana Lin averted his gaze and dared not look directly, denying, “No.”

Her voice was very small, and she seemed lacking in confidence.

This is how she scolded in her heart just now.

At this time, the mobile phone in Phillip Zong’s pocket rang.

If you don’t look, Phillip Zong probably guessed who’s calling. He just posted the video, but he didn’t take the initiative to answer the call, so he shouldn’t be calm and look for him now.

Ana Lin didn’t see him answer the phone, and asked, “Your phone rang, won’t you answer it?”

Phillip Zong slowly raised his hand, smoothing the mess of her neckline, “You go out first.”

Ana Lin nodded, turned and opened the door and walked out.

The moment the bathroom door closed, Phillip Zong’s face sank, there was no smile, even the endless cold.

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