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Chapter 115

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Rios He didn’t want to be picked out.

Even if she was right.

“Well, you just treat me as nonsense.” Casey He didn’t want to argue with him either, now is not the time to argue about this.

The most urgent thing is to think about how to deal with the current situation. Ida Zhuang has escaped and Ana Lin will know soon.

“Where did Ida Zhuang found and escaped?” Casey He asked.

“The river before entering the village.”

That place is very close to here. If she provides clues, Ana Lin should be able to find this place soon. I am afraid it is not safe now.

Can’t hide Daniel here.

“We have to go, find another place to hide this kid.” Casey He squinted her eyes. “Now we can only send it as far as possible, and it’s better to let Ana Lin never find it.”

This is her son. Knowing that her son is lost and dead, I am afraid he will go crazy, right?

“Our plan is to kidnap him, and when Yanyan promises to marry me, we will release him—”

“What then?” Casey He interrupted, “Ana Lin will honestly marry you? Don’t dream, she can stay by your side only if you hold this little guy in your hands forever. ?”

By now, he had no retreat.

Rios He put Daniel, who had passed out, into the back seat again.

“Find another place, let’s get out of here now.” Casey He got into her car. Just as she was about to start, she found a black cross-country approaching. The jet black paint was wrapped in strong iron and the lines were strong. This is Zong Phillip’s car, Curis.

She has seen it.

Casey He’s face changed immediately, and she shouted to Rios He, “Hurry up.”

But it was too late. Phillip Zong stepped down on the accelerator and turned the steering wheel, drifting about sixty degrees in the potholes and mud, and stopped at the door steadily, blocking the doorway.

Rios He’s car couldn’t get out.

Ana Lin quickly got off the car and went to Rios He to find his son.

Rios He also recovered from this sudden change. He turned around from Daniel and pulled Daniel back into his arms.

Ana Lin was a step late.

“Return Xiao Xi to me!” She went to open the door in the driving position. Rios He locked the door. Ana Lin couldn’t open it, so she could only look at her son through the black glass. She couldn’t tell if he was there. Injured, just looking at the face seems to be swollen.

She slapped the window glass frantically, and the glass was shaken by her, “Rios He, come down, give me Xiao Xi!”

Rios He did not dare to face her, turned his head away from her.

“Rios He, come down, let’s say, will you return Xiao Xi to me?” Ana Lin pleaded.

“It’s okay if you want your son.” Casey He walked over at this moment. “You kowtow to me and I ask my brother to give you your son. How about?”

Ana Lin was trembling all over.

“Forgot to tell you that your son was not very obedient, so he implemented some tricks on him—”


Before she could finish her words, Ana Lin slapped her over.

The delicate makeup painted by Casey He was’transformed’ by Ana Lin’s palm

The false eyelashes were curled up, my hair was messed up, and the powder on my face fell off.

The original beautiful look is gone.

“Do you dare to hit me?!” Casey He stared, eyes full of incredible.

Ana Lin was trembling with anger, she couldn’t wait to strangle her, with a light palm.

Since entering the He family, Casey He has a sense of superiority, she can not stand being slapped in the face.

She raised her hand to fight back.

However, as soon as he raised his hand in the air, he was clamped.

She looked up and saw Phillip Zong standing beside her. He turned against the light, and the outline of his face was cast with a shadow, and the reflection became clearer and clearer.

He shook her off.

Casey He was thrown hurriedly and backed a few steps.

She raised her hand to touch her left cheek, and she felt trembling. This slap was not as cruel as Phillip Zong’s pain in throwing away her mercilessly.

This is the man she loves deeply.

The man who tried his best.

Now she is only indifferent and ruthless.

“Ah Hao—”

Phillip Zong’s eyes didn’t turn to her.

Even take a look.

He reached out his hand to clasp the woman whose body was trembling because of being too angry.

Ana Lin seemed to fall to the ground at any time.

She looked at Rios He in the car, begging, “Give me Xiao Xi, okay, please, I beg you, you know how important he is to me, you also watched him grow up, how can you Hurt him?”

Her heart aches.

It hurts.

Just like Randall Lin betrayed Ida Zhuang and sent their mother and daughter away.

She has always regarded Rios He as a relative.

Even when he tried to do that kind of thing to her, she was only on the impulse of him.

He is not a bad person.

Today, she realized that she might be wrong.

She didn’t understand this man, she didn’t understand his heart.

“Let me go first.” Rios He never let go, now he can only take Daniel away first, and discuss other things.

But Casey He couldn’t wait, she couldn’t see Phillip Zong and Ana Lin together.

Especially the way he held Ana Lin tenderly.

She once had this tenderness.

It was snatched by Ana Lin!

“If you want to save your son, you can marry my brother.” Casey He smiled with a terrible face, “It’s best to go into the bridal chamber now and continue to do what was not done last time.”

Phillip Zong’s face sank, “Are you tired of living?”

“I’m tired of living. Since I was disengaged by you, everyone in City B will know that I am a abandoned woman and I will live enough!” She looked at Phillip Zong madly, “You are A ruthless person!”

Her gaze turned to Ana Lin, “Don’t be proud, thinking that he will like you, he will abandon me, and he will also abandon you!”

“He is a ruthless person in his bones, and I have been with him for so many years—” she cried afterwards.

Crying loudly.

When they confronted each other, suddenly, with a bang, the front door of Rios He’s car was violently removed.

Rios He was robbed of the child in his arms before he could react.

Everything happened too suddenly.

No one pays attention to when someone sneaks in.

And violently removed the car door.

“Xiao Xi.”

Ana Lin ran over quickly, seeing her son with blood on his face, Ana Lin almost collapsed, she hesitated for a moment, and then quickly rushed to hug her son.

“Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi.” Ana Lin reached out to touch his hair, his cheeks, and hugged his head, “Look at Mommy, Xiao Xi.”

Captain Shen just went into battle by himself, so naturally he was caught in his hand.

He and Alan Su also had a dormitory from Phillip Zong’s college days.

They are also the only two friends of Phillip Zong.

Now they all have their own business.

The career went smoothly, and Alan Su’s well-known barrister, Keller Shen, also became the city’s criminal police counterpart.

The only thing in common is that their feelings are not going well.

Alan Su is a playboy, and his ex-girlfriends are quite few, and Keller Shen never talked about it.

Keller Shen walked towards Phillip Zong, “Leave it to me, you take her back first.”

Milton Guan explained the situation to him clearly.

I also made arrangements for how to do it.

Now is the aftermath.

“I’ll leave it to you here.” Phillip Zong patted his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, everything is arranged.” Keller Shen said.

Phillip Zong walked to Ana Lin, trying to hold Daniel for her, but Ana Lin avoided him, “No need.”

When she opened her mouth, she realized that her voice was trembling.

She doesn’t need someone else to hold her son for her.

She can hold herself.

“I will take you to the hospital.”

Chapter 116

When he arrived at the hospital, Daniel was sent to the examination room.

Because Ana Lin’s mood was too unstable, the doctor did not let her in.

She is leaning against the wall of the corridor. Without the support of the wall, she might not be able to stand.

Phillip Zong sat on the side chair, and did not persuade or comfort her.

She saw the blood on Daniel’s face, and she was already on the verge of collapse, and now a small matter might make her completely collapse.

Suddenly the door of the examination room opened and the doctor walked out. He took off his mask and asked, “Who is the family member?”


Ana Lin walked over quickly and asked anxiously, “Is he okay?”

“Skin trauma, bleeding caused by a broken head, I have cleaned it now, go back to my face and apply ice, I will prescribe the medicine, and you can take it when you go to the first floor. Now that the person is inside, you can take him Took it away.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Ana Lin repeatedly said thank you, thank the doctor, thank God, Xiao Xi is fine, she ran into the examination room, Daniel was still lying on the bed in the examination room, the blood on her face was cleaned. His face was still swollen, five finger prints were clearly printed on it, and gauze was stuck on his forehead. He was awake.

Seeing Ana Lin, he shouted, “Mummy.”

“Xiao Xi.” Ana Lin rushed over and held his hand. Fortunately, he was fine.

With tears in her eyes, she stretched out her hand and gently stroked his face, rubbing his cheek with distress with her thumb, “Fortunately, you are fine.”

“I’ll be fine.” Daniel reached out to wipe the tears from Ana Lin’s eyes, “Mommy won’t cry, Xiao Xi is fine.”

Ana Lin lowered his head, buried his face in his arms, and gently shrugged his shoulders.

A muffled whimper.

Phillip Zong stood at the door of the examination room, looking at them.

He had never seen Ana Lin cry, sobbing and swallowing.

Tears could only flow into his belly, and he did not dare to cry, for fear of affecting Daniel.

A certain string in his heart was suddenly touched.

Looking at their eyes, the pupils were deep.

Daniel made an OK gesture at Phillip Zong who was standing at the door.

He smiled.

Phillip Zong also smiled and gave him an OK gesture.

He walked in, “We can go back.”

Ana Lin lowered his head and wiped his face, and picked up Daniel, “Mommy will take you home.”

Daniel hugged her neck, Mommy’s embrace was so warm.

When he arrived on the first floor, Phillip Zong went to fetch the medicine. Suddenly the mobile phone in his pocket rang. It was a message from Keller Shen.

He clicked on the text message; Look at the news.

Then there is a news link.

He clicked.

The big eye-catching picture is the scene of rescuing Daniel in that village, with a title on it; B city jewelry tycoon, the He family brothers and sisters bullied people and took action against five-year-old children!

In this era, the Internet is developed. As long as there is a little disturbance, as long as it is posted on the Internet, it will soon be spread.

Especially the rich and powerful, bullying the flat-headed people.

This kind of news will easily attract attention, and the bullied is still a five-year-old child.

The blood on Daniel’s face in the photo aroused the pity of many people.

With the addition of those arranged by Milton Guan, the comments are now one-sided.

The He family bullied a child and his conscience was eaten by a dog.

Now this is a society. Rich and powerful means that the uncle relied on a few bad money and bullied even a child. Why didn’t he die? This kind of person would be hit by a car when he went out.

They must be severely punished, and they cannot be dealt with lightly just because they have money. Two adults bullying a child should be shot, etc… the words are fierce.

Someone deliberately guided, they ignored why the He family would bully a child, and only saw them bullying the child.

Children are weak, and people’s hearts are naturally biased towards the weak.

The corners of his lips were raised slightly, and he must have seen it now, right?


Boom! Boom! Boom!

Except for the sound of smashing things in the living room, no other sound can be heard.

The whole living room was silent.

He Wenhuai smashed everything in the living room.

The mess on the ground.

Rios He and Casey He stood trembling at the door.

They had never seen He Wenhuai so angry.

He trembled in anger, and the two brothers and sisters standing by the door with their fingers, “You, you, all of you are really capable, but you are capable of not causing trouble!”

He Ruixing next to him was pulling Xia Zhenyu and not letting her go forward. He Wen was obviously angry now, whoever went forward would be cannon fodder.

He was also disappointed with the younger siblings.

Can’t share anything for the family, it will only cause trouble.

This time, it was to ruin the reputation of the He family.

It is strange that He Wenhuai is not angry!

“You all get out of here! Our He family doesn’t have something like yours, which is less successful than defeated!” He Wen’s chest quickly rose and fell.

“We are also good at home–“


He Wenhuai grabbed the phone on the table and smashed it at Casey He who was talking.

“shut up!”

“Good for the family?” He Wenhuai trembled with anger, “Originally you could marry the Zong family, because you were incapable and you were retired from your engagement. Now because of you, the He family is scolded by everyone, you still have the face to say, Are you good for your family?!”

Casey He did not hide, the phone hit her arm, and she was holding her right arm painfully, “We are indeed doing it for the good of the family.”

“Okay, okay, okay, you just talk about how to do good for the family.” He Wenhuai sat down in the chair.

He was tired after a big fire.

“We kidnapped that child because the child’s mother was a woman Phillip Zong liked. If we catch that child and threaten the woman to marry her brother, then I can still be with Phillip Zong and the marriage will remain the same. This is not for us. How is home?”

“Okay?” He Ruixing said this, his face flushed, and his voice was like the weather in December, with a chilling mockery, “Who are you Phillip Zong? Because this woman will come back to marry you when she gets married?”

He really wanted to break her mind and see what was in her mind.

“Are you still not sober? Even if a woman in this world is dead, he won’t marry you. Didn’t you see his decision to withdraw from the betrothal here that day? Stabbed a knife into your heart, but he If I like you a little bit, I won’t be so decisive.”

“No, no–” Casey He didn’t want to admit, “As long as that woman marries, Phillip Zong will definitely be willing to be engaged to me.”

“Wake up, don’t eat people and talk about dreams. Can’t you see it? You angered him.” He Ruixing was walking around in the mall and was somewhat familiar with Phillip Zong.

He is not easy to provoke.

Start with the people around him?

That’s not looking for death!

“Are you saying this news is because of him?” Rios He, who has not spoken, seemed to understand what his brother meant.

In the village, Keller Shen was also very talkative and let them come back.

It turned out to be left behind.

He Ruixing snorted coldly, “What do you think, otherwise, how could the public opinion be overwhelmed in just two or three hours, and on the other hand, do you think that no one is operating in secret, will things be discovered to this point?”

He pointed to the headline on the news, “Look, every word and every word refers to He Jia.”

He Wenhuai lost his anger at this moment. He had known that this was done by someone, otherwise the news would not spread so quickly.

Now he has to visit Zongjia.

Seeing this pair of unconscious children, he became angry, “What am I beating you for? You have one-tenth of Ruixing, and I can be considered relieved, and trouble me every day!”

Chapter 117

“Dad, I will go with you.” He Ruixing stepped forward.

He Wenhuai nodded, “You can go with me.”

For his three children, his favorite is this eldest son. Although he has no talent in doing business, he is steady and has not troubled the family. Now he is also taking care of the family business.

Look at the other two again, and he will get angry at the first glance.

“This matter has not been resolved, you two are not allowed to go out, let me think behind closed doors at home!” He Wenhuai said coldly.


Casey He wanted to explain that although she was selfish, it was true that she wanted to be good for the family. If it didn’t happen, it wouldn’t be so to them.

As soon as she spoke, she was held by Rios He beside her, “Stop talking.”

“Why can’t I say?” Casey He was not convinced. “My original intention was to do something for the family, but I didn’t succeed, but it would not be unforgivable. It is unfair to treat us like this!”

He Wenhuai held his chest, angry.

Now not only does he not admit his mistakes, but he also refuses to listen to his words, right?

“Well, don’t tell me, don’t you see that Dad is angry?” He Ruixing scolded.

“Don’t pretend to be a good person in front of Dad. You are afraid that my second brother and I will divide the family property and grab your position in the group, so that you can please Dad in every way—”

“Enough!” He Wenhuai patted the table, seemingly because he was too angry and coughed. He coughed too quickly, his face flushed, and He Ruixing gave him a smooth back.

“Originally, my eldest brother would flatter others outside, and dad flattered at home.”

The family business is in the charge of He Ruixing alone. She has been back to He’s house for so many years. Every time she says that she is going to work in the company, He Ruixing deliberately makes various excuses to prevent her from going.

Isn’t she afraid of dividing the family property?

“Okay, just go back to my house!” Xia Zhenyu couldn’t listen. They were all her own children, with meat on the palms and backs of hands.

“Let her say it!” He Wenhuai opened his mouth, breathing heavily, as if he could not breathe at any time and fainted.

“Dad, is it fair to leave the company to my brother alone?” Casey He was dissatisfied a long time ago, and she said it now, but she just wanted to take this opportunity to speak out.

He Ruixing looked at her without saying a word.

He Wenhuai raised his eyes, “Are you fair to me?”

He is not always confused, but only re-uses the eldest son because he sees it thoroughly.

Rios He went to learn some psychology and became a psychiatrist without his disagreement. Now when he comes back, he doesn’t understand anything about the business, let alone in this competitive era, it is not easy.

Is it too late for him to learn now? Besides, is it something you can learn to do business?

That is to have ability, courage, and vision.

Rios He has none.

Besides, Casey He, she was a girl who was able to stay with Phillip Zong at the beginning, not because of her ability, but because of her childhood, compassion or pity, and she stayed beside her as a secretary.

Usually serve tea and pour water, arrange daily schedule.

The most important thing is that she is a girl and will be married in the future.

Give her shares and let her take it to someone else’s house?

That is impossible.

Let’s talk about He Ruixing. He went to business school and studied with him after graduation and later took over the company.

Although he is not outstanding, he has been in the mall for many years and has no ability to grow his family, but he has accumulated experience and can maintain the status quo of the group.

Therefore, the elder son has the performance of holding power, he also opened one eye and closed one eye.

“Why do you calm down, you are all children, ignorant.” Xia Zhenyu came over and comforted him.

“Humph.” He Wenhuai sneered, “I’m in my 30s, or a child?”

He Wenhuai glanced at his wife, “You are not allowed to go out without my permission.”

“Okay.” Xia Zhenyu responded cautiously, for fear that he would be offended again.

He Ruixing helped him up, “Dad, let’s go first, I’m afraid things will get uncontrollable.”

Now the momentum is downside-down, but the time is short and not many people know it. If the last day or two is allowed to continue to spread, it will really be impossible to deal with it.

He Wenhuai also knew the seriousness of the matter, so he stood up with his son’s strength, “Call the driver to prepare the car.”

“Let’s go.” He Ruixing said.


He Ruixing helped his father out.

Casey He looked at Xia Zhenyu, “Mom, look at how partial your father is. You only trust the big brother and leave everything to him.”

How could she not know the mind of her husband?

If the second son is capable, he will not fail to use it again, and Casey He is a girl, and she was lost when she was a child and was not around, and the relationship was not deep.

Compared with He Ruixing’s hard work and considerateness, he naturally has to lean on him.

“You have made such a big disaster. If you don’t reflect on it now, and you are still fighting, how can your father be happy?” Xia Zhenyu looked at his daughter, “You are a girl, and you will be married in the future. It doesn’t matter whether you enter the company or not. “

“I’m a girl, isn’t it the He family?” Casey He didn’t expect her to say this.

What age is this?

Also patriarchal.

“At the beginning, you dismissed me as a girl, why didn’t you strangle me when I was born? Why did you think I was a girl? Why do you still recognize me? Don’t recognize me?!” Casey He cried and ran upstairs. .

Xia Zhenyu’s body shook, almost unable to stand firm.

Rios He came over to help her, “Mom, don’t be angry, my sister didn’t mean it.”

Xia Zhenyu waved her hand, “No matter how angry I am, I will die. Help me back to the room.”

“Your dad said that you are not allowed to go out. Don’t go out these days, lest he gets angry again.” She confessed to her son.

“En.” Rios He pursed his lips and said, “Although we have made trouble this time, we really wanted to do something for the family at the beginning, but we didn’t succeed. I know it makes sense for Dad to reuse Big Brother. , I have never been jealous, nor have I thought about seizing power.”

It is not that he has no desire or hope, but his desire is not in power.

If it is really what he wants, he will do whatever it takes.

Just like Ana Lin, he deliberately deceived her that she was a national A that night because of his selfishness.

As far as Casey said, he is actually selfish.

It’s just a good disguise.

Clan family.

Zong Qifeng practiced calligraphy in the study. After the company handed over to his son, he completely ignored things. Writing calligraphy was his hobby.

Every afternoon, he would stay in the study for three hours, and Danna would study ink for him.

Although they are all getting older, the picture looks very beautiful.

“What do you think?” Zong Qifeng looked at Danna who was staring out the window.

She regained her consciousness and continued to study ink, “It’s nothing, I just miss my son.”

Zong Qifeng held her shoulder, “Do you regret it?”

Just as Danna wanted to talk, the door of the study was knocked, and Uncle Feng’s voice came, “He’s here.”

“Isn’t the matter of this family already resolved?” Danna Yanmo’s hand paused, her tone a little cold, “What is he doing?”

Danna thought it was because of the last divorce.

They didn’t watch the news today, so they don’t know what happened.

Zong Qifeng finished writing the last quiet stroke, put the brush on the pen holder, and said, “Go, let’s go out and have a look.”

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