What is Couple Challenge Facebook? How to Participate in it?

One way to keep the people visiting social media sites is to put forward a task that they can participate in and have fun. Couple Challenge Facebook is one such fun activity. The streak of challenges and trends keeps the world of social media alive.

In fact, it has become the signature of such apps. One after another the never ending train of challenges and trends is keeping the people busy. Especially at a time when people are housebound and could not move out freely. Social media has become the favorite go-to option for all of them.

Couple Challenge Facebook

Image of Couple Challenge Facebook

When every social media site and platform is attracting hoards of users for various contests how can Facebook stay behind? That is why we have seen Facebook Couple Challenge among many others.

With its over billions of active users, the platform was the most famous for young, old, professional or otherwise, and all until the user based modified with the addition of new and specific social media applications.

Nevertheless, Facebook is still one of the largest and dominant social media sites and its stature cannot be ignored. This is why the #couplechallenge is attracting famous celebrities in addition to the common folk to express and come up with their version of the challenge.

What is Couple Challenge Facebook?

If you have seen videos where the pairs of people are pointing fingers at each other with eyes closed and have no idea what it is all about. You are not alone. Here we will answer your question “What is couple challenge?”

The #couplechallenge is known as the Q&A couple challenge. This is why you come across plenty of Q&A audio clips on these platforms. You can try these with your partner and have some fun amid the state of isolation and boredom.

In this challenge first, you and your partner will be asked to close your eyes. Then it will be the time to answer a few questions. These questions range from personal to the relationship related and could be about anything regarding the couple.

As you hear the question such as “Who lies more?” then you will have to point the finger. Either you can point the finger towards self or if you think it is your partner then point the finger at him or her.

This all should be carried out while keeping eyes closed and as the video is running. Later you will watch the video and tally the point to determine the winner. In this way, you can not only have fun.

Share your video with your friends and family and find what they have to say about this blind quiz. Receive hearts and love and most importantly find out who knows the other better. This challenge has multiple benefits without a doubt.

From where it all begin?

The Couple Challenge Facebook actually started on TikTok and from there it jumped to all the major social media sites including Instagram and more.

On Facebook, it came to the fore and people started doing it like it is the best thing to do when the famous singer cum actor Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod did it. The credit goes to them for popularizing this contest. They answered questions like who initiated their first kiss, who is grumpier in the morning, and more.

This is not the first time the couple did such a thing. They are known for taking up challenges and give it a try quite often. Jennifer of course is one of the most popular content creating stars on TikTok.


This is all about the Couple Challenge Facebook. Now you know how to participate in the challenge and come up with your own version. This is a new way to know about the understating you have with each other. Moreover, you can share it with your friends and family to let them know about this contest.

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