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Table of Contents

Chapter 640

He laughed, “Don’t worry, I don’t have a covetous heart for you. If you are really afraid that I will entangle you, I will go, you don’t have to go.”

He took off the napkin and put down the knife and fork in his hand and stood up, “Sit down and eat. To make you rest assured and eat in peace, I will go.”

After speaking, he greeted Ana Lin and said, “Sister-in-law, I’m leaving now.”

Ana Lin couldn’t say anything, only watched that way.

After Alan Su left, Ana Lin pulled Lena Qin to sit down.

Even if I sit down, I can’t eat anymore. Ana Lin took a piece of paper and handed it to her, “Cry whenever you want. If you cry, you may feel better in your heart.”

When Phillip Zong and Gibson Shao left, Ana Lin glanced at them, thinking that they were not appropriate here, so he didn’t ask anything.

In fact, there are reasons for this, and Phillip Zong has something to say to Gibson Shao.

Gibson Shao helped him last time, but both of them were busy, and neither of them sat down and talked.

After this incident, Phillip Zong knew that Ana Lin’s father was not a simple character before, otherwise, there would be no such relationship.

Although he didn’t do anything, the clues provided were very valuable. After all, he couldn’t find out such a long time.

“went well?”

Gibson Shao asked.

When he doesn’t have a hippy smile, he feels very bluff, the kind of person who scares children when he sees it.

But he was not serious, and when he was smiling, he was very approachable.

He rarely suppresses his smile, mostly smiling.

Phillip Zong said, “A task force has been set up to investigate. The trouble is so big, it will definitely be investigated.”

Gibson Shao nodded, “If you need help, just say it.”

In his opinion, this is not an outsider. Ana Lin’s husband is his elder brother’s son-in-law.

Phillip Zong didn’t want to bother him too much, it was enough now.

“I’ll take Lena Qin back first.”

Ana Lin came over, and she couldn’t eat anything here, and it was not suitable for long sitting. Lena Qin didn’t want to go back to the villa, so she took Lena Qin outside to relax.

Phillip Zong said, “I’ll give it to you.”

He was worried about Ana Lin, she herself was a pregnant woman and had to take care of others, for fear that she would be too tired.

At this time Lena Qin definitely didn’t want to have too many people around. Ana Lin refused, “We are not going home now. We may be walking around outside. I booked a room in Narada Hotel for my second uncle. You will send him to rest.”

She originally wanted Gibson Shao to live in the villa, but the villa had no rooms. The two servants, Zong Qifeng and Roberson Cheng, Lena Qin and the children, and the rest of the rooms were the utility room and the study. Without coming out, she booked a good hotel.

Gibson Shao waved his hand, “Tell me the place I will go by myself, such a big person, where I need someone to send it, treat me like a child.”

Ana Lin smiled, “Second Uncle, you didn’t eat well at noon. When you are hungry, you can order something to eat in the hotel. I will pick you up at night.”

“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself. You can take care of Xiaoya. You can do whatever you need to do, don’t worry about me.”

Gibson Shao looked like I could eat it everywhere, “Just tell me the address of the villa, and I will go by myself at night.”

Gibson Shao had this personality, Ana Lin said the address and Lena Qin left.

As for whether it was Gibson Shao sent by Phillip Zong, or Gibson Shao’s own hotel, she didn’t know.

“Shall we go to the movies?”

Ana Lin said.

Lena Qin did not speak.

Ana Lin sighed, “I’m pregnant, and I can’t accompany you for a drink. If you are too uncomfortable, I will talk to Alan Su for you.”

Lena Qin shook her head, “No, I don’t regret making a decision, but it hurts when I give up.”

Ana Lin sighed, “I can understand your mood, but I don’t know how to comfort you.”

“You walk with me.”

She took Ana Lin’s arm.

Ana Lin nodded. It was hot at noon, but it was not so hot anymore when walking under the densely leafed plane trees.

When Lena Qin made a decision, she had enough preparation in her heart, but it took some time to transition.

She believes that she can survive the pain, and she can persevere with so much pain, and she will definitely be able to do it now.

Compared to her pain, Alan Su is no better.

After leaving the restaurant, I went to drink alone.

A person ordered a few bottles of foreign wine. Alan Su often came here, so the manager knew him well. Seeing him drinking alcohol alone, he said, “Should I call a woman to accompany you?”

Alan Su continued to pour wine into the glass, as if he hadn’t heard what the manager said.

“You drink too much by yourself. I have a girl with a good drinker. It’s better to have one or two to accompany you. It’s better than drinking boring wine alone.”

Alan Su felt that this man was like a fly, he was in a bad mood, and he always buzzed in his ears.

“Are you f*cking crazy?

I’m here for a drink, so I have to find a young lady, is I good at cleanliness?

Roll me as far as the f*ck are you, don’t bother me here! “

Alan Su finally couldn’t help it, and broke out toward the chattering manager.

“Didn’t I see you drinking alone?

Why don’t you know good people?

It’s a dog biting Lu Dongbin…” “What are you talking about?

Who is the dog? “

Alan Su stared at him, and the blue veins in his temple jumped suddenly, “You are a dog.

Call one for me? “

The manager was also cold, “You drank too much.”

He wanted to leave after speaking, but Alan Su grabbed him, “I want to leave after cursing?

When am i?

Shrink the head turtle? “

The manager looked at him holding his clothes by the hand and looked back at him, “Don’t make trouble here, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite?”

“Oh, why are you rude to me?”

Alan Su was deliberately reluctant, he was upset and was about to die.

“Are you going to hit me?

It’s kind of hands-on! “

Alan Su grabbed his collar and snarled at him.

Alcohol rushed to his face, and the manager frowned, “You better let me go, I don’t want to teach you.”

“You teach me the f*ck if you have a kind, is it a counselor?

Since you are a counselor, don’t bark like a dog…” The manager couldn’t bear to call someone, “Take this lunatic away. “

“You are a lunatic!”

Su was crazy about drinking alcohol.

The manager looked at him angrily, narrowed his eyes, “You kid, are you going to be beaten?”

Alan Su nodded with Jiujin, “Yes, I owe you a beating.”

At this moment he really wanted to fight with someone, he felt like he was going to die.

Hearing the provocation in the manager’s ears, he narrowed his eyes and called the two security guards who came in to do something, “Call me!”

Chapter 641

It’s common to get drunk and make trouble here. The security guards have experience. Hearing the manager’s order, the two wanted to twist Alan Su’s arm at the same time. Alan Su wanted to fight not because he wanted to be beaten, but to vent. When they started, his movements were more agile, he slid his body, avoided the man’s hand, and kicked out from behind.

The man couldn’t stand firmly, and fell into the manager’s arms.

The manager pushed him away with disgust, “Damn, can’t you two deal with one person?

? “

The man quickly apologized, “I’m sorry the manager.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, beat him up!”

The manager is angrily.

At this time, another man was already fighting with Alan Su. The man took advantage of Alan Su’s entanglement, and strangled his neck from behind.

Alan Su went to break the man’s hand to strangle his neck. The man in front found the opportunity and waved his fist towards his abdomen. The man was punched by Alan Su a few times, his nose and face were swollen. Now he has a chance, and he is very cruel.

Whoa—— Alan Su frowned and snorted a few times, but soon he found the action to fight back, arched his arms, and attacked the abdomen and chest of the man who was strangling his neck from behind with his elbow.

Suddenly, after another, a lot of people behind him finally got loose. Alan Su grabbed the person’s hand, twisted his backhand, bent his body slightly, and threw the person off his shoulder.

It was a coincidence that there was a table in front of him. When the man fell down, the wine bottles fell to the ground with a bang, and the bottles made a cracking sound one after another.

The man clutched his stabbed abdomen and grinned with painful teeth.

Alan Su red eyes, “Get me up!”

The man got up, a strong breath of alcohol filled the private room.

The two men looked at each other and besieged at the same time.

Soon they fought together, Alan Su was in a bad mood and couldn’t move his actions, looking for trouble was purely for venting.

As the saying goes, the soft ones are afraid of the hard ones, and the hard ones are afraid of death.

And Alan Su is dead.

Neither of them was Alan Su’s opponent together.

The manager stood aside anxiously, without thinking, grabbed the vase on the shelf, took the flowers out and threw them away, holding the vase and slamming it on Alan Su’s head.

Alan Su’s eyes were red, and his eyes were on the two security guards. He didn’t notice the manager. When the vase was smashed down, it broke in an instant. Alan Su was stunned by the smash, and his head was dizzy and vague. There is warm liquid flowing from the back of the head to the neck.

The manager shouted, “Don’t take the opportunity to beat him.”

A lot of color was hung on the faces of the two security guards. Now that they have the opportunity to take action, they naturally exhausted their best.

Alan Su was knocked to the ground, and the two men punched and kicked wildly.

Ana Lin walked outside with Lena Qin for more than two hours. She felt calmer, because in the evening Ana Lin said that she would wash the dust for Gibson Shao, so the two went to the supermarket and bought a lot of vegetables back to the villa.

When he was cooking at night, Phillip Zong came back. He finished handling the company’s affairs and knew that Gibson Shao would come in the evening, so he came back early.

Seeing Wanda cleaning the table with a bunch of flowers on the table, he walked over and asked, “Where is she?”

Ma Yu looked up and said, “In the kitchen.”

Phillip Zong nodded, glanced at the tabletop that could still show the figure, and raised his eyebrows.

In the kitchen, Ana Lin was wearing an apron and was cutting vegetables, while Aunt Wang was standing next to the sink to wash some vegetables.

“You go out.”

Phillip Zong walked to Ana Lin’s side and said.

Aunt Wang responded and turned off the water, put down the lotus root in her hand and went out.

Ana Lin looked up at him, “I came back so early today?

Have something to tell me? “

Otherwise, why let Aunt Wang go out?

Chapter 642

Phillip Zong smiled, “I have nothing to say to you, can’t I be alone with you for a while?”

Ana Lin, “…” She was speechless and helpless, “This is the kitchen, what are you doing?

Can you cook or chop vegetables? “

“So underestimate me?”

Phillip Zong unbuttoned his cuffs, put it on his little arm, and washed his hands in the sink next to him, “Give me the knife and I’ll cut it.”

Ana Lin looked at him, “Do you chop vegetables?”

Phillip Zong took the knife in her hand, “What’s the problem with this?”

Ana Lin gave him the knife, stood beside him, untied his apron and tied it to Phillip Zong’s waist, “Is the food for the night given to you?”

Phillip Zong looked down at her hand wrapped around her waist in an apron, chuckled and said, “Do you dare to eat if I do?”

“How can I not dare?

No matter what the taste is, raw or cooked, as long as you make it, I will not dislike it. “

Ana Lin leaned aside.

Phillip Zong smiled, “Then I have to go to school in the future, and I can’t starve my daughter.

“When speaking, he glanced at Ana Lin’s stomach.

Ana Lin is inexplicable, why must he feel that he is pregnant with a daughter?

Also, he learns to cook, only for his daughter?

“You can cook today.”

After she said she stepped out, Phillip Zong took her wrist, “Be with me.”

Ana Lin looked at him lightly, “Let your daughter stay with you.”

Phillip Zong, “…” He was stunned for a moment. He felt that her words were quite endless, but he quickly realized why she was like this and couldn’t help but smirk, “Are you still jealous?”

“Who is jealous?”

Ana Lin was not jealous, even if he did, he couldn’t admit it.

“Since there is no such thing, what are you going on?”

“I don’t want to stay in the kitchen.”

She tilted her head, “Let go of me quickly, I’m going out.”

Phillip Zong smiled and circled people into his arms, “You are the person I am closest to, sharing the bed with me…” Ana Lin suddenly covered his mouth. This is the kitchen and there are people in the living room. Don’t talk about the occasion?

How bad is it to be heard by others?

“You take out the phone in my pocket.”

He felt a vibration, as if a phone came in, and he still had water in his hand and it was difficult to draw his pocket.

Ana Lin warned him, “Don’t mess around outside, say something incongruous, it is not good for people to hear.”

Phillip Zong, “…” What kind of words did he say?

The couples who are sharing the bed are closer. The son will marry his wife in the future, and the daughter will marry even if he doesn’t want to.

Ana Lin asked, “Which pocket?”


Phillip Zong replied.

She reached out to his trouser pocket and touched the vibrating phone. After taking it out, she saw Alan Su on it.

Thinking of what happened today, Ana Lin’s smile disappeared. He looked at Phillip Zong and said, “It’s Alan Su.”

“You take it.”

Phillip Zong said.

Ana Lin gave a hum, and slid down the answer button, “Hey.”

She seemed to feel there was a pause over there, it should be strange that she answered the phone, “It’s my sister-in-law.”

Ana Lin.

“I’m at the police station, you ask Phillip to bail me.”

Ana Lin frowned, “How did you get to the police station?”

“Fight with someone.”

Alan Su said lightly.

“I know.”

There hung up with a hum.

“what happened?”

Phillip Zong asked how she didn’t look very good.

“Alan Su went to the police station in a fight with someone, let you pick someone up.”

Ana Lin said.

She put the phone back in his pocket, and took off his apron, “I’ll go with you.”

“Don’t go to the police station.”

Not a good place.

“I’ll take a look, otherwise, don’t worry, how can you fight with others?

Eighty percent was because of Lena Qin’s relationship. Lena Qin had done enough preparations in her heart. Although it was uncomfortable, she could adjust it with a little time, but Alan Su was different. It was definitely too sudden for him. “

Phillip Zong nodded.

The two walked out of the kitchen, Ana Lin asked Aunt Wang to cook, and Yu’s mother went to the kitchen to prepare dinner after finishing her work outside.

“I will be back soon, you guys are busy first.”

Ana Lin said.

Wanda said, “Don’t worry about going out. I have Aunt Wang and I at home. Good job, don’t worry.”

Ana Lin smiled and said yes.

Phillip Zong took the car key, went out with her, and went straight to the police station after getting in the car.

Ana Lin hesitated and asked, “Isn’t it bad to hide from Alan Su?”

“If the person concerned is unwilling to say, you should not interfere.”

No matter how good the relationship is, you can’t make your own way to manage other people’s emotional affairs. It doesn’t matter if the result is good. If it is not good, what has she become?

He did not want Ana Lin to intervene in this matter.

Ana Lin understood what he meant and sighed slightly.

Phillip Zong looked at her, “Every day, I sigh for other people’s affairs. When the child is born, I will be sentimental again. Don’t worry too much about other people’s affairs. Everyone has everyone’s life.”

Ana Lin couldn’t help but feel funny, “How can you get in touch?”

“listen to me.”

He said very domineeringly.

Knowing that he is doing this for himself and his children, he said, “Okay, I will listen to you.”

Not many people parked at the entrance of the police station. Phillip Zong got off and Ana Lin followed along. She also wanted to know what was going on.

Phillip Zong walked in holding her hand.

Originally, there would be no trouble in the bag police station. It is not uncommon for such things to happen in such places. It can be said that it is common. A customer saw that Alan Su was beaten so badly and reported to the police.

Now the manager, the two security guards and Alan Su are being questioned and taking notes.

They walked into the office and saw Alan Su sitting there with blood still on his body. The injury on his head was simply treated. Ana Lin frowned while holding the gauze. There was blood in it, and the injury was not serious. ?

She looked up at Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong shook her hand and walked over.

Alan Su looked up and saw them coming, and soon turned his head away, not wanting them to see his injuries.

Little did he know that the moment he looked up, the wound on his face had long been seen clearly, Phillip Zong went to deal with the matter, and Ana Lin did not ask him why he was fighting at the police station.

Just asked if he was seriously injured.

Alan Su said, “It’s not serious, it’s all minor injuries.”

The bruising in the corner of the eye won’t heal for a while, and you still say it’s okay?

“I’ll go to the hospital later.”

Ana Lin said.

“It’s all right, it’s all taken care of.”

Alan Su said.

“It’s okay, I have to go and see.”

Ana Lin said in a deep voice.

Alan Su lowered his head and said nothing.

Both parties are responsible for this matter. After mediation, both parties will not be held accountable. It is considered a reconciliation. As long as the guarantor signs a letter, the person can be taken away.

Ana Lin dared to ask after he went out, “Is it because of Lena Qin?”

“Don’t tell me about her, in the future, we will be fine.”

Alan Su left alone, not in Phillip Zong’s car.

“Where are you going alone?”

Ana Lin didn’t worry about him.

Obviously there is emotion.

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