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Chapter 103

Enter the room Phillip Zong put her on the bed.

Then, I went to the bathroom to soak a towel and wipe her face. The more she looked at her, the more annoyed she became. He threw down the towel, stood in front of her, and said depressedly, “What happened, how did you make it like this?”

Ana Lin trembled all over when he thought of Rios He’s behavior towards him.

She didn’t know how to say or what to say.

“Speak.” Suddenly he clasped Ana Lin’s shoulders and stared into her eyes, “Tell me, are you deprived?”

A hurricane condenses in his pupils.

Ana Lin shook his head.

If she doesn’t wake up, she dare not think further.

She never expected that Rios He would do such a thing to her.

The hurricane that condensed in Phillip Zong’s eyes did not dissipate, but still hovered in his eyes, “Who did it to you?”

Ana Lin pursed his lips and said nothing.

Just holding his body shivering.

“I’m asking you something!” He bit his back tooth socket, unable to restrain his anger.

Ana Lin opened his eyes, tears welled up without warning.

She still didn’t say a word, tears fell silently, one by one, down her cheek.

Phillip Zong dangled around the bed.

He has never been so uncomfortable.

Ana Lin closed his eyes, and soon he moved and stopped abruptly. Only his breathing and her sobbing could be heard quietly in the room.

A thick black shadow pierced lightly and hugged her shivering body from anxiety. His delicate and hot palms gently touched her face, loving and loving, and finally k*ssing her nose.

During this process, Ana Lin was helpless, shocked, shocked, and soft. She felt the affection that Phillip Zong had never expressed.

“Go wash.” Phillip Zong picked her up and walked into the bathroom.

Put a pool of warm water, braving the mist.

Ana Lin looked at him blankly.

She had never thought that such a proud man would do such a thing for her.

Phillip Zong turned to look at her, “Do you want me to wash it for you?”


Ana Lin shook his head quickly, and refused quickly, “No, no need.”

“I’m waiting for you outside, what do I need to call me.” He explained.

“it is good.”

The bathroom door was closed, and Ana Lin locked it from the inside. He dared to take off his messy clothes after he was sure that he couldn’t open it.

Rios He’s behavior left her with lingering fears.

She went into the water, the temperature was just right, she sank to the end, her hair floating on the water like seaweed, and a beautiful body could be seen faintly in the water.

She rubbed every inch of her skin, she didn’t dare to think about how much Rios He did to her when she was in a coma.

She washed vigorously, trying to clean the skin that had been touched.

Outside the bathroom, Phillip Zong clearly felt that Ana Lin was not telling the truth. How could she not know who it was?

She didn’t say it, she definitely didn’t want to say it.

Phillip Zong picked up the landline by the bedside and called Milton Guan, “Go and check, who is Ana Lin going to the KS private club with tonight.”

“Good.” Milton Guan answered.

Phillip Zong put down the phone and rubbed his eyebrows while sitting on the bed.

After a long time, Ana Lin never came out, he went to knock on the door, “Is it all right?”

“Okay.” Ana Lin was wrapping a bath towel, she could wear it without clothes.

After soaking for more than an hour, she became sober and calmed down.

She opened the door, and Phillip Zong stood at the door, with a shirt on her upper body and a slightly open neckline, black trousers wrapped in a pair of slender and straight long legs, staring at her for a moment.

Her hair was still wet, and there were water drops on her shoulders, which appeared crystal clear on her fair skin.

Ana Lin was holding the bath towel with both hands, fearing that the bath towel would fall off, “Can you do me a favor?”

“Yeah.” Phillip Zong retracted his gaze and responded faintly.

“Can you go out and get me a set of clothes, as long as you can.”

Phillip Zong looked at her for two seconds, “Do you know what time it is?”

She shook her head.

“It’s a little too much. Where do you want me to get you clothes in the middle of the night?” Even the shopping mall is closed at this time.

Phillip Zong found her own shirt for her, “You can make do with it first, and I will buy it for you tomorrow morning.”

Ana Lin held it without wearing it, and stomped, “I want to go home.”

Phillip Zong’s face gradually became cold, “Don’t remember who you are?”

She agreed last time. Why did she want to fall back?

Phillip Zong clasped her waist with one long arm, and the two bodies were tightly attached to each other. As soon as she wanted to resist, Phillip Zong grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes, “You have to get used to me touching you like this. “

Ana Lin lowered his eyes and leaned quietly in his arms.

“I am sleepy.”

“I will hug you to sleep.” He picked up the person, put it in the bed, followed him in, and hugged her from behind.

Ana Lin was not used to being held.

Wriggling, trying to free himself from his arms.

Phillip Zong frowned and warned, “Don’t move.”

Ana Lin stiffened instantly, she seemed to feel his hard body, getting hotter and hotter, and his waist was pressed by something hard.

She is not a little girl who has not gone through human affairs, she naturally knows what it is.

She didn’t dare to move, even breathing slowly, for fear of irritating the man behind her.

Although she agreed to maintain a husband and wife relationship with him, she was not mentally prepared yet to be married to him.

“Relax, you are so stiff, I’m like holding a stone.” Phillip Zong closed his eyes and covered up the heat.

Ana Lin’s body is out of control.

Can’t relax at all.

She is not wearing clothes and being held by him like this, how can she be assured that he will be honest.

Moreover, he has reacted.

It seems very strong.

“Good.” He k*ssed her hair behind.

Ana Lin swallowed, “Although I promise you, but, you must get my consent before you can—”

“What can it be?” He suddenly opened his eyes, with a teasing smile on the corner of his lips.

Ana Lin’s face was buried in the pillow, “You know.”

“I do not know.”

The smile on the corner of his lips grew thicker.

Ana Lin pretended to be asleep and didn’t say anything.

Obviously Phillip Zong did it deliberately, knowing that he even asked deliberately.

Embarrass her.

Phillip Zong lay flat, looked up at the ceiling, and asked, “When can you agree?”

Are you willing to be a husband and wife with him?

Ana Lin blinked, she didn’t know, at least she was repelling it now.

She didn’t want to hand over herself like this.

The first time was a last resort.

This time, she must make her own decisions.

“When I can accept the opposite sex.”

Phillip Zong: “…”

She won’t accept her for a lifetime, he won’t be able to touch her for a lifetime?

It’s nonsense!

Is it possible for him to be a monk?

Ana Lin closed his eyes again, without saying anything, pretending to be asleep.

She was stiff and did not relax as she fell asleep.

Phillip Zong turned to look at her, then smiled, turned over and hugged her to sleep.

Ana Lin slept very well and only woke up after six o’clock in the morning.

The man next to him was still asleep. Ana Lin lifted the quilt and got out of bed lightly, fearing to wake him up, but did not notice that the bath towel she was wrapped in when she slept had already loosened and was pressed by Phillip Zong. When he got up, he felt a sudden cold, and found that the bath towels had been scattered.

When she reached out to pull it back, Phillip Zong moved.

Ana Lin was afraid that he would see himself naked when he woke up, and got into the bed again.

Phillip Zong turned over, pressed his leg on her body, hugged her, and continued to sleep.

Chapter 104

Ana Lin, “…”

She tried to remove his leg, but it was too heavy.

She couldn’t push away at all.

Ana Lin could only give up and didn’t move. He turned to look at the phone on the table and reached out to grab it. Fortunately, the landline was placed close to her and he got it smoothly.

She dialed the service number at the front desk, “Hello, can you help me buy a set of clothes? I’ll give you money when I come back.”

“Yes, but what size do you wear?”



Ana Lin just wanted to hang up, but another voice came from there, “May I ask what your room number is, so that I can send it to you.”

Ana Lin, “…”

“No. 88.” The low-pitched voice was still the feeling of awkwardness just waking up.

Ana Lin turned his head and saw Phillip Zong half-squinted looking at her.

When did he wake up?

“Room 88.” Ana Lin said to the phone.


The phone hung up and Ana Lin put it back on the landline.

“You, when did you wake up?”

Did he see that she just got up?

The corners of his lips held an impenetrable smile, with an unconscious look, “Just now.”

Ana Lin breathed a sigh of relief, wrapped the quilt tightly, and waded for a long time before speaking, “Aren’t you getting up?”

He leaned sideways and propped his head with one hand, and put one arm on her body, hummingly, “Huh?”

Ana Lin turned his head, “Nothing to say.”

She said so clearly just now, how could he not hear it? He must have asked deliberately, why should she go grabbing.

He couldn’t afford it, Ana Lin didn’t dare to get up first, so he could only lie down and wait for the clothes to be delivered.

After about half an hour, the doorbell finally rang.

Ana Lin was like finding a straw for life, “Go open the door.”

Phillip Zong lay motionless, gently moved two minutes beside her, pressed her bath towel tightly, and said shamelessly, “Why don’t you go?”

Ana Lin, “…”

He curled his lips inadvertently and said, “I can go.”

Ana Lin looked at him blankly, waiting for his next words.

He moved his head forward by two points, and looked at her, “If you take the initiative to k*ss me, I will go.”

Ana Lin, “…”

Phillip Zong smiled, “I don’t want to? Forget it, I’m fine anyway, and no one is waiting for me. It would be nice to take a day off.”


She didn’t go back all night, but she didn’t have time to spend with him.

After hesitating for a while, Ana Lin stammered, “You, you close your eyes.”


Phillip Zong closed his eyes, his eyelashes were thick, long and curled.

Ana Lin stared at him, very similar to her Daniel’s, they were very dense and long and curled.

She sometimes looks envious.

Unexpectedly his is so good-looking.

She pretended to be calm, “Don’t open your eyes.”


Ana Lin hugged the quilt and slowly leaned forward. His skin was delicate and close. Ana Lin could clearly see the fine hairs on his face. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips to his lips. Like a dragonfly, leave when you touch it.


Phillip Zong opened his eyes, it was too fast.

Before he could taste it, he left.

“You can’t shame.” Ana Lin bit her lower lip, fearing that he would make another unreasonable request.

Phillip Zong sighed, when would she take the initiative to k*ss him without exchanging terms?

He lifted the quilt and got out of bed, draped the quilt for her, and then walked towards the door.

The door opened, and Milton Guan stood at the door with a clothes bag in his hand, “I just passed the front desk, and I paid it to me over there. I have already paid.”

When he was speaking, he glanced at the room with Jin Jin, his gossip mind made him want to see clearly, the woman in the room.

When did Phillip Zong’s private life become so indulgent?

How intense did you play last night that you can’t even wear clothes?

Phillip Zong was impatient, frowning, and his tone was cold, “Have you seen enough?”

Milton Guan hurriedly withdrew his gaze, but he was very curious, and said without giving up, “Who is inside?”

“My business, when is it your turn to ask?”

Milton Guan smiled angrily, “I thought it was Miss Lin.”

The heart of Sima Zhao is well known.

He has thoughts about Ana Lin now.

“This is the clothes, and the car key.” Milton Guan handed everything over, Phillip Zong took it, and gave him a cold look, “Is it clear that you are asking you to check it?”

When he thinks that someone will treat her wrongly, he is afraid, afraid that that person will succeed.

He dare not imagine the consequences.

He can’t afford it.

Can’t accept it.

“As soon as possible, and also, check out what Casey He has done recently.” Calm down, he thought carefully that Ana Lin had just returned to China and had no enemies.

Only Casey He wanted to hurt her again and again.

It would be best if she did nothing this time.

Otherwise, the old accounts and the new accounts are calculated together!

“Okay.” Milton Guan looked down at the time, “I have an appointment with the people over there, and it will be over at half past seven.”

“you can go now.”

Phillip Zong closed the door.

He turned and walked to the bed, handed her the clothes and the car keys.

Ana Lin was stunned for a moment and looked up at him, “This—”

“Don’t you like it?” He was calm and gentle.

She wanted to buy it, not because she liked the car, but because she could use it, but she didn’t expect that Phillip Zong would write down what Yu Doudou said casually.

“I’ll give you the money.” Ana Lin took the car key.

“Calculate it so clearly with me?” He bent down and looked at her, “I don’t need the money, so if you k*ss me again, it will be paid?”

Ana Lin pushed him away, “Don’t be upright, go change clothes.”

Phillip Zong was pushed back by her, and stretched out her hand to rub her hair, “You are my wife. Buying a car for you, isn’t it what my husband should do?”

Ana Lin almost choked on his saliva when he heard him say her husband.

I dare not say anything about giving money.

“I’m going to take a bath.” He went to the cabinet to find clean clothes and went to the bathroom. He didn’t take a bath last night and fell asleep with Ana Lin in his arms. He was very uncomfortable and he needed to wash.

And also give Ana Lin some space.

Knowing she can’t let go.

Ana Lin was lying on the bedside with a quilt. He looked at the bathroom door and held the car key in his hand. Although Phillip Zong always likes to hug her, he doesn’t respect her, but he doesn’t. Cite.

Last night, he clearly had an idea, but he didn’t touch her at all.

A word unintentionally, he will also take it to heart.

He k*ssed her so tenderly last night.

Ana Lin’s mood is very complicated.

She wiped the slightly wet corner of her eye.

On the contrary, Rios He, whom she always respected and trusted, did such a shameful behavior to her.

When she got dressed, Phillip Zong also put on clean clothes, and the two of them packed up and went out together.

The car is parked in the hotel parking lot.

Phillip Zong got on the co-pilot, “It’s the first time you drive the car.”

Ana Lin looked at him, “Are you sure you don’t drive?”

Phillip Zong didn’t speak, but gave her an answer with action, and he buckled his seat belt.

Ana Lin started the car, and drove it away with a familiar gear.

The road was very quiet, the two did not talk to each other, each had their own thoughts.

When he got downstairs, Ana Lin unfastened his seat belt, “I will go up and see them, and then we will go to eat.”

She didn’t come back overnight, worried about the two children.

She has never stayed home at night.

“Yeah.” Phillip Zong leaned back in his chair and didn’t move.

Ana Lin’s slender back disappeared into the corridor, and Phillip Zong slowly retracted his gaze, leaned back on the back of the chair, and looked at the window where she lived.


Suddenly the car window was knocked, and he turned his head and saw a small hand.

He lowered the car window and saw the small figure standing in front of the car door. He tilted his head, “You were with my mommy last night?”

Before Phillip Zong could answer, Daniel said loudly, “Smelly hooligan!”

Phillip Zong, “…”

This kid is so angrily every time I see him.

What did he do to make him hate him so much?

“I think we have to have a good talk.” Phillip Zong raised his eyebrows. The brat’s attitude would affect his relationship with Ana Lin.

After all, Ana Lin cares about him so much.

“I won’t talk to you, I will find a man richer than you and handsomer than you for my mommy.” Daniel is very angry when he thinks that he abandoned them.

I hate it and bite him to relieve his anger.

Phillip Zong pushed the car door down.


The phone in his pocket vibrated, and he took a look at it. It was the video file sent by Milton Guan.

Chapter 105

Another short message came in immediately, which was also sent by Milton Guan. He lowered his head and looked at the phone screen. The message was:

The private rooms of KS private club do not have surveillance. For the privacy of guests, only the corridors are available. This is a picture of Miss Lin that was taken that night.

Casey He was here before last night.

Milton Guan’s words were implicit, but Phillip Zong knew very well that Ana Lin said that such things have something to do with her.

In other words, Ana Lin said that such a thing was designed by her.

Ana Lin knew that she was unpredictable about herself and should be wary of her and would not fall into her trap.

With an inquiring mind, he clicked on the video file


The video picture appeared quickly.

Ana Lin stumbled and ran in the corridor, panicking and looking very embarrassed.


Soon he saw who was chasing her.

Rios He!

His face changed color, and his eyes burst with cold light, like a sound from his chest, “It’s so good!”

Their siblings are so good!

Join hands to hurt her.

Daniel was shocked, thinking he was talking about himself.

Obviously afraid, I still held on, leaning his head up with a look of fearlessness, but when he opened his mouth, he betrayed his emotions and said incoherently, “No, no, don’t think I will be afraid of you!”

Phillip Zong raised his eyelids and stared at him, “Boy, your mommy has been bullied, do you want revenge?”

Daniel blinked, someone bullied his mommy?

Who would bully his mummy except him?

“When I was a three-year-old kid, I wouldn’t be fooled.” Daniel was still arrogant with his head up.

Yes, he is not a three-year-old child, but a five-year-old child, two years older than a three-year-old child, it is not easy to deceive.

“Come here.” Phillip Zong fingered him.

Daniel stood still, watching him warily.


Phillip Zong squinted. How did Ana Lin educate this child? He is not big and has so many eyes?

“I won’t lie to you.” He handed the video point to Daniel, “Watch it for yourself.”

Because there was Ana Lin at the beginning of the video, Daniel saw it all at once, and his eyes widened.


Seeing behind, his angry hands clenched into fists. Who was bullying his mummy?

Soon he saw who that person was.

His eyes opened wider.

The eyeballs must stick out.

He picked up the call to Mommy last night, and he did see Mommy last night.

At that time he said that Mommy went to the bathroom and had no time to answer the phone.

What did he do to mommy?

Phillip Zong retracted the phone, Daniel stepped forward to grab it, and Phillip Zong raised his hand, but he couldn’t reach it even on tiptoe.

He looked at the boy condescendingly, “Well, do you want to avenge your mommy with me?”

Daniel’s cheeks bulged, staring at Phillip Zong.

“Think clearly, even if you are a child, even if you have the heart for revenge, you don’t have the ability to take revenge.” Phillip Zong installed his mobile phone and opened the car door, as if thinking of something, he turned to look at him, “By the way, your mother at the latest Mi was indeed with me. We slept on the same bed, and later she said she would have breakfast with me.”

Daniel could not collapse completely.

Tears are almost coming out.

Is Mommy’s brain flooded?

Don’t you know if a good horse doesn’t eat the grass?

“I saved your mommy yesterday.” Phillip Zong didn’t keep stimulating him.

Daniel felt better after hearing this.

It turns out that Mommy’s brain is not flooded.

“You, you just said, is it true that you want to avenge my mommy?” He looked at Phillip Zong with his eyes wide open.

Phillip Zong stared at him faintly for two seconds, “Really, but…”

He squatted down and looked straight at Daniel.

Daniel was also honest as never before, did not reject him, and looked at him quietly.

The little hand moved, and his heart was very excited. This is his father.

It would be great if he hadn’t abandoned them.

You can live together as a family.

He and his sister will not be said to be children without a father.

“You have to help me pursue your mommy.”

Daniel, “…”

He murmured in his heart, since he liked why Mommy divorced, he wanted to abandon her.

Let her be so pitiful by herself, giving birth to him and his sister, and raising him and her sister in the strange eyes of others.

Daniel pressed her small mouth tightly, “You, do you still like my mommy?”

When I got married, I definitely got married because I liked Mommy. Later, I transferred to fall in love, or divorced when I didn’t love Mommy.

Want to pursue mommy now, do you fall in love with her again?

Phillip Zong raised his eyebrows slightly, what do you mean?

But he didn’t pursue it, only that the child’s expression ability was not enough.

“I like……”

“Xiao Xi.”

Ana Lin ran over, and Ida Zhuang said that he was waiting for her back downstairs. She didn’t see him when she went upstairs.

Her phone watch was also taken away by her.

I couldn’t contact him. I was afraid that he would be lost. She went down and looked around in the park but couldn’t find it. She was about to call the police in a hurry, only to find him at the gate of the community.

“What are you running around? Do you know I can’t find you? I’m worried that it’s broken.” Ana Lin knew that his son had a prejudice against Phillip Zong, so he pulled his son behind him, “Well, he is a kid, what did you say? Never mind.”

“Naturally.” Phillip Zong leaned against the car, raised his chin, meaning Daniel, “I don’t know how to be a child.”

The goodwill that I just had, and because of his words, disappeared.

Daniel hugged Ana Lin’s neck tightly and k*ssed her on the cheek, “Mommy, I want to sleep with you at night, and you sleep with me, okay?”

Phillip Zong, “…”

This brat.

Ana Lin looked at his son in surprise, why is he so abnormal today?

Because she took his things, but she was always angry?

Is it all right now?

Too strange.

“Mummy, are you going to eat out? Can I be with you?” He hugged Ana Lin’s neck and acted like a baby, “OK?”

Ana Lin raised his eyes and looked at Phillip Zong, seeming to be asking.

Phillip Zong nodded, “Let’s go.”

This time it was Phillip Zong’s car, with Ana Lin and Daniel sitting in the back.

Daniel seemed to be showing off that Ana Lin was his, especially sticking to her, hug, hug, and k*ss.

He looked at Phillip Zong provocatively from the rearview mirror, as if he was arguing for the master. Mommy was his, and no one could take away.

He can hug and sleep.

Ana Lin was frightened by his son’s sudden enthusiasm.

“Xiao Xi.” She reached out and touched her son’s forehead.

No fever.

What’s wrong?

“I’ll give you the phone watch, okay?” Ana Lin was very uncomfortable, and his son suddenly became 100% enthusiastic.

There is no tool for contact, which is very inconvenient.

The tablet can’t be given to him temporarily.

He hasn’t admitted his mistake yet.

“Really?” Daniel’s eyes lit up, “What about the tablet?”

He is bored without a tablet.

You can’t even play games.

“I can give it to you, but you know—”

“I’m wrong.”

Before Ana Lin finished speaking, he took the initiative to admit his mistake.

He decided to take revenge for Mommy together with Jianxin Khan, so naturally he won’t make a fool of him again.

No revenge on him for the time being.

Today’s Daniel really gave Ana Lin a lot of “surprise” attitude, unprecedented.

This kid is good in everything, but his personality is a bit stubborn. He does not let go of things he believes, and it is difficult for others to change.

“That’s it.” Ana Lin said, seeing the sign of the breakfast shop.

Phillip Zong glanced at the breakfast shop, as if there were a lot of people.

Park the car.

Ana Lin hugged Daniel and got out of the car.

Walk into the store together.

There were a lot of people in the shop at this time, and the three of them came in and immediately attracted attention.

They stood together like a family of three.

The husband is tall and handsome, and the son follows his father. He looks very handsome and his mother is young and beautiful.

This combination is really eye-catching.

Phillip Zong seldom eats breakfast outside and is not used to this kind of place.

“You find a place to sit down, I’ll see what to eat.” Ana Lin put down his son and asked, “Do you want to eat?”

“I want pumpkin porridge and steamed dumplings.”

“What about you?” Ana Lin’s gaze turned to Phillip Zong.

“Whatever.” He had never been here before, and didn’t know what was here.

And so many people.

“There is a place there.” When someone got up, Daniel took Phillip Zong and walked towards that place.

The desktop hasn’t been cleaned yet, Phillip Zong frowned.

Daniel saw that Phillip Zong was disgusted and curled his lips, “Mummy and I often come to eat in such a place.”

“is it?”


“I promised you, we will cooperate to avenge Mommy.” Daniel watched the figure walking through the crowd, helping him to take food, and clenched her little hand. “Mommy, I have suffered a lot. I want to protect her.”

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