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Chapter 121

Phillip Zong, “…”

Ana Lin looked up at him, seeming to be asking, what is going on?

At this moment, Phillip Zong understood what Daniel’s words that hesitated to say at the time meant.

He is young, how could his mind be so deep?

“Boy, you won’t grow up like this.”

“I will definitely grow taller than you, anyway, you won’t grow anymore.” As if Mommy was by his side, he was confident enough to speak.

Is this kid going to cross the river and demolish the bridge?

“What the hell is going on!” Suddenly, Ana Lin stood up abruptly, listening to the two of them, it seemed to be familiar.

Doesn’t Daniel hate him?

How can there be contact?

Without her knowledge, did Phillip Zong contact her son privately?

What is his purpose?

“Clarify it for me!” Ana Lin lowered his face, there is a lot of unclear posture about this matter.

“Say!” Ana Lin pointed at his son.

Daniel blinked and told the truth, “Mommy, I know you were bullied by Rios He.”

Ana Lin’s heart jerked and got stuck in his throat. How did he know?

“Xiao Xi.”

“He told me.” Daniel pointed at Phillip Zong, “When Rios He went to our house and wanted to take us to dinner, I thought he was unkind, so I called him for help, and he asked if I wanted to If you take revenge, I think about it, and then he said, let me be taken by Rios He, so that he can find evidence of Rios He’s crime.”

Daniel knew that Mommy cares about him, even if Rios He bullied her, she would never gamble on his safety.

Originally, he wanted to tell Phillip Zong, but when he thought that he had abandoned Mommy before, he didn’t say that, Mommy would definitely be angry.

This is what he expected.

“Is that so?” Ana Lin questioned, staring at Phillip Zong, a coldness came out of her heart.

Don’t deny it, Phillip Zong is not someone who dares not be.


Ana Lin was very angry, but did not say it in front of his son, but let his son take a good rest, “Xiao Xi, you can sleep for a while, Mommy will return to our residence to get you clothes.”

Daniel nodded obediently, and pulled the quilt obediently, and glanced at Phillip Zong secretly, with a successful smile on her lips.

I thought to myself, my mom was angry, let’s see how you k*ss her.

“You go with me.” Ana Lin left the room after speaking.

Phillip Zong glanced at Daniel, “Boy, frame me?”

“I’m telling the truth, how could it be framed?” Daniel pulled the quilt, covered half of his face, showing only two eyes, flickering and flickering, “You made me deliberately caught.”

In the latter sentence, his voice became quieter.

It seems to be quite inauthentic.

He helped himself punish bad guys.

But he was indeed wrong.

Thinking about this, Daniel didn’t feel sorry for him anymore.

“Yes.” Phillip Zong’s voice fell, then raised his lips and chuckled, “I admit it. But–“

The smile on his lips grew thicker, and he said unpredictably, “You said, I can coax your mommy and not be angry with me?”

“No.” Daniel was very confident, and Mommy loved him very much.

“I was born to my mom, and she loves me very much.”


Phillip Zong laughed, this logic.

Have to be born to be the closest?

He took possession of him and put his hands on his side, facing his eyes, “Boy, I can give you mommy, you can never give it.”

“What?” Daniel met his determined eyes and panicked.

Phillip Zong straightened up, as if the previous stare had never happened, and stroked the unfolded collar slowly, “Your mommy is still waiting for me.”

“Speak clearly!” Daniel sat up abruptly.

Fried hair?

Phillip Zong walked out of the room calmly, ignoring Daniel’s shout.

Ana Lin was waiting for him outside, only came out when he saw him, and asked, “What are you doing? Why is it so long?”

“Say a few words with your son.” Phillip Zong held the key in his hand and pressed it to unlock. The car stopped at the door with a beep, and the unlock sound was heard.

“Let’s go.”

Ana Lin followed him into the car.

After driving some distance, Ana Lin said, “You stop the car, I have something to tell you.”

Phillip Zong pulled the car over and stopped.

“You did this too much, do you know?” Ana Lin turned his head and looked out the window. He didn’t even have the courage to look at him. She was disappointed in her heart. She didn’t ask. He could love his child more, and he didn’t expect him to accept it. Her child.

However, he couldn’t accept it. He took his children to risk safely.

“They are very important to me.” Ana Lin clutched her chest, her heart seemed to be poked a hole in her heart, and the wind passed through her heart, making her whole body cold.

“How can you use his life as bait, in case of an accident, have you ever thought about it?” She lowered her head, “I am not you, you have enough fun, there can be many women you like, and you can have yourself Many children, but I only have them.”

Phillip Zong’s expression changed rapidly after hearing Ana Lin’s last sentence.

The dark cloud rolled over his sharp eyebrows, “Ana Lin, you just say that sentence to me again!”

He rarely called her by her first name, even more rarely, so he called her by both the first name and the last name.

He squeezed her chin, turned her face to himself, and said every word, “Tell me what I said just now!”

When facing his disappointed pupils, Ana Lin stunned for a moment, and then laughed mockingly, “Aren’t you treating me for being new? In your world, what kind of woman has never been seen before, and the right one is not right? It will be less, what do you think of me?”

Her person?

Prettier than her abound.

“There must be no woman by your side, who has given birth to a child, right?” She pierced every word.

Phillip Zong laughed angrily, “Is it because I’m too kind to you, making you think I’m a good talker? Huh?!”

“You forgot, did you promise me something?” He approached little by little, speaking with sharp eyebrows, close at hand.

Ana Lin held his breath, “But, you also promised me not to move my child.”

“I moved them?”

“But you used him.”

“So what are you going to do?”

Ana Lin lowered his eyes, yes, what can she do with him?

She has no strength against him.

But swallowed, if it was her, she wouldn’t care, but she would never compromise when it came to her child!

“If you dare to use them, I will kill you.” She said very firmly.

“Kill me?” Phillip Zong has never seen anyone who dared to kill him so arrogantly, in front of him.

Still a woman.

Instead of being angry, he smiled.

Appreciating the strength of her body, there is nothing but courage.

“Okay, one more time, you’ll kill me.” He loosened her chin, crossed her shoulders, buckled her waist, and with a big hand, he hugged the person across the center console.

Ana Lin exclaimed.

“what are you doing?”

“Shhh! Be quiet.”

Chapter 122

Ana Lin thought there was someone, so he silenced.

But she found no one around here.

It’s quiet.

“What are you doing?” Ana Lin asked.

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes, his eyelashes quivered slightly, Ana Lin looked down his gaze, and found that the buttons on his chest had broken open the two buttons on his chest. The bra with lace was exposed, full and round. Looming.

She was sitting on his lap in a sitting position at the moment.

The posture is extremely ambiguous.

Her face immediately blushed, and even her neck became red, like cooked shrimp.

“you you–“

Ana Lin stretched out her hand to cover it, but Phillip Zong grabbed her wrist and clasped it in her palm, making her unable to move.

Phillip Zong’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, and his black pupils shone brightly, like water and mist, rippling with passion.

He grinned hoarsely, “I’m going to kill me, can’t you let me die with regret?”

Ana Lin’s brain is blank.

At this moment, she forgot to react and lost the ability to think.

“When can you accept me?” His lips slowly approached, pressing on her collarbone, and the moment Ana Lin touched her skin, Ana Lin trembled, and an electric current pierced her flesh from his lips. Spread to the limbs and hundreds of skeletons.

Her eyes were stained with mist, thin and shallow.

“I do not know.”

“But I can’t wait.” His hot eyes, like the scorching sun in a tropical desert, were scorching her, so hot that she could not speak for a long time.

“If you don’t speak, I will take it as your acquiescence.” His lips followed her neck, collarbone, down.

The other hand stroked down her back, along her waist, her thighs and calves, and reached into the bottom of her skirt—

A dazzling light reflected from the rearview mirror and hit Ana Lin’s eyes. She immediately became sober and pushed the man away, “No, I’m not ready yet, you can only agree to my consent.”

“You just acquiesced.”

Ana Lin, “…”

“I didn’t.” She denied.

“There seems to be someone.” Ana Lin looked through the rear glass and saw a black car stopped behind the car.

Phillip Zong only thought she was making excuses and took a bite on his lips, “Don’t want to lie to me.”

Ana Lin straightened his expression, “I didn’t lie to you, black car, license plate number ZQ6668.”

Phillip Zong’s movements paused and looked back.

Sure enough, there was a black car parked behind it.

His face was slightly dark, and the original fiery atmosphere became colder.

“Do you know?” Ana Lin saw the change on Phillip Zong’s face.

He faintly.

It was his father’s car, how could he not know it?

Why is he here at this time?

He buttoned Ana Lin’s clothes and said, “Sit in the car and don’t move.”

Ana Lin nodded.

He arranged for Ana Lin, opened the door and walked down, and walked towards the car behind.

“It’s really Phillip.” Danna said to her husband.

Zong Qifeng calmly said, “What are you doing here at this time?”

How do things become more and more unstable?

Originally, Zong Qifeng came to Phillip Zong alone, but Danna was worried that they would quarrel, so she followed.

Uncle Feng got off the car and said respectfully towards Phillip Zong, “Master.”

Phillip Zong ignored it, but looked at the person in the car.

“Are you free?” Zong Qifeng asked.

Phillip Zong was neither lukewarm nor hot, and downplayed, “Something?”

“It’s okay, can’t you come to see you?” Zong Qifeng wanted to talk to him peacefully, but he always looked like this coldly.

He got angry at the first sight.

Danna grabbed his hand and silently comforted him to keep him from getting angry.

Phillip Zong laughed, “Do you have time?”

When he was 20 years old, Zong Qifeng abdicated and gave the company to him.

Since then, he hasn’t asked anything about the company, only has a romantic relationship with this woman at home.

Phillip Zong often thought, if he had a child with this woman, the company would definitely give it to their child, right?

He is not rare about these, he can’t accept Xiao Qifeng’s change of heart.

Less than a month after his mother died, he took the woman in.

Obviously, they weren’t together after his mother died.

“What is your attitude?” Zong Qifeng frowned.

Naked. Naked irony, it’s hard for him not to be angry.

Danna glanced at her husband and sighed helplessly. The two father and son always faced each other like this.

She pushed the car door down, lowering her posture, “He Wenhuai went to see your dad at home because of the news.”

Phillip Zong left his words, “I don’t need you to care about my business.”

Then leave.

“We just care about you.” Danna looked at his tall back, her eyes slightly warm, “Although the He family is in a low ebb, but the reputation is still there, and the connections are also there, really tearing your face, I am afraid that it will be against you.”

Phillip Zong didn’t seem to hear him, and his steps didn’t stop at all.

“Stop!” Zong Qifeng sternly, he sighed, “Which woman are you with now?”

Phillip Zong’s footsteps stopped, and after standing for a moment, he slowly turned around and looked at the man who was standing white on the sideburns under the street lamp, “Did I ask you with any woman?”

Zong Qifeng trembled, “How many years have passed, you should let it go!”

“I don’t care about you, and you don’t care about me.” Phillip Zong didn’t say anything hard this time, but his tone was cold and he didn’t have any feelings, as if he was talking to a stranger.

After speaking, he turned around again and took two steps. He stopped, did not turn around, but said to the person behind him, “I have a sense of the news.”

Zong Qifeng was dull, “Go, go home.”

Danna stood on the side of the road and didn’t move, just watching the tall figure farther and farther away.

“Let’s go.” Zong Qifeng went to pull Danna’s hand.

He believed in Phillip Zong’s ability and believed that he could handle it well.

He took over Wan Yue at the age of 20. From a freshly graduated college student to the present, his achievements made him proud and proud.

“I just want to see him.” Danna wiped the corner of her eyes.

Zong Qifeng stood beside her, holding her hand, and looking at it as well, “You should be happy.”

Danna was slightly melancholy, yes, she should be happy.

Phillip Zong returned to the car and drove away silently.

Ana Lin saw that he was in a bad mood, so he didn’t ask anything and sat quietly on the side.

He didn’t have a direction, just shuttled randomly in the city, Ana Lin reached out to hold the back of his hand.

She understood his feelings.

She had heard something from Wanda about his discord with Zong Jing Kaifeng.

Just now she saw the person coming out of the car, and Danna had approached her, so she met.

Danna’s impression of her is not bad, different from the Xiaosan she feels like.

But after all, it is the top three.

“My dad abandoned my mom, I know how you feel.”

Phillip Zong stared at the hand she was holding on the back of his hand, turned the steering wheel, stopped the car on the side of the road, stretched out his hand to hug her, and when he embraced her with a soft body, he felt that his heart was not so empty. .

He buried his head in her neck, submerged in her hair, and whispered, “Let me hold it for a while, then it will be fine.”

Chapter 123

He was weak, in the dark of no one, in front of this woman.

Some people say that you can’t empathize with those who haven’t experienced it.

She believed that if she had never experienced being abandoned by her father, she could not understand how he felt at this moment.

Perhaps they have had the same experience, making them feel sorry for each other.

Ana Lin reached out and patted him on the back.

Without too much words, comforting silently.

Phillip Zong is not in the mood either, if this person is not Ana Lin at this moment, he will not show his weak side.

“Go back?” His voice came from Ana Lin’s neck dullly.

“I said I went back to get the clothes. If I didn’t take them back, I’m afraid Xiao Xi would think about it. The child is thoughtful.” Ana Lin thought of his son, and said in a serious tone, “From now on, don’t joke about Xiao Xi’s safety. ,I was serious.”

“Yeah.” He really didn’t think about what to do if an accident happened.

Emotional recovery, Phillip Zong started the car.

It didn’t take long for the car to stop at Ana Lin’s residence, she got off the car, and Phillip Zong followed.

Ana Lin looked back at him, “Are you going up too?”

“I look at your residence.” He hasn’t come up yet.

Ana Lin walked ahead, and when she reached the door, she took out the key to open the door.

The room is not very big, but the decoration is very warm and feels like home.

Ana Lin first went to Daniel’s room to get his clothes, and then her own room to get Ruth’s.

When she was packing her clothes, Phillip Zong walked around the house casually. This place is not very big. There are two children who clean it and it is neat. On the bedside cabinet, there are photos of Daniel and Ruth.

He stretched out his hand and picked it up. The background in the photo is a grass, and it looks like a child over two years old, holding bubble water in his hand, blowing bubbles.

Ana Lin saw the photo in his hand and said with a smile, “This is when they have just learned to walk. Don’t look at Xiao Xi’s cleverness. Only when he is one and a half years old can he walk, and he can walk steadily when he is over two.”

When she talked about her child, she had a light in her eyes.

The whole body exudes the brilliance of maternal love.

It’s warm and soft.

Phillip Zong put down the photo, thinking in his heart, her smile can only be seen in front of her children, right?

“Sit down, I’ll go over there.” Ida Zhuang’s room is next door, and she has to clean up.

Phillip Zong gave a light hum.

After Ana Lin left, he sat down by the bed, perhaps because she was taking care of the children. The bed was covered with cartoon sheets, which was very tidy.

The drawer of the bedside table was half open, and there was a pink book in it. He opened the drawer and saw that the book was originally a photo album.

He stretched out his hand and opened it. The picture shows a very small baby, wrapped in a pink quilt, wearing a little pink hat, and a tender face, pink, and very cute.

He continued to turn, this page was when Daniel was a child, he was wrapped in a little blue quilt, and a little blue hat was also pink, just like his sister.

It seems to be taken shortly after birth, because it looks really small.

Ana Lin takes pictures of them every year, when will they walk, when will they have their first teeth, when will they speak, and what the first sentence is.

She took notes carefully.


A photo fell from the album and landed on the ground.

Phillip Zong picked it up. This was a photo of Ana Lin and two children. She was sitting on the carpet and the two children were playing with blocks on the carpet. She looked at the two children and smiled softly.

He held it in his hand for a moment and looked at it for a moment. When he wanted to put it back, he found handwriting behind the photo through the light, so he turned it around and saw a paragraph written with a black pen on the back of the photo.

Baby, my baby, I’m sorry that my mother didn’t give you a complete home. You only have mother and grandmother in your home, but I will love you very much. Thank you for coming to my world. Let me be in the gray world. The light makes me no longer alone, no longer afraid.

With deep eyes, he stared at Juanxiu’s handwriting for a moment, and when he heard the noise, he put back the photo, closed the album and put it back in place.

Ana Lin held the bag in his hand and stretched his head from the door, “Okay.”

Phillip Zong stood up, his tall body immediately covered a shadow, he looked at the person at the door and asked, “Is it all packed?”

“Yeah.” Ana Lin nodded.

“Let’s go.”

Ana Lin nodded, Phillip Zong walked to her and reached out to take the bag in her hand, “I’ll get it for you.”

“No, it’s not heavy.” Just a few clothes and a little daily necessities.

“Give it to me.” He took it over.

Ana Lin turned her head to look at him, slowly lowered her eyelids, without saying anything, followed him, locked the door and walked out of the complex.


The servant at home went out to buy groceries, but when he returned, he was smashed with eggs.

“What’s the matter?” Xia Zhenyu looked at the embarrassed servant, her eyes widened.

The servant lowered his head and said, “I came back from buying vegetables, and they were smashed at the door of the house, and they said that I did not do well, and I must work as a servant in your house.”

In fact, the original words are even more ugly, saying that she is not doing well and must serve a group of dogs that bully children.

“Madam, don’t go out these few days, just in case you encounter a radical person and do anything unfavorable to you.”

Xia Zhenyu stepped back again and again, and the servant hurriedly stepped forward to support her, “Are you okay?”

She shook her head, and the door of her house was smashed. Wouldn’t it be worse on the company?

Indeed, the company is even more miserable. Many sales outlets have been boycotted. I heard that it is a pioneering group and any company that does not enter it, let alone consume.

He’s has chain stores in every city in the country, and the situation is expanding bit by bit.

Sales dropped by 20% in just one day, which is very fast.

He Ruixing drove He Wenhuai back, “I’ll find Phillip Zong to see what conditions he has, so that this matter cannot continue to spread.”

He Wenhuai is also in a hurry. Doing business pays attention to credibility and reputation. Once credibility is in crisis, no one will pay the bill.

“Well, if he doesn’t let go, you can plan for the worst.” This is also his worst plan.

In this case, Phillip Zong was tough and hardly gave him a little room for relaxation, which shows that he is really angry.

He would be so angry, nothing more than what Casey He and Rios He did that touched his bottom line.

Since he wanted to punish, he would push these two people out, not committing the crime of homicide, at most they would go in for interrogation and detain them for two days.

Let Phillip Zong calm down, this matter will pass.

“Dad, you see there are many people at the door.” He Ruixing drove in front, and from a distance he saw many people around his door.

Most of the curses were the He family bullying others, bullying the weak, distorting human nature, and so on.

In short, it is as ugly as it is.

“From the back door.” He Wenhuai had a sullen face, furious.

“His Phillip Zong is too rampant!” He didn’t say hello at all, and came directly to this one, which made him unprepared.

“His style of doing things is like this, he is well-known in the industry.” He Ruixing worked hard in the circle, and naturally heard a little about his style of doing things.

Resolute, courageous, and vigorous!

When the car stopped, He Wenhuai entered the door with an aura. Xia Zhenyu was about to call them and tell them there was someone at the door of the house and walk through the back door when they came back.

Seeing them coming in, Xia Zhenyu put down the phone and greeted him, “Are you all right?”

“It’s okay, we entered through the back door.” He Ruixing sighed, “This matter has affected us too much. I won’t eat at home tonight, I’ll go out.”

“Where are you going?” Xia Zhenyu asked.

“Go talk to him.” He Ruixing’s voice slowly became quieter, because he didn’t lower his heart.

“It’s up to you.” He Wenhuai ran out for a day, looking very tired, Xia Zhenyu helped him into the room.

Seeing He Wenhuai entering the house, Casey He walked down from the second floor, “Brother, I will go with you.”

“What are you going to do?”

He Ruixing looked at her coldly, “It’s all because of you that this happened. You go? It will only make things worse.”

Casey He has become accustomed to being denied by him and is not angry. Instead, she walks down step by step in her slippers. She looks at He Ruixing, “I have something in my hand to make him willing to talk to us, or even give in.”

“What?” He Ruixing asked dubiously.

Casey He is confident and confident, “You take me there and I’ll show it to you, how about it?”

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