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Chapter 109

Phillip Zong raised his eyes, his gaze fell on her hand covering her chest, and asked directly, “It’s hot?”


Ana Lin turned his head, couldn’t stand his straightforward gaze, “No.”

After speaking, he walked towards the negotiation area, sat on the sofa, bent over and pulled out a few pieces of paper to wipe the water from his neck.

The light before him was suddenly shrouded. I don’t know when Phillip Zong came over. Ana Lin coughed lightly, “You have to deal with so many things? What are you doing here?”

When she brought water in, there was a pile of documents to be signed on his desk.

Phillip Zong seemed to have not heard it, so he took off the tissue in her hand, “I’ll wipe it for you.”

“No.” Ana Lin grabbed the paper in his hand, and when he raised his hand, she rushed for nothing.

“Obey.” Phillip Zong squatted down, squatting in front of her legs, gently pulling open her neckline to wipe the water from her skin.

He lowered his eyes, his long eyelashes concealed a shadow under his eyelids, and he looked extremely serious, as gentle as he was wiping some precious porcelain, and Ana Lin was in a daze for several seconds.

She turned her head slightly, not daring to look at him for too long.

She is afraid.

I’m afraid all this is just a magnificent dream.

Not real.

“Don’t be too kind to me.” She didn’t want to get in.

Trapped in his gentle trap.

She does not deliberately think about her identity, but the facts do exist.

After that night, she thought she would never have love in this life.

She lost her qualifications to have beauty.

She couldn’t deny it either. Phillip Zong’s traces became more and more profound in her years, not indelible, but she couldn’t ignore it. She seemed to be accustomed to his domineering, non-serious appearance and occasional gentleness. Little by little, she gradually occupied her heart that had never been opened.

He chuckled, “I want to be nice to you.”

Ana Lin’s eye sockets were slightly red. He didn’t want to be discovered by Phillip Zong, and deliberately said coldly, “No eyesight.”


The first time I heard someone hurt themselves.

He raised the corners of his lips, “It’s pretty dumb, don’t look too long.”

Why is it so rare inexplicably?

He carefully looked at the woman in front of him, her eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, and cheeks were not the most outstanding, but they were surprisingly stunning when combined.

She felt pure and innocent six years ago.

Now she has experienced the emergence of the years, and she has a gentle, intellectual, and more feminine flavor.


The door of the office was knocked, Phillip Zong’s movements stopped, he raised his eyes and looked at her for two seconds. He stood up, gave her the suit that was thrown on the sofa, and “put it on.”

Ana Lin looked down at his own appearance, took it, and put it on his body.

Phillip Zong said in a low voice, “Come in.”

Milton Guan walked in with Yu Doudou.

When Yu Doudou came to such a place for the first time, he looked east and west all the way. After entering Phillip Zong’s office, he let out a sigh, thinking that the rich would enjoy it.

His entire home is not as big as a corner of his office.

“Sit down.” Milton Guan reminded him.

Yu Doudou smiled, embarrassed, it seemed a bit rude just now.

He sat down opposite Ana Lin, “I brought the things you want, do you think about how to do it?”

Ana Lin raised his head and glanced at Phillip Zong, then nodded, “Yes, you can give me things.”

Yu Doudou didn’t take it out immediately, but asked the bottom line, “What are you going to do? I tell you, you just came back and don’t know the domestic situation. The Dacheng law firm in City B is very famous throughout the country. Yes, the lawyers in it are all elites. If we can hire one and act as an attorney for me, the probability of winning is very high.”

As he said, his expression dimmed, “I originally found one, but after hearing the other’s family, I refused.”

It was at this moment that Ana Lin understood Phillip Zong’s intentions.

If only relying on the evidence in Doudou’s hands, I am afraid that Casey He will not be able to do anything.

When the time comes, the He family will come out to find someone, and spend a little money to stop the matter.

“Why don’t you speak?” Yu Doudou stared at Ana Lin.

“Give me things, and leave this to me.”

“What are you going to do? You can help you.” Yu Doudou didn’t believe in Ana Lin, but felt that this was not a one-person matter. Both of them should work hard and cannot leave the matter to her alone.

He knew it was not easy.

After all, six years have passed.

Ana Lin closed the suit on her body and said warmly, “You should have noticed that this matter is not easy to do. The He family is a person with a reputation and will not allow such a thing to happen. It depends on you and me. To.”

“Then what to do?” Yu Doudou could not sit still, and he bounced off the sofa.

“Don’t worry.” Ana Lin quickly calmed him, “That’s why I asked you to give me things. Someone will help us with this.”


Yu Doudou quickly reacted.

He opened his mouth wide in surprise, and soon he quickly closed it, squeezing it tightly.

He cautiously pointed at the man standing aside, always looking cold, “Does he help us?”

Ana Lin nodded.

He yanked his hand back and held the finger he had just extended.

He reacted and immediately put all the things he had brought on the table.

“I need to do anything, just speak up.” Yu Doudou smiled serenely.

Ana Lin took a look and confirmed that it was something he had shown himself.

at the same time.

The door of Ana Lin’s residence was knocked.

Ida Zhuang went to open the door.

Rios He was covered with gauze, the wound on his head was cleaned, and the clothes on his body were changed.

Ida Zhuang was stunned for a moment, “How did you get your head? Why did you get hurt?”

Rios He smirked, and then smiled, “I accidentally bumped into it.”

“Be careful.” Ida Zhuang said concerned.

After all, I have known each other for so long. Although it is impossible to know my daughter and him, there is still no less courtesy.

“I will, what about Yanyan?” He looked into the room and didn’t see Ana Lin’s shadow.

“I didn’t come back last night, and I went out after I came back in the morning. I don’t know what I’m doing.” Ida Zhuang said.

“Oh so, I’m here to find her, why didn’t my aunt let me in?” Rios He asked with a smile.

“Look at me, forget it.” Ida Zhuang quickly gave up the gap and let him in.

Rios He looked into the bedroom, “Where are the two children?”

Ida Zhuang wiped his hands on his apron and poured him a glass of water, “Xiao Xi took Xiaorui to play in the house.”

“Oh.” Rios He sat down on the sofa and asked seemingly inadvertently, “Did you say anything when you came back?”

He took a sip of water to cover up his panic.

“No, I came back to see the two children. I didn’t eat breakfast at home.” Ida Zhuang smiled.

“I met with Yanyan yesterday. I mentioned the two of us again. She seemed to be angry and left at that time. I was afraid that she would be angry, so I came over and have a look.”

The smile on Ida Zhuang’s face was restrained, it was not like a daughter’s style.

Even if she refused, she would not leave on the spot.

She is a person of clear grievances.

Although he doesn’t like Rios He, he has helped her a lot in the past few years. He won’t be so ignorant, so he will tear his face directly.

“Auntie, I would like to invite you to dinner at noon and apologize to Yan Yan.” Rios He’s eyes flashed slightly and he dared not look directly at Ida Zhuang.

Chapter 110

He has a guilty conscience.

Ida Zhuang hesitated. If she didn’t hesitate before, she would agree with one bite.

Now she promised Ana Lin not to put pressure on her, let alone bring her and Rios He together, she did not dare to agree easily.

“I have to call to ask Yanyan about this matter.” Ida Zhuang went to get the phone, Rios He held the phone, “It’s just a meal, no need to ask, my car is coming.”

Ida Zhuang still didn’t let go, fearing that Ana Lin was unhappy that he was in charge of himself.

It is not easy for Ana Lin to support the whole family alone. She does not want her daughter to be unhappy.

“Let’s go, I’m not a tiger wolf, I have known each other for so long, can’t you still trust me?” Rios He stood up.

Ida Zhuang glanced at the time, and it was only 10 o’clock, and it was not time for lunch, “Is there a bit of breakfast for lunch now?”

“The restaurant I ordered is far away. When it arrives, it will be noon, not early.” Rios He tried his best to convince Ida Zhuang.

Rios He said it all. She didn’t seem good to refuse any more, so she could only agree, “You sit on the sofa and wait a while, I’ll clean up for the two children.”

She untied her apron and went into the bedroom.

Daniel was sitting on the bay window with his sister in his arms. He was teaching his sister to draw with a tablet.

Ana Lin called him the tablet and mobile phone, and he was able to call the teacher again and play games.

Ida Zhuang picked up Ruth, she was still wearing home clothes and needed to change one.

Daniel leaned on the soft pillow, with a tablet on her leg, and swiped her fingers across the screen, and asked lazily, “Grandma, do you want to go out to change your sister?”

“Well, you—uncle said you want to take us out for dinner.” When he said the word uncle, Ida Zhuang thought of his son.

Daniel sat up in shock, blinked and looked at Ida Zhuang, “Grandma, what did you say?”

Ida Zhuang patiently said what he had just said again.

Daniel put down the tablet, slid down the bay window and ran to the door, gently opened the door and looked out through the crack of the door. He really saw Rios He. He was sitting on the sofa with gauze wrapped around his head.

He thought about it carefully, the video he watched from Phillip Zong’s phone that day, how he chased Mommy.

He had never seen Mommy so panicked and helpless.

Daniel’s little hand was tightly clasped, “Being decent, even more rubbish than a fancier.”

On the surface, he looks like a good person, but he hurts his mother secretly.

“What are you talking about?” Ida Zhuang turned his head and glanced at Daniel who was talking to herself at the door, “Would you like to change your clothes?”

“No.” Daniel said coldly, going to eat?


He doesn’t want to eat anything.

Who knows if this polite guy will catch them and threaten Mommy?

Thinking about it, Daniel shuddered, agitated all over her body.

“I want to pee.” After saying that, Daniel ran into the bathroom, he closed the door and locked it back.

How to do?

How can we stop Ida Zhuang from not going with Rios He and let him find out the clues?

Daniel sat on the toilet seat with a distressed look. Suddenly he remembered that he had Phillip Zong’s number, so he dialed and passed…

Wan Yue.

In Phillip Zong’s office, another faceless man came.

This man and Phillip Zong are buddies.

Last time I went to the KS club, it was his group’s place, and I had an appointment with Phillip Zong.

As a result, Phillip Zong encountered Ana Lin who was almost raped and did not go.

This guy keeps it in mind.

Alan Su taunted as soon as he entered the door, “Tsk tsk, I am a person who was released from pigeons, and it is really strange that I was used by others for a day.”

When he received the call, he thought he had heard it wrong.

Phillip Zong was too lazy to talk to him, “There are things and people.”

In the case of a lawsuit, the lawyer must know the entire course of the incident.

Evidence, he has to see whether it is highly available.

Alan Su curled his lips, “It’s too much. The best lawyers in the firm have been brought by you to do your company’s legal affairs. At this moment, I want to be the boss and bring you a lawsuit in person? “


Alan Su then realized that it was not a man who was sitting on the sofa with a suit on, but a woman.

He leaned toward the sofa and stared at Ana Lin, “Is this your ex-wife?”

When Phillip Zong and Ana Lin got married, he was studying abroad, but not in China.

Later Ana Lin left again.

So I haven’t seen it.

Recently, I learned from Milton Guan that his ex-wife who divorced after a month of marriage has returned.

“I didn’t have a chance last time, this time I have to take a look at what it looks like.” Let Phillip Zong eat the grass.

What a wonder of the world.

Alan Su approached Ana Lin, and suddenly, was dragged by the back collar, “Doing business.”

“Hey, don’t bring this. People cross the river to demolish the bridge. You demolished the bridge just by the river. Do you want me to do something for you?” Alan Su was pulled back by Phillip Zong two steps.

Ana Lin fluffed his hair awkwardly to hide his embarrassment.

Yu Doudou stood by, dumbfounded, damn, this dignified Wanyue Group veteran is always Ana Lin’s ex-husband?

“Phillip, people don’t do this, I have to tell you, people, he can’t be too—”

“I heard that your grandma is looking for you everywhere, or I will leave you with me now and tell her?” Phillip Zong threw away his collar, not salty or plain.

Alan Su, “…”


Naked. Naked threat.


“I’ll go, can’t I go?” Alan Su especially wanted to slap himself twice. Why did he make him a friend?

Alan Su shouted at Yu Doudou, “What’s your name?”

“Yu Doudou.” Yu Doudou smiled crampedly.


Alan Su laughed loudly, “What do you call Doudou, a big man?”

Yu Doudou, “…”

What can he do with the name given by his parents?

“Let’s go, let’s go, and have a good talk with me.” Alan Su is a familiar person with a lively personality.

It’s a far cry from Phillip Zong.

How can such two people be friends?

Yu Doudou frowned slightly.

After Alan Su left, the office instantly became quiet.

“That your friend?” Ana Lin broke the silence first.


“He is a lawyer?” Ana Lin didn’t think he was like a lawyer at all.

Because the lawyers she saw were very strict, unsmiling, and very serious people.

And Alan Su is more lively than ordinary people.

Such a person is a lawyer?

“How did you become friends?” Ana Lin was also curious.

Phillip Zong came over, and when he was about to talk to her, the phone on the desk rang.

“I’ll take a call.” He walked to the desk, picked up the ringing cell phone, and showed the name, brat.

This kid saw him only three times, but gave him two surprises

He was quite impressed.

Name specially given to him.

His pupils slowly contracted, condensing to the center, he answered the phone, but looked at Ana Lin.


“It’s me, that bad guy came to my house and said he would invite us out for dinner. I think he wants to catch us and threaten my mommy.”

Chapter 111

Phillip Zong raised his hand and glanced at the time. After about fourteen hours had passed since the incident happened, his movements were fast.

This is the person who knows that Ana Lin can’t achieve the goal here, and points the direction to the person who cares the most.

He held the phone’s hand and slowly gathered it.

Daniel was a little worried when he didn’t hear Phillip Zong’s words. After all, Rios He was at home now, so he didn’t dare to say to Ida Zhuang that if she couldn’t keep her breath, it would be no good to let Rios He know.

“Should I call the police?” Daniel asked.

Phillip Zong looked at Ana Lin for a moment, “In what name is it calling the police?”

Daniel was speechless.

Now that there is no evidence, that video can never be published, and there is only a short paragraph of that video that can’t explain much.

“Then what to do?” Daniel asked anxiously.

Phillip Zong casually leaned on the desk, rubbed his fingers along the edge of the table, and asked after a moment of thought, “Do you want to avenge your mommy?”

“Yes.” Daniel said without hesitation.

“Do you dare to risk it yourself?”

Daniel was taken aback for a moment, and quickly understood what Phillip Zong meant, “You asked me to follow Rios He. When he is really holding us, we can find evidence of his breaking the law without involving Mommy.”

Although Rios He is shameless, but if such a thing is published, Ana Lin’s reputation will also be damaged.

Phillip Zong’s look at Ana Lin’s eyes became deeper and deeper, and this kid’s head was really sharp.

I understood what he meant so quickly.

“I dare.” Lin Chenxi said bravely, “but—”

Daniel rolled her eyes and closed her mouth again.

If Mommy knew that Phillip Zong used them as bait, she would definitely be angry, right?

“But what?” Phillip Zong asked.

“Nothing.” Daniel didn’t decide to say.

“You have to pretend that you don’t know anything, as usual, don’t let him doubt, your phone will open the positioning, and the rest will be left to me.”


Daniel knew what to do.

After hanging up the phone, Phillip Zong pressed the inside line to let Milton Guan in.

Soon he knocked on the office door.

Phillip Zong said to come in, then he opened the door and walked to Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong said a few words to him in a low voice. After listening to Phillip Zong’s words, Milton Guan glanced at Ana Lin. Will she be upset if she knows about this?

After all, she is taking risks with her children.

“I know.”

“Don’t make any mistakes, you go personally.”

“it is good.”

Ana Lin took a financial magazine and flipped through it at will. She was not interested in reading it, but was bored to pass the time.

Phillip Zong seems to be dealing with Milton Guan, she can’t bother.

When Milton Guan went out, Phillip Zong asked, “Would you like to see if they have finished talking?”

He refers to Alan Su and Yu Doudou.

“Okay.” Ana Lin stood up and took off his suit.

Her skirt was thin, and the air conditioner was turned on in the office, and it was all blown dry.

Phillip Zong’s hand wanted to reach her shoulder, Ana Lin avoided, “If you do this again, am I angry?”

Ana Lin really pulled his face down.

The current relationship is nondescript and unclear.

People can see it, don’t know how to guess.

Phillip Zong didn’t force it, he was not in a hurry, there was time.

Alan Su and Yu Doudou were in the reception room, not far from Phillip Zong’s office, and they walked through the office area.

Pushing the door of the meeting room, Ana Lin was shocked by the wide view of the meeting room. The decoration here is completely different from Phillip Zong’s office. The dark desk and chair look calm, the right side is hollowed out, and the whole side The glass wall, the lighting is very good, every decoration is very public, even the drinking cup is also very valuable.

Ana Lin probably also understands that the reception room, after all, is used to receive guests. Talking about things here is on behalf of the company.

Seeing Ana Lin Yu Doudou quickly stand up, he has been somewhat restrained.

Ana Lin motioned to him not to be nervous.

“How is it?” Phillip Zong pulled the chair away and sat down.

Alan Su ignored him and stared at Ana Lin with his chin supported.

See the feet from the head.

See the head from the feet again.

He curled his lips, “So you like this? Didn’t you like Weiwei before? The taste has changed?”

Alan Su knows Bai Zhuwei, knows his previous relationship with Phillip Zong, and also knows that she is now the daughter of the He family, and knows that she has changed her name, but he does not like to change her name, so he still uses the previous one to address her.

“The difference is a bit big.” It is obvious that Ana Lin and Bai Zhuwei are not the same type.

Phillip Zong remained calm and watched him talking to himself by himself.

Alan Su also found it quite boring, put away the silly appearance, and said solemnly, “You have to help me with this matter.”

If the other party is an ordinary person, it is naturally easy to do, but the other party is a person with a background, a head and a face.

So it’s not that simple. To make an iron case, you have to use some means.

Phillip Zong had already figured out a countermeasure.

He leaned back in the chair, tapping his fingers gently on the tabletop in rhythm, as if he was thinking about something.

Alan Su knew he was thinking, so he stopped talking. He turned his chair and stood up, walked up to Ana Lin with a smile, and introduced himself, “Let me introduce myself first. My name is Alan Su, the owner of Dacheng Law Firm. You can call me Zhan Zhan, or you can call me Xiao Zhan, or Su Su, Xiao Su will do.”

Ana Lin, “…”

Yu Doudou’s mouth opened into an o shape.

“You, are you the boss of Dacheng Law Firm?” Yu Doudou said to him for a long time, but he didn’t know that he was from Dacheng Law Firm, and he was also the famous Su who had never lost the lawsuit. lawyer.

He has only heard of it, but never met anyone.

“I saw it today.” Yu Doudou said excitedly.

I thought, this time I can avenge my brother.

“Are you a monkey? Really? Have you ever seen a fake one?” Alan Su attacked him.

Yu Doudou waved his hand hurriedly and explained, “I, I adore you.”

Alan Su stood up straight, squeezed the neckline of his neck, the collar that was not wrinkled, and said proudly, “It’s pretty much the same.”

Yu Doudou chuckled.

Ana Lin quietly moved a step back, wanting to withdraw from the unnutritious conversation between the two of them.

Alan Su’s eyes were sharp, and she took a step to the left to stop her. “How do I call you? If you didn’t divorce Phillip, I would call you sister-in-law.”

Rubbing his chin with his fingers, he glanced at Phillip Zong and said meaningfully, “Actually, it’s okay to call it that way now—”

“Just call me Ana Lin.” Ana Lin interrupted him.

Alan Su smiled, “Isn’t it right?”

“There is nothing inappropriate.” Ana Lin said.

She didn’t want to be called a strange identity.

“Then I call you Yanyan?”

Snap, the black pen on the table fell off and fell to the ground with a bang.

That pen was from Alan Su, and he used it to record when Doudou said the case.

Alan Su, “…”

Phillip Zong walked over, his steps were steady and steady. When he passed by Alan Su, he said calmly, “Sorry, I accidentally dropped your pen.”

Alan Su, “…”

It was given by his last girlfriend and it was very’precious’.

Phillip Zong took Ana Lin’s hand, “We should go now.”

“Where to go?” Ana Lin said inexplicably.

“You’ll know when you get there.”

Alan Su was stunned for several seconds.

After reacting, he shouted towards Phillip Zong’s back, “Are you a kid? Do such naive things?”

Phillip Zong completely ignored it.


He has never called that before.

Alan Su’s mouth twitched.

“Are you going to see Mommy?” Ruth was sitting in Ida Zhuang’s arms, but she kept looking out the car window.

Curious about the scenery passing quickly outside.

Rios He, who was driving in the car, turned around and comforted her, “Yes, your mommy will come later too. I called her.”

Daniel glanced at Rios He and snorted in her heart, which would deceive the child.

“Really?” Ruth was excited because she wanted to see Mommy.

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