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Table of Contents

Chapter 685

Keller Shen’s eyes were as deep as a well. He stared at the girl in front of him for an instant. Her cheeks were white and her eyes were clear, revealing her maturity due to age inconsistency, and his eyes were a little bit distressingly strong. How can you be willing to force her?

Slowly the force in his hand loosened a little, Marsha Sang’s thin arms clung to his neck, handed his lips up, and k*ssed his lips deeply.

Keller Shen lowered his eyes in astonishment, it seemed that the k*ss was too unexpected, too sudden and forgot to respond, or didn’t know how to respond.

Marsha Sang was not discouraged by his non-response, but k*ssed deeper. She liked him like this, a little stupid, a little stupid, and a little simple.

Perhaps Marsha Sang’s kss was too deep and too passionate. A dull, slow-heating man like Keller Shen also throbbed. He encircled Marsha Sang’s petite body and responded with unskilled kss skills.

After a long time, Marsha Sang took the initiative to let him go first, her lips were like dewy red cherries, and the water was bright red. She blinked her eyes and said dumbly, “How can I regret it, I like you so much.” , You are stupid, you take everything I say, I lie to you, I do not regret it, I will never regret it.”

Keller Shen looked at her sincere and enthusiastic face, the tip of her heart seemed to be swept by a feather, numb and trembling, and her heart was like an individual, no longer under his control, without rhythm, and jumping irregularly.

He wanted to express his feelings, but he didn’t know how to say anything, just staring at her so quietly.

Flicking his eyelashes up and down, he whispered, “Marsha, I won’t live up to your trust. Thank you for believing in me.”

Marsha Sang originally thought that he would have a look of confession, even if he didn’t, he should show his love, but…he solemnly thanked her for her trust?

! ! She sniffed, “I’m ready to cry, but you make me want to laugh.”

Keller Shen still has a serious face, “Am I bad?”

He thought to himself, which sentence is wrong?

Marsha Sang shook his head and said, “What you didn’t say is bad, what you said is good, very good, I am moved.”

Keller Shen twisted his eyebrows, “You obviously want to laugh, not like being moved, do you think I am stupid?”

“No, I didn’t consider you stupid, I just don’t think you are very smart.”

After speaking, Marsha Sang ran into the back room and went to bed, wrapping herself in a quilt.

Keller Shen looked at the small tuft on the bed, and the corners of his lips rose slowly, revealing a slight smile. He walked in unhurriedly, sat on the edge of the bed, reached out to lift her quilt, Marsha Sang showed his head and blinked Look at him.

Keller Shen stroked her cheeks. They just opened up, and they looked a little immature, like a flower about to bloom, charming and charming.

His heart trembled, and he lowered his body and dropped a k*ss on her forehead. He did not leave immediately, but closed his eyes, smelling the scent of her body, and the faint fragrance of shampoo, he was a little reluctant to leave.

He said, “Marsha Sang.”


Marsha Sang answered softly.

Keller Shen straightened up and said, “Go to sleep.”

Marsha Sang moved her body inward and gave him a place, “We sleep alone.”

Keller Shen lay down and faced her face to face.

The moonlight outside the window leaned in, and there was a soft halo in the room. Marsha Sang asked him, “Are you hot?”

Keller Shen nodded, “Hot.”

It is not the heat in the air, but the heat in the blood, the heat from men to women.

Marsha Sang got up, turned on a small fan placed on the table, facing Keller Shen, then lay back on the bed and asked, “Is it still hot?”

Keller Shen shook his head, “It’s not hot anymore.”

Marsha Sang pillowed his hand to face him, “Stay with me a few more days before going back.”

Keller Shen said without hesitation, “Okay.”

“If you agree so quickly, don’t you think about it?”

Marsha Sang blinked gently.

Keller Shen said, “Don’t think about it.”

Marsha Sang smiled, took his arm and put it under his head, resting his arm, “Hold me to sleep.”

Keller Shen was still stiff and didn’t get closer. He was a little slow in feelings, but he was a serious man, so close to him, it was inevitable that he could not control his physiological reaction.

Marsha Sang knew what he was worrying about. He was so charming. She curled her lips and said, “Are you afraid that I will entangle you?”

Keller Shen did not respond, and kept silently muttering,’She is still young, she is still young’, so he reacted slowly, “What?”

“Nothing to sleep.”

Marsha Sang was not sticking to his arms. Although he was pillowing his arm, there was still a gap in between. She did not reject Keller Shen touching her before marriage, but there was still a little anxiety in her heart. She was actually not prepared. it is good.

The night was very peaceful. Both closed their eyes, but only fell asleep in the middle of the night.

Marsha Sang got up first in the morning, and Keller Shen promised her that she would have a few more days. She was going to have breakfast and went to the principal to say that she would not go to class today and accompany Keller Shen out to buy him some change of clothes.

I forgot to eat the iced watermelon yesterday, so she took it out and put it on the table.

I took out rice to cook porridge.

The eggs that Wang Haonan gave her last time are also, and most of the food at home were brought by students.

They are all self-grown, and the eggs laid by the chickens raised by the home are natural and pollution-free.

She thought that Keller Shen was injured and fried two eggs for him.

Go out and buy him some nutrition later.

Having lived alone for a long time, she is good at housework, and the taste of cooking is not bad.

She went out to pour water, and someone came to meet her.

She was stunned.

Chapter 686

Holding a live chicken in his hand, the principal said with a smile, “Isn’t your friend hurt?

I thought about it, we don’t have anything good here, so I grabbed a chicken to help your injured friend. “

Marsha Sang has long been accustomed to the enthusiasm of the people in the village, but she was still surprised when she sent a live chicken early in the morning, “You saved this to your son, right?”

The principal has a son who has settled in another city and married a local daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law is pregnant and is about to give birth. The chicken he raised is going to be sent to the son to feed the daughter-in-law for confinement.

“There are many more, not bad this one, here you are, kill the whole stew.”

The principal handed it over.

Marsha Sang didn’t dare to kill at all, she couldn’t get rid of such a lively creature.

“I have taken your mind. I can’t ask for a chicken. My friend has a thick skin and thick flesh. You don’t need to make up. You can take it back.”

Marsha Sang thought to herself that if Keller Shen wanted to eat, she would buy and kill it. It would be cruel to kill herself.

She won’t be able to eat it later.

If you don’t watch a living being disappear before your eyes, you will feel better in your heart.

“I took them all, how can there be any reason to take them back?”

The principal tied a brick to the rope that tied the chicken and placed it by the door.

The principal had said it for this reason, and Marsha Sang didn’t want to shirk it again and again, otherwise he would appear to be unkind.

“Thank you, then.”

Marsha Sang said sincerely.

“What’s so good about that, haven’t you also helped us a lot.”

The principal patted the ash on his hands, and just about to leave, he said as if thinking of something, “Don’t rush to go to class, and stay with your friend.”

Marsha Sang smiled and said, “I was just about to tell you that I won’t teach the children today. After two days, I will make up the lesson.”

The principal waved his hand, “Don’t worry, isn’t it because Wang Wen and I are involved.”

After speaking, the principal walked away with his hands behind his back.

Marsha Sang glanced at the chicken next to the door, wrinkled her brows, and didn’t know what to do with it. She walked into the back room and sat on the bedside to see if Keller Shen was awake, and found that his brows were wrinkled into a Sichuan shape. , Looking at himself complicatedly.

Confused, Marsha Sang reached out and touched his face, and asked, “Is there anything on my face?

what happened to you? “

Frowning early in the morning, who owes him money?

Keller Shen sat up, looked at her seriously, and asked, “Do you think I am old?”

Marsha Sang felt that he was ill and he was still very sick. Hasn’t she already expressed her attitude?

Why ask?

“Shall I write you a certificate?”

Keller Shen woke up a long time ago, but didn’t come out. Marsha Sang said that he had thick skin and thick flesh. He wondered in his heart whether he was disgusting his age.

He stretched out his hand to touch his face, although it was not as thin as hers, but it was not rough.

“Your life is so good, someone will come to bring you chickens early in the morning.”

Marsha Sang pulled the quilt, “Get up.”

Keller Shen grabbed the quilt and refused to let her pull it. “Wait a minute.”

Marsha Sang…?



What do you mean?

She hurriedly reached out to touch his forehead, “No fever, headache?”

Keller Shen put aside her gaze and rubbed his face vigorously. Before, he seemed so busy that he didn’t have time to think about something between men and women. Now when he is free, he finds that his energy is so vigorous.

He can control his own reason, but he cannot control the physical characteristics of the body.

He pulled the quilt because he didn’t want Marsha Sang to see the tent he had propped up in the vigorous part of the morning.

Marsha Sang didn’t know that men would have uncontrolled physiological reactions in the morning.

Blinking his eyes, he asked, “Are you really not feeling well?”

Keller Shen shook his head, he felt very shameless, and he was afraid of scaring Marsha Sang.

After all, she is not old and has never had a boyfriend.

After a while, he got out of bed.

Marsha Sang looked at him strangely, and asked uncertainly, “Are you really all right?

Do you want to go to the hospital? “

She is worried about Keller Shen’s injury.

After all, when I saw him, there was a lot of blood on his head.

Although the doctor said there was nothing serious, she was still afraid of any sequelae.

Chapter 687

Marsha Sang made sure again and again, “Are you really all right?”

Faced with Marsha Sang’s concern, Keller Shen wanted to find a seam to drill in.

Keller Shen drank a glass of cold water on the table, “It’s okay.”

Marsha Sang was a little relieved now. She remembered that she had a new toothbrush at home, found it and handed it to Keller Shen, “You can use my cup.”

After speaking, she went out and asked Keller Shen to wash her up. She fryed the eggs and the porridge was also cooked.

Marsha Sang asked during the meal, “Do you want to eat chicken?”

Keller Shen,…?



Marsha Sang Nunu asked him to look at the door.

The alive chicken said, “The principal sent you something to eat. How are they treating you?”

Someone delivered watermelons last night, and some people delivered chickens early in the morning.

Keller Shen knew that they would bring things, all for Marsha Sang’s face, his eyes grew hotter when he looked at Marsha Sang.

This girl is very kind, and her sincerity can naturally be exchanged for her sincerity. Besides, the people here are simple and not intrigue.

After eating, Marsha Sang and Keller Shen went to the county town to buy some daily necessities, as well as Keller Shen’s change of clothes.

Because Keller Shen was wearing Wang Wen’s clothes, Marsha Sang bought Wang Wen a new one according to this size.

She also didn’t like Keller Shen’s acceptance of his love, and wanted to pay it back.

Although it’s not a big deal, it still has to be paid.

They returned from the county seat, put the things at home, and then went to school. Marsha Sang also bought school supplies for the students and sent them to the school.

Wang Wen happened to be there, and Marsha Sang gave him the clothes, “Thank you for your clothes.”

Wang Wen didn’t answer, “It’s just a set of clothes, it’s worthless, so don’t return it.”

“Return it.”

Marsha Sang handed it forward again, “Although I have never been rich, I don’t like making money from others, and so does my boyfriend.”

Marsha Sang is a very clear person. If Wang Wen doesn’t like her, she didn’t explain, she might repay this favor in other ways, but if he likes herself, she must pay back the favor.

Can’t let Keller Shen be owed to others.

Wang Wen stretched out his hand to take it, “So considerate of your boyfriend?

You bought it with money? “

Marsha Sang took Keller Shen’s arm, “He is my boyfriend, and mine is his.”

If Wang Wen didn’t know the identity of Keller Shen, he would definitely say that the man who ate soft rice was faceless and skinless.

But someone has an identity, even if he graduates from university, he may not be as good as someone else.

He had to admit it, holding his clothes, “I’m going to class.”

Marsha Sang nodded.

“Give me the bag.”

She stretched out her hand to Keller Shen, which contained the things she bought for the students, and she kept carrying it.

Keller Shen did not hand it to her, and said, “I will go in with you.”

Marsha Sang smiled and asked, “Do you like children?”

Keller Shen didn’t know. Anyway, he liked the two children of Phillip Zong’s family. He hadn’t contacted other children, so he was not sure.

Marsha Sang smiled, “I like it. If I have a child in the future, I will give him all the good things, love him, and let him enjoy all the love.”

Keller Shen lowered his eyes to know that she lacked family care and had a hard life since childhood. He reached out and touched her head, “You are still a child.”

Marsha Sang stared at him, “You are the child.”

After saying that he strode towards the classroom, Keller Shen smiled and followed.

Marsha Sang took the bag and called everyone over. Looking at the contents of the bag, everyone was curious and immediately surrounded him.

These are not big things, just some gadgets, fruit-shaped erasers, pink notebooks that girls like, car stationery boxes, etc.

Rao is like this, it also makes everyone happy.

A motherless child cried when holding Marsha Sang. She had never seen what her mother looked like. She heard that she was a girl from other places. She came to the house with her dad. She thought her family was poor and gave birth to her. gone.

Dad went out to work and left her to be raised by grandparents.

Grandparents are very old and have limited abilities. She hadn’t worn clean clothes since she was a child. When Marsha Sang first saw her, she was dark and thin, with dirty clothes that could not be seen in color, and her hair was messy.

Marsha Sang took her home, shampooed her hair, and washed her clothes as much as possible.

This time, she specially bought a skirt for the motherless little girl.

The little girl barely wore new clothes. Her clothes were given to her by others wearing small ones.

When I saw the skirt, I was aggrieved and moved.

The mother who was wronged and gave birth to her didn’t want her. She moved the woman who was not her mother and cared for her like a mother.

Marsha Sang patted her on the back, “The leaves don’t cry.”

Her surname was Ye, and her name was Ye Xuanxuan, but everyone called her Xiao Ye Zi. She was thin and small. She was only five or six years old when she was seven.

Marsha Sang wiped her tears and looked at her, always thinking of her unfortunate childhood.

Because she knows the kind of sadness, she wants to help the children who have the same unfortunate family as her, but her ability is limited.

What can be done is minimal.

What Keller Shen said is right. She can only help and give them more if she is better.

She is determined to go back and continue to college, and then help them.

“Mr. Sang, are you crying?”

The leaves rubbed the corners of the mulberry’s eyes.

She didn’t cry, but thought that when she was a child, her eyes were moist. She had a home and she didn’t have a home. All she could feel was no affection, and she could only see her father’s endless abuse and beating of her mother.

Keller Shen came over, took her shoulders, patted her back gently, and said distressedly, “Don’t cry.”

Originally, she didn’t want to cry, but when she was on the first floor by Keller Shen, she seemed to rely on her, she threw herself into his arms and cried out.

The late Wang Haonan came in lamely, his knee still hurts, and his face wrinkled. He came in and saw Marsha Sang crying in Keller Shen’s arms. He came up and asked, “You bullied our teacher Sang?”

“I tell you, don’t think we are children, but we can also vent our anger for the teacher, knowing that more ants can shake an elephant?”

Wang Haonan raised his head aggressively.

Marsha Sang wiped her tears, withdrew from Keller Shen’s arms, and said, “No one is bullying me.”

“Then why are you crying?”

Wang Haonan asked.

“Can I get sand in my eyes?”

Marsha Sang took out the car stationery box and handed it to him, “This is for you.”

Wang Haonan excitedly forgot the pain in his knee, and immediately ran over, took it in his hand and opened it to look at it, which was the two-layer car stationery box he wanted.

“Thank you Teacher Sang.”

At this moment, I forgot to “avenge” Teacher Sang.

After the excitement, he blinked and looked at Marsha Sang, “Mr. Sang, are you dating this uncle?”

Teacher Sang was crying in his uncle’s arms just now.

Crying is more than just being bullied, it can also be tears of happiness. Otherwise, why would you cry in your arms?

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