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Chapter 112

Ruth grinned, revealing a row of small white teeth.


Rios He glanced at Daniel, who had never spoken, and asked, “Xiao Xi, why don’t you speak?”

Daniel looked distressed, “In a bad mood.”

“You are a kid, what’s in a bad mood?” Ida Zhuang said, “Didn’t your mom give you your phone, watch and tablet? What else is unhappy? You are pulling me What are your clothes for?”

Daniel wanted to stop Ida Zhuang, but he didn’t have time.

“You, don’t tell me, let uncle watch me make a joke.” Daniel quickly organized the language, but when he said the word uncle, it made him sick.

This kind of human face and animal heart is not worthy of his name uncle.

“Xiao Xi, show me your watch, I have forgotten what your watch phone is like.”

When Ida Zhuang’s cell phone came, Rios He deliberately overturned his teacup and turned it off when it was soaked in water.

He glanced at Daniel’s wrist specifically, and didn’t bring anything.

He did not allow Daniel to contact Ana Lin.

Daniel’s eyes flickered, “That, I forgot to bring it.”

Rios He knew that this kid was smart, and he just showed a guilty conscience.

What is he guilty of?

Rios He squinted his eyes, Ida Zhuang’s reaction was normal, and he didn’t watch out for him, which means Ana Lin didn’t tell her the matter.

Without telling Ida Zhuang, Ana Lin would never tell two five-year-old children like that.

He took out the cell phone in his pocket and dialed Daniel’s number.

Soon a string of bells rang in the carriage.

Rios He recognized this voice clearly.

It was from Daniel’s phone watch.

Daniel went to pocket his watch in a loss, but it was already too late.

“Xiao Xi, why did you lie to Uncle? You forgot, I bought this watch phone for you, my number, and your mom’s number, I have set special care, so even if you turn off the watch phone , We will still be reminded when we call.”

Daniel only remembered this incident after the watch rang.

Why did he forget such an important thing?

Daniel hung his head in annoyance, “I–I just don’t want to show it to you.”

He lowered his head, Rios He couldn’t see his expression.

“I remember that this watch phone also has positioning. At that time, I was afraid that you would lose it.”

“Yes.” Daniel felt bad, and he tried to call Phillip Zong.

Suddenly Rios He parked the car on the side of the road and turned to look at Daniel, “Who do you want to call?”

“I didn’t make a call.” He panicked, and the phone watch fell off, showing the three Chinese characters “Unhappy”.

This is what Daniel gave to Phillip Zong.

In his opinion, he abandoned Mommy and them, he was just a fan.

Even if they are now a cooperative relationship, it does not mean that he forgives.

Rios He bent over and picked it up, staring at the name on it and asked, “Who is this?”

Daniel sweated on her nervous forehead, “My teacher, likes to care about me, so I gave him a nickname.”

Daniel was in AC school before, and knew he had a teacher without doubt.

“This watch has been used for too long, it’s time to change it.” As he said, he buckled the square electric plate inside.

The screen of the watch went dark.

“No, I don’t want to change.” Daniel reached out to grab it, and Rios He easily avoided it.

Ida Zhuang noticed Rios He’s behavior very strange, “The watch can still be used.”

Rios He threw the watch into the small river not far away, and his car had already driven out of the city to the outskirts.

Ida Zhuang asked him why he was remote

Rios He said that the place he booked was a farmhouse, which was a bit biased.

Only then did Ida Zhuang’s doubts be lifted.

“After the meal, when I return to the market, I will buy you a new one. This will last forever and many things will no longer work.”

“I looked pretty good, and you made a ringing call just now, it works.” Ida Zhuang vaguely noticed Rios He’s strangeness.

“I’ll buy him another one.” Rios He started the car and drove back onto the highway.

Suddenly Daniel grabbed Rios He’s hem, “I want to go home.”

“I’ll be here soon, why are you going home?” Rios He didn’t mean to stop at all.

“I, I—” Daniel’s brain was running fast. He needed to find a reason. A beam of light flashed through his brain between the sparks and the fire. He had an idea and covered his stomach, “My stomach hurts, I want to go to the bathroom. .”

“There is no toilet here, please bear with me.”

“No, I can’t take it anymore.” Daniel curled up on the back seat, looking very painful.

“Doctor He, you should stop, Xiao Xi is uncomfortable.” Ida Zhuangg put Ruth on the seat, went to hug Daniel, and touched his stomach.

“Is it cold, diarrhea?”

Ida Zhuang was heartbroken.

“Maybe.” Daniel shivered in pain, looking extremely painful, “I’m dying of pain, I want to go to the toilet.”

On the other side, Ana Lin got into Phillip Zong’s car, still thinking his behavior was strange, and asked, “Where are you taking me?”

“I just received a call from your son in the office…”


Suddenly his phone vibrated and interrupted him. He glanced at the caller ID that it was Milton Guan, and then picked it up.

Milton Guan’s voice came over immediately, “The location information is suddenly interrupted.”

Phillip Zong’s nerves tightened, how could this be?

That kid was discovered?

“Where is the location missing?”

“Near Dingqiao.”

“Where are you now.”

“Hurrying over there.”

Phillip Zong thought calmly for two seconds, and let Milton Guan divide a few people to investigate the surrounding environment.

Ding Qiao was already far away from the city, and that place was relatively remote. He speculated that the place Rios He would go should not be very far, and it might be nearby.

“Check if there is a place where you can hide.”

After hanging up, Ana Lin asked immediately, “Xiao Xi called you?”

Phillip Zong was going to tell her, but now there is an error, but he didn’t say anything for fear that she was worried. He just gave a faint hum.

“Why does he have your phone number?” Ana Lin frowned. The kid hates him so much, why would he contact him?

Is there anything she didn’t know about?

She panicked inexplicably.

“I gave it to him when we ate last time. We are now friends and we are not enemies. His prejudices against me are gone.” Phillip Zong explained patiently.

Ana Lin still felt uneasy.



And here Ida Zhuang is already anxious, “You stop quickly, Xiao Xi is uncomfortable!”

Rios He took a look at the location. It was not far from where he was going. It would not take too much time to stop here, and he had already destroyed Daniel’s contact tool. He could not contact outsiders, so he stopped the car. .

He pushed the car door down, walked to the back seat and said to Ida Zhuang, “I’ll take Xiao Xi, you bring Ruth in the car. It’s a remote place. Don’t run into bad people.”

“Good.” Ida Zhuang responded.

“Uncle, you hug me, my stomach hurts and I can’t walk.” Daniel hugged Rios He’s waist, looking weak.

Rios He looked at him, “Do you really hurt?”

“Really, why should I lie to you?” Daniel lay in his arms, holding him tightly upstairs, as if he was someone close.

Now that I am sick, people have become weak.

This child Rios He grew up with feelings since he was a child.

Seeing him in so much pain, my heart softened, “I will take you.”

When Daniel was lying in his arms, she quietly reached into his pocket and talked to him deliberately, “Uncle, am I going to die?”

“What nonsense, no, it’s just a stomachache, not a terminal illness.” Rios He comforted.

“Then it hurts me so much, it really hurts, I’m about to die of pain.” He deliberately moved in his arms to cover up his movement of taking out his mobile phone.

“Where it is so easy to die, if you die, your mommy will not survive…”

Speaking of Ana Lin, his eyes darkened.

Daniel successfully got Rios He’s mobile phone, and he secretly put it in his pocket.

“Just here.” Rios He put him in a forest.

Daniel touched her feet and immediately took off her pants.

Chapter 113

Daniel touched her feet and immediately took off her pants.

Rios He turned around instinctively.

Daniel secretly took out Rios He’s cell phone and tried to dial Phillip Zong’s number while observing his movements.

He has a good memory, and things like numbers are especially sensitive, so he remembers it after seeing it.

Just as he pressed two numbers, Rios He suddenly said, “Hurry up.”

“Oh.” Daniel quickly pressed the phone number.

Suddenly Rios He turned around. Fortunately, Daniel moved fast and put the phone away. Continue to hold his belly pretending to be uncomfortable.

“Xiao Xi.”

“Yeah—” Daniel groaned in pain while clutching her stomach.

“If I marry your mommy, do you think it’s okay?” Rios He asked tentatively.

What a ghost!

He didn’t want him to marry Mummy. He would rather Mummy be together with the saddler than with him.

But I can’t say that, Daniel blinked his eyes, “It’s – good.”

Daniel felt sick when he said something against his heart.

“Really?” Rios He still hopes to be recognized by his two children and Ruth.

If it wasn’t forcing him, he didn’t want to use such despicable methods.

He never thought of hurting them, but wanted to hide them and threaten Ana Lin to marry him until they got married.

Will take them back safely.

“Hmm–” Daniel felt like she was about to vomit.

Rios He was so disgusting to him, and asked him whether it was true.

Really strange!

“What’s the matter with you?” Rios He walked over, and Daniel waved his hand quickly, “Don’t come here, I just can’t get the uncomfortable feeling.”

“Then your stomach hurts, maybe it’s not because you want to poop.” Rios He still came over, “Let’s go back, I’ll find a place to show you.”

“Wh, where?” Daniel swallowed.

Obviously, he was not going to let himself go back.

Otherwise, he is going back to the city, but he said to find a place?

Daniel’s heartbeat quickened, and now he hasn’t had a chance to call for help.

How to do?

How to do?

What should I do if my grandmother and sister are really in danger?

He was sweating on his head anxiously, a bit like cold sweat oozing from pain.

“No, nothing.” Rios He stammered and explained, “When we return to the city, I will take you to the hospital.”

“Let’s go.” Rios He reached out to pull him.

Daniel quickly refused, “I, I will lift my pants, don’t look at me.”

He pretended to be shy.

Rios He smiled, “I am also a man, and I haven’t seen it. When you were young, I changed your diapers.”

“But I’m grown up now.” Daniel hugged her legs tightly, and the phone was still hidden in his arms. If Rios He got too close, he would definitely find out.

“Okay, hurry up.” Rios He turned around without getting close.

Daniel took out his mobile phone and just wanted to make a call. Suddenly the mobile phone rang, and he panicked when he wanted to hang up. The phone fell to the ground, his heart beating, his nervousness was about to burst out.

It’s too late to pick it up.

Rios He turned and stared at the phone on the ground, his eyes narrowed, how could his phone be in his hand?

“I…I…” Daniel wanted to explain, but couldn’t find a reason. The phone fell out of his hand, it was iron evidence.

He could not explain.

“You have been lying to me. Your stomach doesn’t hurt at all. You hold me, not because you have a good relationship with me, but because you deliberately wanted to steal my phone.” Rios He forced him step by step.

Daniel had never seen such a hideous Rios He before, could not help but back with his pants in both hands.

“You, don’t come over.”

Rios He picked up the phone, and Daniel took advantage of his stoop and ran away.

There is no road in the woods here.

He didn’t run a few steps before he was caught by Rios He, holding him in his waist, “I am so good to you, so good to your mommy, why should I fail me? I trust you so much, you lie to me?!”

His face was terrifying.

Daniel struggled hard, “You let me go, let me go quickly.”

At this moment, the phone in Rios He’s pocket rang again.

He took out his cell phone, showing the word Sister.

He answered the phone.

Casey He’s urging voice came from there immediately, “Why is it not yet? What time is this, and why didn’t you answer my call just now?”

“Something happened to me—”

Daniel bit Rios He’s arm in one bite, and he groaned in pain.

“Let go!” Rios He scolded angrily.

Daniel used the strength of breastfeeding, biting hard, wishing to bite the piece of meat off his arm.

Rios He was very painful, slapped him on the face, and Daniel’s face was red in an instant, and the five finger prints on his small white face were extremely clear, and there was a faint swelling momentum.

Rios He glared at Daniel, clutching his collar, “Do you dare to bite me?”

“You bullied my mommy, I can’t wait to kill you!” Daniel also stared at him.

Obviously so weak in front of Rios He, but he was not willing to admit defeat.

Rios He’s hand holding his collar, squeaked too hard, “Your mommy told you?”

“You can’t control it!” Lin Xi shouted at him with staring eyes.

“Okay, okay, Daniel I underestimated you.” Rios He grabbed his collar and dragged it to the side of the road.

Daniel pressed her lips, stubbornly unwilling to say a word.

Obviously dragging an ankle on the ground hurts.

Sitting in the car, Ida Zhuang saw this scene, his heart seemed to be stabbed, and he couldn’t breathe in pain.

She hugged Ruth and got out of the car and scolded, “What are you doing, Doctor He?”

Rios He raised his head and saw Ida Zhuang standing by the car, his eyes wide-open, as if a fire could burst out.

“Grandma, leave me alone, hug Xiaorui and go quickly. He wants to kidnap us and threaten Mommy to marry him.” Daniel shouted at Ida Zhuang.


The change was so fast that Ida Zhuang didn’t react for a while, “You, what did you say?”

Daniel was too late to explain to her, “Run quickly!”

“Auntie, don’t listen to his nonsense, everything is a misunderstanding—”


Ida Zhuang’s eyes were red and shivering, “You abused Xiao Xi, what I saw with my own eyes was a misunderstanding?”

Suddenly, her eyes became round, and the red bloodshot slowly gathered to the center.

She thought Rios He was strange, and sure enough, he changed.

“Run!” Daniel was anxious to death.

Ida Zhuang held Ruth and didn’t move, she couldn’t ignore Daniel.

“Doctor He, we have something to say.” Her body couldn’t stop shaking.

I was extremely panicked.

“No chance.” Since Ana Lin discovered his intention that night, he retreated and could only follow this path.

For the happiness of my sister, for the benefit of the family, for himself.

He can only go on.

There is no way out!

“Leave me alone, do you want him to catch us and threaten Mommy?!” Daniel shouted loudly.

Ida Zhuang’s tears rolled down.

How could she leave a child?

Ruth didn’t know what was going on, blinking, “Grandma, what’s wrong with brother?”

Ida Zhuang looked at Ruth in his arms, thinking that he couldn’t all be caught.

At least she has to protect one, and then come to save the other.

She hugged Ruth and ran away.

Rios He threw Daniel into the car and wanted to chase after Ida Zhuang, but Daniel hugged his arm.


Daniel vowed not to let go.

Seeing the darkest side of himself, Rios He completely lost his usual gentleness. He grabbed Daniel’s hair and said, “Even if they run away, I still have you, and your mommy is willing to use her to replace you!”

Chapter 114

Daniel’s face was swollen, as if puffing up, forming a sharp contrast with the left.

Now he can’t think too much, just want his grandmother to take his sister and escape first.

It is better for him to be controlled by himself than for the whole family to be controlled by him.

At this moment, Ida Zhuang had already run far.

Casey He called again to urge, “What’s the matter with you? It’s been too long, what happened just now?”

Rios He couldn’t explain clearly on the phone. After saying something, I would be there immediately and hung up.

He didn’t plan to chase after Ida Zhuang. After too long a delay, one of them could threaten Ana Lin.

He was worried that Daniel might have another moth, grabbing his hair and hitting the car door. Daniel felt painful.

Warm liquid flows down from the forehead.

His eyes were dark, his consciousness was gradually emptied, and he fainted and lost consciousness.

Rios He threw him in the back seat, got into the driving seat and started the car.

Not long after Rios He walked, another car drove over. Milton Guan just gave him the result of the investigation. There is a village near Dingqiao, and he locked the target in this village.

Apart from that, there is no place to hide.

Milton Guan led people to follow.

“Don’t worry too much, it will be fine for your son to be so smart.”

When Milton Guan called, Ana Lin turned the call into hands-free and learned that Rios He was going to kidnap Ida Zhuang and his two children.

Since knowing, she has been tight, and said nothing to Phillip Zong.

“Smart?” Ana Lin red eyes, “He is just a five-year-old kid, how can he deal with an adult?”

She knew she was angry, but she couldn’t help it.

What if something goes out?

“It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t be away from home. I shouldn’t leave them at home and leave them indifferently. This is what happened.” She blamed herself.

She never thought that Rios He suddenly became like this.

She has known Rios He for ten years.

How could he kidnap her child?

Can the human heart be so fickle?

Her heart hurts, as if someone was torn her heart with a saw.

Knowing that she was worried, Phillip Zong reached out to squeeze her hand, clasping her hand in his palm and clasping it tightly.

Did not use words to comfort her, now she may not listen to comforting words.

Ida Zhuang didn’t keep running, she hugged Ruth and hid.

Seeing a car passing by, she ran out and reached out to stop.

Milton Guan drove the car and saw someone from a distance. When the distance got closer, he could see who was standing on the roadside. He accelerated and drove to Ida Zhuang to stop.

“Please do me a favor, I have encountered a bad guy, can you—” Ida Zhuang saw his appearance before he finished speaking for help.

Although I have never seen him a few times, Ida Zhuang knows him, the person next to the young master of the Zong family.

Shut down, open the rear door, “Come up quickly.”

“Thank you.” Ida Zhuang hugged Ruth and got into the car.

She was very good, and Ida Zhuang told her that there were bad people who wanted to arrest them and could not talk.

So when he hides, he keeps his mouth pursed and doesn’t say anything. He is very cute.

“Xiao Xi was taken away, can you call the police for me?” Ida Zhuang asked Milton Guan, making sure that he was safe.

“Don’t worry, someone has already been brought.”

Milton Guan motioned her to look back. She was too nervous and didn’t pay attention to the back. At this moment, several cars and police cars were parked behind the car.

Ida Zhuang couldn’t think about how Milton Guan knew they would be in danger, so he just wanted him to save Daniel quickly.

That was a five-year-old child, still very young.

Although sometimes a little clever.

But in his eyes, it was a child.

“Don’t worry, Zong Zong and Miss Lin have already taken a step forward. They will definitely rescue Xiao Xi. I will send you to a safe place first.” Milton Guan turned the front of the car and drove to the Shen team’s car to stop, then lowered it. The windowpane, facing another car sitting in the passenger seat, Captain Shen who was looking at the map said, “You go first, I have something to do.”

Captain Shen glanced at him, “Go ahead, leave it to me here.”

He has locked the location.

“Yeah.” Milton Guan drove the car and called Phillip Zong again, with the purpose of telling Ana Lin that her mother and daughter are safe, so that she feels better and don’t worry so much.

“What about Xiao Xi?” They escaped, where is Xiao Xi?

“He was taken away by Rios He. Your mother probably discovered Rios He’s intentions. At that time, she should not be able to take two children.” This is Milton Guan’s guess. After all, two five-year-old children can’t run fast, Rios He is young and strong. Big men, can you catch them easily?

Ida Zhuang’s ability to run out already made him feel incredible.

Although Ida Zhuang is not old enough, her physical fitness is definitely not as good as Rios He’s. She still holds a baby.

It is not easy to escape.

“Trouble you, help me take care of them.” Ana Lin held the phone, not relaxing at all.

“Let them go to the villa.” Phillip Zong said this.

The place where she lives is too unsafe.

No one dared to trespass in his villa.

Moreover, the security system and the anti-theft system are all top-notch, and he can arrange for people to protect their safety in the villa.

Ana Lin thought for a while, now she has completely torn apart with Rios He. He’s family is not an ordinary one, and now she is not at ease when she returns to her original residence.

“Send them to the villa,” Ana Lin said.

“Good.” Milton Guan replied.

At this time their car had already entered the village, Ana Lin hung up the phone, but did not put it down, but held it tightly in his hand.

It seems that only holding something in his hand makes my heart less nervous.

The car ran across the village, and the road was very uneven and bumpy and bumpy.

Suddenly Ana Lin saw a familiar car, and she said excitedly, “That’s Rios He’s car.”

Urging, “Hurry up.”

“Yeah.” Phillip Zong was particularly patient.

Knowing that she was anxious, it was actually the fastest, but she still responded.

Rios He’s car was parked in a courtyard.

The blue brick wall in front of the bungalow is very low, and it looks worn out because it hasn’t been taken care of all year round.

In the yard.

Rios He brought only one person over, and Casey He was very angry, “Isn’t your relationship with them very good? Why is there only one?”

“They found it.”

“How could it be discovered?” Casey He shouted, “I don’t allow accidents, but you missed it over and over again. If you succeeded last time, would we still need it?”

She was about to collapse, “Brother, are you really making a mistake, or are you unable to deal with them?”

Casey He now seriously suspects that his will is not firm at all.

“I tried my best!” Rios He said loudly to his sister for the first time, “because of this matter, I have completely finished talking to Yanyan.”

Even if she threatened her to marry herself with her child, she wouldn’t treat him like before, even if she didn’t love him before.

At least willing to be close to him and treat him as a relative.

I am afraid now that he has only become an enemy.

“Don’t think you sacrificed, you are selfish in your heart, don’t forget, you concealed the truth you found from her before you recognized me as your sister!” Casey He can see through, in fact Rios He is just like her People.

He is just good at disguising.

Now he just revealed his nature.

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