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Chapter 118

The door of the study opened, and Uncle Feng stood at the door, “I have arranged it in the living room.”

Zong Qifeng nodded.

“Don’t worry, the matter has been resolved, and he can’t say anything.” Zong Qifeng found Danna’s worried eyes and comforted.

Danna lowered her eyebrows, “I’m not worried.”

“Hard mouth.” Zong Qifeng held her hand, “Let’s go.”

In the living room, He Wenhuai was sitting on the mahogany sofa, tea was poured in front, and He Ruixing was standing behind him.

Seeing Zong Qifeng coming over, He Wenhuai stood up, “Old Zong, this ruin, I can beg of you.”

“Please?” Zong Qifeng laughed loudly, “Don’t you joke with me, where can you ask me?”

“Hey.” He Wenhuai sighed, “It’s not my two ineffective children who caused trouble.”

“What’s the matter?” Zong Qifeng pulled Danna and sat on the opposite sofa with himself.

The servant served two more glasses of water.

“You didn’t watch the news today, did you?” He Wenhuai asked.


After Zong Qifeng didn’t care, he didn’t like to read the news and wrote calligraphy. Danna accompany him for a walk and played chess. One day passed.

“Let’s take a look first.” He Wenhuai motioned his son to show the news to Zong Qifeng.

He Ruixing handed the phone up, “Uncle Zong.”

Zong Qifeng took a look and was a little surprised, not because he was surprised how outrageous the news was, but because he was surprised that something happened in his house, why did he come to him?

It shouldn’t be difficult to cover this matter with the connections of He family.

“Old He, is this?” Zong Qifeng raised his head and looked at He Wenhuai on the opposite side, “Could it be something to do with me?”

How else would you come to him?

“Hey.” He Wenhuai sighed again, “I’m not as lucky as you. I gave birth to a good son, retire early, and enjoy my old age. I will be mad at my unconscious children.”

“Old Ho, where did you start?”

“No.” He Wenhuai pointed to the bloody child in the news. “This child, I heard that this child was born by a woman your family Phillip likes. Linlin of my family feels that that woman broke the relationship between her and Phillip. He’s engaged before going—hey, it’s shameful to say that, his brother dotes on this sister, and for a while, he kidnap other people’s children and wants to threaten women to leave Phillip with the child.”

He Wenhuai avoids the heavy and takes the light.

It didn’t say that the daughter wanted to marry into the clan, why the family was fighting for marriage, nor that the son wanted to marry that woman.

Those who hurt his face.

Zong Qifeng and Danna looked at each other.

Who is this woman?

What’s the matter with the child?

Wasn’t it because of Ana Lin that I dropped my engagement last time?

There is no photo of Ana Lin on it, they don’t know that this woman is Ana Lin.

Phillip Zong ordered that Ana Lin is not allowed in the photo.

He didn’t want to pull her into such news.

“This matter may have caused Phillip, I came to you.” He Wenhuai sighed again, even at this age, because of the child’s affairs, he came to the people of his own generation in a low breath, and felt uneasy. .

“We are all people with a face and a face, and we also have some status in society. I don’t have a place to put my old face when it is spread out. I don’t need to come to you, but our two conflicts will only hurt both sides, don’t you think?”

He Wenhuai knows how to negotiate. Now he is not here to beg for mercy, but he doesn’t want the two parties to confront each other, which hurts his peace.

“You also know my son’s temper. If I can control him, the original engagement will not return.” Zong Qifeng is not a fool, and now he can’t just listen to his words and just agree or promise something.

He Wenhuai’s expression was a bit unbearable, did he leave it alone?

“Old Zong, although we have not become in-laws, but we have known each other a lot, do you really want to watch our family hurt their peace because of this little incident?”

“My family, Phillip, is not an unreasonable person. After all, someone provokes him first. Of course, we won’t care about it. You know, the two of them have been at odds with each other over the years, but we will try our best. He called back, understood the matter clearly, and persuaded one or two.” Danna spoke out, both soft and hard. The first sentence accused Phillip Zong who they provoked first, and the fault was with them. The latter sentence also showed that it was not for nothing, but manage Regardless of living, I’ll talk about it separately.

He Wenhuai was speechless by these words.

“It’s good if you know it. It’s best if you don’t hurt your peace.” He Wenhuai stood up.

“Naturally, we don’t want to hurt our peace.” Danna said again.

He Wenhuai reluctantly pulled out a smile, “I should go now.”

“Stay for dinner.” Danna smiled dignified and decently.

“No, we are waiting at home.” He Wenhuai declined.

“Uncle Feng, you send it.” Danna did not personally send it. Regardless of what happens afterwards, they must now stand on Phillip Zong’s side.

Obviously, it was their fault first.

She moved forward and retreated well enough to let He Wenhuai know that if Phillip Zong didn’t let go of this matter, it was their fault first, and they caused the matter.

It really hurts harmony, and that is what they found themselves.

“No need to send it.” He Ruixing said to Uncle Feng when he walked to the gate of the Zong Family.

Uncle Feng smiled and still opened the door for He Wenhuai, “Madam asked me to see off the guests, how dare I neglect, Master He, please.”

He Wenhuai glanced at him and bent into the car.

He Ruixing took the driving seat.

The car drove out soon.

He Wenhuai looked at the smaller and smaller villas in the rearview mirror, and exclaimed, “This Phillip Zong was born smart. It’s not for no reason. My parents have high IQs. How can my son be stupid.”

He has learned about Zong Qifeng’s methods and IQ.

The performance of Danna just now surprised him.

“Dad, what are you talking about? Phillip Zong’s biological mother is Zong Qifeng’s ex-wife.”

“Yeah, look at me, I am really old.” He Wenhuai held his forehead.

“Dad, what if Zong Qifeng can’t convince Phillip Zong?” He Ruixing worried.

He Wenhuai thought for a long time, weighing left and right, distinguishing the pros and cons, still felt that he couldn’t get rid of the Zong family.

After all, people have a big business now, and they have to admit that they can’t afford it.

Really want to match, it is them who suffer.

“Who provokes things, who is responsible.” He Wenhuai slowly closed his eyes.

It’s not that he is ruthless, it’s just that he can’t help but care about family in this situation.

If Phillip Zong is not loose, then this matter is bound to ferment.

At that time, the reputation of He’s family will be bad, and it will affect the company. They are a jewelry business. If they are boycotted, he cannot afford the consequences.

In the living room of the Zong family.

Zong Qifeng leaned on the cushion on the sofa, holding Danna’s hand in her hand, rubbing her thumb on the back of her hand, half-squinting his eyes, as if thinking about something.

“Are you thinking, who is that woman? What about that child?” Danna asked.

In fact, she was also strange. Before, she thought Phillip Zong liked Ana Lin, but now there is another woman with children.

This made her worried.

Zong Qifeng stretched out his hand and brushed the strand of hair around her ear, put it behind her ear, and said softly, “Don’t worry, I will go to the villa to see him.”

Talk to him about this incident by the way.

Chapter 119

On the other side, Daniel fell asleep in Ana Lin’s arms while returning to the villa.

One side of the face was still red and swollen, Ana Lin felt very distressed and wanted to touch him, but was afraid of hurting him.

She was very quiet and didn’t say a word, but silently wiped her tears.

It was the first time that Daniel was so old and never hurt.

As the saying goes, the body hurts in the child’s heart.

Phillip Zong looked at her in the rearview mirror, trying to comfort her so that she wouldn’t be too uncomfortable, but opened her mouth and didn’t know what to say.

He had never been a parent and couldn’t understand her feelings.

It didn’t take long for the car to stop in front of the villa.

Phillip Zong came down and opened the door for her. It was not convenient for her to get off the car while holding Daniel. He stretched out his hand to pick him up, “I’ll hold you.”

“No, I will do it myself.” Since Daniel was rescued, she almost couldn’t leave.

Keep holding, no one will let you take over.

Phillip Zong looked at her for two seconds and couldn’t stand her attitude. This is her child. She can hurt and love, but she always blames herself and feels that it is her own fault, which makes it difficult for him to accept.

“It’s not your fault, you don’t need to punish yourself.” He stubbornly hugged people over, Ana Lin said he didn’t want to let go, “What are you doing?”

“You don’t want your son to be woken up, just be quiet.”

Ana Lin silenced his voice and whispered, “He has an injury on his head, please lighten it.”

She was afraid that Phillip Zong would hurt Daniel.

He is a big man and has no experience in holding children.

Phillip Zong gave a light hum.

Ana Lin has lived here and is not unfamiliar with it. It has basically remained the same as before.

In the room, Ruth had experienced the daytime events. She didn’t know if she was scared or tired. When Milton Guan was sent here, she fell asleep and has not woken up until now.

Wanda met Ida Zhuang and Ruth once, so when Milton Guan sent them here, she started to be surprised, and then quickly became acquainted with Ida Zhuang.

Milton Guan didn’t say why they were arranged here, and Wanda didn’t ask. Milton Guan is a person next to Phillip Zong, who must have been instructed by Phillip Zong.

After seeing the two children last time, she felt that they were like Phillip Zong when she was a child. In order to see them again, she often went to the supermarket, hoping to see them and inquire about the mother and father of the two children.

Who knows, I didn’t wait for anyone to go every day.

Unexpectedly, they delivered it by themselves.

It’s really nowhere to find anything to break through the iron shoes.

Yu’s mother took this opportunity to inquire about the two children.

Ida Zhuang probably guessed where this is, but she didn’t want to say much about her daughter, only that the two children were born to her daughter.

Everything else is silent.

Wanda couldn’t find out anything.

“Sit down first.” Wanda got up and wanted to show her the picture of Phillip Zong, when the door of the villa was pushed open.

Phillip Zong walked in with Daniel in his arms. Ana Lin followed behind, like a subconscious habit. She opened the shoe cabinet and took out the slippers. She knew Phillip Zong and put it in front of him.

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes and glanced at her, “I haven’t forgotten.”

After Ana Lin’s movements, she only stayed here for less than a month, and she still remembered his shoes.

She raised her head and said calmly, “I remember everything I have seen.”

Ida Zhuang stood up from the sofa and glanced at Phillip Zong, his eyes finally fell on his daughter.

Wanda saw them coming in, and Phillip Zong held Daniel with Ana Lin beside her. She opened her mouth wide and looked at Ida Zhuang, “This is your daughter?”

Ida Zhuang nodded.

Wanda seemed to understand everything in an instant, and she wondered why Ida Zhuang didn’t want to talk about her children.

Because her daughter was divorced and gave birth to a child, she must be angry that the child’s father and daughter divorced, so she didn’t want to mention it.

In my mother’s heart, Ana Lin’s child is Phillip Zong’s.

I remember six years ago, she was pregnant.

Although they separated at the beginning, they slept in the same room the first night they got married.

Moreover, the calculation days are similar. The child is five or six years old, which is right.

The room downstairs belonged to Phillip Zong. After Ana Lin left, he still lived in it, but after Ana Lin left, he had less time to return to the villa.

“I’ll take him to the room to sleep.” Phillip Zong said.

Ana Lin gave a hum.

“Yes.” Ida Zhuang wanted to ask her a lot, but she couldn’t wait to call her.

Ana Lin stood in the hallway and did not enter the house, “Let’s go outside and talk.”

“That’s fine.” After all, there are others in the house, not in your own place.

She changed her shoes at the door and followed Ana Lin.

The front yard of the villa is covered with a large area of ​​turf, green, and it is soft and soft under the feet. A rockery is built against the green plants, and the rushing water flows continuously. Below is a pond with ornamental fish. , Looks a little special, green body, long tail, looks like a rare species, it should be valuable.

In the front, there is a round table, four wicker chairs, and a parasol.

Ana Lin pulled the chair away for Ida Zhuang.

Ida Zhuang sat down.

“What the hell is going on, why did Doctor He suddenly kidnap us, and why are you still with him? You are divorced, it’s okay, is it because you were with him that Dr. He knew about it? Love becomes hate, do something like this?”

Ida Zhuang asked a series of questions and expressed his thoughts.

Ana Lin shook his head, “No.”

She told Rios He before. She was willing to try to be with him. Later, because of his sister’s affairs, she made it clear that it was impossible for her and Rios He. Not only was there no love between them, but also separated from him. Mother, his sister.

“Why is that?” Ida Zhuang suddenly thought of something, “You told him that his mother had asked you about it?”

“No.” Ana Lin clenched her hands, she didn’t know how to tell Ida Zhuang what Rios He did to her.

It’s hard to tell.

“Why is that?” How can a person suddenly change so much?

He kept thinking about it during the time he came back.

But I still don’t understand why he became such a reason.

“Mom, you know, I don’t like him.” Ana Lin’s hands became tighter and tighter, and her palms were wet and sticky with sweat. She can only tell the truth when she has reached this point with Rios He.

She told Ida Zhuang what Rios He tried to do to her.

Zhuang Zijian stood up from his chair with a squeeze, “What?”

“How can he do such a thing?”

Ana Lin didn’t want to believe it, but she could figure it out after thinking about it carefully.

He likes her, Casey He likes Phillip Zong.

If he destroys her, Casey He will still have a chance to be with Phillip Zong.

For the happiness of his sister, he is willing to do so.

Ida Zhuang sat down and didn’t return for a long time, “I really know people, face, and heart.”

As the saying goes, the heart is separated from the belly, this is true.

“Then what’s the matter with you and Phillip Zong?” After calming down, Ida Zhuang asked again. She looked at her daughter, “You don’t like him, right?”

Chapter 120


Her inner conflicts were complicated and she had to admit that she had no feelings for Phillip Zong, but she didn’t dare to admit it.

I don’t want to think about it.

It seems close and not near, and it seems far and not far. She doesn’t want to break such vague emotions to find out whether it is love or not.

It hurts to think too much.

When asked by Ida Zhuang, she didn’t know how to answer, her heart seemed not to be soaked in a tank of mixed flavors.

“Why don’t you speak?” Ida Zhuang’s eyes were red. “Perhaps, he treats you well now, but have you thought about it in the future? Can Xiao Xi and Ruth accept it? Don’t care for a lifetime?”

“Mom, I don’t want to think about it now. By the way, we may have to live here for a while. I am afraid that our residence is not safe.” Later she deliberately changed the subject.

Ida Zhuang was unwilling to let go of this topic, “Is it because of him when you wanted to return to China?”

If you don’t come back, maybe these things won’t happen.

Ana Lin bowed his head and said nothing.

Obviously it is the default.

Ida Zhuang wanted to say a few words about her, not to be blinded by the good in front of her.

When the words came to her lips, she turned a corner again, “You are the master of your affairs.”

She is an adult and has her own thoughts and ideas.

Too much interference became her pressure.

Ida Zhuang sighed, “Just live, the safety of your children is important.”

Thinking of what Rios He did, she still has lingering fears.

Ana Lin knew what she was worried about, and said, “Don’t worry, I will protect myself.”

Inside the villa.

Phillip Zong put the sleeping Daniel into the room downstairs to sleep.

Wanda stood at the door, watching.

Since Phillip Zong came in, she had followed, as if there was a lot to say.

“Do you already know it?” Wanda asked, standing at the door.

Phillip Zong put a quilt on Daniel, straightened up and looked at her, “Do you know what?”

Wanda was anxious, “They are your children.”

Phillip Zong’s eyes sank, it seemed that Wanda’s topic had touched his bottom line.

Or, something he deliberately ignored, suddenly people asked it out, and had to look directly at it and unhappy.

Wanda frowned, Phillip Zong’s attitude made her very strange, isn’t it?

Why is the pressure around him getting lower and lower?

Wanda sighed, ran to take out the photo, walked to the bed, and compared it with Daniel’s face, “Look—”

Daniel was injured and her face was swollen, completely not what he saw last time.

Wanda, “…”

“Why is he hurt?” Wanda felt so distressed, how smart and cute she was when we saw her last time.

Phillip Zong didn’t want to discuss this matter with others, “Don’t mention his identity in the future.”


Wanda didn’t give up, but wanted to say.

“She was pregnant before we got married, and the child is not mine.” Phillip Zong interrupted her quickly.

Has he ever touched her, would he not know?

He didn’t want to know about Ana Lin’s past.

The thought of her and other men turning over and over in bed, his heart was depressed and couldn’t breathe.

So don’t mention the identity of these two children to him.

Don’t tell him about Ana Lin’s past.

He didn’t want to know these!

“You, you, what are you talking about?” Wanda was shocked, her hands trembled, and she shouted for a long time.

And Phillip Zong got pregnant before getting married?

How is it possible?

“I don’t think she looks like that kind of unscrupulous, self-loving girl, how could it be possible.” Wanda couldn’t believe that Ana Lin was pregnant before she married Phillip Zong.

“I’ve seen this with my own eyes, but I don’t want to hear other people’s discussions.” After speaking, Phillip Zong stepped out of the room.

This is Wanda, he wouldn’t say so much when he was someone else.

Wanda felt that her mind was messed up. She looked at the photos in her hands and at Daniel who was lying on the bed. Even though Daniel’s face was swollen, she still remembered how he looked when he was not injured.

How could this be Ana Lin had before marriage?

how come!

Mingming looks the same as Phillip Zong when he was a child.

Mamo Yu was startled, unable to recover from the shock of this incident.

She didn’t know how to walk back to the room, and she was floating.

Ana Lin and Ida Zhuang entered the house.

Ida Zhuang went to the guest room to see if Ruth was awake. Ana Lin went to the refrigerator in the kitchen to find some ice cubes, wrapped it in a towel, and applied Daniel’s face.

The sky gradually darkened, the sun sank, and the sky was red.

Yu’s mother has cleared up her emotions and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Ruth woke up, seemed to be in an unfamiliar environment, some clinging to Ida Zhuang, let her hold it.

Ida Zhuang was unfamiliar with this place, so he held Ruth in the room and didn’t come out.

The study room Phillip Zong hung up Milton Guan’s phone and looked down at the time. At five o’clock, he got up and stood up and walked out of the study room. The living room was quiet. Occasionally, the sound of Wanda stomping shrimp came from the kitchen.

Along with this sound, Phillip Zong opened the door of the room, and Ana Lin sat on the chair by the bed with towels on the table.

Daniel is still awake.

It seems that Ana Lin has been guarding.

He walked in and looked at the little man lying on the bed with his eyelashes drooping slightly. He reached out and clasped Ana Lin’s head, pressed her into his arms, and comforted him, “Don’t worry too much.”


Phillip Zong was standing and Ana Lin was sitting. He clasped Ana Lin’s head so that her face was against his abdomen, and she could feel it through the cloth. His strong abdominal muscles were hard and hot. .

“Thank you.” Ana Lin stretched out his arm around his waist and said sincerely.

This time the incident happened suddenly, without Phillip Zong’s help, she didn’t know what happened.

Fortunately, the children are all right now.

Phillip Zong’s body froze, his thoughts confused for a few seconds.

Ana Lin rarely takes the initiative to have physical contact with him. Does this mean that she is slowly opening up to him?

He clasped the hands of her head, rubbed his fingers against her ears, sometimes rubbing the skin behind her ears, and sometimes kneading her soft earlobes.

It seemed that this part was more sensitive, and Ana Lin’s body trembled slightly.

Phillip Zong felt her reaction, bent down and k*ssed her hair, forehead, corners of her eyes, cheeks…


There was a soft cry, followed by Daniel’s slightly hoarse voice, “Mummy.”

Ana Lin quickly drew back rationally, pushed Phillip Zong away who was k*ssing her, and quickly went to see his son, “Are you awake?”

Phillip Zong, “…”

“Yeah.” Daniel cast his gaze on Phillip Zong, put his hand under the quilt, and tightly grasped the bed sheet. In fact, he woke up when Phillip Zong came in.

I just kept silent on purpose, wanting to see how he and Mommy get along.

Unexpectedly, they were all divorced and he wanted to k*ss his mom.

It’s so annoying!

He looked at Phillip Zong, grinned, and hissed painfully at the corner of his lips, “Thank you really this time.”

Phillip Zong frowned, looked at his smile but smelled the taste of conspiracy.

“Okay don’t talk, there is a wound on your mouth.” Ana Lin felt sorry for her son, and the corners of her lips hurt when she just spoke.

“Mummy, don’t you know?” Daniel pretended to be surprised.

“Know what?” Ana Lin looked at his son blankly.

Phillip Zong watched him warningly.

Daniel did not see it, and said to Ana Lin, “Mommy, I will be arrested, but it’s intentional.”

“What?” Ana Lin couldn’t help it.

Brain disease, was deliberately arrested?

Daniel continued to pretend to be innocent, “Yes, his idea deliberately let me be arrested by Rios He.”

He pointed to Phillip Zong.

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