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A Dangerous Atrophy is a Chinese novel which has its own fan base. The novel is popular among people from all age groups and the reason for that is it’s simple prose that captivates the reader to an extent that s/he sticks to the novel like an ant to a sugary-syrup.

This novel is a tale of death, betrayal, antipathy, and consequently courage. The lead character is accused of a murder she has no idea about, of a person she has considered as a friend.

Instead of mourning for the death of her friend she has to live with all the accusations that come her way. This novel takes us to that place where we come to sympathize with the person who is accused of murder but from the outset we know she is not guilty.

Perhaps that is what the writer tried to convey to the readers: you know she isn’t the killer but you need to read all that bad luck that befalls her in the wake of the accusations of the murder.

In this article, I will discuss ‘A Dangerous Atrophy’ novel. Similarly, I will provide you with a synopsis which you can peruse to make your mind about reading it or otherwise. So let’s begin without further ado.

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A Dangerous Atrophy: a Brief Summary

How are the good souls out there supposed to live in a world that is largely vile and won’t take a second to push them down to new depths? This novel explores the same theme and the writer does a good job at that.

Our protagonist Anna Jian is a young woman belonging from the outskirts of Shanghai. She has a sweet soul, hasn’t harmed anyone in her life, and is free of contempt for the world around her, even if harshness is what she gets.

But she is plunged into a conspiracy. She is accused of killing her friend Adriana in connivance with some gangsters. But the reader is hinted towards the reality that Anna Jian is not guilty at all.

But at the same time, the cruelty of the world is depicted. She is dragged to disrepute by the accusations and is blamed that it was her jealousy that provoked her to kill Adriana.

She sets out to get justice and in the process of which she unearths some new facts about the murder: there has been a plot hatched by the powerful people to have her killed for all their vested interest involved.

Will she get justice by making the corrupt people accountable? Or there is no possibility for her to get a semblance of justice?

To find out all that, you will have to read the A Dangerous Atrophy book. One thing that I can give you here is the facts that revolve around the lessons that no matter how hard it gets, only courage and resilience can make you sail through harsh storms.

And Anna Jian is the epitome of character, resolve, and courage. She stands to face all the injustice with her chin high and in the process of all, she comes near to get justice.


The novel A Dangerous Atrophy is for you if you like crime thrillers. The writer has done a tremendous job in giving the readers a complex story in simple prose that leaves the reader asking for more.

The plot of the novel is all that is present in modern storytelling. In line with all of this is the essence of a classic narration that makes the reader emotionally attached to the wronged characters.

The novel successfully makes itself one of those reads which are a joyful experience as well as there are lessons for the readers from which they can learn a thing or two about how important courage is in life, especially when against unknown adversaries who are more powerful than the accused.

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A Dangerous Atrophy good novel is perfect for you if you are looking to have something to read while you commute or are looking to kill some time.

A Dangerous Atrophy novel free download is available for you online and if you have any difficulty accessing it, you can ask for a copy in the comments section below.

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In a Nutshell:

You can have a copy of A Dangerous Atrophy novel PDF from the internet. Once you go deep into the novel you come to realize that you are all engaged in it and that is what a good novel is all about.

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