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Chapter 595

Gu Bei gritted his teeth with anger. Originally, Jenkin Bai planted a seed of doubt in his heart. After hearing what Keller Shen said, he became even more distrustful of the fourth.

And what Keller Shen said did happen. It happened two years ago. When the new lady was serving a big man, she didn’t understand the rules and didn’t satisfy the big man. Gu Bei threw her to her in a fit of anger. The subordinates were trained, and all his subordinates were rough men, and they were killed without any seriousness.

He had almost forgotten about this for so long, and now he heard it again, but he was betrayed by his own people.

Gu Bei turned his head to look at Luo San, and whispered, “Thank you today.”

After speaking, he left the club in a huff.

Luo San, who was standing on the opposite side, curled his lips and understood what happened for a while. It seems that Keller Shen and Phillip Zong sang a double-action play to deceive Gu Bei.

In fact, it is not a lie to Gu Bei. The fourth child did confess something about Gu Bei. He didn’t act as a celebrity around Gu Bei before, and he knew few secret things. Keller Shen found out this incident, just to make Gu Bei Xiang first betrayed him by the fourth, deliberately saying that the fourth confessed.

According to Keller Shen’s investigation, the fourth child was also involved in the death of the young lady, so he didn’t say anything.

The fourth move to confess that Gu Bei’s things were trivial things, and there was no bad thing he did himself. Although he had no backbone, he knew how to keep things that were not good for him.

When Gu Bei left the clubhouse, the fourth child was taken to the villa.

He returned to the villa angrily, and the fourth child was also taken.

Suddenly being brought back, the fourth child was a little uneasy, and cautiously, “Mr. Gu…” Before he could finish his words, Gu Bei twitched the corner of his lips sullenly. Without saying anything, he just kicked up, and the fourth child fell down. On the ground, he was already very injured, so he couldn’t get up on his stomach anymore, clutching his stomach and twitching.

“Didn’t you f*cking say that you didn’t interrogate you?”

Gu Bei squatted down and grabbed his jaw, “You betrayed me?”

Old Si opened his eyes wide, didn’t he already believe him before?

Why did you suddenly know it again?

“You must not listen to that lame man…” Snap! It was another slap on the face of the fourth child, and Gu Bei was furious, “Is there anything false that I heard with my own ears?

Let me just say, you fell into their hands, how could you not interrogate you and let you come back? It turns out that you not only betrayed me, but also promised to do an undercover investigation for me. The fourth child, I’m not mean to you, but not Thought, how dare you treat me this way?

! “

Gu Bei was very annoyed and tried to save him, but he betrayed himself, making it more difficult for him to accept than cheating on his girlfriend.

He wished to choke the fourth child to death immediately to relieve his hatred! The fourth child has been trapped. He said something about Gu Bei, but he wouldn’t be able to do anything to Gu Bei. Also, when did he promise to be an undercover agent for them?

“There must be a misunderstanding…” “Misunderstanding!”

The more I thought about it, the more annoyed Gu Bei was, and he slapped the fourth child on the face with two slaps. Half of his arm was numb because of too much force. The blood in the mouth of the fourth child was a face that could not be seen before. Red and swollen, like a roasted pig’s head.

“My ears are not deaf yet!”

Gu Bei laughed in anger, “The fourth child, remember what I said?”

The fourth child was trembling with fright, and the blood in his mouth flowed to the collar of his clothes, which was particularly conspicuous on the white and blue striped hospital gown.

He lay on the ground and hugged Gu Bei’s legs to survive, “Mr. Gu, you have to believe me, I really didn’t betray you.

I swear, if I betray you, I won’t be able to die. “

However, at this time, there was a sudden thunder.

The fourth child, “…” Gu Bei, “…” “Look at God, I’m going to hit you.”

Gu Bei kicked him away and called his subordinates to come over, “Throw him into the sea to feed the fish!”

“President Gu, you have to believe me.”

The fourth child crawled over and cried with Gu Bei’s leg, “I really didn’t betray you, please believe me.”

Gu Bei looked at the dog-like fourth child and sneered, “I want to believe you too, but look at your unpromising appearance. If you didn’t betray me, I would be surprised!”

There is no blood at all, it would be a surprise if he didn’t move like that! “What are you doing in a daze?”

Gu Bei was angry, and several subordinates immediately came up to pull away the fourth child.

“Please, believe me, I really didn’t betray you.”

The fourth child was bitten to death and refused to admit it, and there was only one dead end when he recognized him.

However, Gu Bei did not recognize him and also believed that he betrayed himself.

Gu Bei took the opportunity to kill the chickens and curse the monkeys, so that those who followed him could see what the end of betraying him was! “I will not treat anyone who follows me wrong, but the one who betrays me has a dead end!”

Gu Bei is so aggressive, no one can save the fourth child today! In order to deter subordinates, Gu Bei personally grabbed the fourth child and went out.

The fourth child cried out and begged for mercy. Gu Bei was so annoyed that he was put in a sack with his mouth shut, and he was thrown into the trunk and drove to the suburban coast.

The subordinate who followed at first thought it was just to scare the fourth child and scared them, but did not want Gu Bei to really let them throw the fourth child into the sea.

They were all subordinates, although they didn’t like the fourth, but they were also afraid that they would have this day and begged for the fourth.

“For the sake of no credit and hard work, spare his life.”

A big beard pleaded openly.

Gu Bei snorted. He leaned on the front hood of the car with his hands around his chest, “He betrayed me, and there is only one result, and that is death. The same is true for you. One day, whoever betrays me will only have this. One way! Whoever dares to intercede, I will let him throw him down with the fourth child.”

It seemed that several subordinates had banned their voices for an instant, and no one dared to speak again, fearing that they would also be thrown into the sea to feed fish.

“Don’t do it yet, let me do it myself?”

Gu Bei said coldly.

Several subordinates flinched at the same time, and invariably grasped forward like a cricket that was twisted in a sack. The fourth child’s mouth was blocked, but his ears were not blocked. He heard everything they said. , It’s only when I hear it, I fear in my heart.

He struggled hard to break free, but he was tied too tightly and couldn’t break free at all.

If he could see his face at this moment, he would definitely be able to see his bloodless and frightened face.

I am afraid that no one in this world can face death as calm as water.

After all, there is only one life. If you die, you will die, and there will be no more.

Gu Bei’s expression did not fluctuate, he was confident, and he was unscrupulous when he was able to keep him in the wake of the Dongchuang incident.

With a thump, a huge splash of water splashed on the surface of the water, and it became calm for a while, without even seeing the struggle.

The subordinates standing on the shore were all unsightly. One of them asked, “Do sharks really eat people?”

“Fool, of course you don’t eat people, people are the most advanced animals.”

“You are a fool, who said sharks don’t eat people?”

A subordinate who firmly believes that sharks are cannibals refuted the person who had just spoken.

“Have you seen it?”

That person was also not convinced. He felt that man is the ruler of the earth, and sharks are animals in the water. How could they eat people on the shore?

“Have you never seen a great white shark?

The sharks inside eat people. “

The two held their own opinions and refused to agree with the other’s statements.

“That’s a movie! Real sharks don’t eat people!”

“A bunch of idiots, how did I raise your stuff?”

Gu Bei’s brain hurt by the noise, “Leave.”

After he got in the car, there was a loud rumbling, lightning flashed by, and it seemed that there was a heavy rain.

A few subordinates ran into the car for fear of rain, completely forgetting what they had done just now.

The fourth child’s popularity is not good, no one is in the eyes of gaining power, and he has offended a lot of people, so no one will really plead for him. He just spoke for him, but he is afraid that he will end up like this.

Several thought to themselves that they must not betray Gu Bei, otherwise, they would have to be fed fish.

In the city, Ana Lin took his son and daughter to the pet shop to buy Dabai’s supplies and Zong Yanxi went to the playground again.

Ana Lin raised his head and looked at the sky. Maybe it will rain heavily this day. He coaxed his daughter and said, “Shall we go to the supermarket and buy you food?”

Zong Yanxi thought for a while, “Okay, I will reluctantly agree.”

Ana Lin couldn’t laugh or cry, stretched out her hand to squeeze her face, “It’s getting less and less cute as a child.”

“The aunt at the pet shop still praises me for being beautiful, how can I not be cute?”

Zong Yanxi was not convinced.

Ana Lin explained, “Cute and beautiful are not an adjective.”

“Get in the car quickly.”

She urged.

They left the pet shop and went to the supermarket.

As soon as I entered the supermarket, there was a heavy rainstorm.


Zong Yanxi looked at the heavy rain outside and said with emotion, “Fortunately, I didn’t go to the playground, or I would be drenched in soup.”

Ana Lin took the two children with Yu’s mother and the new servant behind. The driver walked in the back with a group of people into the supermarket.

Wanda pushed the shopping cart and said, “There is no fruit at home.”

They went to the fruit area and bought some seasonal fruits. There are also many fruits in this season, the price is not expensive, mainly fresh.

Passing by the pastry area, Zong Yanxi was about to eat donuts, she ran over to take a plate, she saw the person standing in front of the counter through the glass, and when she saw the appearance, he said, “Is it you?”

Chapter 596

The boy standing in front of the counter raised his head and looked at the source of the sound. He saw the little girl standing opposite the glass case. Zong Yanxi stood up from the glass case. The boy saw her face clearly, as if he had remembered in an instant. Where have I seen her.

His mother took him over to find his father. He had seen her in the supermarket in the service area when the car stopped in service.

“Still remember me?”

Zong Yanxi asked with a smile, not knowing why he remembered his appearance so clearly.

Today she is wearing a red dress with a white baby collar, with a simple ponytail, her face is as white as porcelain, her big bright and clear eyes, and she smiles like a crescent moon when she smiles.

The boy did not speak, but he remembered her look in his heart.


Ana Lin came over.

The boy looked over and noticed the woman behind her who was lowering her head to pick Yangmei with Wanda. His black eyes flickered, and soon he grabbed it again.

Walk away with dad.

Zong Yanxi stood there, blinked, staring at the boy walking away, wondering why he didn’t even have the least courtesy?

She is greeting him, why not answer her?

“Sweet again.”

Ana Lin looked at the doughnut in her daughter’s hand and frowned, “Eating too much sweet is not good for teeth.”

Zong Yanxi pouted, “I like to eat this. We don’t come to the supermarket every day. I buy more and go back and eat it slowly in the refrigerator.”

Ana Lin looked at her daughter very helplessly. The child’s mouth became more and more able to speak, and her mouth was very clever.

“Mommy, buy it.”

Zong Yanxi tugged Ana Lin’s sleeves and acted like a baby, “Okay.”

Ana Lin has no choice but to take her daughter, “Only one can be eaten that day, not more.”


Zong Yanxi bargained with her.

“Then don’t buy it.”

Ana Lin pretended to turn around and leave. Zong Yanxi stopped her and reluctantly hummed, “Well, just have one, then I’ll let the pastry chef wrap it.”

After speaking, he ran over, for fear that Ana Lin would go back.

Ana Lin smiled helplessly.

Zong Yanchen came over and took her hand, “Mom, do you think your sister has changed?”

Ana Lin looked down at his son and nodded in agreement, “It has changed, but what do you want to sigh with?”

Zong Yanchen said, “It’s not emotion, I just want to tell you that your daughter used to be very clingy. That’s because she just had a father and lacked love. Now she knows that her father belongs to her. After a lot of love, so it’s not so sticky.”

Ana Lin didn’t know how to evaluate her son and daughter. She used to be cute, but now she has become like her son.

But it seems that what the son said makes sense.

She obviously felt the changes in her daughter, she was lively and cheerful, and she also liked to talk.

However, it is better for girls to be quiet, but they are still young, and maybe they will be fine when they grow up.

“Do you have what you want?”

Ana Lin asked her son, although the child is mature in mind, after all, it is the child and daughter who bought it. She has to buy it for her son. She is afraid that the child will be treated unfairly.

“What I want is not available on this layer.”

Zong Yanchen said.

“Then we go to the third floor?”

Ana Lin asked knowingly, knowing that his son didn’t want to buy food, but wanted to buy toys. There are toys on the third floor.

Zong Yanchen knew Ana Lin was teasing him, so he laughed, “I hate it.”

They went up to the third floor after shopping.

Zong Yanchen bought a set of chess. After losing in Baicheng last time, even if he was enlightened by Zong Qifeng, he did not want to touch it for a long time. Now I want to understand.

He is not afraid of difficulties, but he is afraid of shrinking. Only when he can face overcoming is his true growth.

“When Dad is free, we two will go down.”

Zong Yanchen said happily.

Ana Lin touched his son’s head and asked him if he wanted anything else. He shook his head, and they went downstairs to settle the bill.

There are so many people in the supermarket today, and there is a long line at the checkout counter.

Wanda said, “You find a place to drink something, I will check out here.”

Zong Yanxi was unwilling to wait here, and took Ana Lin’s hand and said, “Mummy, let’s go there.”

She pointed to the dessert shop in the supermarket.

Ana Lin knew her daughter’s thoughts, she was also a little hungry and took her two children to the store.

Wanda pushed the shopping cart and asked the new servant to follow Ana Lin and them. A pregnant woman with two children, she was worried.

There are juice, milk and coffee in the dessert shop. Zong Yanxi ordered what she likes, and thoughtfully ordered juice for the driver and the new servant.

It was almost noon since Ana Lin ordered some desserts and asked them to sit down and eat some. The driver was used to Ana Lin’s approachable people and sat down without saying anything. The new servant was a little cramped. Declining, “I’m not hungry.”

Ana Lin smiled and said, “Everyone lives together. You take care of my children. It’s not that outsiders don’t need to see outsiders. Sit down.”

The new servant refused to see if it was bad, so she had to sit down. Only a few days after her arrival, she could see that the family was very kind.

Although it was a wealthy family, the hostess was kind, and this little girl, she remembered where she had met when she met.

Maybe it was a hurry, she didn’t remember herself, and she was a little different from that time.

At that time, I was darker than it is now, and it is normal for children to remember when they are young.

She looked at Zong Yanxi, she felt cute no matter how she looked.

She thought in her heart, how could she grow so beautiful?

Soon Ana Lin said that all the desserts ordered were served.

“Aunt Wang, you can try this.”

Zong Yanxi scooped her a spoon of milky pudding on the dessert plate next to her.

There are more than 30 new servants. Although they are older than Ana Lin, they are not in the same generation as Wanda, so Ana Lin asked the child to be called auntie.

She is called the eldest sister herself, and she treats each other with sincerity. After all, people take care of her closest people, so they treat her with the most sincere heart.

The shop is very quiet, the sofa is very soft and comfortable to sit on, it is very suitable for rest after shopping.

The two children ate slowly, and the driver and Aunt Wang ate fast. They went outside to help Yu’s mother. They put things in the car and asked Yu’s mother to come in for a break and drink something.

After eating, they left the supermarket and went home.

Because I ate dessert, it was almost noon and I didn’t feel hungry. Ana Lin asked Yu’s mother to make lunch later. She went upstairs to rest, and after walking for a long time, she wanted to lie down for a while.

Ma Yu and Aunt Wang put the fruits they bought in the refrigerator, and took out some cleansed fruits for the two children to eat.

“The wife is very well maintained, she looks really young, and she is very kind.”

Aunt Wang said.

Wanda smiled, “She was already young.”

I was only eighteen when I got married, can I be young?

Aunt Wang felt that Ana Lin was also thirty. After all, the children were so old. They should be thirty when they were married and had children in their twenties.

Looks like a college student.

Ding Dong, at this time the doorbell rang, and Aunt Wang said, “I’ll open the door.”

Everything was packed, Yu’s mother dropped her legs and wanted to go into the house to take a rest, so she said, “Okay, then you go.”

Aunt Wang walked to the door to open the door, and a courier was standing at the door.

The courier brother asked, “Is there a lady named Wang Xinhua here?”

Aunt Wang looked at the courier brother and said, “I am, you are…” “Here is your courier, please sign for it.”

The courier guy handed over a small paper box.

The recipient did have her name written on it.

“Who sent it to me?”

She asked.

“I am only responsible for the delivery. As for who I am not sure about, please sign it.”

The courier brother will confirm the receipt to her.

After she took it and signed it, she took the small paper box.

There was no one in the living room. Everyone was resting in the room. She sat on the sofa and opened the box. Inside the box was a stationery box with all money. There were ten yuan, one hundred, and fifty. They were full. Full of a stationery box.

There is another card below.

She opened it, and it was her son’s note. It said, “Mom, I miss you. I chose Dad because I was afraid you can’t afford me, so I followed Dad, so you can relax, Mom, when I grow up, Make a lot of money and take you over to live with me.

She burst into tears. She and her husband are both from the countryside. In order to make a living for her husband to start a career, she takes care of the young and old at home. Last year, her in-laws passed away, and she brought her son to reunite with her husband. Who knows, The husband found a young friend outside.

A successful husband does not like her who can’t dress up and is not young.

In order to fight for the custody of her son, the husband and wife confronted each other and entered the court. The husband had financial strength, and she first lost in the economy, but in order for her son to stay with her, she still had to earn money with her husband.

The court dealt with it at its discretion, sympathized with the mother, and sought the child’s opinion and asked him who he would like to live with.

Her son said, “Talk to Dad.”

Her heart was ashamed at the time.

did not expect……

Chapter 597

Ana Lin was thirsty and poured water, and saw where she was sitting crying, thinking that she was not used to living here, so she walked down and took a tissue and handed it to her, “What’s wrong with you?

Is there something? “

Aunt Wang quickly packed everything up and said, “It’s okay.”

Obviously she didn’t look like she was all right, Ana Lin handed the paper towel forward again, “wipe it.”

Aunt Wang stood and took the paper towel handed over and wiped her tears away.

Ana Lin poured two glasses of water and handed one to her, “Can you tell me why you are crying?

If there is anything unaccustomed to here, you can tell me. “

“No, I’ve had a good time here.”

She lowered her head, “I just missed my son.”

Ana Lin saw that she was holding a stationery box in her hand, and she understood how a mother missed her child. She said before that when she divorced her husband, a son followed her husband. Even so, she should be a mother. Those with visiting rights, “If you think about it, you can go and see. If your ex-husband does not allow you to visit, I can help you find a lawyer.”

She is also a mother, so she understands Aunt Wang’s current feelings, and while sympathizing, she also wants to give her some help.

“no, I’m fine.”

She has the right to visit. Although only one opportunity a month is not a lot, she does not want to give others trouble.

“It’s past noon, are you hungry?”

Aunt Wang cleaned up and asked.

Ana Lin finished drinking the water in the cup, put the cup down and said, “You can do it now.”

When is done, I should be hungry.

Yu’s mom prepares everything she usually eats. She said, “I will cook lunch at noon today. Let Yu’s mom have a rest.”

After she came here, there was nothing unaccustomed to. Everyone got along well, and Wanda took good care of her.

Ana Lin said yes.

She couldn’t sleep anymore, and was about to go to Lena Qin to chat with her in the room. Before going in, she said to Aunt Wang again, “If you need anything, tell me.”

She didn’t mean anything else, she just wanted to help her.

Aunt Wang said, “Okay, thank you.”

Ana Lin smiled and said no thanks, turned around and went to Lena Qin’s room.

On the other side, the two people who came out of the club got in the car and left. Keller Shen drove to the door of Wanyue Group and stopped.

Keller Shen saw the car parked at the door sharply and said, “Isn’t this Jenkin Bai’s car?”

Phillip Zong looked up and saw that Jenkin Bai’s car was indeed parked in a parking space outside the building.

“What is he doing?”

Keller Shen put one hand on the car window, looking very interested.

After all, Jenkin Bai understands better than anyone else, isn’t it strange how unwelcome he is here, and it is unpleasant to take the initiative to find him?

Originally, Phillip Zong wanted to go in, but after knowing that Jenkin Bai was here, he called Milton Guan and asked him to drive the car out.

Keller Shen looked at Phillip Zong and smiled and said, “Don’t be so stingy, everyone is here, send someone a wedding invitation by the way?

Let him drink a glass of your wedding wine, but also missed it? “

Phillip Zong ignored him.

Milton Guan parked the car behind Keller Shen’s car, got down and handed the car key to Phillip Zong, “A Mr. Bai has come to see you. I have been waiting for two hours.”

Phillip Zong took the key and said, “Just say I’m not here.”

After speaking, he got into the car with the car key, started the car and left.

“Is your boss particularly stingy?”

Keller Shen glanced at the car that was driving away, and smiled and asked Milton Guan.

Milton Guan casts a look in your eyes that is clearer than me, “Do you ask me about this?

Did you make a mistake? “

He originally wanted to say that you are just one bed away. Don’t you understand Phillip Zong’s temperament better than I do?

But without saying anything, he waved his hand, “I’m leaving.”

He is very busy.

Keller Shen didn’t waste time here either. He drove back to the office and received a video from his subordinates on the way.

He has been sending people to follow Gu Bei, and he specifically explained today that Gu Bei’s every move must be recorded.

What the subordinate sent was the video of Gu Bei Shen Hai’s Lao Si. The shot was very clear. He was very satisfied, and sent a message to let the subordinate come back without monitoring.

It is impossible to use the previous case to overthrow Gu Bei, and the evidence of the previous case is too long to find, so we can only use the recent one to overthrow Gu Bei.

This video is enough to prove that he ordered the murder.

It’s just that he has a lot of power, and even if he bursts out, he will be suppressed. Now he can only wait for the opportunity to continue digging into the bad things he has done over the years.

Once there is a suitable opportunity, it is time for them to take action.

Before Keller Shen returned to the office, Xiao Wang next to Song Ju came over and called him, saying that Song Ju wanted to see him.

He put down what he was holding and immediately went to the Song Bureau office. When he reached the office door, he raised his hand and knocked on the door.

Soon there was a voice saying come in, Keller Shen opened the door and went in, and saw Song Ju was answering the phone, he waved his hand to make Keller Shen sit down first.

Keller Shen would like to sit down on the sofa in the front reception area.

After waiting for a while, Song Bureau finished the call, put down the phone and walked over and asked, “Are you free at noon?”

Keller Shen nodded, “Yes, how can I invite you to dinner?”

Song Ju waved his hand and said boldly, “I invite you.”

“The feeling is good.”

Someone must be happy to have dinner.

Song Ju took off his hat and flexed his muscles, “Where is your little girlfriend?

Take it together and go to my house today. “

Keller Shen feels that he is a bit happy early, girlfriend, where is his girlfriend?

“Um, I will go by myself.”

Keller Shen said with a smile.

The Song Bureau directly issued an order, “No, there must be two people. I will go first. You will come with your little girlfriend. This is not your first time. You know the address. Don’t be late.”

After speaking, Keller Shen had no time to find a reason for his refusal, so he took his hat and left.

Keller Shen, “…” This is really a problem for him! He scratched his head and felt his brain hurt. Song Ju not only promoted him, but also took good care of him. He couldn’t refute Song Ju’s face.

Thinking left and right, I could only ask Marsha Sang to do myself a favor.

He glanced at the time, but it was still too late. This time, instead of looking for Marsha Sang directly, he found a female subordinate and asked her to find it for himself.

What happened last time left him with lingering fears. It was not Song Ju. He would not find who asked him to find Marsha Sang today.

After the incident last time, all the colleagues in the institute believed that Marsha Sang was his girlfriend. After all, they k*ssed in public. What is the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend?

Besides, the people in the school are very clear about Keller Shen’s behavior. He is not the kind of person who messes with men and women. It must be his girlfriend.

After experiencing the last time, Marsha Sang didn’t dare to look for Keller Shen casually, for fear of causing him trouble.

She has a good impression of Keller Shen. Keller Shen is an upright, mature and stable man who always has a unique charm. For a girl like her, she feels safe.

He suddenly asked people to come to him, and Marsha Sang followed without hesitation.

When the female subordinate brought Marsha Sang to the office of Keller Shen, she remembered and asked, “Is he looking for me for anything?”

The female subordinate looked at her and said with a smile, “I don’t know about this. Please go in and ask yourself.”

Soon she took Marsha Sang to the door of Keller Shen’s office, leaving the human hair behind and saying, “The people are inside, you can go in by yourself, I will leave first.”

After speaking, the female subordinate turned and left, leaving Marsha Sang here.

Marsha Sang stood at the door, hesitated for a moment before raising his hand to knock on the door, and soon the door opened from inside.

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