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Chapter 565

He was confused and didn’t know what to do.

Ana Lin knelt down and patted his shoulder, “I don’t know what to do, but I think, if you really care about Lena Qin, give her more time, don’t rush to beg her forgiveness, use yours Action to move her.”

Let her open up and be willing to be with him.

Alan Su smiled bitterly, “I understand what you said, I’m afraid that I can’t do well, but push her farther and farther.”

“As long as you do it with your heart and a clear conscience, she will definitely feel it.”

Ana Lin didn’t know how to comfort him, so he could only try to comfort him.

She thought in her heart, Alan Su must understand what went wrong before.

In the afternoon, Lena Qin woke up, received a fever-reducing injection, and fell asleep again, feeling much better.

Alan Su knew that she hadn’t eaten much, so he went to buy some food. He was afraid that Lena Qin would be upset when he saw him, so he would give Ana Lin all the food for her to take in.

Ana Lin took it in and helped Lena Qin sit up. Alan Su bought easy-to-digest noodles. Lena Qin hadn’t eaten much for three days, and her stomach was empty long ago. If you were hungry for too long, it’s hard to eat hard and spicy noodles. , Can’t eat too much, so Alan Su doesn’t buy much.

Watching her finish eating, Ana Lin handed her a glass of warm water, packed her lunch boxes and threw them into the trash can, and then sat on the bedside to talk to Lena Qin.

Knowing that she would definitely not want Alan Su to take care of her, she asked her for her opinion, “You have an injury on your foot, and you cannot go to the ground temporarily. You need someone to take care of it. Alan Su wants to…” “I don’t need him to take care of it, help me find it. A caregiver.”

Before Ana Lin finished speaking, Lena Qin interrupted her, “Besides, it’s not a serious injury.”

Ana Lin looked at her without persuading a word, because what Lena Qin needed was not persuasion, but being touched by someone’s care. Afterwards, the throbbing was true feelings. Persuasion would only embarrass her.

She didn’t want Lena Qin to be uncomfortable.

She held Lena Qin’s hand, “I see, then you and I will go back to the villa. I have two children at home and I will be at home. You won’t be bored, okay?”

Lena Qin hesitated, “Will it be inconvenient for you?”

“What’s inconvenient?”

Ana Lin increased his tone, “You are like this now, how can I trust you to a caregiver?”

Lena Qin didn’t know what she was thinking, and said, “I didn’t get any serious injuries. I really don’t need to…” “Do you treat me as an outsider?”

Ana Lin interrupted her.

She misunderstood the same as Alan Su, thinking that Lena Qin was insulted by the fourth child, and she didn’t dare to say it clearly. She felt distressed and hid her heart for fear of adding pressure to her.

After all, no one wants to let people know about this kind of thing.

Ana Lin worries that she will be alone in her mind. Her current ease can be seen in Ana Lin’s eyes. It is her brave performance, so she is unwilling to let Alan Su take care of her and must take her back to the villa.


Of course Lena Qin is willing to live with her, but this is not in City C. They and their children are at home, but now there is Phillip Zong. Their family has just reunited, and she is living in as an outsider, for fear of inconvenience. .

Ana Lin noticed her worries and said, “Don’t worry, there are so many rooms in the villa. I have asked Yu’s mother to clean the room downstairs for you, so you can live in peace of mind and I will take care of you.”

Lena Qin pursed her lips and did not refuse. Ana Lin asked her to rest for a while and went through the discharge procedures. In fact, she was using an excuse to go out to see Alan Su.

When Lena Qin woke up, Alan Su did not dare to enter the house, for fear of making Lena Qin uncomfortable.

Alan Su sat on the bench in the corridor with his elbows resting on his legs. He looked a little frustrated. Ana Lin called him softly, “Alan Su.”


He looked over.

Ana Lin said, “I’ll let the driver come up to help pick Lena Qin back, so you can recover from your injury.”

Alan Su nodded, and then quickly lowered his eyes.

Ana Lin sighed and said nothing else, turned and walked out, and called the driver up outside. She borrowed a wheelchair from the nurse’s station. With the help of the driver, she helped Lena Qin sit on the wheelchair and pushed her away. hospital.

When she arrived at the car, she and the driver helped her into the car. Alan Su stood at the ventilation window at the end of the corridor on the third floor, watching Lena Qin being helped into the car and left.

Soon the car disappeared from sight, and he also turned and left without staying in the hospital.

Here, Ana Lin took Lena Qin to the villa. Wanda’s room had been cleaned. She helped Lena Qin lay on the bed. Although in summer, because it was a single-family villa, many trees were planted in the front and the back. In summer, there were branches and leaves. When it is lush, it blocks a lot of sunlight.

Ana Lin asked her if she was hot.

Lena Qin shook her head, “It’s not hot.”

She had fever, and it was too dry and uncomfortable in the air-conditioned room. She went to the bed and said, “I will open the window.”

Lena Qin said, “Okay.”

“Later you are thirsty and want to go to the bathroom and ask Wanda to help you, I’ll go out and buy you some clothes.”

She was also wearing a medical suit and was kidnapped. There was nothing. The clothes for this weather had to be changed every day. She was about the same weight and thin as Lena Qin. The clothes could be worn by her, but the underwear should still be bought. Yes, but not underwear.

So it’s better to buy some new ones.

Lena Qin laughed and joked, “Let you run around as a pregnant woman, let your man know, I don’t know if he will scold me.”

Ana Lin put the medicine brought back from the hospital on the bedside table and glanced at her, “He doesn’t curse.”

Lena Qin curled her lips and greeted her in advance, “I know that you haven’t been together for a long time, now I am definitely tired of reunion, but don’t show affection in front of me as a single dog, I will be jealous.”

Sometimes Ana Lin feels that she and Alan Su actually match, and they both speak in the same tone.

“You have a good rest, I’m leaving.”

“Well, you go, I’ll sleep for a while.”

Lena Qin lay down.

Ana Lin saw that she really wanted to sleep, closed the door. Zong Yanxi was still angry with Ana Lin. Since her return, she has not spoken to her. She sat on the sofa and played with Dabai. Zong Yanchen spread her hands together. This guy didn’t know what was wrong, and he didn’t coax it well.

Ana Lin didn’t go to coax her when she didn’t have time, and said to her mother, “Lena Qin is sleeping in the house. You can go in later and see if she doesn’t have a fever.”

Wanda answered, “Okay.”

She said to the two children again, “Don’t be too noisy. Your Aunt Lena Qin is resting. She is not feeling well. You have to be good.”

“We will.”

Zong Yanchen said.

Zong Yanxi didn’t seem to hear, sitting on the sofa and continued to tease Da Bai.

Ana Lin sighed. The child was still getting angry. She glanced at her daughter, then turned and walked out of the house. She explained that the driver was waiting for her in the car.

Seeing her coming out, the driver got out of the car and opened the door for her, Ana Lin bent over and sat in, “Go to the mall.”

The driver responded and ran to the front to drive.

It didn’t take long for the car to stop at the mall, and the driver stopped the car and walked in behind her.

Ana Lin’s goal is very clear. Entering the mall is also going directly to the women’s clothing area.

“Ana Lin?”

Ana Lin was about to enter the women’s clothing store when someone called her behind him.

Chapter 566

The voice seemed familiar, and she soon realized whose voice it was, and her body stiffened.

She didn’t know if she was looking back, and pretended not to hear.

I don’t know what to say after meeting.

At this time, the person who called her screamed again, and his eyes kept looking at her.

Ana Lin couldn’t pretend that he didn’t hear, but could only look back.

Sure enough, Li Jing was standing far away from her. In fact, it was not long ago. However, Li Jing changed a lot. People became a lot older at once. The original appearance was well maintained, and she looked older than her actual age, with black hair. There are a lot of white hair mixed in.

Li Jing chuckled, “I thought I was wrong.”

When she was speaking, her eyes fell on her abdomen. Now she is very pregnant, her lower abdomen is slightly bulging, “It’s almost five months, right?”

Ana Lin said, “It’s coming.”

“Are you here to buy something?”

Li Jing asked.

Ana Lin said yes.

“Are you in a hurry?

If you are not in a hurry, there is a cafe on the sixth floor. Let’s go in and sit. “

She tried to say.

Ana Lin pursed his lips and said nothing, entangled in his heart not knowing what to say to her.

“I don’t mean anything else, I just want to talk to you. I’m the only one at home, which is quite boring.”

Li Jing said with a smile.

She said it all. Ana Lin refused to be unkind anymore. Even if she didn’t want to talk about the relationship with the literary family, there was nothing wrong with this woman. She used to talk like her relatives. Eaten.

“You find a place to wait for me.”

Ana Lin said to the driver.

The driver nodded and said, “Okay.”

“There is an elevator here.”

Li Jing pointed to the elevator position.

Ana Lin walked over and waited for the elevator to stop. The two took the elevator to the sixth floor. Li Jing chose a position, close to the window. The cafe was quiet, and there were no people at this time.

The waiter came over, Li Jing ordered a cup of coffee, then looked at Ana Lin and asked, “What do you want?”

“a glass of juice.”

Li Jing handed the tea list to the waiter and said, “A cup of coffee, a glass of juice.”


The waiter took the tea list and asked, “Excuse me, what kind of coffee do you want?”


Li Jing said.


The waiter retreated.

The two were relatively speechless for a while, Ana Lin didn’t know how to speak first, and asked her how is she doing?

Obviously it will not be good.

I can’t seem to find a suitable word for this time.

It was the topic that Li Jing found first, “The bigger the month, the more tired, will you be tired?”

Ana Lin said softly, “It’s okay, but it’s more sleepy than before. It seems that people are starting to sleep, but I was sleepy later.”

After all, Li Jingxiao was born and raised, and there are also topics when she talks about it, “When I had Xiao Jing, I was also lethargic behind.

You are still not fat at all, but I gained a lot at that time. Before giving birth, I had grown to one hundred and forty catties. “

Ana Lin smiled, “It may be because of my physique, it is difficult to eat fat.”

What else did Li Jing want to say. At this time, the waiter walked over and brought the coffee to Li Jing, with the juice in front of Ana Lin, “If you need anything, please call me anytime.”

Ana Lin gave a faint hum. After the service left, Ana Lin took two sips of juice.

Li Jing held the coffee and didn’t drink it, thinking about how to talk to Ana Lin about Foster.

But no matter how you mention it, it seems to make the atmosphere awkward.

In the end she gave up.

“Are you still in touch with Xiao Jing?”

Li Jing put down the coffee cup and asked.

Ana Lin said truthfully, “No.”

After she left, she didn’t contact anyone because she didn’t want to know the development of the matter. After returning, she never discussed this issue with Phillip Zong.

People and things about the literary family are very taboo.

“He went to serve as a soldier.”

Li Jing lowered her eyes and turned the coffee cup, “Have you heard about your uncle?”

He didn’t look at Ana Lin when he spoke.

Hearing the name Uncle, her hands under the table clenched suddenly, but did not respond.

Li Jing knew that she had heard it, and said with a smile, in a somewhat ironic tone, “Who doesn’t know if it’s on the news?”

She paused, “I really hated you at the time. No matter what, you should persuade Phillip Zong to let it go because of your face.”

Ana Lin did not agree with what she said, but she didn’t say it, whether she hated it or complained, she didn’t care.

She didn’t want to worry a lot about the past, she just wanted to have a good time.

It is even more impossible to conflict with Phillip Zong over such a thing.

“But I soon figured out that it was indeed your uncle’s fault. Whether he knew it or not he shouldn’t, and also harmed Danna Cheng. In the final analysis, he cares too much about Wenxian.”

Li Jing raised her head and looked at Ana Lin, “It was your uncle who surrendered. You don’t have to be burdened by Phillip Zong. You don’t owe him anything. Your uncle did this to consider your relationship with him. In fact, he has always I really want to see you.”

Speaking of the latter, Li Jing’s voice was a little choked. She was in a good home, but now she is alone. Because of Foster Wen’s affairs, there are a lot of rumors outside, and she rarely goes out.

This is the first time Foster Wen has come out since she went in, because her cousin’s child got married and she came out to buy gifts.

Ana Lin felt a little fluctuating in her heart. Perhaps it was how she ignored it, but even if she could deliberately ignore it, some things still existed.

For example, her relationship with the Wen family.

She will no longer admit that this relationship exists.

Li Jing wiped the corners of her eyes, “I just talked too much. By the way, Xiao Jing is developing very well now.”

This is also her only comfort.

“I’m telling you this, not for what you want, but just thinking, when your uncle comes out, can you meet him?”

Li Jing said almost pleadingly.

This is Foster Wen’s wish.

As a wife, she can do just this for her husband now.

Ana Lin looked at Li Jing, her heart was in chaos at this moment, and her thoughts were entangled in her heart and couldn’t calm down.

She couldn’t refuse Li Jing’s plea, but she didn’t want to be involved with the Wen family.

After all, Danna Cheng’s death is directly related to Foster Wen.

“Is this requirement difficult?”

Li Jing didn’t understand, but just went to see Foster Wen, what happened?

Suddenly, she found Ana Lin’s heart was very hard.

“Are you only your husband in your eyes and no relatives?”

Li Jing wanted to suppress his emotions, but what he said was still questioning.

Ana Lin stared at Li Jing for a few seconds and explained, not because she was afraid she would misunderstand herself, but to let Li Jing know why she had to draw a line.

“She won’t die in a car accident because she protected me. I was unscathed. It was her life in exchange. How do you let me face your husband?”

Because Foster Wen has no grandma for her children and Phillip Zong has no mother, he has no chance to call Danna Cheng a mother in this life.

This is the regret of his life.

Nothing can make up for it.

Li Jing was stunned, she never thought it would be like this.

“That…” “Don’t talk about it. I don’t want to mention the past. I just want to live a peaceful life with him.”

Ana Lin stood up after speaking, “I’m leaving now.”

Li Jing also stood up, “Wait…”

Chapter 567

Ana Lin’s movements paused and turned back.

Li Jing was silent for a while, “Is there really no room for maneuver?

Before, you and Xiao Jing had a very good relationship. You don’t miss old feelings at all, and you don’t talk anymore, do you? “

Ana Lin didn’t know, she couldn’t answer this question.

“I go first.”

She turned around again.

Leave these things to time. If time can dilute everything, she hopes that all the unpleasantness will fade away in the torrent of time.

Li Jing felt aggrieved. Her husband and son cared about her, but she was so indifferent. Even if it was wrong, Foster Wen would surrender herself. Can’t she get a bit of softheartedness?

“Every time Xiao Jing calls me, he will ask about you. I don’t know your situation, but I also lie and tell him that you are fine. Let him not worry. He will ask about your recent situation. In the final analysis, he cares. You relatives, when I go to read the old man, he will also ask the last sentence if you have come back and if you have reconciled with Phillip Zong. Everyone cares about you, but you don’t think of any affection. I am really chilling.”

Ana Lin didn’t make any response in the end, and stepped out.

She has heard Li Jing’s words. Her heart is not made of stone. She is a sentimental and thoughtful person, how could she not be touched.

It’s just that she hasn’t figured out how to get along with these people, there is always something in her heart that she can’t let go of.

Now let her give a clear answer. She can’t do it. Even if she says it, it’s against her will. It’s not a sincere forgiveness or acceptance.

The driver was outside the cafe, afraid that Ana Lin could not find him, so he dared not go far.

Seeing Ana Lin coming out of the coffee shop, he walked over immediately. He looked at Ana Lin’s face and asked, “Will you go back now?”

“Go downstairs.”

Although I was upset by Li Jing, what I had to do was not forget.

The driver answered and walked out with her.

After spending so long with Lena Qin, Ana Lin knows what size of clothes she wears and what style she likes. After walking a few stores, she bought several sets, and she always wears them in summer.

The driver followed Ana Lin with the bag. She wanted to buy underwear for Lena Qin. It was not convenient for the driver to follow. She asked the driver to wait outside.

She walked into an underwear shop alone, thinking that Lena Qin went inside to look at ladies’ pajamas without pajamas, and there were other guests nearby who were also looking at pajamas.

“What do you think of this, Chunchun?”

The woman showed Zhou Chunchun a set of pretty sexy ladies’ pajamas.

Zhou Chunchun’s face flushed, “Mom, this is too revealing, how to wear it.”

Hearing this voice, Ana Lin looked over, and when she saw the face of the talking girl, she confirmed her identity. At that time, she was familiar with the voice before she came to see it. It turned out to be Jenkin Bai’s new wife Zhou Chunchun.

Why is she in city B?

Is she from city B?

It seems that I didn’t hear Jenkin Bai say that she is from Baicheng, so I want to come. Baicheng is just that big, and the Bai family is the leader of the locality. According to Jenkin Bai, Zhou family can help his career, so Zhou family must be a big family with background. , Otherwise Jenkin Bai would not choose the Zhou family to make relatives.

“What is exposed?

Men like this. “

The woman grabbed her daughter and asked, “Tell me honestly, did you sleep?”

The daughter’s mind is immature, and she is afraid that Jenkin Bai will marry her daughter only because of family background.

Jenkin Bai just can’t walk on his legs, but he has all the abilities, and many healthy people are also better than him.

She knew in her heart that if her daughter did not have such a good family background, Jenkin Bai might not be willing to marry her daughter.

Zhou Chunchun’s face turned even redder, “Mom, you see what you said, we are husband and wife, of course we slept together.”

She lowered her eyes slightly and did not dare to look at her mother’s gaze, as if Jenkin Bai expected that someone would ask Zhou Chunchun this question, so she had explained to her before. If someone asked, she would say, “Of course we are a husband and wife sleeping together.

‘The woman was obviously surprised, “Really, you didn’t lie to me?”

Zhou Chunchun tore off the sexy pajamas from his mother’s hand and hung it back in place, taking the opportunity to turn his face to the side, “What did I lie to you?”

She saw Ana Lin standing here from this side.

“Hey, hello.”

Zhou Chunchun saw Ana Lin say hello, she still remembers the woman Jenkin Bai introduced to her when she got married.

Jenkin Bai looked very good with her, and touched her belly that day.

Ana Lin smiled back, “Hello.”

“You know?”

The woman came over and looked at Ana Lin up and down.

Zhou Chunchun nodded and answered honestly, “Yes, she is Jenkin’s good friend. She went there when we got married.”

The woman stared at Ana Lin’s stomach for a few seconds, and finally fixed on her face. Ana Lin was not an amazing type, but the kind that looked more beautiful. Every feature of her facial features. Take it out and look at it alone, they are all very standard beauty.

And she is very friendly and has an attractive temperament.

The woman clenched Zhou Chunchun’s hand calmly. Her daughter was innocent. She knew in her heart, “Are you and Jenkin friends?”

Ana Lin seemed to be aware of Madam’s guard, she didn’t know how to explain, and said lightly, “Not very familiar, ordinary friend.”

“But I think you are very good. Jenkin touched your stomach that day. Did you forget?”

Zhou Chunchun blinked and said.

She has no other thoughts, let alone the deep thoughts of her mother.

Just simply tell what I saw.

Originally, the woman was wary of Jenkin Bai’s attractive friends of the opposite sex. Zhou Chunchun’s words made her feel that the relationship between Ana Lin and Jenkin Bai was not simple.

She looked at Ana Lin’s face and immediately pulled it down. She was so close that she could touch her body. What kind of pure friendship could be?

The woman obviously did not believe that Ana Lin and Jenkin Bai were just friends, and she snorted, “What is the relationship between you and Jenkin Bai?”

Ana Lin felt that he shouldn’t go out today, one is Li Jing, and the other is Zhou Chunchun.

Do you really have to look at the almanac when you go out?

Ana Lin could fully understand the meaning of the woman’s words and frowned and explained, “You misunderstood…” The woman interrupted Ana Lin with a cold snort, “Are you a fool?

My daughter is simple to deceive, but I’m not stupid, he can touch your belly in general? “

The woman’s face became more and more ugly, “Isn’t he the wild species in your stomach?”

Ana Lin also coldly said, “You misunderstood! I have a husband.”

“Mom, what’s wrong with you?

Why are you angry? “

Zhou Chunchun pulled her mother’s hand, wondering why she quarreled with Ana Lin.

Ana Lin didn’t want to tell her that she had misunderstood, and would not explain clearly for a while, saying more will only get darker and darker.

She turned around and was about to leave, but was dragged by the woman. “Don’t want to leave, tell me clearly, is there anything between your child and Jenkin Bai?

Don’t you know he is married?

How to be a junior, or does he take care of you? “

The woman’s words became more and more awkward, Ana Lin was also very angry, and increased her tone, “Now let go of me immediately, or I will call the police!”

“Do you still have a face to call the police?”

The woman grasped Ana Lin’s wrist tighter, and said forcefully, “If you don’t make it clear today, I won’t let you go.”

Ana Lin took out her mobile phone, the woman saw that she was about to make a call, raised her hand to knock off the mobile phone in her hand, and said angrily, “What do you want to do?

Looking for a rescuer?

I tell you, if you don’t tell me clearly today, don’t want to leave! “

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