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Chapter 658

Keller Shen said, “Okay, I will send someone to stare.”

“Contact me whenever you have anything.”

Phillip Zong took a sip of water and leaned back on the sofa to rest.

Keller Shen sat aside very witty and did not disturb him again.

In the next room, Lena Qin thought for a long time before answering Ana Lin. She stood up and walked to the window and looked out the window.

“I don’t care about him, but… conceal the reason why he split his hands, and feel sorry for him.”

She didn’t tell the truth and concealed things she didn’t want to face.

“I don’t want him to be in depression because of my business.”

Her original intention was to be good for him.

Also for your own good.

It’s like a mobile phone, but it can’t make calls. Its existence is strange and unacceptable.

“Do you know why Alan Su didn’t show up?”

Ana Lin knew her inferiority complex in her heart and was unwilling to face it, but being infertile was not a dead end. What if Alan Su didn’t care?

Why not give yourself and him a chance?

Face it together?

“He was fighting with people in the bar, his face was hurt, so he didn’t show up at the wedding scene.”

Fight with people?

“Is he seriously injured?”

Lena Qin turned and looked at her.

Ana Lin looked at her, “You have nothing to do with him, and what do you care about whether he is seriously injured?”

She just wanted to tear off Lena Qin’s disguise, she was obviously concerned, and she even wanted to be stiff.

“I’ll call him, ask him yourself.”

Ana Lin stood up and walked towards the door, Lena Qin quickly grabbed her, “No, I don’t want to see him.”

“Why don’t you want to see me.”

The door of the room was suddenly pushed open, and Alan Su stood at the door. He took off the sunglasses on his face, with bruises in the corners of his eyes, and looked straight at Lena Qin, “What did you hide from me for breaking up?”

Ana Lin saw Alan Su and held Lena Qin’s shoulder, “Let’s talk to him, even if you really want to separate, you must understand that he is qualified to be himself.”

Ana Lin walked out of the room after speaking, leaving all the space for them.

Lena Qin lowered her head and wanted to go. When she reached the door, Alan Su grabbed her wrist, pulled it into the house, and closed the door.

“You have to tell me clearly, what are you hiding from me?

Otherwise I won’t let you go. “

Alan Su’s attitude is very tough.

Lena Qin hugged herself with her hands, it was an expression of insecurity.

She didn’t even dare to look at Alan Su’s eyes, “I didn’t hide anything from you.”

“is it?”

Alan Su obviously didn’t believe it.

“Does it have anything to do with Gibson Shao?”

Alan Su held her shoulders and let her look at herself.

Lena Qin shook her head quickly, “It has nothing to do with him.”

She just asked Gibson Shao to help herself, and didn’t want Alan Su to have another misunderstanding about him and cause him trouble.

“It has nothing to do with him, who does it have to do with?”

“Don’t ask, we have broken up, please leave and don’t disturb me.”

Lena Qin snarled, shaking away his hand very hard.

Alan Su clenched his fists with both hands and looked at her for a few seconds, “Well, since you don’t want to say it, I will ask my sister-in-law, I think someone will know.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

“Alan Su!”

Lena Qin stopped him, “You don’t want Fan Hun.”

Today is Ana Lin’s happy day. He went to Ana Lin for his own affairs, which would make her feel bad.

She doesn’t want to cause trouble to others.

“If you don’t figure it out today, I won’t stop.”

Alan Su knew that she didn’t want to disturb Ana Lin by herself, so her attitude was even tougher and forced her.

Suddenly Lena Qin laughed, “Do you really want to know?”

Alan Su said without hesitation, “Yes.”


Lena Qin sat on the sofa and let out a cold voice from her nose, “Sister Lin always thinks that I should tell you clearly, well, today, I will tell you clearly.”

Alan Su began to feel uneasy and nervous as she watched her appearance, with a bad feeling, he burrowed into his mind uncontrollably.

He pretended to be calm and looked at Lena Qin.

Lena Qin slowly raised her eyes, “I, in the future… there will be no more children in this lifetime. This is what I am hiding from you. Are you satisfied?”

Alan Su felt that he had hallucinations, “You, what do you mean?”

The next moment, Lena Qin broke out, she raised her head and smiled, tears streaming out, “What do I mean?

I mean, I can’t be a mother in my life, I’m not a complete woman, now you know, are you satisfied?


satisfied? “

Alan Su was like being struck by lightning, and he did not want to believe, “You lied to me, you lied to me deliberately, we obviously had children before, how could you not be a mother…” “Yes, my belly was conceived before.” a child.”

Lena Qin interrupted him suddenly, she really got up, walked up to Alan Su with erratic steps, took his hand on her abdomen, “I took out my uterus to survive, so I can’t I gave birth, there is one missing part, you know?”

Alan Su shook his head and stepped back step by step, “You lied to me, you lied to me, how could you not…” “Because I don’t remove it, I may be dead, so I choose to remove it in order to live, it’s that simple .”

She wiped her face, “I know now, do you want to be with me?”

Alan Su was shocked, his entire brain was humming, his hands were nowhere to rest, he was holding his hair indiscriminately, and he didn’t want to believe every word Lena Qin said.

Not to mention being cruel to Lena Qin, but also to him.

He suddenly raised his head and looked at Lena Qin, “This is a fake, did you make up to lie to me?”

Lena Qin walked to the sofa and sat down. She propped her chin and carried Alan Su on her back. Tears slowly fell from her eye sockets. She thought it would be difficult to face, but when she said it seriously, it turned out not so difficult to accept. She was not in hysterics, and said calmly, “I didn’t lie to you, it’s true, now you know it, let’s go.”

How could Alan Su leave? He knelt on one knee in front of Lena Qin and didn’t touch her hand. Even if she struggled, she still grasped and held it hard, and unknowingly said, “This is you, you must break up with me.” The reason?”


Lena Qin denied it immediately and said cruelly, “Because I don’t love you.”

“I do not believe!”

Alan Su held her hand on her lips and k*ssed, “I don’t care, I really don’t care, what about no children?

Isn’t it enough to have you?

You have to believe me and don’t hide it from me. “

Lena Qin sniffed, looking at him with a vague appearance, “Knowing my physical condition, don’t you want to let it go?”

Alan Su shook his head and buried her entire face in her arms, “No matter what you are, I like you. As always, I will not change.”

Lena Qin bit her lip, resisting her tears, “You don’t care, where is your grandma?”

Alan Su’s body stiffened a bit. This is a real problem.

“We can adopt and tell him that he is our own. Anyway, there is a way.”

“What about you, don’t you want a child of your own?”

Alan Suyang raised his head and looked into her eyes. In order to make her believe in her sincerity, he looked at her without hiding, saying, “I have you enough.”

“But I don’t believe it.”

Lena Qin still shy away from the fact that the two people who dared not to meet could not have children.

“How do you want me to prove it?”

Alan Su glanced around and saw that there was a fruit knife on the table. He picked it up, “I will give you my life, can I prove my intentions?”

Chapter 659

“what are you doing?

! “

Lena Qin grabbed the knife in his hand, Alan Su raised her hand and put aside her contention, “If there is a way to prove my heart for you, I can use my life to prove it to you. Once, I hurt you. …” “Don’t go crazy!”

Lena Qin interrupted him sharply, “Put the knife down!”

Alan Su looked at her and refused, “No, I want to prove it to you.”

“I don’t need you to prove it!”

Lena Qin panicked, really afraid that he would hurt herself with excitement, “You put the knife down, I believe you.”


Alan Su pretended to be disbelief. In fact, she was very excited. She was worried about herself. If she didn’t care, how could she be afraid of him hurting?


Alan Su looked at her and said seriously, “I’m sorry.”

Lena Qin turned her head, tears falling uncontrollably, Alan Su put down the knife and hugged her, leaning against her ear and whispered, “Xiaoya, forgive me, I know I was wrong.”

The more he said, Lena Qin was crying harder, and she didn’t know what was wrong with her. Perhaps she was crying for her hurt, or she was crying for her misfortune.

Her crying made Alan Su’s eyes red. Since meeting him, this woman has suffered and suffered a lot.

Now she also deprived her of the rights of the mother.

How cruel to her?

Thinking of his hug tightening, “Xiaoya, I won’t tell you again, I’m sorry.”

He wants to prove his intentions with practical actions.

Let her no longer be hurt.

“Have you really thought about it?”

Lena Qin was still a little uncertain, or she had confidence in Alan Su in her heart.

She believes that Alan Su still has feelings for herself, but not having children is a lifetime thing.

In the old words, it means to cut off children and grandchildren.

“I don’t accept surrogacy.”

This may be too early, but she wants to let Alan Su know her bottom line.

If you can’t accept it, let it go now.

“No, I won’t let any woman other than you give birth to me.”

Alan Su k*ssed her on the cheek, “Trust me.”

Lena Qin closed her eyes, “You are my calamity.”

How can I get rid of it.

She has always felt that she is strong, and only now did she know that she was not so strong.

The attitude after Alan Su knew it made her feel less uncomfortable, and even warm.

It turns out that it is easier for two people to bear it than one person. When it is said frankly, it is not so bad and it is not impossible to face it.

It’s not as difficult as imagined, but after speaking out, it’s like being released again.

Alan Su hugged her and sat on the sofa, “So, is the matter between you and Gibson Shao just to make me give up?”

Lena Qin lowered her eyes and said nothing, as if she had tacitly agreed.

Alan Su sighed, “I almost took it seriously. I didn’t hear the conversation between you and my sister-in-law today. I might miss you. No matter what happens in the future, tell me not to hide from me, try to trust me, okay? “

Lena Qin still didn’t say a word, her voice was so dry, she was afraid that the voice would be broken with one mouth.

Alan Su stroked her back, “If you don’t answer, I will take it as your default.”

“Why are you fighting with people?”

Lena Qin looked at the wound on his face, stretched out his hand to touch, fearing that he would hurt.

Alan Su took her hand and pressed it on her face, “Because you don’t want me anymore, I don’t want to live anymore, so I deliberately find someone to fight.”

Lena Qin, “…” Ana Lin in the next room leaned against the sofa, holding his cheeks, “I don’t know how they talked.”

Phillip Zong grabbed her hand and pulled the person up from the sofa, “Go and I will take you to the hotel. For their affairs, you have already done what should be done, and let them take care of the rest. Worry.”

Ana Lin stood up following his strength and asked, “Aren’t we going back to the villa?”

“No, too many people affect your rest. We will spend two days outside.”

Ana Lin glanced at him and complained, “I will be bored in the hotel alone.”

“I’ll be with you.”

Phillip Zong leaned into her ear and said.

Ana Lin quickly withdrew, “You don’t need to work anymore?

You have a heavy responsibility to support our family. “

Phillip Zong smiled, “Raise it.”

The room was set in the presidential suite on the top floor. Without Alan Su in Keller Shen, he would not shamelessly come to the bridal chamber. Phillip Zong thought that he could be with Ana Lin when he returned to the room, but when they reached the door of the room, they saw Zhou Chunchun standing at the door. Seeing her, Phillip Zong would also think of Jenkin Bai, which made his smiling face converge a lot.


Ana Lin likes this girl very much, simple and kind.

She ran over and handed her the box in her arms, “Sister, this is your wedding gift.”

Ana Lin reached out and took it. It wasn’t what was in the box. It was a little heavy. She smiled and said, “Thank you.”

“No, happy newlywed, I’m leaving first, Jenkin is still waiting for me downstairs.”

After talking about Zhou Chunchun, he ran out.

Phillip Zong glanced at the box in Ana Lin’s arms, feeling a little unhappy, Jenkin Bai, this person seemed to be a thorn in his heart.

Every time he appeared, it reminded him that this person’s mind was impure, just like a gift from Zhou Chunchun, he would think of whether Jenkin Bai instructed it?

Entering the house, Ana Lin’s table in the living room was full of gifts.

Phillip Zong untied his tie and said, “I let someone put it here.”

He gave many gifts, so he temporarily asked Ana Lin to put everything here, so that Ana Lin had time to pick it up, keep the ones he likes, and put them away if he doesn’t like them.

Ana Lin nodded and sat on the sofa and opened the box in his hand. Phillip Zong originally wanted to go to the bathroom to take a bath. When Ana Lin opened the box, he simply stood still, and wanted to see what was inside.

Based on the gift, he could tell whether the gift was given by Zhou Chunchun or Jenkin Bai.

Chapter 660

Ana Lin opened the box. Inside was a round glass fish tank. Inside the fish tank was a plastic bag containing oxygen. Two colorful fishes were kept inside. It was not the kind that is common in the market, it was very rare.

It was different from what he gave to Jenkin Bai’s house last time, but even this reminded her of what happened in Baicheng.

Phillip Zong unbuttoned his shirt and went to the bathroom. This time he had predicted that he was wrong. He thought that Zhou Chunchun would be so wonderful when he got married and gave a few fish.

As everyone knows, this is not from Zhou Chunchun, but Jenkin Bai.

He was almost the same as Alan Su throughout the wedding, sitting in the corner, and silently sending blessings.

Ana Lin turned his head and glanced at the person who entered the room, then let out a sigh of relief.

The man was careful, for fear that he was upset, he didn’t seem to notice that Jenkin Bai gave the gift, otherwise he would be jealous again.

She untied the plastic bag and put the fish in the fish tank.

When she threw the bag and the box into the trash can, a card fell out of the box. She picked it up and opened it. Inside was Jenkin Bai’s handwriting, which read; Uncommon face, does not mean that feelings have become shallower, and you are in various places , Does not mean that the heart is not missed, the feelings are sincere, can break the boundaries of time and space, give you the deepest wish, and wish you happiness forever.

Ana Lin lowered his eyes, his eyelashes trembled, and the corners of his lips gave a slight smile. This passage is not long. The front expresses his emotions, and the back also gives blessings, indicating that he has learned to let go.

She really likes him to be good with Zhou Chunchun.

She closed the card and put it on the table. Phillip Zong would not pay attention to the pile of gifts on the table. The gifts Foster Wen gave her were also on the table. She reached for it and opened the box. Inside was a photo album.

She hesitated for a moment before opening her finger. The first one was a family portrait. There were people she hadn’t seen before, and she was also her nominal grandfather and grandmother. They were sitting on chairs, and Foster Wen and Wen Xian stood behind them. They watched at that time. He is still very young.

She continued to look through the photos, followed by Wen Xian’s photos, and some of them were taken with Foster Wen. They were not taken specially in the photo studio. They were all recorded in daily life. Through these photos, you can almost see the scene at that time.

Wen’s family has only two children, Wen Xian and Foster Wen, together with the love of their parents, the children educated are also very emotional. It can be seen from the photos that Foster Wen occasionally inadvertently looks at his sister’s eyes, which are full of love.

Foster Wen has never let go of Huai Wenxian’s death. It should be because of his deep feelings for this sister that he did so many confused things.

She sighed in sorrow, closed the album, and lay halfway on the sofa. Fortunately, she was now moving in a good direction.

The sound of the water in the bathroom hasn’t stopped. She feels a bit tired. She hasn’t rested for a day. Now she lie down and don’t want to get up. She thinks about taking a rest. Who knows, she fell asleep on the sofa after this rest.

When Phillip Zong came out of the shower, he saw her asleep on the sofa. When he walked over to pick her up and take her to the bedroom, he saw the album in her hand. He picked it up and looked at the people inside. He knows all of them and has never given him a lot of love.

He enjoyed everything that should belong to her. He didn’t have much mood swings, and he was very calm on the album. When he decided to forgive them, he didn’t worry about everything that happened. Now he just wants to live simply.

His arms crossed her waist, between her legs, and picked up the person.

Go to the bedroom and gently put her on the bed. She is still wearing a dress. There is a zipper on the back. It will be uncomfortable to sleep while wearing it. Phillip Zong turned her sideways and opened the zipper on her back to help her take off her clothes. Now, although Phillip Zong’s movements were already very light, Ana Lin was still awake, she twisted uncomfortably, and when she opened her eyes and saw Phillip Zong’s hand was still pulling her clothes, her brain froze for a while. , But soon reacted and pushed him a bit, “I am very tired today.”

Phillip Zong continued to get started and said, “I know.”

Ana Lin bit her lip and was awkward, “You know, yet…” Phillip Zong’s movements stopped, and his eyes slowly turned to her face, “What are you thinking?”

Her expression was obviously like what he was going to do.

Phillip Zong smiled sullenly, “Today is our bridal night, what should I do, but seeing you are so tired, how can I be willing to move you.”

Ana Lin smiled and acted like a baby to him, “Then you put on my pajamas.”

Phillip Zong asked, “Wear this one?”

On the bedside is a delicate box, which is the wedding gift of Lena Qin to Ana Lin, a very sexy black lace pajamas.

Ana Lin glanced at it and shook his head decisively, “Don’t wear it.”

“Then you plan to be naked?”

Ana Lin, “…” “I said not to wear this pajama, who said to sleep without wearing clothes.”

Ana Lin glared at him.

Phillip Zong squeezed her face, “Don’t you wash your face?”

There is also rouge gouache, so sleeping is definitely uncomfortable.

Ana Lin lay lazily, “I don’t want to move.”

Today she is really tired and doesn’t want to do anything.

“I’ll wash it for you, or you won’t sleep well.”

Phillip Zong took off her dress and threw it on the bed at the end of the bed, pulled the quilt over her body, “I’ll put in hot water, you can take a bath and then sleep to relieve fatigue.”

Ana Lin said, the bright red quilt was embroidered with delicate patterns, and the material was smooth and soft. She wrapped the quilt with only one head exposed, watching Phillip Zong put water in the bathroom.

After a while, Phillip Zong walked out of the bathroom and opened her quilt. Ana Lin shrank slightly.

“Don’t look, don’t laugh.”

Phillip Zong, “…” “You are too demanding, I can’t do it. You are the wife I’m marrying, and everyone is mine. I can see what I want. This is the right to be a husband.”

Ana Lin, “…” During the interruption, Phillip Zong took her into the bathroom. The round white pool was filled with water and pink rose petals were sprinkled on it. Ana Lin looked at Phillip Zong, when did this man have such a good life? Mood?

“What do you look at me doing?”

“Did you spread these petals?”

Ana Lin asked.

Phillip Zong pointed to the bottles and jars on the wall, various toiletries, and a glass cup with fresh petals inside.

“The hotel is prepared to be so thoughtful.”

“get out.”

She dodges this look.

Phillip Zong’s voice was very soft, “I’ll wash it for you.”


Ana Lin refused.

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