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Chapter 619

He frowned, how could he shut down?

She had nowhere to go except school. At this time, the school was no longer there. He looked at the man, “Did she say, where to go?”

The man shook his head, “But I think, I should go to the cremation first, or where would she take the people back and put them?”

Keller Shen glanced at the time. At this time, the crematorium was also off work. He said, “I see.”

He opened the door of the office and thought of what it means to live that person, “Where is the address of her hometown in the file?”

“Jiang County.”

Keller Shen asked again, “Is there a detailed address?”

The man doesn’t remember, “But there is a detailed address on the file.”

“Bring me the file.”

After speaking, Keller Shen walked into the office, and the man had to return to pick up the files. After he took the files, he handed them to Keller Shen.

“You get off work.”

Keller Shen took the file and looked at the detailed address. Jiang County is a bit far from City B. Jiang County belongs to the mountainous area. He originally thought that when Marsha Sang came to lead people, even if he had no time, he would send a subordinate to join her. Back, she was a girl and needed someone to take care of her.

Seeing the situation now, he should have left by himself.

He closed the file and sat in a chair, always feeling uneasy.

Now the traffic is under the real-name system. It is not that he can investigate the car she took to return at night, but he can’t do it at this time.

But I worry about her being a little girl, always fidgeting.

Finally, he couldn’t bear it, took the car key and walked out of the office. After getting in the car, he used the mobile phone to navigate to plan the route to Jiang County. After the route was planned, he started the car and went out according to the navigation.

In fact, Marsha Sang hadn’t left yet, so she didn’t plan to come back when she went back. She had to handle the suspension of school here.

So after dawn, Keller Shen called someone to check Marsha, but no record of her ticket purchase was found.

“There is no record of purchasing tickets for trains, trains, or airplanes?”

Keller Shen couldn’t help but feel a sigh, then how could she go back?

“Yes, there is no record. If she is a private car or a bus, she can’t be sure. There are a lot of buses now, and there are no people in the station, and they don’t buy tickets under their real names, so they can’t be found.”

Keller Shen said, “I see.”

After speaking, he hung up, because he was worried about her, he decided to go back to her hometown and take a look.

Marsha Sang settled the school’s affairs, came to the bureau, and wanted to say goodbye to Keller Shen. She didn’t come back, so she won’t have a chance to meet again.

“The deputy bureau is not there.”

“Then where did he go?”

Marsha Sang asked.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you go to his house?”

Said the police officer.

Marsha Sang struggled for a moment and said, “Then can you tell me the address of his house?”

The police officer told her Keller Shen’s address. Marsha Sang said thank you and left the bureau and took a taxi to Keller Shen’s residence.

When she got to the place, she knocked on the door, and no one responded, so she sat outside and waited.

When the ticket she bought was the time to get on the bus, she did not wait for Keller Shen, she turned on her mobile phone, and yesterday she cremated her mother and was in a bad mood, so she turned off her mobile phone and locked herself in the hotel room without interruption. .

The main purpose of turning on the phone now is to call Keller Shen. Originally, I wanted to say goodbye to him in person, but now I can only use the phone.

The phone dialed, and the response was shutdown.

Keller Shen’s mobile phone ran out of power after using it for a night of navigation and turned off automatically. He was buying a mobile phone charger in the service area.

After a one-night drive, Keller Shen arrived in Jiangxian County. With the help of the local police station, she successfully found Marsha’s hometown. Her home was empty and the house was deserted. The neighbors also said that they had not seen her come home.

Keller Shen did not leave immediately, and asked about her family’s situation, which was basically the same as Marsha Sang said.

After her father’s death, her mother served the sentence, and she went to college and there was no one in her family, and she was abandoned.

It was originally a tiled house, and it has been unoccupied for a long time, and it is very abandoned.

Now I can’t live with people.

Keller Shen didn’t leave the village until noon. After resting for two hours in the county hotel, he drove back to City B.

The driver who had been driving for too long was very tired. Instead of going to the game, he returned home to rest.

I slept very heavily in the morning and was awakened by a string of cell phone ringtones.

He grabbed the phone and picked it up. Song Ju’s voice came from there, his tone was very urgent, “Where are you?”

Keller Shen said, “Sleep at home.”

The Song Bureau said that you are still in the mood to sleep, “Come to the game immediately.”

Keller Shen was a little sober, listening to Song Ju’s words seemed to be something wrong, he hung up the phone, immediately got up and took a shower and went to the Juju.

The Song Bureau was entertaining the people in the inspection hall, and vowed to say, “This is absolutely impossible. I know Keller Shen as a person, and he cannot accept bribes.”

“Only after the report is received, we will be sent to investigate this matter. We also don’t want to believe that any public official has such a rumor. Please believe that we will investigate it clearly.”

Song Ju poured water on them, “Of course I believe in you, but I also believe in Keller Shen. I brought him out by myself. I believe you are very clear about who I am.”

Song Ju is well-known for being upright and honest, has a good reputation in the circle, and is very respected.

“We know, don’t worry, we will definitely investigate clearly, if Shen Deputy Bureau has not done anything, we will definitely not wrong him.”

Keller Shen didn’t even go to the office of the bureau. He went directly to the office of the Song bureau. He was taken aback when he saw the people wearing black uniforms inside. He knew what they were doing.

Who are they here to investigate?

“Keller, come here.”

The Song Bureau called him. Keller Shen probably guessed something in his heart. If he was investigating others, the Song Bureau would not call him over in a hurry. It seemed that it was related to him.

He walked over, and Song Ju grabbed him and whispered in his ear, “Someone reported that you took bribes. These are here to investigate you.

Prepare yourself. “

Keller Shen buzzed his head and accepted.


“Are you Keller Shen?”

A uniformed inspectorate stood up.

Keller Shen said, “I am.”

“There was a report from someone above that you accepted bribes. We are investigators for this time. This is an investigation order.”

The person placed an investigation order in front of Keller Shen, “Please cooperate during this period. Also, you cannot participate in any work until the investigation is clear.”

Bureau Song frowned, “I haven’t made a clear investigation, why can’t I participate in the work?”

Not being able to participate in work is not equivalent to a suspension investigation, which is very serious.

“Of course, you have to suspend your job, and the investigation is clear before you can participate in the work.”

The tone of the staff of the Office of Supervision.

Song Ju wanted to speak again, so Keller Shen stopped him and said, “I accept all investigations.”

What he has not done before is not afraid of being investigated.

“Very well. During this period, please keep the phone open. We need your cooperation. We must be able to contact you as soon as possible.”

Keller Shen said he knew.

After the people from the Supervision Department left, the Song Bureau looked at him and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Keller Shen thought for a while, “Maybe someone deliberately fixes me.”

“You offend people?”

Song Ju asked.

Keller Shen went through the people he had contacted in his mind, and he had a general guess in his heart. Gu Bei could make such a big move.


He says.

Song Ju had an angry headache, “You, what do you want me to say about you, you are not an impulsive person, how can you offend people?”

Keller Shen did not speak.

Song Ju sighed, “I will try my best to help you.”

“Thank you.”

Keller Shen said sincerely.

“Thank me for being a fart. I am not from the inspection hall, and I can’t help much.”

Song Ju took off his hat and was angrily. He knew Keller Shen best. He couldn’t do bribery, but now someone wants to punish him. Obviously, he is very powerful.

What he can do is limited.

If things are not handled well this time, it will definitely affect his career.

Chapter 620

The Song Bureau greeted Keller Shen to sit down, “Tell me, who did you offend?”

Keller Shen sat down and said, “It may be Gu Bei.”

Song Ju was a little confused, Gu Bei?

He has never heard of this person.

Keller Shen said it was Gu Bei from the Gu family in City B.

Only then did Song Ju come to understand a little bit, “You offended Mr. Gu, the little son who was so petty and lawless?”


Keller Shen lowered his eyes.

“You are not a troublemaker, how can you offend him?”

Song Ju knows Keller Shen very well. He is not the kind of person who is eager to compete. Moreover, Gu Bei and Keller Shen have no job contacts. Gu Bei is not a public official, so there will be no conflicts. The only cause of conflict is. In life.

Keller Shen did not hide the truth from Song Ju, “My friend’s girlfriend was arrested by him. It was the incident that happened in the temple last time. I was investigating him. It is estimated that he knew that I was investigating him and framed me.”

Song Ju was also very helpless. Elder Gu was very well-established and well-connected, and helped a lot of capable people to go to the top. If he wanted to ruthlessly break someone down, it would not be difficult.

“I’m okay, I won’t do it anymore.”

Keller Shen said lightly.

There must be regrets. If he really can’t do it, he will accept it.

Song Ju’s eyes widened, obviously disagreeing with what he said, “What did you say when you came to my hand?

Isn’t it a big deal to dare to say no to me now? “

Of course Keller Shen didn’t want to, but the investigation was really no small matter.

Song Ju was silent for a moment, “I will find someone for you.”

“Don’t bother me too much.”

Keller Shen didn’t want to cause trouble to Song Ju.

Song Ju was upset. He felt that Keller Shen was taking his own future seriously and scolded, “What are you talking about?

You don’t even care about things that affect your future. Where have all your previous ambitions gone? “

Keller Shen bowed his head and said nothing. Of course, he wanted to do practical things, do good things, and try to make his own existence meaningful. He didn’t want this, but it has already happened, and he can only plan for the worst.

He didn’t want to tell anyone, especially Phillip Zong, that he was preparing for the wedding, and he didn’t want to trouble others at this time.

“Anyway, what you haven’t done before, we must try our best to solve it, and we will not be allowed to be negative in front of me in the future, you know?”

Song Ju was very cold.

Keller Shen felt very guilty for the trust and cultivation that Song Ju had placed in him.

Song Ju suddenly stood up and picked up his hat, “I will find someone to find out.”

Keller Shen didn’t know what to say to Song Ju, he was like a father.

“Thank you.”

Although these two words can not express his feelings.

Song Ju patted Keller Shen on the shoulder, “You cheer me up, we are not afraid of things that are imaginary, and what do you say thank you?”

Keller Shen smiled, “I am very grateful for your trust and cultivation, but I don’t know how to repay you.”

“To do real things is to repay.”

After speaking, Song Ju went out.

Keller Shen took a deep breath and walked out. He pushed open the door of the office. There was still information about Marsha Sang’s mother’s file on the table. He picked it up and sent it to the archives room. When he came back, he ran into one. Subordinate.

“Deputy Bureau Shen, I have your letter here.”

“What letter?”

Keller Shen asked.

“In my place, I will get it for you.”

The man quickly returned to his position, took an envelope and handed it to Keller Shen, “Miss Marsha Sang, let me pass it to you.”

When Keller Shen heard this name, his heart trembled inexplicably.

When Keller Shen took it over, he asked, “When did she deliver it?”


The man answered.

Keller Shen frowned slightly, “Yesterday?”

“Yes, it was yesterday, she came to you, you were not there, I also told her where you live, it should be the letter I forwarded without seeing you.”

Keller Shen said he knew, he took the envelope and walked into the office, closed the door, walked to the desk and sat down, looked at the pink envelope, and did not open it immediately.

Instead, she wondered what she would say to herself.

After a while, he tore open the envelope slowly.

The font that catches the eye is written with a black pen, the handwriting is beautiful and neat, and the beginning is not in the traditional writing format, but the content is written directly.

I wanted to meet you face-to-face, but I didn’t find you. I don’t think we have any fate.

Just like our age, you have a successful career, and I have not graduated from college, this is the gap.

I originally had a good impression of you, I think, probably because I lack a fatherly relationship, I like mature and stable men, and you are that kind of person, but I also know that we can’t, you need someone who can help you Wife, it is obvious that I cannot be that kind of person.

I’m leaving, I plan to leave City B, and I won’t come back again, I’m afraid I won’t have a chance to meet.

I really appreciate your care for me all the time, thank you.

By the way, hurry up and find someone, otherwise you really get old.

When you meet someone you like, be brave to pursue it, you are too slow, don’t miss the fate.

Finally, I wish you happiness.

End of the World strangers, there will be indefinite later.

… Keller Shen lowered his eyes, without showing any emotion on his face, which made people unable to see what his mood was and what he was feeling at the moment.

He folded the letter paper, put it back in the envelope, put it on the desk, took out his phone and dialed her number, and the answer was an empty number.

Before she left City B, she cancelled the mobile phone number she had set up here, and she really made up her mind to leave here.

The dial page returned to the phone book, and he pressed Alan Su’s number.

Alan Su is massaging the old lady. Although the old lady has regained her speech ability, she must not be able to regain her walking ability after she gets older.

The old lady was still reluctant to die, because she hadn’t seen her only grandson get married.

“When will you get Xiaoya back?”

The old lady asked, Lena Qin still liked the most in her heart.

“It was all your fault last time. You have to apologize to her, even if you kneel down on her, you have to find someone for me.”

The attitude of the old lady is very clear.

Alan Su said, “I know.”


I almost had a great grandson. My wish in this life is to see you and Xiaoya reconcile, and then give birth to a child, so that I have no regrets, even if I die, I can look down. “

“You want to live a hundred years old.”

Alan Su shook his grandmother’s hand, “Don’t worry, I will chase Xiaoya back, and give you many great grandchildren. I will want you to bring children to me in the future, so I must take good care of my body. “

The old lady laughed. At this time, the mobile phone in Alan Su’s pocket rang, and he took it out and it showed Keller Shen’s number.

He pressed the answer button, “Keller?”

“Are you free, have a drink with me.”

Alan Su heard that he seemed to be depressed, and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

“If you have time, come out and have a drink with me, don’t ask so much.”

Alan Su took off his phone and looked at the caller ID. It was indeed Keller Shen. What happened to this product?

How is it like eating explosives?

“I’m free, where are you?”

Alan Su asked.

Keller Shen’s voice came over there, “I’m waiting for you at the bar we often go to.”

“Oh, I see.”

After speaking, Alan Su hung up the phone and looked at the old lady, “It’s Keller. It sounds like he’s in a bad mood. Ask me to have a drink with him.”

The old lady sighed, “Does Keller still have a girlfriend?”

Alan Su said yes.

“Hey, it’s really worrying about you all. You are all such big people, and the important matter of marriage has not yet settled.”

Alan Su patted grandma’s hand, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll leave first.”

The old lady waved her hand, “Go, don’t drink too much, and persuade him to drink less, wine is not a good thing.”

“I see, take a good rest.”

Alan Su took the car key and told the servant, “Take care of my grandma.”

The servant said, “I will.”

After Alan Su left home, he drove towards the bar they often go to.

When he arrived, Keller Shen had already drank it by himself, and he walked over and sat next to Keller Shen.

I took the wine bottle and filled the empty glass in front of me, and asked, “Are you worried?”

Keller Shen said no, “It’s just a bad mood.”

Alan Su took a sip of wine, obviously not believing, “You are not a drinker in a bad mood, let’s talk about it, what’s the matter?”

Keller Shen poured his wine again, and glanced at him, “Let you drink as you go, why do you ask so much nonsense?”


Alan Su laughed, this is not a bad mood, just look at the tone of this speech.

He smashed his mouth, “Did you have an awkward relationship with your little girlfriend?”

Keller Shen turned his head slowly, his tone a little cold.

Chapter 621

Keller Shen turned his head slowly, his tone a little cold.

“Alan Su, I am not in a very happy mood, so don’t joke with me.”

Alan Su looked at his face and looked carefully, as if not joking, he also looked straight, “Tell me what happened to you?”

Keller Shen took another sip of wine. He didn’t want to be worried by others because of his own affairs, saying, “It’s nothing, it’s just a bad mood suddenly.”

He put down his glass and said, “It’s better now.”

Alan Su doesn’t think so, “We are brothers, don’t hide anything from me.”

“Who is your brother?

There are only women in your eyes. “

Keller Shen teased with him pretendingly.

“Hey, you really are, if I only have women in my eyes, if you make a phone call, I will come over?

My free me? “

Alan Su poured wine for him, “Don’t you want to drink, if you don’t get drunk today, none of us want to go home!”

Keller Shen didn’t drink, Alan Su took a wine glass and poured it into his mouth, “Wine is the essence of grain, the more you drink, the younger you are.”

“You are young yourself.”

Keller Shen pushed away his hand and stood up, “Go.”

Alan Su followed, putting his arms on his shoulders, “You are really boring, you told me to come for a drink. I have to leave before drinking. I won’t believe you anymore. I always lie to others.” “

Keller Shen had goosebumps all over, and he shuddered in a bitter cold, “You are f*cking serious.”

“Where am I serious?

I didn’t ask you to do anything, my sexual orientation was just now. “

Keller Shen, “…” He really regretted calling Alan Su. He must be squeezed by the door before calling him and asking him to accompany him. He was crazy.

Must be crazy.

How do you forget what kind of virtue Alan Su is?

At this time, the service came to hand over the list of drinks, Alan Su pointed to Keller Shen, “Look for him.”

“A total of three hundred and eight.”

The waiter handed over the drink list.

Keller Shen took out his wallet, took four red tickets and handed them over, “No need to find them.”

After speaking, he walked out, and Alan Su hurriedly followed.

Out of the door of the bar, Alan Su asked, “Where are we going?”

Keller Shen said, “Go home and sleep.”

Alan Su’s eyes widened and he couldn’t believe that this was what Keller Shen said. He is second only to Phillip Zong as busy as he was. He used to be so desperate when he was the captain. Now he is the vice game.

Tell him to go home to sleep?

Did he hear it wrong, or did he say it wrong?

He dug his ears and asked, “What did you say?”

Keller Shen ignored him, stopped a taxi on the side of the road, got in, and walked away.

Alan Su, “…” He is standing on the side of the road in a mess, what does this mean?

Call him for a drink, and leave him alone.

“I remember you with the surname Shen.”

Alan Su was annoyed, but then turned to think, it seemed that something was wrong with Keller Shen, he rarely took the initiative to find himself to drink, and he was still very busy, out of his sense of responsibility, working very hard, and he said he went home to sleep?

Don’t you need to go to work?

Is something wrong with his abnormality?

He drank two glasses of foreign wine, instead of driving, he sat on a bench on the side of the road and dialed Phillip Zong’s number.

Wanyue Group, Milton Guan took a few important documents, these were originally signed yesterday, but Phillip Zong did not come to the company, so they are all backlogged.

Milton Guan said, “These can’t be delayed any longer.”

Phillip Zong looked up at him, “Are you ordering me?”

Milton Guan immediately became nervous and shook his head vigorously, “Don’t dare.”

It’s not that I don’t want to, but I don’t dare.

I really want to squeeze him and let him experience how tiring the day and night work is.

Phillip Zong opened the file. At this time, the mobile phone on the table rang. He glanced at the caller ID, but did not answer, but directly pressed the red icon to hang up.

Over there, Alan Su looked at the phone that was hung up, his face changed again and again, what happened?

One by one… Could it be that you are tired of being with Ana Lin?

So hung up his phone?

Alan Su thought that Phillip Zong was the most proud now, with his wife and children by his side.

The relationship between husband and wife is good, he thought badly, you don’t want to be disturbed, I want to disturb you.

He dialed the number again.

If you don’t answer my call, I will blow up your phone.

The phone on the table rang again.

Phillip Zong raised his eyes.

The number shown above is Alan Su’s number.

He pressed the answer button and turned on the hands-free, freeing his hands and not misreading the file.

He asked, “What’s the matter?”

Alan Su didn’t expect that he would pick it up so quickly, and he was ready to fight a few more times.

I didn’t react for a while, and after a two-second delay, he said, “Why did I hang up just now? It’s because I called at the wrong time, which disturbed you?”

Milton Guan bowed his head and scratched his head, wondering what was in his mind?

Phillip Zong didn’t look up, closed the signed document, put it on the other side, and said, “Are you so free?”

Alan Su, “…” It seems that he is the most idle.

I was called out by Keller Shen for two glasses of wine, and I didn’t want to go home anymore, let alone go to the office. It seemed quite leisurely.

He smashed his mouth, “Did Keller Shen encounter something?

I don’t think he is in the right mood. He called me for a drink today. I didn’t drink two glasses and stopped drinking. I asked him why he was going. He said that he went home to sleep. He is such a positive worker who said he wanted to go home and sleep. Is it abnormal? “

This is indeed not like his character.

Phillip Zong turned off the speakerphone, picked up the phone, and asked, “Where is the other person now?”

“It should be at home.”

Alan Su said.

“Go find him and bring him to the company.”

“Okay, then I’ll hang up.”

Phillip Zong took off the phone and put it on the table, when the secretary’s voice came from the door.

“You can’t enter.”

The people outside didn’t seem to put the secretary in their eyes, and pushed them away, “Go away!”

The office door was pushed open when the secretary was unable to stop him. Gu Bei copied his pocket with one hand and said with a smile, “Zong Zong.”

“I can’t stop him.”

The secretary looked down.

Phillip Zong didn’t criticize her, saying, “Go on.”

He handed the signed document to Milton Guan, “Go down too.”

Milton Guan walked out holding a stack of documents.

Gu Bei walked to the desk, took off the sunglasses on the bridge of his nose, looked around, smiled and said, “Zong has good taste.”

Phillip Zong leaned back in the chair, “Mr Gu broke into my office impolitely just to praise my taste, okay?”

Gu Bei laughed, holding the desk with one hand, and playing with the sunglasses in his other hand, “How about?

Your only capable person, Keller Shen, now has no rights. As long as I play harder, he will immediately become infamous, and maybe he will be in prison.

Do you want to play harder? “

He put his eyes back, “I said, you can’t beat me.”

Phillip Zong squinted.

“Don’t be surprised.”

Gu Bei propped his hands on the table and looked at him, “No matter who it is, it will not end well with me.”

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