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Chapter 589

Madam Zhou looked at her daughter, “It’s so late, why don’t you go back here?”

Now she could see that Jenkin Bai’s relationship with them didn’t seem so good.

If you are a really good friend and know that Jenkin Bai has been arrested, how can you be so calm and not anxious at all?

“I can’t sleep when my mother goes back. I am worried about him if Jenkin is not there.”

Although Zhou Chunchun didn’t know Ana Lin’s mentality towards Jenkin Bai, she knew that Ana Lin would never harm Jenkin Bai.


The daughter is too innocent, and Mrs. Zhou is afraid that she will suffer here.

“Mom, go back.”

Zhou Chunchun’s attitude is very determined. Mrs. Zhou has no choice but to say, “I will pick you up tomorrow morning.”

“it is good.”

Zhou Chunchun agreed immediately.

Phillip Zong frowned. He didn’t seem to want Zhou Chunchun to stay here, let alone take up Ana Lin’s time, “It’s too late. I will give it to you tomorrow. You all go back today.”

“Tell my sister, please, I want to see her.”

Zhou Chunchun knew that he didn’t want to stay here by himself. Now Jenkin Bai didn’t know what was going on. He was worried that he would be bullied. Only his sister could help, but she couldn’t leave.


Madam Zhou wanted to persuade her daughter, but she was interrupted before she finished speaking.

Zhou Chunchun said, “Mom, leave me alone.”

“Are you a dummy?

Can’t you tell that others don’t want you to stay here? “

Mrs. Zhou was a little angry because of her daughter’s stubbornness. She said nothing but regretted her words.

“Chunchun’s sorry mom didn’t mean it…” “It doesn’t matter, I was stupid.”

There were tears in Zhou Chunchun’s eyes, and her heart was sad. It didn’t matter what others said, but her relatives said it would make her feel uncomfortable.

“You come in.”

Ana Lin stood at the door and said to Zhou Chunchun.

She heard the conversation just now.

Zhou Chunchun looked back and saw Ana Lin trot over immediately, she wiped her face and smiled at Ana Lin, “Sister, I’m sorry to bother you to rest so late. Jenkin is not here. I am worried about him. I can’t sleep. , But no friends talk to me.”

Ana Lin knew she was a good girl, and took her hand, “Don’t bother, you call my sister, I will take care of you.”

After speaking, she looked at Mrs. Zhou who was standing not far away and looked at her daughter with worried eyes. Although the first meeting was very unpleasant, but because of Zhou Chunchun’s face, she didn’t care about her. Think about it though she Her attitude is too radical, and she is also eager for her daughter, fearing that her daughter will be hurt.

Pity the parents of the world.

“I will take care of her.”

She said to Mrs. Zhou.

Madam Zhou nodded and said, “Thank you, I’m sorry for the trouble you caused last time.”

“I have forgotten what happened last time, Chunchun will be fine here, don’t worry.”

Madam Zhou said thank you again. Ana Lin’s attitude made her feel a little relieved, and said to her daughter, “Mother Chunchun is gone.”

Zhou Chunchun nodded, “Let’s go, I will go back by myself in the morning.”

Madam Zhou really doesn’t know what to say about her daughter, how can there be a car here for her to ride back?

“I asked the driver to see her.”

Ana Lin saw Madam Zhou’s mind and said.

“Thank you then.”

Mrs. Zhou is sincerely grateful.

Ana Lin smiled and took Zhou Chunchun’s hand into the room. Lena Qin sat on the sofa in the living room. Ana Lin told her the ins and outs. Knowing what was going on, she didn’t want everyone to be embarrassed, so she was fine.

“You and Zong said, hand over the people.”

Lena Qin didn’t want Ana Lin to owe Jenkin Bai the favor, after all, everyone knew Jenkin Bai’s mind.

“He will take care of this, so don’t think too much about it. I will help you back to the room.”

Ana Lin came over.

“Sister, I will help you, you are pregnant with inconvenience.”

Zhou Chunchun saw the gauze on Lena Qin’s feet and legs. Knowing that she was injured, she reached out to support her arm.

Lena Qin looked at Ana Lin and asked who this was?

Ana Lin introduced, “She is Jenkin Bai’s new wife named Zhou Chunchun, a very good girl.”

Lena Qin nodded and said, “It looks good.”

Very simple appearance.

Helping Lena Qin to the room, Ana Lin poured her water, “Take the medicine.”

Lena Qin took the water she handed over and ate all the medicine, “Go ahead, I’m going to bed.”

Ana Lin nodded, “Call me if something happens.”

“I won’t call you. I’m afraid Zong will hate me. I’ll call Wanda, or the new servant.”

Lena Qin curled her lips, “Your husband, you are the one who won’t hurt you even if you look at him, I dare not call it.”

Ana Lin glared at her, “Go to sleep, I’m so blind all day long, I’ve learned the same as Alan Su.”

As soon as Alan Su’s name came out, Lena Qin’s expression was not as open as she had just now, and she was restrained, “I sleep.”

Ana Lin tucked her quilt and apologized in a small voice, “I didn’t mention him on purpose.”

“I know, you should rest early, so don’t tire my godson.”

Lena Qin wasn’t angry, just hearing the name Alan Su would become unhappy.

Ana Lin laughed and said that she knew it.

She asked Zhou Chunchun to come out, closed the door and asked her, “Have you had dinner?”

Zhou Chunchun shook his head, “No, Jenkin is gone, I can’t eat it anymore.”

“You have to eat to have the strength to wait for him. There is some food here for you to eat.”

Ana Lin called to her mother, “Bring a clean bowl.”

Ma Yu took out the clean tableware and said, “It’s rare for everyone to eat together. It was interrupted and there are so many dishes left.”

Zhou Chunchun lowered his head, “I’m sorry.”

“No matter what your business is, Wanda didn’t say about you.”

Ana Lin comforted her, and Wanda did not target her, she just said that it was a pity that the meal was ruined.

Ana Lin told her to sit down and fetch her some vegetables, “Eat something first, otherwise Jenkin Bai will feel sorry for you.”

Zhou Chunchun picked up the chopsticks, picked up the food Ana Lin gave her and put it into his mouth.

She doesn’t want Jenkin Bai to worry, and don’t let him feel sorry for herself. In fact, he is the most pitiful. He likes someone but can’t be with the person he likes.

“Sister, does Yining like you, right?”

Ana Lin’s nerves tightened suddenly. She looked at Zhou Chunchun and explained hurriedly, “Chunchun…” “Sister.”

Zhou Chunchun raised her head and looked at her, and said seriously, “Don’t explain, I understand, but I don’t hate you, nor do I hate you. You are beautiful, smart and kind. It’s normal for him to like you. But in the future, he said, he I will refrain from disliking you and try to like me. I also want to be the woman whose eyes shine when he looks at it.”

Ana Lin was silent and didn’t know what to say, but just looked at her so quietly.

“Sister, I have no brothers or sisters, can I treat you as my sister in the future?”

Zhou Chunchun lowered his eyes with loss, “Because I am not smart, no one else is willing to be friends with me, only Jenkin does not dislike me, and you do not dislike me.”

Ana Lin reached out and picked up the hair around her ears and pinned them behind her ears, “You are very kind and smart. No one will despise you. At least I like you very much. You must remember that life is yourself. Yes, don’t care too much about what others say, because you are you, the best in this world. How you live and how you talk is your own business, as long as you are happy, if one day you get sick, others Can you replace you?”

Zhou Chunchun shook his head, “No.”

“So, it is not worth it to hurt yourself because of others’ words. No matter what you hurt, others can’t hurt you. So, no matter what others say, you just need to live your own life well.”

Zhou Chunchun looked at Ana Lin. In the past, her mother had to explain to her that she had to think about whether she could say it or not. In the end, she would be laughed at if she didn’t speak well, and she had to behave appropriately, and she should not do things that make people laugh.

Today my sister said to be yourself.

She felt that her sister was more correct, and she could not live with others’ opinions.

After all, she is the only one who knows whether she is happy or not, and others cannot replace her when she is suffering.

She nodded vigorously, “Sister, I know.”

“Sister thank you.”

Zhou Chunchun hugged her excitedly.

Ana Lin patted her on the back, “Don’t worry, Jenkin Bai will have nothing to do with him.”


Zhou Chunchun nodded.

Ana Lin said a lot with Zhou Chunchun, most of them enlightened her, so that she would not worry that Jenkin Bai would be fine.

Later, when it was late, Ana Lin asked her to rest in the guest room.

Because the servant came again, and there was no room downstairs, Ana Lin asked Phillip Zong to carry the two children upstairs and let Zhou Chunchun stay in the room of the two children for one night.

Both children fell asleep, and Phillip Zong hugged them one by one, but did not wake up.

Ana Lin was a little sleepy, and she lay next to the two children to sleep without taking a bath.

Phillip Zong put hot water in a basin by the bed, “get up and wash your feet before going to bed.”

Ana Lin got up, put his feet in the basin, and asked, “Will you let people go?”

Phillip Zong washed her feet. Her feet were slender, slightly smaller, and snow-white, with toes like tender lotus buds. He squeezed the back of her instep and her calf and asked, “Are your legs? Swollen?”

Ana Lin reached out and touched and said, “No.”

“The book says that pregnant women will be swollen.”

“That will only happen in seven or eight months.”

Ana Lin said.

Phillip Zong suddenly realized, “It turns out that it is.”

Ana Lin pedaled him, “Stop interrupting me, I ask you, will you let people go?”

Ana Lin only reacted now, he deliberately talked about other topics, not wanting to mention Jenkin Bai’s matter.

Phillip Zong grabbed her kicking foot, “Why do you say I hate him so much?”

I really want Gu Bei to kill him, so that I can save it from being in front of me and making me trouble. “

Chapter 590

Ana Lin couldn’t help but feel funny, how could he be so naive?

“I really want to take a picture of you in a mirror to show you how mean you look now.”

Phillip Zong snorted coldly, took a towel and wiped her feet.

Ana Lin tilted his head to look at him, “Are you angry?”

Why don’t you talk anymore?

Suddenly, Phillip Zong threw the towel aside, grabbed her ankles with both hands and pressed her body down. Ana Lin struggled and whispered, “What are you doing?

The two children were still there and woke them up. “

He suddenly raised his eyebrows wickedly, and said in a low voice, “You will not wake up if you scream lightly.”

Ana Lin, “…” “How can you become more and more shameless?”

Ana Lin is struggling harder, and I am really afraid that he will be wormed to his brain and do anything inappropriate in front of the child.

Phillip Zong bends his knees and pinches her legs with his legs, making her unable to move. He is very clear-headed. Even if he has no control over her, he will not recklessly act in front of the child.

He looked at Ana Lin quietly. She was originally young, and her long and delicate appearance became younger and younger, and her cheeks were white and delicate as porcelain. He gently stroked, “Yanyan, I don’t like him. I don’t like your thoughts very much.”

He couldn’t be generous to those who covet his wife.

“I am a layman, my woman can only belong to me, no one can think of it.”

Ana Lin knew that if someone had such a serious thought for Phillip Zong, she wouldn’t be happy and feel uncomfortable in her heart.

“I know, I only like you, for him only out of morals.”

Ana Lin expressed his intentions, this man sometimes looks like a needle nose, so he still has to tell him the explanation, lest he think too much.

Ana Lin laughed suddenly, “The longer I get along with you, the more you will find that you are outside, and the difference is greater at home.”


Reflected in those aspects?

tell me the story? “

Phillip Zong was very interested, staggering her body to avoid pressing her belly and lying down on her side.

Ana Lin said, “You let go of my legs first.”

Phillip Zong didn’t let go, “You speak first.”

Ana Lin turned his head, “You rascal, haven’t your employees seen it?”

“My rogue is only shown in front of my wife, they are not qualified to see it.”

He spoke righteously and didn’t think there was anything at all.

Ana Lin, “…” “Yeah.”

She sighed, “You really are a layman.”

Phillip Zong took her hand, “You touch it.”

Lin Xiyan raised her eyebrows, her eyes widened, she was incoherent when she looked at him dementialy, “You, you, what are you doing?”

“Let you touch if my body is hot, whether my heart is beating, it is not made of iron, nor is it made of steel. It is a body with warmth and thought, and it cannot escape life and death and everything. It’s the same as other people, so it’s mundane. Don’t ask it to be like a god, without emotions and desires.”

He looked at the blush on Ana Lin’s face that hadn’t faded, and smiled sullly, “Did you just want to get it crooked?”

Ana Lin coughed lightly, pretending to be calm, “No.”

She didn’t want to be crooked.

No! Even if there is, I can’t admit it.

In front of this man, she no longer knew how to write the word shame.

Was completely taken away.

“What’s that saying?

Those who are near Zhu are red and those who are near Mo are black? “

“are you talking about me?”

He raised his eyebrows slightly.

“what are you guys saying?”

Zong Yanxi rubbed her eyes in a daze, just waking up, her eyes couldn’t adjust to the light in the room.

“Nothing to say, go to sleep.”

Ana Lin quickly came up and hugged her, gently patted her on the back.

“Mommy, you said you will take me to the pet shop tomorrow, don’t forget.”

Going to the pet shop almost became her heart disease.

People are still not awake, and they don’t forget to remind.

Ana Lin coaxed her, “Okay, take you tomorrow, and sleep well now.”

“It’s been a long time since Mommy hugged me to sleep, the embrace is still the same warmth.”

The little girl nestled in her arms and said dullly.

Ana Lin couldn’t help feeling guilty. After taking them to City C, she sent them to preschool. She was busy building Yunzhi Embroidery and was busy putting Xiangyunsha into everyone’s sight again. A lot of negligence.

During this time, the two children have grown up a lot and learned a lot. They sleep independently, put on their own clothes, do not need others to urge them to wash their faces and brush their teeth, and can take care of themselves in simple daily life.

“Mommy will spend more time with you in the future.”

Ana Lin bowed his head to k*ss his daughter’s forehead.

Phillip Zong turned off the light, lay behind Ana Lin and hugged her, “Tomorrow I will go with you.”

Ana Lin gave a hum, and didn’t think about the question of whether there was time, so as not to spoil the child’s interest.

Ana Lin said that she woke up very early in the morning. After all, there are guests at home, so she wouldn’t be impolite by lying in bed.

Zhou Chunchun also got up very early, Ana Lin went downstairs and saw her coming out of Lena Qin’s room, and asked in surprise, “Didn’t you sleep in this room?”

She pointed to the room of the two children.

“I slept in this room.”

Zhou Chunchun said, “I heard her name Wanda, and Wanda was busy making breakfast, so I went in. Her legs and feet were inconvenient, and she needed someone to help her to go to the bathroom. I helped her.”

Ana Lin made it clear, then walked down the stairs and asked with a smile, “How did you sleep last night?”

Zhou Chunchun said, “I fell asleep at night, and when I woke up after five o’clock, I couldn’t fall asleep.”

Ana Lin knew that she still had troubles in her heart to lose sleep, so she reached out and shook her shoulders to show her comfort.

“How did her foot hurt?”

Zhou Chunchun means Lena Qin.

Ana Lin pursed her lips. In fact, she shouldn’t have told Zhou Chunchun about such a thing. After all, she has a simple mind and has never seen the sinister heart of people.

However, the Zhou family and the Gu family are close together. She doesn’t know how the relationship between the two families is. However, she wants to let Mrs. Zhou know through Zhou Chunchun that Gu Bei is a person with no morals and no bottom line and should stay away.

“Remember the person Jenkin Bai asked you to send?”

Zhou Chunchun nodded honestly, “Remember.”

“We want to arrest him because he did a lot of bad things.”

Ana Lin didn’t elaborate, only a simple statement, which made Zhou Chunchun understand.

Zhou Chunchun understood that the injured woman was killed by the man she sent, so my sister wanted to arrest the man.

“I want to wait for Jenkin to come back, we still have a chance to catch him again, although I also hate bad guys, but I can’t ignore Jenkin’s safety, I’m sorry, sister.”

“Fool, what does this have to do with you? It’s not your fault. Just like you said, we still have a chance to catch him. Good and evil will be rewarded. It’s not that it’s not that it’s just the hour.”

Mrs. Zhou came to pick up her daughter very early. Ana Lin originally wanted her to finish her breakfast and then let the driver take her back.

“We want to go to the police station soon.”

Madam Zhou did not sleep all night to worry about Jenkin Bai.

“Sister, then I’m leaving.”

Zhou Chunchun waved to Ana Lin.

Ana Lin said yes.

Zhou Chunchun bent down and got into the car. Madam Zhou thanked Ana Lin, “Thank you for taking care of my daughter.”

“She’s fine, I didn’t take care of her.”

Ana Lin said.

“Others think she is not very smart… There are few friends, and few people who like to get along with her. Apart from Jenkin, you are the first.”

Madam Zhou was very grateful to Lin Xiyan in her heart, and didn’t look down on her daughter.

The daughter is always looked at with strange eyes, and she feels very uncomfortable.

“We are leaving first, and we will have the opportunity to visit our house in the future.”

Mrs. Zhou’s sincere invitation.

Ana Lin smiled and said, “Okay.”

Madam Zhou got in the car, waved to Ana Lin through the window, and then asked the driver to drive.

There were not many cars on the road at this time in the morning, and the cars drove smoothly, and it didn’t take long to arrive at the police station.

Keller Shen handed the fourth child to Mrs. Zhou as scheduled.

The fourth child was covered in blood and couldn’t see where the injury was. He saw someone quickly grabbed Mrs. Zhou, “You save me.”

Zhou Chunchun pulled the fourth child away and asked the driver to throw him into the car.

Mrs. Zhou looked at her daughter in surprise. Usually, her daughter is Wen Wen Nuo Nuo, why did she change from usual today?

“Chunchun you…” “Mom, do you know what kind of person this is?”

Chapter 591

Before Madam Zhou could answer, Zhou Chunchun said angrily, “He is a bad person.”

Madam Zhou patted her daughter, “Shhh, don’t say here, save Jenkin first.”

How could she not know that the fourth child is not a good person?

My brother didn’t do good things, so can his people still be good people?

But anyone who has a snack will not mix with Gu Bei.

The nightclub standing on Zhongxin Road, who didn’t know that Gu Bei belonged to it, just as Keller Shen thought, Gu’s tree is too big and deep-rooted, no one dares to touch him easily.

Even if someone can’t understand it, they dare not say anything.

She and the other sisters were raised separately. They didn’t live together and didn’t have deep feelings. They usually had a relationship with each other, but their feelings were not like those who grew up together.

It’s just pure blood relationship.

She didn’t know how the other sisters were in relationship with Gu Bei. After this incident, she saw clearly that Gu Bei didn’t care about family affection at all. Since her sister is not rare, there is no need to contact him in the future.

She held her daughter’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, when Jenkin is rescued, my mother will stop interacting with them.”

Zhou Chunchun nodded.

They sat back in the car again, the old fourth nest was on the right side of the third row of seats, not daring to move, knowing that they didn’t like them, so as to minimize their sense of existence.

Mrs. Zhou called Gu Bei, “I found someone, where shall we meet?”

Gu Bei took the phone and smiled and looked at Jenkin Bai, who was sitting across from him, and curled his lips, “I’m in the second ring villa, come here.”

Gu Beiyang hung up and leaned on the sofa, smiling and saying, “You said, you don’t know where the person is, but your mother-in-law found the person in just ten hours. Is she too good or you Lie?”

Jenkin Bai’s face remained calm, guessing in his heart that Madam Zhou must have followed Zhou Chunchun’s words, otherwise it would be impossible to find someone.

He wanted to help Ana Lin sincerely and didn’t want her to give him anything back. Now Mrs. Zhou is looking for her and wondering if it will cause her trouble.

It was him who was clearly in a bad situation, but he was worried about Ana Lin, for fear of causing her trouble, and for Mrs. Zhou to notice any clues.

“Tell me, why do you hide the fourth child?”

Gu Bei didn’t know the connection between Jenkin Bai, Ana Lin, and Phillip Zong.

Only knowing that he is the sister-in-law, he is a bit famous in that small place in Baicheng, and the other is not clear.

He is famous in Baicheng, but in City B, he is not a sh*t! So Gu Bei didn’t put him in the eyes at all, so he dared to catch it.

“I said, I don’t have a Tibetan, he lost it, what can I do?”

Jenkin Bai lied without reddening his face. Seeing his unchanging face, he said the truth.

Gu Bei sneered, “Could it be that he got out of the car and ran?”


“You f*cking fart, is he crazy?

Knowing that someone wants to catch him, still running around? “

Jenkin Bai was not annoyed, and still said in a faint tone, “Everything is possible, maybe he is just a funny one?”

Gu Bei vigorously shook the water cup in his hand, wishing it to be crushed, he stared at Jenkin Bai fiercely, and after a long time he opened his mouth, “Don’t be stubborn, your mother-in-law is about to send people here, isn’t it he? He ran away by himself, he knew better than anyone else.”

Jenkin Bai still changed his face, “Even if he said I threw him away.

But does he have evidence?

On the other hand, if he said it was not me who lost him, is it really me who lost him? “

“You don’t want to be silly!”

Gu Bei was reluctant to talk to Jenkin Bai. This man had a clever mouth, and it was his reason.

“I will find out!”

Gu Bei was angry.

“President Gu will check if he wants to, but if you catch me like this, you really don’t put your sister in your eyes.”

“I asked her for help to give her face, and it didn’t help me, and I lost people. If it falls into Phillip Zong’s hands, I will never end with her!”

Gu Bei was spoiled and grown up. Old man Gu’s old son, he was so distressed that he was holding it in his hand for fear of falling, holding it in his mouth for fear of disintegration. Since he was a child, he would give whatever he wanted. With the arrogant temperament, no one is concerned, let alone grateful.

In his opinion, he can use people to save face.

Jenkin Bai smiled, “Should we make a bet.”

“What to bet on?”

Gu Bei squinted at him.

Jenkin Bai said unhurriedly, “Bet on you and Phillip Zong who will win in the end.”

“It must be me.”

Gu Bei was full of confidence, “The last time he didn’t take me whatsoever, this time it is still the same, hasn’t he found the fourth child until now?

Who does he have?

A Keller Shen is still a deputy bureau, how much power can he have?

The other is a lawyer, and it’s useless. He just has a lot of money, but I’m not the same. Let’s just talk about my sisters. The husbands are all people with status. My father is also in the position, the one on Zhongxin Road. Did you see the nightclub?

No matter how strict the external inspection is, I will still be open for business. Who dares to block?

Who dares to check? “

Jenkin Bai patiently listened to him, then smiled and said, “I bet Phillip Zong to win.”

Gu Bei, *……%?



“what did you say?”

He felt that he had hallucinations.

“What does Phillip Zong have?

You bet that he wins, do you know who is the most powerful in City B? “

“Does winning or losing depend on power?”

Jenkin Bai asked back.

Gu Bei smiled and leaned back on the sofa wantonly, feeling that what Jenkin Bai was saying was silly.

“Why not rely on power?

Are the two holding each other to fight? “

Jenkin Bai smiled without saying a word, Gu Bei had the advantage, but his IQ was worrying, he was too self-righteous and didn’t know how to use people’s hearts.

In fact, it’s not that Gu Bei doesn’t know how to use people’s hearts, but he ignores the closest person.

He did everything possible not to hand over the fourth child, just because he was afraid of the chills of those who followed him, and he didn’t care about family affection for Mrs. Zhou. That was because he felt that his sister was his relative and there was no need to protect him. She would also help herself. .

But he was wrong. People are the same. You are not good to others, and want to be good to you?

Hot face against cold ass?

People have a heart. Only when you are sincere to others, will people be sincere to you and Gu Bei completely ignores this.

To be precise, he is completely neglecting people’s hearts in the convenience of his relatives.

He knows how to win subordinates, but not his relatives. Maybe he is used to it and feels that his relatives do not need to be maintained. As long as he can use his relatives, he will take the initiative to help him. This psychology may have something to do with his living environment.

After all, he grew up being held up.

On the other side, Mrs. Zhou knew that Gu Bei had a villa on the second ring road. The last time it was Mr. Gu’s birthday. After the banquet in the old house, their daughters had dinner with Mr. Gu in that villa.

She told the driver the address, and the driver turned and drove towards the city.

On the way, Zhou Chunchun didn’t speak, and she didn’t know what she was thinking. Madam Zhou thought she was worried about Jenkin Bai and comforted her, “Don’t worry, as long as we hand over the people, Jenkin can come back safely.”

Zhou Chunchun didn’t say a word, thinking about Ana Lin’s words, this man hurt people and should be punished, but he wanted to let him go. She felt unfair.

“Mom, Dad said that he often told me that as long as people are kind, they will be beautiful and liked, but why are there bad people?

Wouldn’t their father tell them to be kind? “

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