His True Colors Novel: Now You Can Read It Online For Free

In traditional wealthy families, the contours of relationships take ugly turns all the time. The jealousies make people go away from the once closed relations. Blood relationships are sacrificed at the altar of selfish deeds. And some people suffer at the expense of the mastermind plans of the others.

His True Colors novel is about such a family, where favoritism rules the day, and to succeed over others, it becomes necessary to play against the rules.

Though set in China, this novel is relatable to all the people living in different geographical locations. The reading for this novel to be a good one is the quality that it bears lessons for all.

Here I will discuss this novel with the help of a synopsis. Alongside it, I will also provide you a lot more that is the part and parcel of this novel.

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His True Colors Chinese Novel:

The novel, His True Colors, revolves around the life of Han Jingru, who is the son of a wealthy father. Han Jingru is a competent person having all the abilities to become the heir of the family. But there are some obstacles that lay on his path towards claiming the mantle of responsibility – that is, becoming the heir to the family business.

His elder brother, ill-suited to become a leader, is favored by their grandmother. Who for some reason or another doubts the capabilities of Han Jingru. Therefore, they make a ploy against him, as a result of which Han Jingru is left to fend for himself in the streets of the town.

Having no clue, what it him, Han Jingru starts to live his life on the streets, barely fulfilling his daily needs of food and a place to sleep. Though, clever and charismatic, finding a job was difficult for him, mainly because of his disheveled appearance as a result of living under the open sky and having barely anything to eat.

But his life takes a new turn when another wealthy man sees in him all the qualities of being a promising young man. So, he fixes his mind to make Han Jingru his son-in-law.

His daughter, young, beautiful, and educated, is ridiculed by the family members who abhor her existence for having to marry someone as poor as Han Jingru. But she had full confidence in the choice of his guardian-angel agrees to marry Han.

She thought, there must have been something good in this person as his father – a good judge of character – has chosen him for her.

Though the newly wedded couple lives together, there is no intimacy between these two. Soon, Han shines as a prudent businessman and sees the business of the family go up and up.

Sending of ‘His True Color’:

As his success grows, the extended family becomes warier of him and his wife. However, his success is unabated and he becomes a famous personality making his photo to be on the business pages of all the dailies in the town.

Is his real family unaware of his success? Will they get to see ‘his true color’? Will they repent?
These questions are the Crux of the ending of His True Colors Chinese novel.

A Brief Review:

You may have a busy week going on and finding to have something relaxing to read this weekend so you can charge yourself for another week? Well, if yes, then his true colors novel Chinese is for your likes!

It has twists and turns, some bitter yet engaging scenes, and some beautifully emotional ones as well. All in all, it will beckon all your emotions at the fore and leave you motivated at the end of the novel.

It is a motivational novel, really. The message that it imparts has to do with the fact that no matter how hard life may get, there is always light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

His true Colors Han Jingru is a character you immediately empathize with and root for his success throughout the breadth of the book.

Image of His True Colors Chinese Online

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‘His True Colors’ Novel Read Online?

Yes, you can read this novel online or you can also download it in PDF format.

His True Han Jingru novel is a classic in the true sense of the words. A real page-turner this book will leave you relieved once you have finished. I highly recommend you to have a glance at this one.

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