Catch Me if You love Me: A Beautiful Love Story Of Qiaoge And Beichuan

People do all sorts of things for love – they lie, they sever relationships and whatnot. The purpose of all that is to stay united or get united with one’s beloved. But what if, to prove your love for someone, you are required to banish him/her from your life?

Catch Me If You Love Me is all about this aspect of love where sacrificing a lesser good for the greater good is all too evident.

There are a lot of obstacles in the path of a romantic union – there is a family that is against the marrying of their daughter to that boy, and; there are also hindrances that will prove too much for the female lead of this novel.

In this article, I will give you a brief sneak peek of this incredibly readable story. Apart from that, there is also a review, which you can read to make your mind up as to whether to read it or not. So let’s begin.

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Catch Me if You love Me Bravonovel: A Summary

The plot is divided into two parts: in one, there is the longing of two lovers to unite and in the second, there is the tale of terrible obstacles that are in the way of accomplishing the former objective.

A girl, Fu Qiaoge, living in a mediocre family is in love with Lu Beichuan, who also reciprocates all such feelings for her. Fu asked her father to allow her to marry but her father was hell-bent on not allowing her to leave with Lu, whom he considered an imbecile, a good-for-nothing guy.

Fu is pressurized to forget about Lu Beichuan. However, that changes when her father is poisoned by her greedy step-mother. On his death bed, her father asked her to take her brother away from her step-mother and also allowed her to marry Lu.

Catch Me if You Love Me Story Takes an Unpleasant Turn:

While on the run, she was being pursued by her mother who had a whole plan made in her mind. As we get to know in the middle of the novel that Fu has rare blood running through her blood, which has a great demand in the black market.

Her step-mother wanted to squeeze the blood out of her to the last drop and sell it to become a millionaire.

So Fu is capture and put in a dark room for three days. While incarcerated, Fu realizes that her step-mother would take all the steps to accomplish her vile task. She also gets threats from her step-mother that her brother, ailing father, and beloved boyfriend, all will be killed if she resisted.

Till this point in the novel Catch Me if You Love Me Lu Beichuan is waiting for Fu impatiently but due to the compellence of her step-mother, she calls Lu to break ties with him and tells her that she didn’t love him anymore.

Hearing this Lu Beichuan feels shattered. Will their love never see the end of the day? Or there is another twist in it? To find out, you really need to read this novel.

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Catch Me If You Love Me Chinese Novel: A Review

The novel set in China is a tale of grief and misfortune. It is about sacrificing a lesser good to attain a greater one.

The theme is very attractive and this makes reading the novel a smooth exercise.

Now that you have read all that you came here for, aren’t you wondering where you can read this novel from? Well, You can read Catch Me If You Love Me novel online.

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Catch Me If You Love Me Full Novel

You can read Catch Me If You Love Me online as well as download it in PDF format.

All you have to do is to type Catch Me If You Love Me PDF in a search engine, you will be provided plenty of websites that will give you access to the novel.

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