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Chapter 106

He is still young and has limited abilities, so he can only temporarily cooperate with this heartless guy.

Phillip Zong looked down at this little guy.

At such a young age, I knew I was thinking about Ana Lin.


I have to say that Ana Lin’s education is very good.

Mother is kind and filial.

Probably the two of them look like mother and son.

At this time, a waiter came to clean up the table, took away the dishes and chopsticks eaten by the two guests on it, and wiped off the residue with a rag. I don’t know how many tables have been wiped with the rag. It is not clean anymore, and the wiped tabletop is still shiny.

Daniel opened the chair, “Sit down.”

He climbed up the chair proficiently, waiting for Ana Lin to get something to eat.

“Dislike such a place?” Daniel looked at him.

Phillip Zong glanced at him, pulled the chair away and sat down, not disgusted, but had never been to such a place for breakfast, and there were people who peeped from time to time.

It made him look like an admirable thing in a zoo.

This feeling is very bad.

Ana Lin brought porridge and steamed dumplings, as well as small oil cakes and egg cakes.

She took out a bowl of porridge from the tray and put it in front of Daniel, another bowl in front of Phillip Zong, and another bowl in her place. She put the tray back and sat down.

Daniel had already started eating, eating porridge and eating steamed dumplings.

The food is very fragrant and delicious.

“Eat slowly.” Ana Lin took the paper and wiped the porridge at the corner of his mouth.

Phillip Zong looked at him, this little guy had a good appetite.

“Why don’t you eat?” Ana Lin asked without seeing Phillip Zong moving his chopsticks.

Phillip Zong picked up the spoon and took a mouthful of the pumpkin porridge. The rice in the porridge was very badly cooked, and the pumpkin was also ripe and sweet, with the unique sweetness of this pumpkin, and it tasted very good.

Ana Lin looked at his expression and asked, “Is it delicious?”

“Yeah.” Phillip Zong didn’t look up, and took another spoon into his mouth.

Ana Lin bent his eyebrows and smiled.

This shop was not far from where they lived. Ida Zhuang found it and took them to eat here. Daniel liked the pumpkin porridge for the first time.

“This is also delicious.” Daniel picked up a steamed dumpling and handed it to Phillip Zong.

He raised his head and looked at the steamed dumplings he was holding in his chopsticks. He had eaten many dumplings. Whether they were made by Yu’s mother or eaten in the restaurant, the shapes of the dumplings were very unique and beautiful.

But this one is not good-looking, it looks quite greasy.

“It’s delicious.” Daniel looked at him expectantly with big bright and clear eyes.

When Phillip Zong met Daniel’s eyes, he was stunned. These eyes were very beautiful.

The same as when he was a kid.

He remembered how he looked when he was a child in the photo Wanda saw.

He came down and opened his mouth with the steamed dumpling that Daniel had pinched to him.

Three fresh stuffing.

He looked at the greasy skin and thought it would be greasy in his mouth, but no, it tasted very fresh.

“It’s delicious?” Daniel asked.

He thinks it tastes good and wants others to approve it, so at this moment, he forgets that the man facing him is a “heart-wrenching man”. He just wants to prove that the dumplings he likes are delicious.

Phillip Zong sensed his careful thinking and poured cold water on him, “make do.”

Daniel, “…”

“Hmph, you must have a tongue problem.” Daniel was not convinced.

Phillip Zong, “…”

He is healthy and his tongue is fine.

After breakfast, Ana Lin went to pay, Phillip Zong and Daniel left first.

Sitting in the car, Daniel leaned over, “What are you going to do? What do you need me to do?”

Is this a united front with him?

Phillip Zong hooked his finger, and this time Daniel came over very obediently.

“Leave me the matter of revenge. As for you, you must protect your mommy when I’m away, don’t let people calculate it stupidly.”

“My mommy is not stupid!” Daniel fryed the pan all at once.

“Aren’t you stupid?” Almost let the bad guy succeed.

“Not stupid.” Daniel shook her head, “I am an acquaintance, my mom takes it lightly, not stupid.”

Daniel firmly disagrees with Phillip Zong’s evaluation of Ana Lin.

“My mom is stupid, you still like her, aren’t you more stupid?” Daniel refused.

Phillip Zong, “…”

There seems to be some truth to this.

I can only admit that Ana Lin is not stupid, otherwise this little guy has to argue with him.

“I will protect my mommy.” Daniel reached out to him, “Give me the phone. I must have your number so that we can get in touch.”

Daniel’s thoughts are really delicate.

Phillip Zong gave him his cell phone and he dialed his own number. After getting through, return the phone to Phillip Zong, “Here you are, here is my phone, and I also have yours.”

Daniel officially extended his hand, “Happy cooperation.”

He looked at the little hand that Daniel stretched out in front of him. He couldn’t laugh or cry. It was so formal?


He stretched out his hand and held Daniel’s little hand, the little guy’s hand is very soft.

“Happy cooperation.”

“We have reached an agreement–“

“What agreement is reached?” Ana Lin paid the bill and heard Daniel’s words when he got on the bus.

She looked at her son, then at Phillip Zong, and asked suspiciously, “What are you talking about?”

“Did we speak?”

Daniel didn’t find any excuses for a long time, so he could only deny it.

“Is it because I heard it wrong?” Ana Lin frowned, she heard it right, it was obvious that Lin Chenxi had spoken.

“You got it wrong.” Daniel drilled into her arms and put her arms around her neck to act like a baby. “Mommy, you are not old, so how come you have auditory hallucinations?”

“Smelly boy.” Ana Lin rubbed his son’s hair.

Phillip Zong watched their interaction in the rearview mirror, his eyes flickering.

Back to the residence Ana Lin sent his son back to the residence.

Phillip Zong waited for her for a while.

Ana Lin got into the car again, “Are you going to the company?”

“Give me the evidence in your hand.” He answered the question.

Ana Lin was stunned for a moment, “What evidence—” In the middle of speaking, she seemed to remember again, what he said.

“Everything lies in Doudou.”

“Let him take it over.”

“You want?” Ana Lin said that he didn’t quite understand, what did he want the evidence for?

“Do you think that if you have evidence, you can bring her to justice?” The He family’s business is not doing well, but the He family’s foundation is deep.

Have connections.

At that time, the case can be pressed down with a little money.

Not only can’t bring the opponent down, but reveal the hole cards to the opponent.

“You want to help me?” Ana Lin didn’t know how to ask this sentence.

There are expectations in my heart, but also disbelief.

I can’t believe that he will do this for her.

Without squinting his eyes, he gave a faint hum.

Ana Lin’s hands suddenly gathered.

She turned her head to look out the window, not wanting to be discovered that she was shocked and joyful.

For the first time, expectations fell through.

After a while, she called Yu Doudou.

Yu Doudou was quite excited over there, “I’m telling you, I have found a lawyer from the Dacheng Law Firm in City B. I’m just looking for you. When will we discuss it and find a day to submit the lawsuit.”

“Are you free?” Ana Lin asked.


“Let’s meet, and bring the evidence in your hands together.” Ana Lin said.

“it is good.”

“Where shall I find you?” Yu Doudou asked.

“Wan Yue.” This sentence was from Phillip Zong, because he was going to the company now, Ana Lin discovered that he was driving in the city center.

After hanging up on Doudou’s call, Ana Lin pursed her lips, “You go to the company, what shall I do?”

He freed up a hand, held her, and rubbed her palm with his finger, “Be with me.”

Chapter 107

Ana Lin, “…”

Thinking of waiting for Doudou to come over, she didn’t say much, anyway, she has nothing to do these days.

Lena Qin is taking care of things in the shop.

She hasn’t been so free in a long time.

She gave birth to Daniel and Ruth. She had to prepare for the exam, and later worked. She hasn’t relaxed in the past few years. It’s okay to take a break in these few days.

She leaned back in the chair, relaxed her body, and withdrew her hand held by Phillip Zong, “You drive well.”

The palm of his hand suddenly became empty, as if a lot of things were missing, Phillip Zong shook the steering wheel back, and the feeling of emptiness did not disappear.

It seemed that there was something missing in the heart, and only by approaching this woman would the sense of emptiness diminish.

A red light is on at the intersection ahead.

He acted unintentionally, putting his hand on Ana Lin’s thigh casually.

Ana Lin, “…”

This person.

His fingers gently rubbed her skin through the cloth, and while Ana Lin did not refuse, he said, “We are husband and wife.”

If you don’t let me touch, you have to be sweet.

He is a normal man and cannot be treated like a monk.

The thigh is a very private part for a woman, and his hands are still not honest, always rubbing on her legs, and the people are dry.

She held her hem tightly with her hand, and turned her head sideways, not daring to look at him.

The heart is beating constantly.

It doesn’t seem to be one’s own anymore, out of control.

This heart is always beating irrationally because of this man.

Ana Lin did not refuse, Phillip Zong was in a good mood.

Holding her leg in the palm of her hand, she didn’t move any more, and drove the car through the busy city center to the high-rise business district.

Soon the car drove to the underground parking lot under the Wanyue Group Building, because this car was newly bought by Phillip Zong for Ana Lin. There is no record here. The parking lot staff did not raise the railing and signaled, “Here It is the underground parking lot of Wanyue Group. It is not for outsiders. Please go elsewhere.”

Phillip Zong lowered the car window. The staff saw that it was him, and quickly raised the pole, with a smile on his face, “It’s Mr. Zong, I didn’t see him.”

The boss’s car is stopped, he doesn’t want to lose his job.

His eyes touched the woman sitting next to him, and he was taken aback.

It has been four or five years since he came to work, and he has never seen him as a woman in a car. This is the first time.

Can not help but glanced.

Phillip Zong glanced at him and raised the car window.

Cut off the outside eyes.

When the car stopped, Phillip Zong handed the car key to Ana Lin.

She reached out and took it.

“Thank you.” Although he has been emphasizing that they are a husband and wife relationship, Ana Lin knows that this marriage is not the result of mutual love.

It’s the words of the matchmaker’s parents’ orders, and they are the last resort to complete the marriage.

She had learned about this car and earned more than one million.

He didn’t want money, she felt embarrassed.

Always express gratitude.

“Want to thank me?”

The corners of Phillip Zong’s lips were smiling.

Ana Lin said solemnly, “That’s natural.”

He took possession of his face and leaned over, “If you are sincere, give me a k*ss, even if you express your sincerity, how about?”

Ana Lin, “…”

This person, why is it endless?

Don’t know where this is?

His company?

Is it shameful to let people see?

Ana Lin pushed him, “Stop making trouble.”

“Then owe it first.” He took Ana Lin’s hand, wrapped it in his arms, and walked towards the elevator.

Ana Lin was very awkward. She bit her lip and asked, “Will it be bad for people in the company to see it?”

Her identity is quite embarrassing.

Besides, he has just retired, will others just let Phillip Zong retire because she is the third party?

“I don’t want to be misunderstood that I am a junior, I don’t like it.”

She doesn’t like creatures like third parties.

Say what love meets too late.

I met the right person at the wrong time.

In her opinion, those are all excuses.

Just like Randall Lin, who has changed his heart, he can disregard the life and death of his wife, just to be happy for himself.

“Wait later, if there is a chance… we will do this again.”

If he really likes her in the future, it’s not the momentary freshness.

She is willing to take his hand and stand in front of the world.

Phillip Zong’s thoughts were slightly sinking, and the lines of his face suddenly became hard.

He also doesn’t like third parties.

Because there is one in his family.

He let go of Ana Lin’s hand.

At this time the elevator stopped, someone came in and saw Phillip Zong saying hello, “Zong Zong.”

Phillip Zong nodded slightly and responded.

The elevator was unusually quiet.

Phillip Zong quietly reached out to touch Ana Lin’s hand.

Ana Lin quickly put his hands behind him like an electric shock, and moved a step away from him.

The employee of Wanyue in front of the elevator door in front of the station heard the movement and looked back at Ana Lin, “Are you also an employee of Wanyue? Why haven’t you seen you?”

Ana Lin came to Wan Yue six years ago to work for a few days as an interpreter for Phillip Zong, but within a few days, after so long, no one would know her.

Ana Lin’s brain was running fast and couldn’t find a good explanation, so he lied, “I’m new here.”

“Oh, from that department?” This male colleague was very enthusiastic and talkative.

Ana Lin, “…”

She rubbed her hands.

Phillip Zong stood straight and stood in the elevator, taking up a lot of space and shrouded in shadows.

The corners of his lips twitched slightly, as if to see how Ana Lin would lie next.

Ding sound.

Just when Ana Lin didn’t know how to answer, the elevator stopped.

The colleague went on.

Ana Lin breathed a sigh of relief, and his shoulders fell slightly.

“I still lack a secretary.”

Phillip Zong raised his chin.

Ana Lin glanced at him and refused, “Impossible, I have my own job.”

She didn’t want to come here to serve him.

Unless she is crazy, she will give up the design she likes and give him a secretary.

“How about I tell Mrs. William that there is no need to open a branch here?”

Ana Lin instantly recognized the counsel.



“Don’t talk to Mrs. William.”


“You k*ss me, I won’t say.”


Ana Lin was almost driven crazy by his rascal.

“Are you a bandit rascal?”

“I was.”


Suddenly Ana Lin’s waist was buckled by him. Before she could react, her damp and hot breath approached her.

The soft lips were printed on her forehead.

Soon Phillip Zong let go of her again, and the whole process was so fast that Ana Lin thought it was just an illusion.

But she knew it was not. She could still clearly feel the warmth of her forehead and the remnants of his breath.

He stood aside, smiling at the corners of his lips, like a child who got his favorite toy.

The elevator stopped, Phillip Zong got off the elevator, walked towards the office, and said, “I’m thirsty.”

Ana Lin looks around, no one is around, is he talking to her?

Obviously, just talking to her.

No one around here.

Does this really use her as a secretary?

Ana Lin sighed. Fortunately, she stayed here for a few days and knew where the pantry was.

She found the pantry on a familiar road, and arrived at a cup of boiling water.

There are some changes here. The previous people are almost gone, and there were a few women before, but now they are all men.

She was a little emotional, and time can change many things.

Finance manager Han Zhiying took this month’s report up to Phillip Zong to sign.

It happened to collide with Ana Lin at the door of the president’s office.

Ana Lin had water in her hand and accidentally splashed some on her body.

Her face immediately sank.

Chapter 108

The clothes on her body were just bought, and it cost her more than 40,000. They were specially worn for the report to see Zong Zong at the end of the month.

I also send a report every month to see Zong.

Usually, I can only see him during the freshman meeting. There are hundreds of executives in the big meeting. After her position is available, she can’t see him clearly.

This is her only opportunity to contact the president.

And he has retired, and is now a golden single sweat.

Always try to grasp the opportunity.

If by any chance, it is Mrs. President.

Ana Lin patronized and sighed. She did not see anyone at the door because she was negligent, “Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

“Do you want to send me a word that didn’t mean it? Do you know how much the clothes I wear? Can you pay for it?” Han Zhiying glared at her, such beautiful clothes were stained with water, so how could I meet Zong Zong?

I haven’t seen this face, “new here?”

Ana Lin was afraid that she would ask her which department is like that staff member again, and said, “No.”

Han Zhiying’s face was even more ugly. There was no woman beside Phillip Zong except for Bai Zhuwei who had already left.

There is no woman on this floor. Where did she come from?

Could it be that I heard that Phillip Zong retired from his engagement and came to show his courtesy?

Thinking of this, Han Zhiying’s face became even more gloomy.

“You are going to go in, I’ll open the door for you.” Ana Lin felt embarrassed, because she got water on her body, she just wanted to push the door, but was grabbed by the wrist.

Then shake it off hard.

Ana Lin leaned back, and hurried several steps under her feet. The water in her hand was spilled out because of her unstable body’s center of gravity. It splashed on her chest, and even her neck was covered with water.

Fortunately, the water is not very hot anymore, it is not hot, but the clothes are wet.

She wore a silk skirt, and when she was soaked in water, the underwear inside came out, and she quickly covered her chest.

Although she has been raised in her life, she has maintained a very good figure. The place where she should be is not small, and the place where there is no meat is slim enough.

When Han Zhiying saw her breasts, she was taken aback for a moment, and then she sneered, “Shameless, who do you want to seduce when you dress like this?”

Han Zhiying felt that she also came to brush her presence in front of Phillip Zong.

Want to grab her?


Ana Lin was also on fire, she apologized, why is she still so aggressive?

“You have to be forgiving and forgiving, haven’t you heard of it? It’s still an employee of a big company, don’t you have this idea?”

“You, who are you talking about?” Han Zhiying was silent for a long time.

Ana Lin didn’t bother to pay attention to her, turned around and wanted to go to the pantry to pour another cup.

The arm was pulled by someone, “I want to go, no way.”

“Apologize to me!” Han Zhiying is an imposing person, how to say she is the financial manager of Wanyue Group.

And Ana Lin is just a staff member who just joined the company, what is she afraid of?

She has the confidence to make trouble, and it is not her who suffers.

Ana Lin looked at her in surprise, “I have already apologized for splashing you on your body, and now it should be you apologizing to me.”

“Huh, you are worthy of you, I apologize to you?” Han Zhiying sneered, “I think you don’t want to stay in the company anymore. A young employee who just joined the company dares to be so presumptuous. It is impatient to live. Is it? Believe it or not I played you to death?”


At this time, the door of the office opened from the inside, and soon a tall figure appeared at the door.

After looking around, he finally settled on Ana Lin, and the ground was sprinkled with water.

The same goes for her.

“Chief Sect, I’m here to send you this month’s report. I didn’t expect this new employee to splash me with water. He doesn’t apologize and is arrogant. Our company shouldn’t want this kind of person.”

Han Zhiying quickly filed a complaint.

After all, in this matter, whoever speaks first will prevail.

She has divided the responsibilities, and Ana Lin’s words later became an excuse.

When she spoke, she lifted up her beautiful hair, leaned against Phillip Zong, and lowered her head as if she was wronged and needed to be the master.

Just now Phillip Zong heard clearly in the room, Ana Lin apologized from the beginning, she was aggressive.

“You said what to do.” Phillip Zong asked Ana Lin, looking at him.

Before Ana Lin had time to speak, Han Zhiying looked up at this tall and godlike man in surprise. He asked again, what would she do with this woman?


Han Zhiying only felt that the heart was about to jump out of her chest.

“This kind of person, naturally, can’t stay in the company, because there is a problem with character.” Han Zhiying said righteously, looking back and forth on Phillip Zong’s body when speaking.

The suit is straight, the body is firm and straight, and his body exudes an aura of superiors that cannot be ignored.

The more she watched, the faster her heartbeat.

The air was quiet for two seconds.

Ana Lin fixed his gaze on Han Zhiying, took a deep breath, didn’t want to care about her anymore, and asked Phillip Zong, “Are you still thirsty?”


Ana Lin turned and went to the pantry.

Han Zhiying couldn’t react for two seconds. What does this mean?

As if reacting to something, “President Zong, you want to drink water, I will give it to you.”

While speaking, she turned around and tried to run to Ana Lin to turn the water upside down.

Phillip Zong didn’t bother to look at her, “From today, you won’t use it for work.”

Han Zhiying’s face changed. Are you talking about her?

Probably not.

“That Chief Zong, it’s not me, it’s her bad character–” Han Zhiying tried to explain.

She was in a panic. How could things be like this?

Shouldn’t that woman get out?

Looking at the document in her hand, Han Zhiying found the reason, and grabbed Phillip Zong’s suit. “Zong, this is the report for this month. Just now it was the woman who didn’t know where it came from. She was presumptuous here. The old employee of the company, how can you tell me not to leave work? Isn’t she the one who should leave?”

Phillip Zong’s face gloomily stared at her holding her clothes.

When Milton Guan came back from work, he was about to report to Phillip Zong, when he saw Han Zhiying pulling Phillip Zong’s picture, and looked at him.

what’s the situation?

Phillip Zong hates others touching him most.

What is going on here?

What happened when he was away?

What did he miss?

“President Zong.” Milton Guan walked over.

“This person, don’t let me see it in the company again.” Phillip Zong pulled Han Zhiying’s hand away, as if touching something dirty.

Han Zhiying is not convinced, why was she driven away?

“Zong Zong——”

She also wanted to explain, to discredit Ana Lin, but was caught by Milton Guan and said indifferently, “Let’s go, you should know the temper of President Zong. When did he change what he said?”

“It’s not my fault.” Han Zhiying doesn’t feel that she is wrong now.

Ana Lin walked toward this side with a water glass in one hand and chest in the other.

When Milton Guan saw her, he was stunned. Why did she come?

“Miss Lin.” Milton Guan put on a smiling face.

Ana Lin nodded slightly, “He is thirsty, I will go in first.”

“it is good.”

Milton Guan looked at Ana Lin’s wet clothes and probably guessed what was going on.

Han Zhiying was stunned.

Her eyes were dumbfounded, she looked at Milton Guan in a dazed manner, “You call her Miss Lin, do you know her?”

“Yeah.” Milton Guan took away the files in her hand, “Give it to me, pack things up, and leave today.”

“Who is she?” Han Zhiying swallowed, she already felt the relationship between her and Phillip Zong.

Just now, she and Milton Guan are also very close, like old friends who have known each other for a long time.

“Who is she?”

Milton Guan glanced at the closed office door and thought to himself, Phillip Zong was probably the person in his heart.

In the office, Phillip Zong took off his suit jacket and wore a white shirt.

The cuffs were tucked around, with half-strong little arms exposed.

Ana Lin put water in front of him, “Water.”

Phillip Zong raised his eyes…

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