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Chapter 628

A shipment without the sender’s name.

It contains a piece of information and a USB flash drive. The content on the USB flash drive is the video of Gu Bei and a few men at the beach. The picture is clearly recorded. The picture of Gu Bei ordering people to sink the old four into the sea, and the data is also some Evidence of Gu Bei’s crime.

He is investigating Gu Bei just to find evidence of his crime, but now, he is automatically sent to the door.

He couldn’t guess for a moment, who gave it to him.

He didn’t even think about Phillip Zong. He knew that Phillip Zong was reluctant to deal with himself, so he subconsciously ruled out the possibility of him.

However, what he didn’t expect was that Phillip Zong had sent this courier to him.

Although I don’t like Jenkin Bai, I still use it when it’s time to use it.

Borrowing the hands of others to achieve one’s own goals is a method often used by Phillip Zong.

He doesn’t treat the enemy’s enemy as a friend, but he can be a gunman.

After knowing where Jenkin Bai’s person suffered from Gu Bei last time, he knew that Jenkin Bai would not swallow his anger.

If it was Gu Bei who bullied him, he wouldn’t be quiet either.

Just like Gu Bei framed Keller Shen this time, the original plan was not implemented now and the opportunity is not so mature yet, but he still did it.

Now Mr. Gu is definitely in a state of desperation, and what has been exploded is also the truth. With so many eyes staring at him, it is difficult for him to escape legal sanctions this time.

At this juncture, if evidence of Gu Bei’s crime is revealed again, it will undoubtedly add fuel to the fire.

He believed that Jenkin Bai was a smart person and knew what to do.

As he expected, after Jenkin Bai received the item, he was very curious about the sender and wanted to know who it was, but he knew better that this was a good opportunity not to be missed.

Although it is difficult to stand up again when visiting the old man, he does not rule out a miracle, so he must strike while the iron is hot.

After getting the evidence, he didn’t blindly look for the person who got on the line, but went to find the gangsters on the video screen.

Interrogate them. Of course, they won’t say it obediently at first, but use some means to record their confession, just in case they turn back when they testify.

After sufficient evidence and preparations were made, he went to find those who got on the line.

If it wasn’t for Mr. Gu’s incident, who would dare to touch Gu Bei easily?

The so-called wall is down and everyone pushes, they are eager to find something to add fuel to the fire.

Officialdom and shopping malls are the same. They are all wars without gunpowder. They are fighting for their own interests.

The next day the matter of Mr. Gu broke out, the people from the inspection hall came to take Gu Bei away.

However, the major media had already received news about this seemingly secret matter, and they took a stand at the door of Gu’s house and took the first picture.

If what happened on the first day was shocking, then what happened today is even more incredible.

The people who eat melon have speculated that this son also did something bad with Master?

When everyone’s curiosity reached the peak, someone on the Internet broke out a video of General Gu Bei and Shen Hai.

When things have developed to this point, it is difficult to maneuver.

The person in charge of investigating Gu Bei’s case soon issued a statement saying that Gu Bei was detained and investigated after receiving a report.

The authenticity of the video has yet to be verified.

Let everyone not guess maliciously.

The current Internet is too developed, and a little bit of trouble will spread quickly. Not all people can be treated rationally, and they are willing to believe what they see, although they are facts.

So on the Internet, a one-sided situation has emerged.

They all condemned the Gu family father and son.

Netizens also criticized comments.

The upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked. This sentence must be tailored to the Gu family and his son.

] Like more than 500,000 comments.

This is the viciousness in the blood, which must be severely punished, and it is best to castrate people, just in case this vicious gene gets inherited.

】 Someone replied, You have no problem with your thinking “smiling face”] Should throw him into the sea and let him feed the sharks too.

】 【The father and son are a match made in heaven.

】 【Hurry up and shoot such a scum.

】 【I heard that Gu Bei is an old man and he is very spoiled. As expected, the child can’t be spoiled.

】 【This Gu Bei, there are six sisters on it, he is the only male in the family, he is very doted, he is lawless, and he is influential by Laozi.

Do everything, the nightclub on Zhongxin Road is his.

】 Someone replied, 【How do you know?

】 The original poster, 【I worked in that nightclub, of course I know some inside stories.

】 Reply, 【What else do you know?

Let’s listen to it?

】The original poster, 【There was a murder case in that nightclub. She was a young lady. Because she was a new visitor, she was not very obedient. Gu Bei was out of the game. He played more pervertedly and was killed.

] Reply, fck, fck, this is too human.

】Replied, 【Hurry up and cut this person a thousand times.

】 Reply, 【Do you have evidence?

】 Original poster, 【Of course there is.

] Reply, Send to see.

】 Original poster, 【I dare not, I am afraid of being retaliated.

] Reply, We protect you and send out evidence of his crime.

】 The original poster,’Afraid Emoji’ reply, 【We support you.

】 Reply, 【Yes.

Send it out quickly.

】 Stir everyone’s curiosity to a high attitude, the host replied, 【I sent it, then please forward it so that more people can see that when there are too many people, they will not dare to retaliate against me .

】 【We will, don’t worry.

] At this time, the host released a three-minute video with a woman’s thigh. The shot was very vague, but the scene at the time was vaguely visible, and the shot was very imaginative.

The more popular things are, the faster it will be promoted.

After a series of incidents, the Gu family’s daughters who were about to rescue their father were caught off guard. The old father’s matter had not been resolved yet, and now the younger brother was taken away again.

Mother Gu didn’t bear it for a while and passed out into a coma.

Without the backbone, the whole Gu’s family became a mess.

Zhou family.

As soon as Zhou Huaihou came back, he called Jenkin Bai to his study, and no one was allowed in.

“You did Gu Bei’s things?”

Zhou Huaihou asked, although it was a question, but in a very sure tone.

These days Jenkin Bai has been running outside, leaving early and returning late, and walking close to several of his colleagues.

Jenkin Bai didn’t hide it, “Dad think I did something wrong?”

Zhou Huaihou said nothing.

“Because it is a fact, you can’t refute it, dad?”

Jenkin Bai looked at him and said frankly, “I won’t hide you, but please don’t tell mom.”

In any case, Gu Bei is her younger brother, and she doesn’t want to be separated because of this.

Zhou Huai sighed, “I won’t say it.”

Jenkin Bai is also very sincere, “Dad, I am a flawed person, who can make the people who follow me die. I must work harder than normal people. I can’t let them chill with me.”

“I know.”

Zhou Huaihou couldn’t tell if he was wrong.

A boss who knows how to protect one’s calf will make employees feel safe and belonging.

“What Gu Bei did he can’t escape legal sanctions, if not, no one can press him.”

Jenkin Bai said.

Chapter 629

“When the injury on the plateau is better, you can go back to Baicheng.”

Zhou Huaihou was still afraid that he would get involved.

Jenkin Bai knew that he was good to himself, but how could he go without seeing the result of this incident?

“You have done enough.”

Zhou Huaihou sat in a chair and said, “A task force has been set up to investigate this incident. Once verified and the evidence is solid, even the reincarnation of Daluo will not be able to save them.

So you don’t want to drip muddy water here. “

Jenkin Bai heard the seriousness of this matter and asked, “Are you in the task force?”

Zhou Huaihou shook his head, “All the people sent from above, I have a relationship with the Gu family, and there will be no me. This time, the above attaches great importance to things. The trouble is too big and affects the evil. Maybe I will be investigated. “

“so serious?”

Jenkin Bai frowned slightly, probably already thinking of the end of this incident.

“At this juncture, the above also deliberately deterred the officials below.”

The government will also use methods to kill chickens and curse monkeys.

After all, the above policy has just released the anti-criminal and evil policy, and it has just come to an end when such a thing has happened. This is equivalent to a face-slap and it will definitely be severely punished.

“This time, you must listen to me and go back as soon as possible, lest it hurt you.”

Zhou Huaihou knew the seriousness of this case.

“As for the officials who are related to you, if I have to deal with them, you can safely go to Baicheng with Chunchun to live a normal life.”

Zhou Huaihou reached out and patted him on the shoulder, “Don’t worry me.”

Jenkin Bai only considered himself at the time, not Zhou Huaihou. He knew Zhou Huaihou’s personality and his relationship with Mrs. Zhou, so he didn’t talk to Zhou Huaihou. Instead, he was carrying him, looking for people around him, and using his identity with Zhou Huaihou. , Got involved in the relationship, clamored for friendship, now thinking about doing this on his own, it has caused Zhou Huaihou a lot of trouble, after all, his personality is famous in the circle, but he has smeared him.


“We are a family, so we will see you by saying this.”

Zhou Huaihou admired Jenkin Bai, and at the same time loved the house and the black.

Knock—— At this time the door knocked and Zhou Chunchun’s voice came in, “Dad, Yining has eaten.”

“heard it.”

Zhou Huaihou said to his daughter.

“Go out for dinner.”

Zhou Huaihou walked to the front and opened the door to facilitate Jenkin Bai to come out.

The dinner was prepared by Zhou Chunchun. The news was so sensational that it was difficult for Mrs. Zhou to not want to know. In any case, the family members who were related to her were in a bad mood and did not come out lying in the room.

Zhou Huaihou asked them to eat first, “I’ll go see your mother.”

After talking about Zhou Huaihou and walked into the room, Madam Zhou was lying on the bed as if she was sick, she had no energy, and she felt melancholy.

Zhou Huaihou sat on the side of the bed, “The children are here, get up and eat something.”

“I have no appetite, I can’t eat anything.”

Madam Zhou said softly, her voice sounded weak.

Zhou Huai sighed, “Should I quit my job and let us live with the children in Baicheng?”

Mrs. Zhou immediately sat up, “How can this be?”

She knew in her heart that her husband was an ambitious and ideal person and she admired it.

How rare is a person who is upright and willing to do practical things now? She held her husband’s hand and said, “Did I affect you?”

Zhou Huai glared, “You and I are husband and wife, what can be affected.”

Madam Zhou is not stupid. The trouble is so serious that anyone who has something to do with Gu’s family will be involved this time.

“Mom, Dad, can I come in?”

Zhou Chunchun knocked on the door.

“come in.”

Madam Zhou released her husband’s hand and said.

Zhou Chunchun opened the door and took the tray from Jenkin Bai’s hand and walked in. Inside was a serving of food. “Mom, you can eat something. You didn’t eat it at noon. If you don’t eat it at night, you will starve your body.”

Madam Zhou grinned reluctantly, “It’s better to have a daughter.”

Zhou Chunchun put the food on the bedside table, “I cook everything you like, hurry up.”

Mrs. Zhou took a sip of water first.

“Mom, you go to Baicheng with us to spend some time.”

Jenkin Bai said.

Madam Zhou knew that he was caring about himself, and her heart was very warm, and she was relieved, “I will not go, I will go, your dad will be alone, I have to accompany him, are you going to leave?

When are you ready?

If you want to go, go quickly, now this place is smoggy. “

Madam Zhou also wanted them to return to Baicheng as soon as possible.

Jenkin Bai said, “I will leave in these two days.”

He understands that his father-in-law’s apex baby is Chunchun, so he is willing to take Chunchun with him.

Zhou Chunchun looked at Jenkin Bai, “Why did you suddenly decide to leave?

Don’t tell me? “

Jenkin Bai smiled, “Is there anything else you haven’t done?”


Zhou Chunchun thought for a while, “I’m going to tell my sister before I leave.”

“Do you have any sister?”

Mrs. Zhou was confused for a while.

I don’t know who she is referring to.

But Jenkin Bai quickly understood who she was referring to, and her eyes fell down involuntarily, “Let’s not go.”

Zhou Chunchun didn’t understand Jenkin Bai’s reluctance to go, “Don’t you want to see my sister?”

Jenkin Bai said against his will, “I don’t want to.”

“Who else are you talking about?”

Madam Zhou looked at them, and Ana Lin flashed across her head. The last time Jenkin Bai had an accident, and her daughter was spending the night there, she suddenly realized, “Oh, you mean her.”

Zhou Chunchun nodded vigorously, “My sister has a daughter who is beautiful and cute. I really like her.”

“Do you like children?”

Asked Mrs. Zhou.

Zhou Chunchun nodded without thinking, “Yes.”

Madam Zhou glanced at Jenkin Bai and smiled, “Then you should also hurry up and have a baby, and I will take it for you then.”

Jenkin Bai was uncomfortable like a young hairy boy who had not grown up, scratched his head, and said, “You can eat first.”

Zhou Chunchun knew that Jenkin Bai still liked that sister in his heart, and said, “I don’t want to have a baby.”

Madam Zhou is not doing well now, how can she have no children?

“I don’t want to give birth now.”

Zhou Chunchun explained, Madam Zhou glared at her, “You scared me a lot.”

The next day, Zhou Chunchun asked Jenkin Bai to take herself to say goodbye to Ana Lin.

Now Jenkin Bai wanted to restrain his feelings and try not to go, but Zhou Chunchun’s attitude was very firm, so he went.

They choose the afternoon time, the afternoon time is longer, and they avoid having lunch.

After arriving at the villa, he did not get out of the car and let Zhou Chunchun go by himself.

Zhou Chunchun pulled him, “We were able to find someone smoothly last time and exchange you. My sister must have helped too.

Didn’t you say thank you to her? “

Jenkin Bai looked at Zhou Chunchun very helplessly, “Chunchun, you know I like her, and you let me get in touch with her, won’t you be jealous?”

Zhou Chunchun said, “I will envy my sister. You like her so much. I know you want to see her, but I just endure it. I like to see you happy. If you are happy, I will be happy.”

Jenkin Bai suddenly realized that she was not as clear as her, and seeing the person she likes happy, is it not happiness?

Why does it have to be for oneself to be regarded as love?

He stretched out his hand to hold Zhou Chunchun in his arms, “Promise me, you will always be with me.”

Zhou Chunchun also hugged him and said, “I will, I will always be with you, watching you become a grandfather with gray hair.”

Jenkin Bai squeezed her face, “I’m old, won’t you be old?”

“I won’t be old, I may always be like this.”

Zhou Chunchun said with a big smile.

“We get off the handlebars.”

Zhou Chunchun pushed the car door.

Jenkin Bai said yes.

When they got out of the car, a few more cars drove in from the side of the road.

Chapter 630

The car stopped on the side of the road, three black luxury cars stopped, and seven or eight people got out from inside.

“What do they do?”

Zhou Chunchun stood behind Jenkin Bai and looked at those people and asked.

Jenkin Bai shook his head, he didn’t know who these were.

I saw them put forward boxes from the carriage, large and small, one of them was like a password box made of a super metal material for storing valuables.

They carried one and walked towards the villa.

“Let’s go in together.”

Zhou Chunchun said.

Jenkin Bai also wanted to see what these people were doing, so he nodded and followed them into the front yard of the villa. The person in the front rang the doorbell.

It was Wanda who came to open the door. Because of yesterday’s news, Ana Lin probably knew what Phillip Zong had been doing these days, but he still didn’t come back and was very worried about him, so he didn’t sleep much at night and got up early in the morning. Thinking that Phillip Zong should be back, but he didn’t come back until noon, she ate something casually at noon, and when she felt sleepy, she went upstairs to take a nap.

In the living room, Zong Qifeng and Zong Yanchen played chess, and Lena QinRoberson Cheng accompanied Zong Yanxi to play a game of poker.

The central air conditioner is on in the room, which is very cool. Aunt Wang washes fruit in the kitchen. After lunch, she eats fruit for half an hour.

When the doorbell was ringing, everyone looked at the door unconsciously. After all, Phillip Zong hadn’t returned for a few days, and everyone thought it was him.

Wanda thought so too, but the door opened, and the person standing outside the door was not the expected person.

“who are you?”

Wanda asked vigilantly.

“We are an insurance company.”

The man was wearing a black suit, standing upright and looking very skillful, with white gloves on his hands, “We are entrusted by Mr. Zong to send things here.”

“Insurance company?”

Although Wanda was puzzled, the three words of Mr. Zong were not unfamiliar.

“We are LEO staff.”

Said the other four.

Lena Qin reacted quickly. When she heard that they were ELO people, she immediately knew what these people were doing. Ana Lin said that she was going to hold a wedding with Phillip Zong, so there must be a lot of wedding supplies to buy.

Could it be that Ana Lin’s wedding dress, Phillip Zong was customized in LEO?

She put down the playing cards in her hand and patted Zong Yanxi, “You go upstairs and tell your mommy to come down.”

The little girl was very obedient, put down the playing cards in her hand and ran upstairs.

Lena Qin was afraid that she would fall, and asked to slow down.

There were a total of eight of them, plus Jenkin Bai and Zhou Chunchun came in at once. Fortunately, the place was big enough and it didn’t appear crowded.

“When did you come here?”

Seeing Roberson Cheng asked, Jenkin Bai asked.

“Phillip’s wedding, how can I not come.”

Roberson Cheng said.

Jenkin Bai’s expression paused, as if he knew what these people were doing in an instant.

“Why are you here?”

Roberson Cheng asked him.

Jenkin Bai was in a daze. It was Zhou Chunchun who touched him with his hand before returning to his senses. He looked up at Zhou Chunchun and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Roberson Cheng looked at him a little more inquisitively, and said, “I’m asking you how come here.”

Jenkin Bai said, “I will accompany Chunchun to come here. We are going back to Baicheng. She will come and say goodbye to Miss Lin.”

He wanted to talk, but he took it back in time and changed it to Miss Lin.

Zong Yanchen stopped playing chess with Zong Qifeng, and ran over to see what was in the box.

When Ana Lin was pulled down by her daughter, she saw so many people in the living room.

Zong Yanxi didn’t see Zhou Chunchun coming when he went upstairs. He only saw Zhou Chunchun when he went downstairs. He shouted in surprise, “Auntie.”

Ana Lin followed her daughter’s voice and looked over, and naturally saw Jenkin Bai and Zhou Chunchun.

She greeted peacefully, “You are here.”

Jenkin Bai slightly raised her head and watched her walk downstairs. She was holding her daughter in one hand and holding the handrails of the stairs. She looked very cautious. She could clearly see her bulging belly in her skirt.

Although her face was still awkward when she was asleep, he could feel that she was living well, her face was full of tenderness, and she looked happy.

Perhaps Zhou Chunchun is right. It is also a kind of happiness to see the happiness of the person you like.

“I and Chunchun came to say goodbye to you. We originally planned to return to Baicheng. Unfortunately, we just heard that you are going to have a wedding. I’m afraid it will be delayed. Will you hand me an invitation?”

Jenkin Bai said with a smile.

“Yes, we are friends.”

Ana Lin also smiled and walked over and asked, “What are these?”

Lena Qin said, “Of course it’s all for you.”

“For me?”

Ana Lin still didn’t believe it.

“You are Ana Lin, Miss Lin?”

Among those who came to deliver the things, the one with the password box asked.

Ana Lin nodded, “I am.”

“Open it all.”

They stood in a row and opened the boxes in their hands one by one.

Put it in front of Ana Lin.

Then everyone was stunned.

Only Zong Qifeng was very calm.

In that password box, there is a crown, which is shining in black velvet.

Lena Qin pointed, “Here, are all diamonds on it?”

If it’s all true, it would be too proud.

“Of course it is true. This was taken by me at an auction in country Y more than 20 years ago.”

This is a royal crown. In 1959, the 21-year-old Farah and the then crown prince Charley Palafe were married and built for a wedding ceremony. It took six months to make the crown. Up to 1600 grams, there are 1469 diamonds on it, 36 gems, and the largest loose diamond in front of the crown reaches 150 carats. It is luxurious and precious.

In 1983, the crown was sold to the auction house of Y country, and it was auctioned in the past nine years. At that time, it was sold by anonymous domestic individuals for 72 million yuan. There were also spreading speculations about who bought it.

Because it is relatively secretive, the outside world does not know who was bought by someone, only that it is a domestic person. At that time, some people speculated that it was a domestic rich female.

He took this crown and wanted to give it to Danna Cheng. Although the two are husband and wife, he didn’t show her his heart.

This is the biggest regret in his life.

He stored the crown in a foreign insurance company and learned that Phillip Zong was going to have a wedding with Ana Lin, and he sent it back specially.

Phillip Zong also asked someone to find the necklace and earrings that matched this crown. The other party was reluctant to sell it. Later, he didn’t know how to persuade the owner and bought it back.

“Tsk tut.”

Lena Qin couldn’t help but slap her lips.

“I like it too.”

Zong Yanxi blinked her eyes, it was really shiny.

Zong Qifeng touched the top of his granddaughter’s head, “Let your mom pass it to you in the future, and you will wear it when you get married.”

“Wow, so happy.”

Zong Yanxi was full of enthusiasm, and wanted to grow up immediately and wear this crown.

It’s really beautiful.

The other box contained necklaces and earrings.

The ELO staff box contained wedding dresses and dresses.

Knowing that LEO is where Ana Lin grew up, Phillip Zong specifically asked Mrs. William to help Ana Lin design the wedding dress.

Of course Mrs. William would.

At that exhibition, Phillip Zong saw the beauty of Chinese style, which was shocking, but he felt that Ana Lin was more suitable for flawless white, and red was too public. Ana Lin had a quieter personality, and white was more suitable.

There are four sets, Phillip Zong’s suit, Ana Lin’s wedding dress and two dresses.

Because she was pregnant, they were all customized.

“In the past half month, more than 30 of our masters rushed to make it.”

The LEO staff said.

Because I know Ana Lin, I speak more cordially.

“Mrs. William also sent you a letter.”

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