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Chapter 241

The box contained a simulation doll. The doll had its eyes gouged out, and only the white part was left. There was a long opening in the belly, which was sewn with twine, all of which was blood. The fingers had pointed nails.

The doll is too lifelike, no matter how clever and bold, Daniel will be a child.

Seeing something like this, I was shocked.

“What’s the matter?” Ana Lin heard her son’s cry, ran out, and saw what was on the bed. She herself was shocked, and quickly pulled her son into her arms, covered his eyes, and calmed down. , “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, there is mommy.”

“What’s mommy?” Ruth had just taken a shower, her hair was blown dry, and she was wearing clean clothes. She was curious about what made her brother scream.

Ana Lin’s reaction was quick. Before her daughter saw her, she pulled her into his arms and covered her eyes.

Ruth was cowardly, Daniel was scared, if she saw it, she would definitely be scared.

Ana Lin couldn’t think about who sent this kind of thing, she just wanted to get it away quickly.

So as not to scare the children.

He patted his son, “Don’t be afraid, Mommy is here, you hug your sister, and Mommy will cover it.”

Daniel was terribly frightened. Her body was still trembling slightly, nestled in Ana Lin’s arms, hugging her tightly, “Mommy, I’m afraid.”

He dared not leave Mommy’s arms.

Ana Lin didn’t dare to look directly at her anymore. It was not only a visual impact, but also a psychological impact. She had given birth to a child. This was another abused doll, which also had a psychological impact on her.

“Mummy.” Daniel shivered, clutching Ana Lin’s clothes tightly and dared not move.

Ana Lin was holding the two children and could only move slowly towards the door. She pressed the two children’s heads tightly.

Phillip Zong seemed to hear the movement here. He walked over before his clothes were put on. He walked to the door, paused with his buttoned hands, and walked in quickly, picked up his son and daughter and left the room.

Keller Shen came up outside the house and was about to ask them to have lunch in the afternoon. Phillip Zong handed the two children to him and exhorted, “Watch them carefully.”

“Did something happen?” Keller Shen asked worriedly, because Phillip Zong’s face was ugly.

Phillip Zong himself wasn’t sure who did it, so he patted Keller Shen on the shoulder.

He went back to the room.

Ana Lin was still standing there, as if being tapped on an acupuncture point, staring at the horror on the bed.

Phillip Zong took her into his arms and clasped her face in his arms, “Don’t look.”

Ana Lin closed his eyes, trembling slightly, “Who did this?”

People who are frightened but also panic, doing this.

Obviously, when the other party knew that she had two children, he would get such a thing to scare them.

“I’ll find out.” Phillip Zong glanced at the dirt on the bed, his expression solemn and silent.

He has long arms and can touch the quilt when he leans slightly. He shakes hard and covers the box with the quilt.

He patted Ana Lin on the back, his palms were wide and hot, and he rubbed her spine once and then, soothing, “They are all fake, don’t be afraid.”

Ana Lin gave a hum, but didn’t look at the bed again.

Keller Shen knew from Daniel, what happened in the room, his expression was as solemn as Phillip Zong, and he guessed, “Could it be Rios He?”

This person, the world has evaporated, the person he sent out can’t find his whereabouts at all, and there is no clue.

He was hidden in the dark, not knowing when he would suddenly jump out.

The so-called bright arrows are easy to hide and dark arrows are hard to defend.

“Look for the person in charge of the hotel to deliver things.” Besides, the hotel has monitoring again, and we can always find some clues.

“Mummy.” Daniel was really frightened this time. His face was a little pale, and he ran over and lay down in Ana Lin’s arms. Ana Lin hugged him tightly, “Soothing, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid .”

Ruth hadn’t seen it, sitting on the chair by herself, looking left and right, she didn’t understand what was wrong with everyone, and everything changed.

So serious.

In the hall, the sun was shining at noon. Perhaps it was crowded and bright. Daniel’s fear was a little better.

After a while, Keller Shen and Alan Su took the manager of the hotel and the waiter who delivered the box.

Keller Shen shook his head to Phillip Zong. The other party seemed to have figured out the surveillance layout in the hotel. He escaped the surveillance. Even if he was photographed, he only had a back view, completely invisible, and he was dressed very tightly, making it impossible to distinguish between men and women.

The only clue now is the waiter. I don’t know if I can find a clue from him.

“Who are we? I think you have heard a little bit. Even if you are here, you have to pay three points. If you know what, it is best to explain it honestly. We brothers don’t like to be rough, but we don’t A few of those who are not disabled, think clearly before speaking.” Keller Shen’s hand fell heavily on the shoulder of the waiter.

The waiter was so scared that he almost knelt, shaking and trembling in his voice.

“That person, the one in the surveillance. He wears a black mask and a black peaked cap. He pressed the brim of the hat very low. I can’t see his face clearly. He just gave me the box and gave it to me. … I tipped the box for 500 yuan and asked me to deliver the box to the room. I don’t know what is inside, and I don’t know the person. Really, what I said is true.” The waiter was trembling, and even a lie. Dare not say.

“Really?” Alan Su cast aside him, forcing a full shot.

“Yes, yes.” The waiter hurriedly took out the five hundred dollars he collected from his pocket. The five hundred dollars were stacked together, crumpled, “This, this is what he gave me.”

He is a small hotel attendant, and his salary is not high. Someone’s tip is 500 yuan, which is equal to his salary for a few days. He must be very heart-warming.

And, it’s just a gift. That box is so beautifully packed. Giving gifts to people is also a good thing.

He can take money again, he is definitely willing.

Who knew it would cause him such a big trouble.

Now this waiter has regrets in his heart.

“Really, what I said is true, please believe me.” The waiter banged and sat down on the ground, “I knew it, I wouldn’t be greedy for the 500 yuan tip.”

Alan Su disliked, such a big man, is he scared like this?

Seeing this, there is no clue.

“Let him go.” Ana Lin rubbed his eyebrows, “Obviously the other party has been planning for a long time, and must have made careful arrangements. We will definitely not be able to find out for a while.”

Alan Su felt that Ana Lin’s statement made sense, and Keller Shen agreed. This waiter was just a coward, and he didn’t look like an accomplice.

Ana Lin suddenly thought of something, she raised her head abruptly, could it be the literary family?

But she hasn’t returned to City B. Apart from these people around her, no one knows that she has learned how to make Xiangyunsha.

Soon she ruled out the Wen family, and then only Rios He who was unknown was left.

Otherwise, she couldn’t find anyone else who could do such a thing!

“This happened in our hotel. I will try my best to find out who the prankster was. I called President Bai. He will come soon.” The manager is very good at coming. If you know this, he will take care of it. No more.

He couldn’t afford to offend these people again, so he informed Jenkin Bai early.

Jenkin Bai just got home, before he had time to rest, he received a call from the manager.

Then rushed over immediately.

“Are there any clues?” He turned the wheelchair, walked over here, looked at Ana Lin, and asked concerned, “Are you okay?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “Fortunately, it’s just that Xiao Xi was frightened.”

Chapter 242

“If this kind of thing happens on my site, I should be held responsible. I will give you an explanation.”

On the one hand, he and Phillip Zong are now in a cooperative relationship, on the other hand, dare to do such a thing on his territory, it is challenging him.

He will never tolerate anyone running wild on his territory. How will he manage the following industries in the future?

As a leader, there are some things that the prime minister can hold a boat in his belly, but some cannot be condoned.

The hotel manager seemed to have found the backbone, walked over, and said, “I have adjusted the monitoring. The other party seems to be very clear about the monitoring layout of our hotel. It has avoided many cameras that can take pictures of the face, and just questioned the gift box. The waiter did not ask any powerful clues…”

Jenkin Bai raised his head and looked at Phillip Zong, who had never spoken. Behind the sofa, there was a floor-to-ceiling window. The sun was shining. He turned against the light. Jenkin Bai couldn’t see his expression clearly. He thought about it and said, ” Obviously it is for Miss Lin. I don’t know if Zong Zong has any doubts.”

When Keller Shen and Alan Su interrogated the waiter, he reconsidered the matter and gave such a thing to scare Ana Lin and the two children at best. If it were Rios He, he would not take this risk.

Doing such a thing that does not benefit him much. If he is still attached to Ana Lin, he should wait for an opportunity to snatch Ana Lin away again, or snatch his children to threaten him.

To do such a thing, obviously does not benefit him much.

If a flaw is revealed, it will leave them a clue to find him.

“This is President Bai’s site. You should give me an account of what happened on your site. In two days, can President Bai give me a satisfactory result?”

Jenkin Bai frowned. He didn’t expect Phillip Zong to push the matter to him. According to his character, the other party treated his wife and children like this. Shouldn’t he personally investigate and fix those mischievous people?

Phillip Zong curled his lips, “I believe that President Bai will be able to find out. After all, we came here and didn’t offend anyone. If we want to offend, I’m afraid it will be the woman next to President Bai.”

Phillip Zong wakes up the person in his dream, he suspects Yao Qingqing?

But Yao Qingqing obviously didn’t blame Ana Lin that day, after all, her cousin provoked things first, and he didn’t think Yao Qingqing could do such a thing!

“Is it right? Mr. Bai will know it by checking.”

Phillip Zong didn’t want to argue with him. He picked up Daniel, who was lying in Ana Lin’s arms. This was the first time he had held his son. He was strong and heavier than his daughter. Although he was about the same age as his daughter, he was taller than his daughter. some.

Daniel now wants to have someone hugging himself, no matter who it is, he can’t be alone anyway, he will think about it, and in his mind, he will always look like that doll… When he thinks about it, he can’t help shaking.

“Of course, if President Bai is reluctant, I can also do it myself, but then, President Bai, don’t say I won’t show you mercy.” Phillip Zong said, his sharp eyes swept across Jenkin Bai’s astonished face. , Did not stop every second, holding his son and left.

Alan Su and Keller Shen looked at each other, Phillip Zong has targeted the suspect?

“If it is her, I must give you an explanation.” Jenkin Bai looked serious and looked at Ana Lin.

Ana Lin said nothing. She felt a little tired. She hugged her daughter and asked everyone to eat. After a long time of exhaustion, something like this happened again. Everyone hadn’t eaten yet and the matter had to be resolved.

“Keller, you go to dinner first, I’ll call Phillip.” Ana Lin stood up.

“Sister Lin, let me hold Ruth, she should be hungry too, it’s already two o’clock in the afternoon.”

Ana Lin touched her daughter’s forehead and handed her to Lena Qin.

The little girl was very obedient and went into Lena Qin’s arms.

Phillip Zong did not return to the room with Daniel in his arms, nor was he in the hotel. Ana Lin looked up and down in the hotel without finding anyone. Finally, he saw Phillip Zong’s figure in the backyard of the hotel.

He and Daniel were sitting on the steps, one big and one small, and Ana Lin slowed down, as if they were talking.

“Xiao Xi, what kind of person do you want to be when you grow up in the future?”

Daniel’s legs are close together, holding herself in both hands.

Without even thinking about it, he blurted out, “I will grow up to be someone who can protect Mommy.”

“A fake toy scared you, how can you protect her?” Phillip Zong’s words were sharp, and he was not tolerant to him because he was still a child.

Daniel blinked her eyes and seemed to think of the doll again in her mind, “But that doll is terrifying…”

“He is fake.” Phillip Zong interrupted him.

Daniel was speechless. Yeah, that doll is fake, but made more real. In reality, he is just a pile of plastic.

He held his little hand tightly, “I…I’m not afraid.”

In fact, I was still afraid.

It’s just that I’m not afraid anymore.

Don’t want to lose face in front of Phillip Zong.

“Then you dare, go and have a look with me again?”

Daniel, “…”

Ana Lin almost couldn’t stand firm when he heard Phillip Zong’s words. Daniel was already frightened and asked him to see how much shadow he had in his heart?

“Xiao Xi.” Ana Lin ran over quickly, hugging her son. She glared at Phillip Zong, sternly, “You know he was frightened, why do you want him to see? He will be frightened!”

Phillip Zong faced Ana Lin’s questioning, did not explain, but looked at Daniel in her arms, “Do you dare?”

“Phillip Zong!”

Ana Lin was also anxious and called his name directly.

Phillip Zong ignored him and continued to say to Daniel, “How long can you stay in your mommy’s arms? How long can she protect you?”

Daniel’s eyes are open, her long eyelashes are fluttering with a tremor. One day he will grow up and face many things. If he can’t overcome it, how can he withstand the pressure in the future?

He plucked up the courage and looked at Phillip Zong, “I dare.”

Even though, now he is still afraid, but he is willing to challenge himself.

“Xiao Xi.”

Ana Lin is worried.

“Don’t worry Mommy, you can protect me for a while, but not my whole life. When I become stronger, I will protect you instead.” Daniel said firmly.

Ana Lin was silent.

Phillip Zong’s actions may be cruel, but she can’t say that what he did is wrong.

She was afraid, afraid, Daniel would not be able to bear it.

He was so young, and she was so scared that she would regret it for a lifetime.

“He is my son.” Phillip Zong didn’t have any extra explanation, and walked towards the hotel with Daniel’s hand.

They did not build elevators, but took stairs.

Da da……

Only the clatter of stepping on the stairs echoed in this empty stairwell, adding a bit of loneliness and looking a little crippled.

“There are no ghosts and gods in this world, only oneself to scare oneself.” Phillip Zong deliberately did not take the elevator, but walked up the stairs where no one walked.

Daniel knew what he meant.

The higher he faced, the more nervous he was, and he could not help but clenched Phillip Zong’s hand.

Phillip Zong remained calm.

Just let him hold it.

Walking to the door, Phillip Zong opened the door, “You regret it now, but you still have time.”

Daniel grabbed Phillip Zong’s hand and shook his head, “I don’t regret it.”

He can’t be scared by a baby.

Phillip Zong turned his head to look at him. He can do what he is now and has succeeded.

He overcame his inner fear.

Otherwise, there will be no courage to come to this room.

Phillip Zong didn’t really let him watch it again, but wanted him to overcome his psychological fear, otherwise this would be a real shadow, which would affect his future character.

He is relieved, why didn’t he know that he was only five years old?

Daniel let go of Phillip Zong’s hand and walked into the room by herself.

Chapter 243

He told himself over and over in his heart that it was all false, and if he was afraid, he would be fooled by the bad guys.

He must not be afraid.

He stepped firmly to the bed, grabbed the quilt and lifted it forcefully. However, there was nothing underneath. He turned his head and looked at Phillip Zong who was standing at the door, “Where is that doll?”

When Phillip Zong brought him up, he was thrown away.

Daniel was so brave, he felt gratified and proud.

He walked in, his generous palm fell on Daniel’s top, and rubbed it with affection, “You are a brave child.”

“Of course.” Daniel raised her head and looked a little arrogant at the moment, “I am Mommy’s child, of course I am brave. I said that when I grow up, I want to protect her, but…”

When they first came up, Mommy seemed to be angry.

How to do?

“Mummy seems to be angry.” Daniel blinked.

Phillip Zong saw it, “Let’s go.”

He took Daniel downstairs and sent him to the private room to have dinner with Keller Shen and the others. He went to find Ana Lin.

Ana Lin is still standing on the steps, she is conflicted and messy.

Some regret not stopping them just now.

Seeing Ana Lin’s figure, Phillip Zong stopped, and then he steadily stepped towards this side, “You have to trust our son.”

Ana Lin turned her head and looked at the man standing not far away. Of course she believed in her son, but he was only five years old!

“Phillip Zong, are you crazy?!” She rushed over, punching and kicking him. He stood still, like a strong mountain, let her vent.

Ana Lin was too excited, waving his hands, Phillip Zong was afraid that she would hurt him, grabbed her hands, and put the person in his arms domineeringly, “Calm down.”

“You asked him to see it, it was the second time I was hurt. How do you tell me to calm down? I’m scared, I will hate myself forever!”

Phillip Zong rubbed her back for a moment, and his voice was low, “Hey, I won’t be scared.”

His hand and his voice seemed to have magical powers, Ana Lin slowly calmed down in his arms.

She raised her head and looked at him. From a short distance away, Ana Lin could see every fluff on his face. His skin was very smooth. No, “How is he?”

“It’s okay.” Phillip Zong sighed slightly, “Believe me in the future, I have a sense of measure.”

Ana Lin lowered his eyes and explained, “I didn’t believe you, I just…”

“Don’t believe your son?” Phillip Zong interrupted her.

Phillip Zong knew that she was worried, because she was afraid that her son would be hurt.

“He is a boy who wants to grow up. What he has to face in the future is that a real flesh and blood person, sometimes a human heart, is more terrifying than that doll. He has to learn to face, overcome, and overprotect him, not necessarily against him. it is good.”

She knew what Phillip Zong meant, but she felt sorry for the child.

“Next time, what do you want to do, can you get my consent first?” Ana Lin did not have such a hard heart as Phillip Zong.

Seemingly aware of the loopholes in his words, he quickly added, “I mean to discuss with me about children.”

She didn’t want Phillip Zong to misunderstand, she even wanted to interfere with his work.

Phillip Zong smiled, the corners of his eyebrows and eyes gleamed, and deliberately said, “What if I don’t discuss it with you?”

Ana Lin raised his hand pretending to hit him, “I will hit you…”

Phillip Zong grabbed her hand and k*ssed her palm, “Hit here.”

Take her hand and cover her face.

Ana Lin just talked about how a man’s face could be easily hit.

She withdrew her hand, “Don’t make trouble.”

Phillip Zong didn’t continue teasing her, because the baby’s turmoil had disappeared a lot, and the atmosphere was much better now. He put his arms around her shoulders, “Should be hungry, go eat something.”

Ana Lin did feel hungry and hadn’t eaten for almost a day.

After Yao Qingqing’s clothing store was smashed, she took care of the store and stayed at home without looking for a job during this period.

Jenkin Bai found someone at her residence.

She was holding food in her hand, as if she had just returned from shopping. Seeing Jenkin Bai, she was taken aback for a while, and then ran over quickly, “Why are you here?”

Jenkin Bai smiled calmly, “I just came to see you, how have you been?”

Yao Qingqing smiled, “Very good.”

The air is still.

I was most afraid of chatting and suddenly both of them were speechless.

The atmosphere is awkward.

“I’m eating now?” Jenkin Bai looked at what she was holding, and opened her mouth first.

“Yeah.” Yao Qingqing lowered his head.

“Don’t let me go in and sit down?” Jenkin Bai smiled.

“I can’t ask for it.” Yao Qingqing hurried to the front and led the way.

“Do you live here alone?” Jenkin Bai asked when entering the elevator.

Yao Qingqing nodded, “Yes, when I grow up, I rarely go back to adoptive fathers and adoptive mothers. They are not very good to me. I don’t like to go back. I opened a clothing store before and saved some money, so I am ready to find something to do. .”

“That’s good.” Jenkin Bai regretted coming to her. When she was in the orphanage, she was a very simple girl, and she had the best relationship with him. After being adopted, she had a bad life until they Reunion, he gave her a little help, and life was better.

How could she do such a thing?

“You are here today, is there anything wrong?” Yao Qingqing grabbed the plastic bag in his hand.

“No, just come and see if you can?” Jenkin Bai still smiled.

Yao Qingqing also smiled, “Of course I am very happy that you can come to see me. If there is anything that needs my help, please tell me the truth.”

While speaking, the elevator stopped.

The plateau pushed Jenkin Bai out of the elevator, Yao Qingqing walked to the front and opened the door.

The bachelor apartment she lives in has few sparrows, but it has all the internal organs and is very clean.

“The place is a bit small.” Yao Qingqing put the things in her hand on the table and poured a glass of water for Jenkin Bai.

“Thank you.” Jenkin Bai reached out and took it, holding it in his hand without drinking, but looked around the room, and finally fixed his eyes on a photo frame on the bedside table.

It was a photo of him and her when he was young.

He remembered that it was taken on the day he was adopted by Bai Hongfei.

Yao Qingqing came over, picked up the photo frame, looked at the people inside, and said with a smile, “At that time, how young you were and how young I was, it would be nice if you didn’t separate.”

Jenkin Bai’s heart was slightly touched, not for Yao Qingqing, but for his past experience.

“Unexpectedly, you still saved it.”

Jenkin Bai was surprised, he could still see how he looked when he was in the orphanage.

Yao Qingqing’s fingers lightly landed on the face of the little boy in the photo, “After I was adopted, my life was really bad. Whenever I was about to be unable to hold on, I looked at him and I had The courage to live.”

It was obvious that there was something in her words, Jenkin Bai pretended not to understand, “I have something to do, so I’ll leave first. If you need help, you can contact me.”

“I’m sorry…” Yao Qingqing only realized what he had just said.

A little upset.

“It’s okay.” Jenkin Bai didn’t care, he couldn’t respond, so he pretended not to understand.

He only regarded her as a friend and a relative.

No other ideas.

“I’ll send you.” Yao Qingqing put down the frame, feeling a little at a loss.

Jenkin Bai glanced at the person in the frame. It was obvious that the photo was processed. The photo at that time was not glued and could not be stored for that long.

“Don’t put photos like this on the bedside.”

Yao Qingqing looked at him, hesitant to speak, and said, “Okay.”

“Let’s go.”

The plateau pushed him out of the room, Yao Qingqing drove him to the elevator, Jenkin Bai waved, “No need to send it, go back.”

Yao Qingqing did not leave, but stood in front of the elevator.

Soon, the elevator door slowly closed, blocking her sight, and Gao Gao said what she thought in her heart, “Miss Yao looks very kind, I don’t look like she did it.”

Jenkin Bai’s face was dark and unclear.

He believed that Phillip Zong would not guess out of thin air, nor that Yao Qingqing was the one who did this.

“You send someone to watch what she does at home every day.”

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