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Chapter 691

Alan Su stared at the phone nervously, not knowing when Keller Shen came in, he raised his head unintentionally and was startled, his body leaned back, the stool tilted, and he sat on the ground.

After a second, Alan Su’s eyes widened, “Keller Shen what are you doing?”

Keller Shen stood there, looking at him condescendingly, “What have you done wrong?

How else can you be scared like this? “

“You just did something wrong!”

Alan Su glared at him, got up from the ground, patted his butt and raised the stool. He didn’t sit down anymore. The stool is not comfortable to sit on. To be precise, it is not suitable for tall people to sit. Otherwise, the legs need to be bent and the posture is very difficult. Uncomfortable.

Marsha Sang poured him a glass of water, “Suppressed?”

Alan Su reached out and took it. Instead of drinking it immediately, he asked, “If Keller Shen teases you, would you be angry?

Even ignore it? “

Marsha Sang blinked, “Is he the kind of person who can be funny?”

Alan Su, “…” Yes, a wooden bump like Keller Shen, do you know what sex is?

“You teased your girlfriend, she ignored you?”

Seeing Alan Su’s distressed look, Marsha Sang guessed.

Alan Su smiled and explained, “We are in a very good relationship. She must have no time to reply to me.”

He didn’t want to expose his position in this love to outsiders.

“I think you look nervous.”

Marsha Sang told the truth, if he hadn’t been fascinated by his mobile phone just now, he would not have been scared by Keller Shen.


Alan Su adjusted his facial expression, “Am I nervous?”

Looking at Alan Su’s pretending and calm look, it was both cute and funny.

Marsha Sang held back his smile, shook his head and said, “You are not nervous, you are just a little anxious.”

Anxious because the girlfriend did not reply to the message.

Alan Su smiled. Maybe he couldn’t hide his emotions at all. He pointed to Keller Shen and Marsha Sang, “Today, you two must treat me well. I’ll go out and make a call.”

After speaking, Alan Su walked out of the house, dialed Lena Qin’s phone, and finally reunited with the mirror. The slightest abnormality of Lena Qin would make him nervous, afraid of changes.

In fact, Lena Qin did not deliberately refuse to return to him all the time. There was a customer in the store, she went to receive her, and the mobile phone was left in the office. After confirming the style with the customer, she sent the customer back to the office. At this time, it was the third call. , She picked it up and picked it up.

“Lena Qin!?”

Lena Qin frowned, “It’s me.”

“Why did you go?

Why don’t you reply?

I didn’t answer the phone, you scared me to death. “

He said a bit wronged.

“I receive guests, why keep calling me.”

“I’m nervous if you don’t answer the phone.”

A smile appeared on Alan Su’s face.

In the room, Marsha Sang could only see Alan Su’s expression, but could not hear what he said, but it seemed that his girlfriend answered his call.

“Alan Su likes his girlfriend very much, right?”

Although it was only a small matter, she could see how much Alan Su cared.

Keller Shen nodded, “Well, it’s not easy for them to get together again.”

Marsha Sang was very interested, “You tell me about it.”

“There are too many things to say, one or two sentences are not clear, in short, their relationship is very ups and downs, they have experienced too many, and you will find it incredible to say it.”

Keller Shen understood Alan Su’s mood.

Marsha Sang looked up at Keller Shen, “Do you have many stories?”

Keller Shen nodded, “Forget it, a lot.”

Marsha Sang lowered her eyes, “Go and chat with your friends. I’ll prepare lunch.”

She felt a little lost in her heart, feeling that there was too little involvement in Keller Shen.

Alan Su was still talking on the phone at the moment. He probably disliked the hot weather outside and ran to a car not far away. The windows were closed and the air conditioner was on.

Keller Shen did not go to disturb him and Lena Qin, but followed Marsha Sang, “I will help you.”

Marsha Sang said, “No.”

No matter how stupid Keller Shen is, he can see that Marsha Sang is not very happy, “What’s wrong with you?

Did I say something wrong again? “


Marsha Sang looked up at him, “I think I know too little about you.”

In fact, she didn’t want to explore Keller Shen’s past and personal privacy, but she knew too little about the people and things around him.

She likes this man, and naturally wants to walk into his world, his circle of friends.

I don’t want them to be like an outsider when they are together.

Keller Shen said seriously and directly, “I will tell you what you want to know in the future.”

Marsha Sang smiled, “I spend the rest of my life listening to you and me telling stories, as long as you don’t abandon me halfway, I will hear the last.”

“Tsk, tusk.”

Alan Su didn’t know when he hung up the phone and returned. As soon as he entered the house, he heard Marsha Sang’s words and couldn’t help but joked, “You deserve to be a famous university student, and the love words spoken are so literary.”

Marsha Sang was not embarrassed, and smiled and asked back, “Your girlfriend is not angry with you?”

“We are in a good relationship, so she won’t be angry with me.”

At this moment Alan Su pulled up again and sang a high-profile, “I’m still almost angry with her.”

Marsha Sang didn’t know Alan Su, but Keller Shen knew that Lena Qin promised to come back with him. How many despairs did he experience during this time?

“Can I tell Lena Qin what you said?”

Keller Shen spoke lightly, but Alan Su heard the warning.

Alan Su immediately stood up straight, “Why are you so annoying?

How did you learn to complain?

Did you fail to learn from your little girlfriend? “

Keller Shen, at the beginning, it was limited by age, so I didn’t see my heart clearly. Alan Su always referred to him as his little girlfriend. He felt very awkward, like he did something bad that he shouldn’t do.

He looked at Alan Su seriously, “Who are we?”


After saying that, Alan Su knew what he meant by saying, “Aren’t you married yet?”

Married… I can’t say it. “

So small.

“Then Ana Lin what you called the exit?”

When Ana Lin had contact with Phillip Zong, he was younger than Marsha.

Alan Su defended, “That’s different.”

Keller Shen asked, “Where is it different?”

Alan Su scratched his head, “Well, then, aren’t Ana Lin and Phillip a serious couple? Of course they have to be called, besides, the relationship between Xiaoya and Ana Lin is.”

Keller Shen didn’t care about his arrangements, “Anyway, you are the youngest. I don’t care about you now. When we get married in the future, you have to call Marsha Sang by that way, and you have to put it right.”

Alan Su, “…” He blinked, looked at Marsha Sang, and paused for a long time, “Wait until you get married.”

After saying that, I went out, “I will enjoy the beautiful surroundings.”

Marsha Sang heard some information from their conversation. She had also met Phillip Zong, and she was deeply impressed. After all, she was a big boss, and her aura was naturally unforgettable.

“The wife of your other friend is not too old?”

Marsha Sang asked.

Keller Shen nodded honestly, “Well, when I go back, I will introduce you to you.”

Marsha Sang nodded and asked, “Is Alan Su’s girlfriend old?”

She breathed a sigh of relief inexplicably. Before, she was afraid that she would not be able to get into their circle. Now that she knows that she is not the special one in the circle, she is more relieved. After all, his friend’s wife is not big.

When asked by Marsha Sang, Keller Shen found out that the three girlfriends they were looking for seemed to be relatively young.

Chapter 692

“Why are not you talking?”

Marsha Sang looked at Keller Shen who was in a trance and asked.

Keller Shen said hurriedly, “It’s nothing, just thought of something.”

Marsha Sang didn’t continue to ask, and smiled faintly.

I went out today, so I bought a lot of dishes. Today, a friend of Keller Shen came over, and Marsha Sang was going to stir up more dishes to entertain Alan Su.

Keller Shen lives alone and doesn’t cook. At most, he knows instant noodles, and he can help her wash the dishes right now. The rest must be given to Marsha Sang.

The hot Tian Alan Su didn’t go far, so he strolled around and finally stopped at the school. The children here were simple and honest, thinking that he and Lena Qin would not be able to have children in the future, and he was very disappointed.

This will be a regret for him and Lena Qin for a lifetime.

It is said that children are the crystallization of the love of their parents, and the absence of children indicates that the love between him and Lena Qin only bloomed, but no results?

In front of Lena Qin, he did not dare to show that he liked children at all. He was afraid, for fear that Lena Qin would feel even more uncomfortable.

Infertility, Lena Qin is the saddest.

His eyes were sullen, and he took out his phone and sent a text message to Lena Qin, “Xiaoya, I miss you so much.”

This is what he sent from his heart at this moment.

City C.

Gibson Shao took Lena Qin to a very stylish restaurant for dinner. He smiled and said, “Here, you and Alan Su have to come, but he doesn’t know C City, and I don’t know any good food. The lamb chops at this restaurant are delicious. I’m sure you have eaten it this time and want to eat it next time.”

Lena Qin smiled, “Second Uncle, you should be this girlfriend, or else, how pitiful it is to be alone all your life.”

“I don’t want to be too comfortable by myself. Women can change whatever they want, find a fixed girlfriend, and take care of me in everything. How uncomfortable, I’m not crazy.”

Gibson Shao is also used to it. A normal man will definitely have needs. Besides, what kind of woman is rich?

He can’t make trouble for himself, nor can he let down the trust and trust of the dead.

“Here, let’s sit here.”

Gibson Shao pulled out a chair for Lena Qin, Lena Qin smiled and said thank you.

“Be polite with me.”

Gibson Shao sat down opposite.

At this time, a waiter came over, and Gibson Shao knew the dishes here and ordered a few delicious dishes.

“drink wine?”

Gibson Shao asked, “I have hidden a bottle of good red wine here, would you like to try it?”

“Okay, someone invites dinner and good wine, of course I am disrespectful.”

Lena Qin said with a smile.

Gibson Shao gave Lena Qin a thumbs up, “I like your refreshment, but you just reconcile with Alan Su, so you don’t share it well.”

Lena Qin lowered her eyes, “When you are reconciled, you must always test him.”

She knew that Alan Su had no parents, only a grandmother, and was very eager to have a grandson. She couldn’t give birth to let Alan Su wean off children and grandchildren. She couldn’t imagine how the old lady would react when she knew her situation.


Or ask for a surrogate mother?

Now she didn’t dare to think about those deeply, after thinking about it, she would only retreat.

“That’s right. After all, we have to live together for a lifetime and should be tested.”

Gibson Shao agreed.

“I think Alan Su is a good person, and he fits you well.”

Gibson Shao said that at this time the waiter brought the food and the wine Gibson Shao put on the table. He opened the bottle and poured a glass for Lena Qin.

Lena Qin picked up the goblet and was about to taste the taste of this bottle of wine. The phone in her bag vibrated. She took out the phone, and Alan Su’s name was displayed on it. She clicked on the message, and it was the one Alan Su said. Think about her information.

Her eyes darkened, and she quickly replied a few words, then come and see me.

Alan Su was just called back by Keller Shen, and sat down on the chair. Marsha Sang fried some delicious dishes. Hearing the message ringtone, he immediately took out his phone. Seeing Lena Qin’s reply, the corners of his happy lips almost touched his ears. Up.

“What’s so happy?”

Marsha Sang brought him a bowl.

Keller Shen answered, “Usually he shows this expression, it should be that Lena Qin summoned him, just like the concubine summoned by the ancient emperor, and the excitement of the concubine gate overjoyed.”

Alan Su, “…” “How do I feel you are scolding me?”

Alan Su frowned, but he was still in a good mood. Lena Qin let him go. Does that mean he missed him?

“Eat, eat.”

Alan Su picked up the bowl, chopsticks, and grilled rice in his mouth. Now he is really hungry. Braised rice with white oil, braised eggplant, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and stewed pork ribs and white radish are all home-cooked dishes, but the taste is okay. Alan Su put a braised eggplant with chopsticks and said, “Your girlfriend has found the right one and can cook. You will have a good taste in the future.”

Keller Shen glanced at him, “Eat your meal, you can’t stop your mouth.”

“Praise you for your insight, why don’t you know what is good or bad.”

Alan Su swallowed the food in his mouth, “Keller, I will leave in the afternoon.

What do you need to tell me as soon as possible. “

Keller Shen was direct, “I only need money, nothing else.”

Alan Su blinked his eyes and looked at him, “You are penniless and rely on other people’s Marsha to raise it?”

Keller Shen didn’t bother to care about him. He didn’t even have his cell phone, let alone his wallet. It was good to be alive.

“I don’t have much cash, give you the card.”

Alan Su went to see Lena Qin anxiously. He swallowed a bowl of rice in a few clicks. He contained a bowl of soup, which was a little hot. He put it on the table to cool down, took out his wallet, took out a card from it, and handed it over. .

Keller Shen took over and said, “Go back and pay you back.”

“Don’t talk to my useless ones.”

Alan Su wiped his mouth, “I will not go back to city B. I will go to city C. I will go back to city B from city C. I won’t come here anymore. If you have time to withdraw money and buy a mobile phone, we can contact you. “

Keller Shen said he knew.

After lunch, Alan Su left.

City B.

Song family.

Keller Shen has been missing for nearly a week, except for Mrs. Song. Song Ju is now beginning to believe that Keller Shen may be dead.

After all, the situation was so dangerous at the time, and the search work lasted for six days.

“Yaxin, don’t think about it.

give up. “

Mrs. Song persuaded her daughter, and she sighed, “You and him have no fate. The first time you didn’t want it, you didn’t get it, and the second time everyone was gone.

This is no fate. If there is fate, it will be the first time, so I will find another suitable target. “

Song Yaxin was very irritable, “Mom, can you please stop talking.”

“I’m all for your good…” “I don’t need you to be good for me.”

After speaking, she stood up, carried her bag, and went out.

“Ya Xin…” “Okay, let her go, you will nag as soon as you come back, let alone her, I am also very annoying.”

Song Ju is not very good.

Mrs. Song felt that she was right, “Didn’t I do it for her?”

“Okay, okay, stop talking.”

Song Ju pinched the bridge of his nose tiredly, and didn’t want to listen to any nonsense.

“Where do you think your daughter will go?”

Mrs. Song was a little worried.

“She is an adult, don’t worry too much.”

Song Ju said earnestly, “She is not happy if you have too much control.

Just leave it alone, just let her go. “

Mrs. Song felt that the children’s affairs should be decided by adults. Even though she was already an adult, she was scolded by Song Bureau when she just wanted to speak, “You say one more thing, and get out.”

He was also anxious.

Mrs. Song covered her lips and started crying.

Song Ju got up irritably and went into the house, not seeing or worrying.

Song Yaxin, who was out, went to the villa.

Chapter 693

At the door of the villa, Song Yaxin parked her car on the side of the road. Instead of getting off the car immediately, she lowered the window to look at the villa. She found that Alan Su was not in City B, and Phillip Zong was no longer in a hurry.

Did you give up, or is there something hidden?

She gently rubbed her hands holding the steering wheel, thinking about the possibility of this in her heart.

In the end, she still couldn’t think of the key point of this incident, so she decided to find Ana Lin and Phillip Zong to find out. She extinguished the fire, put the car key in her bag, pushed the car door and got out of the car, and moved towards Go to the villa.

When she reached the door, she raised her hand and pressed the doorbell.

Soon someone came to open the door, and Wanda stood at the door and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for your Zong Zong and his wife, are they there?”

Song Yaxin asked.

“Please wait a moment, I will inform you.”

Wanda didn’t let anyone in. She had never seen this woman. Phillip Zong explained that people who didn’t know should not be allowed in.

After Zong Yanxi experienced the last time, she is still in a bad state of mind. People from the family are afraid of affecting her mood.

“Okay, please hurry up, it’s very hot outside.”

Song Yaxin said.

Wanda nodded and asked when the door closed, “How do I call you?”

Song Yaxin replied, “My last name is Song, Song Yaxin.”


Wanda closed the door and walked upstairs.

There is no one in the family now, only Ana Lin took Zong Yanxi, Zong Qifeng and Roberson Cheng took Zong Yanchen to the old house, and Phillip Zong was not at home either. What Aunt Wang said was that they all worked as a nanny in their house. , Need to be responsible, he went to negotiate with Aunt Wang’s family to resolve the matter, and only Ana Lin and Zong Yanxi were the only ones at home.

In the room, Zong Yanxi lay in Ana Lin’s arms and did not speak, pulling her by the collar, for fear that she would not be there.

I will tugged even when I fell asleep.

Waking up several times a night.

The heart is extremely disturbed.

Wanda was afraid that Zong Yanxi opened the door gently and walked in, and asked in a low voice, “Is Ruth asleep?”

Ana Lin said no.

Wanda whispered, “There is a lady named Song downstairs, who is coming to see you, do you know me? Don’t let me in.”

Ana Lin’s spirits are not very good these days. At first, she was worried about Keller Shen’s life and death. Now she is worried about Zong Yanxi for fear of hurting her heart and leaving a shadow. In addition, the older the month, the more the body will be. It’s easy to feel tired.

When I heard the surname Song, Ana Lin hadn’t realized who it was. After all, she had only one side. She was half lying on the bed. Zong Yanxi was resting her arm. It was a little numb at the moment, and she moved her body. , “Do you have anything to say?”

Wanda shook her head, “Just say to come to you.”

“Just say it’s not convenient for me to meet guests now.”

Ana Lin said.

Wanda said, “I will go down and send people away.”

Ana Lin nodded, and Wanda walked out of the room. When the door closed, Ana Lin asked, “Did she say what her name is?”

“She said her name is Song Yaxin.”

Wanda answered.

Song Yaxin?

Isn’t that Keller Shen’s girlfriend? She rubbed her forehead. It turned out to be her, but what did she do?

After all, it is not so good for Keller Shen’s girlfriend to shut people out.

“Wanda, let people come in.”

Ana Lin sat up from the bed, Wanda saw that she was struggling to pick up Zong Yanxi, so she walked over and wanted to hold Zong Yanxi for her. Who knew she just touched him, Zong Yanxi hugged him. Ana Lin’s neck was wrapped tightly with his arms, for fear that she would let go of herself.

Ana Lin patted her on the back, and softly comforted, “Hey, Mommy won’t leave. If you let go, Mommy will almost be unable to breathe.”

Zong Yanxi loosened a little, but she was very sticky, for fear that her mother would hug herself.

Ana Lin shunned her daughter’s hair, knowing that it was caused by her being frightened, and her soul needs to be carefully cared for, “Wanda, you go down first, I’ll go down later.”

Wanda nodded.

Ana Lin patted her daughter, “Everything is over, there will be no more things.”

Zong Yanxi didn’t say a word, just put her arms around her neck, Ana Lin k*ssed her on the forehead, “The guest is downstairs, will Mommy hug you downstairs?”

Zong Yanxi didn’t speak, anyway, she just couldn’t get down in her arms.

Ana Lin touched her head and stood up holding her. Zong Yanxi is really heavier now. She is holding her daughter’s waist, holding her bulging belly, and holding her ass with the other hand. , Watching the road next to her daughter’s shoulder, when she reached the top of the stairs, she was afraid that her center of gravity would be unstable, so instead of holding her daughter with one hand, she walked down with the other hand on the railing.

Song Yaxin, who had been invited in by Yu’s mother, saw that Ana Lin was struggling to hold Zong Yanxi, and she walked over to help, “Ruth, your mom is pregnant. It is inconvenient to hold you. Let auntie hug you.”

Speaking of her getting started to hug Zong Yanxi, Ana Lin said, “No, she doesn’t like being hugged by others…” Before she could finish her words, Zong Yanxi cried.

Song Yaxin hurriedly retracted her hand.

Yu’s mother, who was pouring water for Song Yaxin, walked over when she heard the voice and asked, “What’s wrong.”

Song Yaxin was a little embarrassed, she originally wanted to help.

“I didn’t know she would cry.”

She explained.

Wanda glanced at her, stretched out her hand to support Ana Lin, “You slow down.”

Ana Lin patted her daughter to tell Song Yaxin not to care, “She was scared and didn’t want others to move.”

“That’s it.”

Song Yaxin followed along and sat on the sofa.

Ana Lin asked her daughter to sit on her lap and looked at Song Yaxin, “How come you have time to come over, is there something?”

“I haven’t seen Alan Su in these two days. I don’t know what he is doing?”

Song Yaxin asked.

Alan Su said when he went to see Keller Shen, he didn’t tell the Song family what Keller Shen had found, and asked her and Phillip not to say it.

Alan Su said that Song Yaxin and Keller Shen were inappropriate.

She didn’t know whether it was good to conceal others. She felt that some of Alan Su’s words were reasonable. If Song Yaxin really loves Keller Shen, she should be able to wait for him for a month or two.

Now she thought, Alan Su definitely wanted to test Song Yaxin’s sincerity towards Keller Shen.

Although she felt that it was inappropriate to deceive others, she had already agreed, and she could not go back.

“Didn’t he go to Keller?”

When speaking, Ana Lin lowered his eyes.

By taking pictures of her daughter, Song Yaxin’s exploratory gaze was averted.

Alan Su went to Keller Shen?

Song Yaxin wondered if she guessed wrong, they were still trying to find Keller Shen?

Just expand the scope?

So she didn’t see Alan Su?

But Ana Lin’s performance just now seemed to avoid her.

If you really go to Keller Shen, what can you avoid?

She bowed her head, “I know you must all think that I and Keller are inappropriate because I was married, but I really like him. I missed it once because I don’t know people well, and he can accept it later. I, I am very surprised and very happy. Now his whereabouts are unknown, I am sad and can’t sleep every night. He called you sister-in-law. I think you should be familiar with him and know what kind of person he is. “

Ana Lin said, “I know, he is indeed a person worthy of trust.”

“Now I’m very confused, I don’t know what to do, can you help me with an idea?”

Song Yaxin came over and grabbed Ana Lin’s hand, “My mother persuaded me to give up, but I don’t want to give up. I want to see people in life and corpses in death.”

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