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Chapter 529

Alan Su couldn’t sing anymore before he finished singing, and his voice was broken.

Lena Qin was also trying her best to endure it. If Alan Su really finished singing, she would probably leave halfway.

She gave Zong Yanxi some food and looked up at Alan Su by the way, “This gentleman’s singing voice is not very good, and such an old love song is really disgusting to listen to, I think, you, a person like you, cheat one. It’s almost the same to deceive a little girl who is not deep in the world. By the way, you say that someone is in your heart. I can take the liberty to ask, how did you trick her into it?”

Alan Su’s eyes were red, but the corners of his lips were still smiling, “Do you think I look like a liar?”

Lena Qin cut a half-ripe steak, chewed it in his mouth, and quickly vomited it out disgustingly, smiling, “Sorry.”

She poked the steak on the plate with a fork, “Look, the outside of this steak is fragrant, and the color is beautiful. I ate a piece on impulse. After chewing it, I found out that the inside was raw and smelled. The blood is really disgusting, it’s all deceived by this appearance.”

She inserted a piece and handed it to Alan Su, and asked with a smile, “What kind of woman do you think that likes eating such meat?”

Alan Su stared silently.


Maybe it is. After all, flies are omnivorous flies. They can eat everything. I accidentally eat it once and I will never taste it. I am afraid I will be disgusted alive. “

She put the meat on the plate, still smiling, “I, I still want to keep this life, and see the beauty of this world.”

“I am such a person in your eyes?”

Alan Su clenched fists with both hands.

He was really stinged, and there seemed to be countless sharp objects that were densely packed, poking him in the heart.

She described him as disgusting?

In her heart, did she hate herself to this point?

He was a bastard, but he never thought of lie to her. Marrying her was sincere.

“I’m talking about this beef, how can I mean you?”

Lena Qin picked up dishes for Zong Yanxi, “Hurry up, we have to go to the supermarket to buy radishes for your mom, and we will close the door when it’s late.”

Zong Yanchen lowered his head to eat. This was an adult’s war. He couldn’t talk, his ability was limited, and he was already able to help. Now he feeds himself first.

Phillip Zong has always been an outsider, watching the developments quietly, it is obvious that although the paper is not broken, they understand each other.

It wasn’t until Lena Qin’s words that he aroused his interest, “What are you going to do?”

Could it be that Ana Lin wanted to eat what kind of carrots?

“No, but your wife wants to eat green radish, which is still crispy.”

Lena Qin was also unable to complain, how could he suddenly become addicted to it.

Phillip Zong, “…” “After dinner, I’ll go with you.”

Although this taste is a little special, it is what the wife wants to eat and must be satisfied.

Lena Qin said yes, his wife does not care who does not care?

Other men hurt, I am afraid he is not willing.

Suddenly she thought of Ana Lin’s bed and raised her head, “When you go next time, can you not leave a trace?”

What marks did he leave?

Even if he enters Ana Lin’s bedroom, everything that has been touched by her is put back in place… Wait, he wanted to sit on the side of the bed and take a rest, but after touching that bed, he wanted to After sleeping, he hadn’t had a good rest during this period of time, so he lay down, her breath still seemed to remain on it, and he could fall asleep quickly with her pillow.

The sleep time is not long, but it is very relieved, even if it is only one or two hours, it is more stable than many tossing and turning nights.

“She found it?”

Phillip Zong wiped off the cheese on his daughter’s face and raised his head to look at Lena Qin.

“Well, I fooled it, but I didn’t doubt it.”

Lena Qin said.

“Next time I will pay attention.”

He decided that when Ana Lin was no longer in the daytime, he would go to sleep, and he could sleep in her bed.

Lena Qin took a sip of water, “How long will you like this?”

“Wait, it should be soon.”

Phillip Zong’s expression and tone were very weak, and he didn’t really want to talk about this topic.

Milton Guan did not call him, indicating that Foster Wen’s trial had not come down.

After all, Foster Wen’s identity was on display, and no matter how big things happened, he would wait for the matter to cool down a bit before proceeding.

The extra Lena Qin didn’t continue to say, maybe it’s really not the time now.

After supper, Alan Su, who hadn’t eaten anything, stood up first. No one watched or said anything, so he left.

Lena Qin’s eyes flickered slightly, and soon recovered calm, as if he hadn’t seen it, smiled and took Zong Yanchen’s hand, “Let’s go.”

Zong Yanchen looked at Alan Su’s back alone when he left alone. Suddenly, he felt that Uncle Su was also very pitiful.

Hey, the adult’s feelings are really complicated, he must not fall in love when he grows up.

He looked up at Lena Qin. In the end, he didn’t say anything, but he held her hand tightly back, “Aunt Yan Yan is not alone, and I am.”

Lena Qin looked back and squeezed his face. This stinky boy was too warm today, and her heart was cold.

“Don’t talk about sensationalism anymore. Why is it the same as your mommy? It’s like an appointment, but it’s her son.”

Lena Qin pretended to be fierce, afraid that she could not help crying.

Out of the restaurant, Lena Qin let go of Zong Yanchen’s hand and looked at Phillip Zong who was holding Zong Yanxi, “You take the two of them to the supermarket. I’ll wait for you at the gate of the community, but don’t be too late, I I’m afraid your wife will be hungry.”

At this time, she wanted to stay alone for a while.

Phillip Zong lightly hugged Zong Yanxi and walked towards the car.

Zong Yanchen is very sensible, knowing that Lena Qin is in a bad mood, and said with concern, “Then you drive slowly by yourself.”

Lena Qin squatted down and held his cheeks, dropped a k*ss on his forehead, and said, “I will get home safely.”

Zong Yanchen grinned, waved to her, and then ran towards the car. Phillip Zong was buckling his daughter’s seat belt. He got into the car from the other side and buckled the seat belt himself.

He glanced at his sister, thinking that if this was seen by an outsider, he would definitely think he picked it up instead of his own.

Too partial, only the daughter in his eyes.

Phillip Zong raised his head and met his gaze. The two looked at each other, and Zong Yanchen turned his head apart.

“Is there something you want?”

Phillip Zong asked.

Sons and daughters are always different. Zong Yanchen is too mature and doesn’t like acting like a baby, so he can’t be as painful as his daughter.

He loves them with the same heart, but in a different way.

Zong Yanchen looked out the car window, “I want home, will you give it to me?”


He is decisive.

“Hope the baby is born, you can handle it well. Mommy gave birth to my sister and you were not accompanied by her. This time, I hope you will greet us with us.”

Zong Yanchen tucked his head proudly and didn’t look back.

The moonlight is gentle, and the long street is shining.

Phillip Zong’s raised eyelids trembled, looking at his son for a long time, but in the end he didn’t say anything and opened the door and got into the car.

He knew that the greatest love was to give them a safe and comfortable home.

Give him a little time.

He thinks that day will come soon.

Because they went to a supermarket near the community, Zong Yanchen and Zong Yanxi often followed Ana Lin and Lena Qin to shop. They were familiar with this place. They knew which floors were selling fruits and vegetables, which floors were selling fruits and vegetables, which floors were buying shoes and clothing, and which floors were buying life. Supplies, a few floors sell delicious food.

Zong Yanchen pointed the way, and they quickly found the vegetable area. Fortunately, vegetables and fruits are basically irrespective of the season, but the price is different.

The corresponding seasonal vegetables are cheap and will be placed in a large number of conspicuous positions, so that the quantity of off-season is not so much, the price is also expensive, and the placement is not very conspicuous.

They walked a few times before they saw the lettuce placed next to the packaged green radish. The leaves were gone, and it looked not very fresh.

It seems that after a long time, no one buys it. After all, when a large number of radishes are on the market in winter, they are very cheap. When the price comes up in the off-season, everyone will feel that buying it is not worthwhile, so they will not choose it, so it is not sold well.

Phillip Zong watched entangledly, can be something like this for his wife?

“Buy one.”

Zong Yanchen picked the best one among them, and ran all the way, so he couldn’t leave empty-handed.

Besides, maybe Mommy ate it this time and won’t eat it next time.

This can only be done now.

It seemed strange to go to such a big supermarket to buy a radish, so Phillip Zong asked them if they wanted anything.

Of course, Zong Yanxi would not be polite. When he went to the food shop on the third floor and scanned a shopping cart full of goods, Zong Yanchen ordered a new variety of King Kong.

There are many people at the counter to pay the bill, and many people come to the supermarket at night.

Zong Yanxi waited a little anxiously, and fumbled agitatedly.

When they were in line, Phillip Zong put the things on the counter, the cashier used the same brush, he took it quickly, and when he found something was wrong, he had already held it in his hand.

He looked back at his son and daughter.

Zong Yanchen turned his head after taking a look.

He didn’t put it in.

Chapter 530

He knew what it was, and he would never buy this kind of thing again. Just last time, Mommy was angry for a long time.

But Zong Yanxi didn’t know, the box was well packed, and it was placed on the shelf at the checkout counter. She wanted to buy it several times, but was beaten by her mom, but her father loved her and would definitely not stop her. bought.

So she took a few boxes and put them in the shopping cart.

Seeing her father’s eyes, she asked strangely, “What’s wrong?”

At this time, the cashier pushed the spectacle frame on the bridge of his nose, glanced at the thing in his hand, and urged, “Please hurry up, please?

There are other guests behind. “

But I was complaining in my heart, I bought it all, how can I still squeeze when paying the bill?

Phillip Zong ignored the cashier’s urging and gaze, and put all the things his daughter put in the shopping cart back on the shelf.

She has always given her father whatever she wants, and has never refused.

“Dad, I want this.”

Zong Yanxi pointed to the items on the shelf.

For the first time, Phillip Zong did not give a smile or hug to her daughter who was acting like a baby. He silently placed the remaining items at the cash register. After paying the bill, he put the items back in the shopping cart, holding her in one hand and pushing the shopping cart in the other. Out of the supermarket, take the elevator to the top floor parking lot.

Zong Yanchen followed honestly.

But Zong Yanxi was anxious, her bright eyes were covered with a thin layer of water, but she did not dare to cry.

This is the first time Phillip Zong has given her a cold face in history, and she is very scared inside.

I’m afraid that my dad will hate me, and that my dad doesn’t like me.

When he arrived at the parking lot, Phillip Zong put his daughter in the car and put the things he bought in the trunk. Zong Yanchen got in the car by himself, glanced at his sister, and sighed slightly.

I wonder why she has no memory?

Because she put it in the shopping cart and was beaten several times by Ana Lin, she stopped taking it.

It should be a long memory, why did you commit it again today?

Phillip Zong put the shopping cart back to the place where he placed it. He stood beside the car for a while, but didn’t get in the car. He didn’t know how to explain.

She cannot give him sex education at her age.

He had never been so distressed before, and for the first time found out that raising a child would encounter such a problem.

The boy is better, but no matter how the daughter chooses words, she can’t find the right words to explain to her daughter what the thing is for.

He thinks he should read more books on parenting, otherwise he really doesn’t know how to educate children.


Zong Yanxi yelled timidly, not daring to act like a baby anymore, “I want to go home.”

Children know how to look at their faces, and Phillip Zong’s face is obviously not good.

In fact, he is not an angry daughter. She is curious about many things at her age. This is inevitable. He is angry and doesn’t know how to deal with such things.

“I don’t want it anymore, dad don’t be angry.”

After being beaten by Ana Lin several times, he was not as impressive as this one.

The father who has always petted her and loved her is angry, and that is definitely not what she can ask for.

Never dare to take it again.

Phillip Zong looked at his daughter through the car window, and after a while he pulled the car door and sat up.

He calmly said to his daughter, “I am not angry with you, I am angry with myself.”

Zong Yanxi blinked, not understanding what Dad meant.

But she has a long memory, she doesn’t want to see her father’s cold face.

“It’s getting late, I’ll send you back.”

He started the car.

While driving, his cell phone rang, and the caller ID was a list of phone numbers without the name displayed. He pulled the car over to pick up the call. Roberson Cheng called him, “Your dad is in poor health and is hospitalized.”

They haven’t seen each other since Zong Qifeng went to Baicheng.

Since Danna Cheng’s death, his health has been in poor condition. He is suffering from a heart disease and there is no serious physical illness. This time, Roberson Cheng was asked to call Phillip Zong this time, saying that he was hospitalized, but Zong Qifeng wanted to see him.

“In what hospital?”

Phillip Zong asked.

Zong Qifeng knew that since he was hospitalized in Baicheng, he should be in a certain hospital in Baicheng now.

Because Baicheng is a small place with a small population, there is no airport, so he might have to drive there.

With the address, he can go directly.

“I send the location information to your mobile phone.”

Phillip Zong hung up with a hum.

Even if he knew the identity of Roberson Cheng, he had no special feelings, after all, he had never gotten along.

So the attitude is very weak.

“Is Grandpa sick?”

Zong Yanchen asked, after living together for a while, his grandma was gone, and he was sad for a long time. Now grandpa is sick and wants to visit him.

“I miss Grandpa, I want to see him.”

Before Phillip Zong answered his son, the daughter first said, “Dad, can my brother and I visit Grandpa with you?”

Of course he wanted to take the two children there, but Ana Lin couldn’t explain it.

Now that Zong Qifeng has no one to accompany him, he will definitely be happy to see them. Saying no is also helpful to his condition.

He pondered for a moment and said, “Okay.”

The two children laughed happily. They haven’t seen Grandpa for a long time, and Uncle Shen and Grandma for a long time. They really want to return to the place where they lived before, there are many familiar people there.

He sent the two children to the community, “You go back first, and I will let Alan Su pick you up.”

The two children were very quiet and knew to listen to his arrangements.

He parked the car and Lena Qin walked over. She sat in the park of the community for a while, and now she was in a calm mood.

She smiled and got out of the car holding Zong Yanxi.

Phillip Zong also got out of the car, “I want to take the two of them out, and later, I will let Alan Su pick them up.”

Lena Qin was stunned for a moment, but did not react.

Is he going to meet Ana Lin now?

“Then you can go in now.”

Lena Qin said.

Phillip Zong opened the trunk, took out the contents and handed it to Lena Qin, “Alan Su will pick them up in the name of the child I want to see.”

At that time, he said he wanted to have a baby, so he investigated her whereabouts.

So Alan Su will appear here.

Seeing his appearance, arrangements have been made, Lena Qin didn’t say much. She held the bag in one hand and Zong Yanxi in the other, “Well, I will take them back first.”

Chapter 531

Lena Qin took the two children back to the residence. Ana Lin might have been tired during this time and fell asleep in the room. Because Phillip Zong said that Alan Su would come later, she woke Ana Lin up.

Ana Lin opened her eyes lazily, and looked at Lena Qin who was standing next to the bed sleepily. She got up and sat up, rubbing her eyes, “Are you back?”

Lena Qin said, “I bought the radish you want to eat.”

Ana Lin just woke up, his eyes were a little wistful, and he seemed not so clear yet.

Lena Qin poured her a glass of water. She reached out and took half a drink. She was quite awake. She put the water glass on the bedside table, got out of bed and put on her shoes, and asked, “What did you eat out?”

While speaking, she glanced at the time, then looked at Lena Qin, “It’s so late?”

It has been more than three hours since she took the child out.

What do they eat for so long?

“We ate paper wrapped fish.”

Lena Qin casually lied, because this is slow, the fish must be killed immediately, and it will take at least half an hour to cook. They eat well and then go to the supermarket.

“You should be hungry, buy you food.”

Lena Qin walked to the living room with her, and the two children watched TV on the sofa in the living room.

When shopping in the supermarket, passing by the baking area, the two children said Ana Lin likes to eat red bean crisps, layered red beans, the surface is crispy and the inside is soft.

Ana Lin had bought it several times before, so the two children knew she liked to eat.

Knowing that Ana Lin liked it, Phillip Zong bought two boxes as well as other small desserts. The radish could not be eaten as a meal, and the nutrition was not enough.

Lena Qin stretched her waist, “I’ll take a shower.”

She didn’t want to see Alan Su, even if Alan Su died in front of her at the moment, she would not soften her heart or forgive her. It was not that she could not escape, but she simply did not want to see him.

His appearance always reminded her of many unpleasant and painful things.

She can change her appearance and her voice, but she cannot erase the memory.

Ana Lin nodded, she took out pure milk from the refrigerator and poured a glass on the table.

Zong Yanchen was especially considerate and took all the food he bought and put it on the table, “Mummy, we bought you red bean pastry and pineapple bread.”

“and this.”

Zong Yanxi handed over the radish that Ana Lin wanted to eat.

Ana Lin sat down on the chair and watched the two children laugh, and felt that when the children grew up, they knew that they were considerate.

She touched the top of her daughter’s head, “Are you going to help Mommy wash?”

“it is good.”

Zong Yanxi felt that being able to help Mommy was something to be proud of, so he was very happy.

Ana Lin stretched out her hand and took a bite of the red bean cake that her son had opened. It still tasted like that. She casually talked to her son, “What was delicious today?”


Zong Yanxi answered.

How did he know that Lena Qin ate paper-wrapped fish in order to rationalize time.

Ana Lin said to stop the milk and looked up at her son. Did she hear the wrong thing?

Lena Qin said he ate paper-coated fish, but he said he ate steak?

She asked again, “What did you eat?”


Zong Yanchen blinked, “Mummy, do you want to eat too?”

Ana Lin shook his head, frowning involuntarily, after eating steak, why did Lena Qin say that he ate paper-coated fish?

And there is no western restaurant nearby.

Why did Lena Qin lie?

She smiled, and asked like her son, “Which store did you eat?”

“Man Brazil, the place where Grandpa Shao invited us to dinner last time.”

Zong Yanchen said truthfully.


Ana Lin lowered his eyes lightly. It was a high-end western restaurant with a minimum consumption of over 8,000, and it was far from where they lived.

How could Lena Qin take them there?

And even lie to her?

At this time Zong Yanxi took the washed radish to Ana Lin, “Mummy here, I washed it very cleanly.”

Ana Lin reached out to take it but lost her appetite. She looked at the two children a little uneasy.

Why did Lena Qin lie to her?

Or did she do something to hide her deliberately?

Ding dong.

The door bell suddenly rang, interrupting Ana Lin’s thoughts. She just thought of getting up to open the door, Zong Yanxi said, “I’ll open it.”

She can run fast.

Ana Lin sat back on the chair and looked at the door. Generally no one came at this time, and Gibson Shao rarely came at night.

Soon the door of the room opened, and Alan Su stood at the door. The moment Ana Lin saw him was dumbfounded, his ears roared like being pierced by a pointed needle, and his whole body was numb.

How could Alan Su appear here?

She clasped her hands tightly, and she looked back behind him when she was shocked.

“Uncle Su.”

Zong Yanxi smiled and greeted him and let him in.

Because it hadn’t been long since I met, I was not surprised at all.

Alan Su walked in and looked at Ana Lin calling his sister-in-law.

“You, how would you know I am here?”

She endured it hard to make her voice sound calm.

“Phillip missed his two children so much, so he kept asking me to investigate your whereabouts, so…, I also just found your residence.”

Alan Su explained the reason why he would be here at this time.

Ana Lin clenched her hands and sweated wet and sticky. At that time, she wanted to keep the two children beside him. After all, he needed someone to accompany him at that time.

She had never left her two children. She found that she couldn’t do it. It was already very painful to leave him. She was afraid that she would not be able to survive without the two children.

“Can I take my two children to City B for a few days?”

Alan Su explained his intention.

Ana Lin slowly raised his eyes and wanted to ask if he was okay, but without asking, he said in a low voice, “Yes.”

The two children are also his.

She stood up, “I’ll go and pack a few changes of clothes for them. You sit in the house for a while.”

“it is good.”

Alan Su sat on the sofa.

“Would you like something to drink?”

Ana Lin asked.

“Give me a glass of water.”

“I’ll do it.”

Zong Yanxi was very happy.

Ana Lin looked at her daughter. She was so happy that she knew she was going to see her father, so she was so excited and delighted.

She turned around and went back to the room. The two children’s clothes were placed in the closet in her bedroom.

When she opened the door to get the clothes, she suddenly thought of the dream she had last time. Because it was so real, she even remembered his sweaty breath, and he was hoarse when he said I missed you.

Was it really a dream last time?

Is it really only Alan Su coming alone?

She began to hesitate. Once the thoughts popped out, they couldn’t be erased. She seemed to have anticipation, but also as if her unconscious body was not controlled by the brain.

There was a car parked in the lonely and quiet street. She seemed to have seen a vehicle before. She couldn’t remember whether it was in the parking lot of the hospital or in front of the restaurant where she was eating.

Soon, her eyes touched a familiar figure.

Phillip Zong is leaning against the dim light and shadow of the street lamp, leaning against the car door, talking on the phone with Milton Guan, and reporting to him about his work. For the time being, he can’t go back, he is working online.

He seemed to have eyes looking at him, raised his head and looked at the window.

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